‘Timeless’ Scores Season 2 Order at NBC After Cancellation

Courtesy of NBC

Timeless” has been renewed for a second season at NBC just days after the network canceled the drama series.

Executive producer Eric Kripke shared the news with fans on Twitter, writing, “The #TimeTeam went back 3 days, and changed history. @nbc picked us up for 10 episodes. Seriously. Airs next summer.” However, Kripke followed that tweet up with another noting that the summer air date is not yet final, but a new season of the show will air in 2018.

The series begins with mysterious criminal Flynn stealing a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past. A team comprised of scientist Rufus, solider Wyatt, and historian Lucy must then use the machine’s prototype to travel back in time to critical events and undo the damage Flynn has done.

The series stars Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett, Goran Višnjić, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey and Claudia Doumit. Shawn Ryan and Kripke are the co-showrunners, writers and executive producers. John Davis, John Fox and Marney Hochman also executive produce. “Timeless” is a production of Sony Pictures Television, Davis Entertainment, MiddKid Productions and Kripke Enterprises.

The network recently canceled freshman shows “The Blacklist: Redemption,” “Emerald City,” and “Powerless.” Thus far, NBC has also renewed “Law & Order: SVU,” “The Blacklist,” “Blindspot,” “Taken,” “Chicago Med,” “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago PD,” “Shades of Blue,” “Superstore,” “This Is Us” (for two seasons), “Great News,”  and “The Good Place.”

On the pilot side, NBC has ordered single-camera comedy “Champions” from Mindy Kaling and Charlie Grandy, “A.P. Bio” from Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers, “Rise” from Jason Katims, virtual reality thriller “Reverie,” and military drama “The Brave” (formerly “For God and Country”).

All of the new shows NBC has ordered this season hail from Universal Television.

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  1. Bill says:

    about time NBC came to their senses about this show

  2. Richard Sauer says:

    Very pleased to see NBC has reconsidered and ordered 2nd season of “Timeless.” Far and away one of the best fantasy-dramas on television last season. Production values were eye-popping which might explain the Peacock network reluctance to renew. Any period drama is expensive right off the bat, and with the storyline crossing over different periods in American & world history, the series showed the complete settings in costumes and blue-screen (i.e. the Hindenburg disaster, Paris in the early 1900s.)

  3. Darrell Leedy says:


  4. D. Van Horne says:

    Thanks SO much to NBC for listening to us viewers on renewing Timeless! So awesome to hear….I love this show and how can you not….the actors are amazing….it’s a lesson in history, and the costumes for the different times in history are amazing….too bad that more people aren’t encouraged to watch it. I’m sure the ratings would be great!

  5. RM says:

    Difficult to fathom that NBC originally cancelled Timeless. It’s the best show they had. But, seriously, 2018??? Everyone will have forgotten it by then. I was looking for it to be back by now… as opposed to its worthless replacement Taken.

  6. JC says:

    Thank you NBC for doing the right thing and renewing Timeless for another season. It is definitely one of the best shows you’ve got going!

  7. igorness says:

    The general theory is that you should only go forward in time, never back as you create time paradoxes and alternate timelines. The premise of the show of course is the “fiction” part of the equation.

  8. Herbert Lom says:

    Now if only “Outsiders” on WGN can get the same love….

  9. auctoris says:

    Chuck ran for five seasons on fan support. It was always on the bubble and was commonly renewed for just 13 (or 16?) episodes at a time. But it just kept going and, in my opinion, ended at the right time.

    If 10 episodes is good enough for Game of Thrones, it’s good enough for Timeless. I’ve grown to like shorter seasons as it keeps the writing tight and the narrative moving.

  10. Dave says:

    Unfortunately only renewing for 10 episodes instead of a full season and then making fans wait for it to resume will only cause people to loose interest in it just like Jericho when it was brought back, another show that shouldn’t have been cancelled.

  11. Robert W Hufstader says:

    Timeless back from the past….good news….get Flynn in season 2…..

  12. Jake says:

    Good news, I look forward to the next 10 episodes.

  13. manofsan says:

    Time-travel is too anti-scientific to be considered “science fiction” anymore.

    • John says:

      Exactly WHY is it “unscientific”? Time travel is merely a rotation in an “Einstein-Rosen Bridge” (premise of this show). Or professor Mallet’s approach “optical vortex dragging space-time with it”. (What Dr. Mallet doesn’t realize, by superposition it CAN exceed the experiment, simply approximate the enclosed wavefront and carry it with the ship!)

      The series was sooo “left hanging”, excited to see some resolution. Disappointed to have to wait a YEAR, hope if it does not air they’ll release the episodes to cable (or online on-demand). Inasmuch as Star Trek must do another TT episode (to save Vulcan), this series also must restore Amy, and several other screwups introduced by the well meaning team.

  14. Michael White says:

    So happy NBC reversed decision. I have to admit when I first started watching series, I was iffy. But what’s amazing about it is the character dynamics and how fully realized each character became as season went on. You can’t help but fall for every character. And the historical accuracy regarding certain characters (Hemingway, Josephine Baker, etc.) is stunning. I’d say by third episode, I realized the writing was absolutely top-notch. I’m surprised it didn’t get any Saturn Award nods recently. But maybe that’s due to being too late to make the list? Hoping it makes up next year.

  15. Fernando says:

    It’s incredible that NBC has nothing better lying around than this mediocre series concept, what a waste of money. Visionless people

    • Richard Sauer says:

      I would argue, Fernando that accordingly to the overwhelming remarks here, you are the “visionless” person.

  16. Kayla says:

    I’m so glad they decided to renew!! It’s a great show, can’t wait for next season!! They need to cancel some of these stupid reality shows instead of the good shows they pull.

  17. George Lewis says:

    Another site said part of the renewal agreement was that it would be more “family friendly”. I don’t remember much T&A on this show (though I was often multi-tasking). Maybe the first or an early episode had a changing clothes scene with some nice cleavage. What did I miss? Thankfully, I don’t recall any male-male in your face sodomy (as in Mr Robot, Nashville, HTGAWM & other ‘yuck’ shows).

    • Marine La Salle says:

      You sound pretty ‘yuck’ yourself. How about you go and google “nice cleavage” to distract yourself and leave the rest of us in peace?

      • George Lewis says:

        Hello Marine La Salle. It’s appropriate to express your opinion in addressing the content of other people, not in engaging in personal attacks. I’m sure the upcoming season will have series for people of all tastes. Mine includes “nice cleavage” jiggling as in SHADES OF BLUE (Jennifer Lopez).

  18. Mary Yuro says:

    Can’t tell you how pleased I am the Network heard our plea.
    Just a great great show with everything
    An amazing series should have.
    Love Love Love it.
    I signed a bunch of letters asking for a Second Season

  19. sarahoktay says:

    I can only imagine that someone from the future came back in time and convinced NBC to undo their terrible error!

  20. Rosie says:

    Move to sci fi channel and then it will keep going!!!! Do show with so many episodes, take a break and start again!!! This worked really well for eureka and warehouse 13!!!!!!

  21. JoeM says:

    has a network ever reneged on a cancellation so quickly before? Glad it is returning.

    • Another Poster says:

      CBS cancelled and uncancelled Unforgettable, and NBC cancelled and uncancelled Remington Steele.
      A network cancelling and uncancelling a TV show is extremely rare, and unfortunately gives false hopes to fans of countless cancelled series that the same thing will happen to their favorites, which it almost never does.

  22. Debbie says:

    Yay!!!!! I was so bummed. Glad it’ll be back. Loyal fan!

  23. JH says:

    Great News – Great family show – Congrats to all involved.

  24. cdhaskell says:

    I thought that NBC have indeed renewal Timeless for the second season but I heard this show got the axes. I still hope that the producer will get another channel to pick up the series.

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