‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Promotes Three Actors to Series Regulars

Pollyanna McIntosh Walking Dead
Courtesy of AMC

The Walking Dead” Season 8 has promoted three actors to series regular status, Variety has confirmed.

Steven Ogg, Katelyn Nacon, and Pollyanna McIntosh will all have expanded roles when the AMC zombie apocalypse series returns this fall. Ogg plays Simon, the right-hand man to Savior leader Negan. Nacon is Enid, a teenage resident of Alexandria who has shown a connection to Carl. McIntosh plays one of the newest characters on the show, Jadis, leader of the junk yard scavengers.

Season 7 of the series saw the departure of several main cast members, including Steven Yeun and Michael Cudlitz, whose characters, Glenn and Abraham, were killed in the season opener. Sonequa Martin-Green, who played Sasha, died in the season finale. She will next star in the CBS All Access series “Star Trek: Discovery.”


Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

‘The Walking Dead’: Where Does (SPOILER’s) Sacrifice Rank Among the Show’s Deaths?

Season 8 will pick up amidst the war between Rick’s alliance and The Saviors. Series showrunner Scott Gimple previously said that the season will see Rick and company battling to preserve the very fragile civilization they have established.

“It’s essentially for the whole world as far as their experience,” Gimple told Variety when the season concluded. “It isn’t just their little corner. It’s the Kingdom and the Hilltop too. The Governor just wanted them dead. Negan would be happy if everyone was alive and well and working for him. There’s a very basic political idea at play here. They want to live in a fair world instead of having it just be Negan’s. To that end, that idea feels to me like the beginning of civilization is at stake, this new civilization they want to build rather than live this strange half-life serving a despot.”

TVLine first reported this news.

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  1. Bob says:

    Jadis is awful, pls no, i can’t enjoy any episode with her in as i spend the whole time cringing and reeling from how awful her character and dialogue is. Kill her off asap, poor character concept, terrible writing, ruining an other wise great show, though i don’t have much hope in next season if the writers think that trash is worth more screen time.

  2. Robert O'Dell says:

    Anyone with any reasonable sense of the obvious would have figured out the simple concept I am purporting here. You said NO TWD fan…NOT ONE which is factually a false assumption. Even if there was only one person in the entire viewing public that would make what I said true and totally disprove your statement. It is that simple. You have ignored the fact that I openly acknowledge that the preponderance of evidence supports the fact that the garbage pail gang are not popular. I have said the negative reaction far outweighs​ the positive. But there is no truth in the “not one” stance you have taken. I have never suggested that their is a large silent majority of fans loving the Jadis thing. I have said that the thousands of people commenting on social media sights are a small percentage of the millions of TV watchers. That is accurate. You keep giving me your objections to the Jadis storyline. It has no relevance to the point I’ve made and that we are debating. The truth is simply that your stance of “not one” is objectively untrue.

    • LIB32 says:

      FFS, learn the difference between “their” and “there” if you do nothing else to overcome your terrible illiteracy, Robert. It is unbelievably irritating to read someone repeatedly making that same mistake that children are taught is incorrect in the second grade.

      YOU wrote a defense of the Jadis storyline in your comment to me and I merely responded to it, and now you’re saying that I “keep giving [my] objections to the Jadis storyline”, lol. More ridiculously flawed logic, but I hardly expect better from you at this point.

      Trying to make you understand how reason works is like trying to make you understand how the English language works: a futile task. You just aren’t very bright and it is a waste of time arguing with toddlers and stupid people, so go ahead and carry on with some more of your illiterate idiocy. I won’t be reading it.

      • Robert O'Dell says:

        You keep on doing two things that are irrelevant but must make your inflated ego feel Superior to me. I’ve tried to keep on topic and not get involved in childish personal attacks like you have something that, by the way, is more revealing as to how intelligent someone isn’t. The person who can’t see the logic of a very simple concept like if there is only one person in the whole wide world that likes something that you have claimed “no one” “not one” likes than your claim is false. You can’t argue that which is why you dismiss me and claim there is no use arguing. It is no use arguing because your claim is false and you can’t defend it with any valid counterpoint.
        You’re obviously a very arrogant and obnoxious individual unable​ to admit when you have misspoken as it would bruise your ultra inflated ego. You harp on the fact that occasionally, in my haste, use the wrong version of the word I am using as evidence of illiteracy which demonstrates just how clueless you are. My writing, use of words, phrasing and expressing competent and rationale is far superior to yours in so many ways. Like I said, I’ve tried no to make this personal but your lack of maturity got into name calling so I had to reply in kind.
        Let this sink in, your statements trumpeting that no, not one TWD fan is totally and completely wrong. That you are too small and tunnel visioned​ an individual to recognize that puts you in diapers, not me.

  3. Blueeyedbobo22 says:

    I’m pretty much gonna put it out there and commit to saying that, aside from Glenn getting his melon pitted (still scarier, sadder, and stayed with me longer after reading it; not watching it) the last time the show did something that really made me FEEL anything, was (I forgot what episode/who cares) I think, the one where “Everybody-Hates-Chris” got in the telephone booth? Between two glass doors closing? Some sort of glass-trap? Anyway, in a scene with Glenn, his body got legit VICED!! and it was so fucking GNARLEY because his face, like, stretched out and contorted as his guts were being squeezed out of his body and the shot didn’t cut away, and the magic of effects made it so REAL I was hysterical for like, 20 minutes….so much so, that at some point, my at the time 6 year old daughter kept patting my back and was almost in tears herself, worried about me spazzing out, and she kept repeating over and over again as she rubbed my back and my hair, “Don’t worry mommy!! Pleased stop crying…everybody STILL hates Chris 5 nights a week on channel 48!!!” Still, I feel I was the more traumatized, and where my daughters forgotten that night, I can’t. And B-T-Dubbs? As much as I could probably spend all freakin night with my hand down Harry Dean’s pants without ever complaining of a cramp, there is no way in hell or home that I could ever see him or better still ACCEPT him as Neegan….I never wondered about comic-book- Neegans penis IRL like I do TV Neegans; Instead I spent my time fearing him while simultaneously CALLING him a dick. Putty from Seinfeld, the Rock, John Cena–even Andrew Dice Clay! But how can I give my lady parts an Ambien every time Harry Dean Morgan is on the screen? Sadly, I almost set women and our issues back a few hundred by ALMOST asking, “Welllllll……if I was next in line for wife-swap-rape-time with him, would it, in all fairness, still BE rape? ” and inviting the Internet to storm my house and take a giant shit on both me and my front yard.

    • wiz290 says:

      I’m pretty sure you are one of the “one percent” of TWD fans that Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently said are creepy nuts and to be avoided at all costs. JFC, getting in line for him to “rape” you?? Yup, you’re one of the ones he was talking about.

    • lucasvanlaar says:

      Jeffrey Dean Morgan not Harry lol

  4. Queen bee says:

    Geezer so more of the new English language the junk yard gang invented? That is about the most stupid thing that ever appeared on this show. Even more bizarre that no one has mentioned to this bunch of nasty ragged out group that they apparently forgot how to speak. The junk yard kids went stupid when the dead started coming back

  5. Paul says:

    Instead of spending money on series regulars, why not throw more zombies into each episode. I mean evading and surviving the zombies was the whole point of the show. The actual zombie menace is like an afterthought these last few seasons.

    • Robert O'Dell says:

      Because people don’t bond with zombies. They bond with the human characters who must deal with them thus more regulars is the appropriate thing to do. And the show isn’t about surviving zombies per say. It’s about surviving an apocalypse. The survivors are the walking dead which has clearly been identified in the show itself.

    • Robert O'Dell says:

      Jeffrey, my dear, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. And what a great Negan he is.

    • Dave says:

      Paul – “evading and surviving zombies” is not even remotely the point of the show…if you think it is, you should just stop watching it now and go back to playing video games.

    • Trice says:

      Actually evading and surviving zombies was NEVER the point of the show, which the comics and the show has clarified several times. The point of both is the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and rebuilding society. The show would have never gone this long if all they did was fight zombies. People, including yourself would have gotten bored and complained they don’t do enough character development. But you know, they can’t please everyone all of the time.

  6. Steef_Pif says:

    Cool I enjoy all three of these characters. Sadly being promoted to regulars means nothing because it’s happened with others and they were killed off anyway. Like Gareth.

  7. Jpt says:

    End it. Kill ‘me all.

  8. SMS says:

    TWD has become unwatchable. It’s either over the top cartoony with Negan and the ridiculous “scavengers” and the all women tribes, or dreadfully boring with everyone soul searching and moping around unsure of what to do and whining about it. Was really hoping they were going to wrap up this Negan mess. Instead, it was all just set up for next season. Yawn. I’m still watching out of habit, but am not sure how much longer that will last.

    • JAM says:

      So stop watching? It’s ridiculous how often I see people complain about how “boring” the show is but tune in every week to watch. To what? Get on the internet and complain about it being “unwatchable”? Surely you can find something better to do with your time while people who understand complexity enjoy the show (you know, the one that’s based on a Comic Book?! “Cartoonish?” Really?)

      • wiz290 says:

        LOL, you immediately lose every argument the instant you try the “who hurt you??” gambit, JAM. It’s about as lame as the “everybody who disagrees with me is the same person!” nonsense – both are the pathetic attempts of someone who cannot make an intelligent point to defend his defenseless bulls*&$, lmao.

        You’re “bored at work”? Try getting a life and a more interesting job. No one is going to stop having opinions because they make you cry, and no one is going to stop making fun of your illiteracy because that makes you cry, either. Too bad, so sad.

        Now go back to school and become better educated – you’ll find yourself not only able to write like a literate adult, but able to get a better job that leaves less time for you to cry about the opinions of strangers on the internet, too.

      • JAM says:

        Because I’m a curious sort, and work is boring, I decided to go check variety comment sections for this other JAM that seems to exist…I’m not seeing any trace…not one person. Not even one with a similar name, maybe HAM or RAM? I’m beginning to think LIB32 and wiz290 may just be the same person… not that I care… more than enough to entertain myself at work.
        Just…do what it do y’all, I just came here to voice my confusion at people who watch shows they HATE. Just seems like a waste of time, kind of like getting on the internet just to be rude.

      • JAM says:

        wiz290 who hurt you? It’s really strange, because I’ve literally never commented here before…but okay. Again, I don’t give a toot if people criticize the show, complain all ya want. It’s not my show. Jesus, no wonder people always talking about comment sections being the worst, you just made a reason to criticize ME when I’ve never even posted a comment before…good try though. Hope your day gets better.

      • wiz290 says:

        JAM, I’ve seen your comments on here more times than I can count and you always say the exact same thing; all you do is cry that no one should criticize this show. Maybe you should spend your time thinking up something new to say yourself.

      • LIB32 says:

        I would guess that losing nearly 3 million dollars each and every week in advertising sales (because the cost of each 30-second commercial spot dropped by more than $75,000 over the course of season 7 due to declining viewers) is probably hurting them a bit more than you would like to think, JAM.

        And seriously, JAM, YOU throw a huge tantrum on the internet every. single. time. anyone criticizes this show and try to dictate that no one has a right to criticize it, so it’s pretty absurd and hypocritical for you to be calling me “ridiculously aggressive” for pointing out that you aren’t the only person who gets to voice their opinion about it. “Stop saying you hate it!”? Nah, people can say whatever they want about a tv show and if it gets your undies in a bunch, too bad. Stop reading comment sections if they upset you so much. You don’t get to decide what opinions anyone else can voice.

      • JAM says:

        I’m more commenting on the hypocrisy of calling something “unwatchable” but still watching every week.
        People have a topped watching, and it isn’t hurting them much. I agree that writing is weak (what even IS Jadis? How do people follow her? How a topped I suppose to believe there are This Many people that willing to give up complex language?)
        But what people seem to complain the most about is the lack of zombies (it’s not about zombies), Negan talks too much, well yea..he does that in the comic too, it’s part of his character, get over it (?) I dunno.
        I’m rambling, the point is, however ridiculously aggressive you want too be in your Internet commenting LIB32, I don’t care if you don’t like the show, or even if you want to stop watching it (it isn’t for everyone), but for the love all that is cake stop saying you hate it Every. Single. Week.
        I hope we get to see Jadis get shot in the face.

      • LIB32 says:

        Seven million fans (nearly 40% of the show’s viewers) DID stop watching over the course of last season, JAM, and more will continue to. So you don’t have to worry about telling people to stop watching if they are unhappy with the show. They already are.

        People loved this show when it was great and are angry at how lazy the writers have gotten. This is a comment section where people post comments about what they think, and if we want to voice our opinions, you’ll just have to deal with it. I hate to tell you, but you are not in fact the only person who gets to voice their opinion on the internet. Shocking, I know.

  9. LIB32 says:

    There is not a single TWD fan who doesn’t hate Jadis and her garbage dump freaks. Not one. They are laughably absurd and unrealistic and irritating in the worst possible way. Of course she’s going to be a regular. And Enid is a needless character who fans have never warmed to in the slightest and who takes screen time away from people we actually would like to see. Sure, make her a regular, too. Ogg is a better actor than hammy, prancing Jeffrey Dean Morgan and should have been cast as Negan, but as Simon, he’s just redundant. Why not make him a regular, too?

    Because the cast is already so freakin’ huge that we hardly ever get to see characters we actually give a sh** about, so why not make it even bigger so we can see them even less?

    Longtime fans are deserting this show by the millions, but why not force more of the sh** we hate on us and chase some more away? It’s so much easier than actually putting in the effort to create believable scenarios and realistic characters that fans want to see.

    Kirkman, Gimple, Hurd and Nicotero just keep getting more and more smug and openly contemptuous of the fans who made their show a hit. They have ruined a once-great show and they keep finding new ways to make it even worse.

    • Robert James Odell says:

      LIB32, You are showing a serious lack of understanding of the English language. Your very words are evidence proving how wrong your claim is. Please look up the definition of “all” and the definition of “many”. Then check and see which of us used the word “all” and who used the word “many” and you’ll get the point. I never claimed to speak for all, you did and the comments bare that out. And I also am on many (not all) social media sights so I am aware that your claim that everyone hates…is blatantly false. Hell, right here on this thread their are a couple of positive endorsements of Jadis and the garbage clan negating any claim of “all”. And then you talk about thousands which is in its’ self hilarious. There are millions of TWD fans, it is just that the majority of them aren’t among the fanatical like people like us are. They don’t visit social media sights and devour every article concerning TWD and add their two cents in the comment sections. Thousands is even an over estimation. I’ll be generous. Let’s say that one hundred people comment on particular articles and even some of them are the same people from one sight to another. Truth is these exchanges usually have around twenty five to maybe fifty different people commenting and that’s being generous. No where even close to thousands. So your hypothesis is categorically false.
      I would thank you for the tutorial on the issues regarding the garbage gang but it was unnecessary since I am well aware of these complaints. I find many of them to be legitimate but I personally don’t care. You might have noticed if you took time to actually understand my posts that I have not given a personal opinion regarding them. I will now. For me, even if all those things you find so offensive bothered me, it would be all forgiven in the season finale when they betrayed Rick and Alexandria. That was simply brilliant and worth the weaknesses of what occurred previously. It was a beautiful stand out twist that was, for me, truly satisfying.
      Jadis and her gang are definitely a controversial subject. The weight of opinion surely shifts in your direction and I’m not denying that. But as I said originally, you can’t speak for “all” and not all TWD fans hate them. That is just the facts.

      • LIB32 says:

        Robert, it is difficult to explain how representation and percentages work to someone such as yourself who literally cannot grasp simple concepts.

        It is obvious to anyone who can use reason that when there are many thousands of people around the world commenting on a single topic on hundreds of different discussion boards, their thousands of opinions are representative of the whole. And when a show loses 40% of its viewers in the course of a single season, that also makes it pretty clear that the fans are unhappy with the direction it is taking.

        But you keep crying “but every single person in the world who has ever watched the show didn’t comment, so you can’t tell how the fans think!” That is just idiotic, but it is exhausting trying to make someone who thinks (and writes) like a small child understand how representation of a whole works. You don’t have facts on your side, you just have poor reasoning skills and an inability to understand how things work

        The one thing I do agree with you on is that the betrayal twist was smart and well done – it was literally one of the few bright, surpristing spots in a dismally slow and tedious season. It’s a pity we had to wait until the last half hour of the entire season to be surprised like that. But the betrayal could have been done just as well without making Jadis and her Heapsters such absurd and annoying characters; if they spoke and acted like normal human beings, the betrayal would have had no less impact.

      • JAM says:

        I just gotta say, man, thanks for your voice of reason…I broke my comment section cherry with this article and I’m going to go back to commenting celibacy…but it’s good to see that not everyone is as awful as others.

      • Robert O'Dell says:

        Yes I am an avid follower of Reddit. Still represents a minority of TV viewers. Still contains comments by the same select group of those who comment on the internet. You need to face up to facts.
        And your Apple and oranges attempt to discredit my comment is ineffective. Misspelling is no indication of comprehension. Comprehension or lack thereof is exposed when someone writes that no TWD fan, not one and doesn’t realize they are the one who is attempting to speak for all and someone who writes many is not trying to be the spokesman for all of mankind. Yes, I should proof read more but my statements have perfect clarity because I can articulate my view using the understanding of the words I use. What you find funny is because you know I have made a factual point that you turn a blind eye to. You obviously ignore any positive response in the comments because they are there. Yes, the negativity is overwhelming to the positive remarks but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that they exist which negates your bold statement of “no TWD fan” “not one” is incorrect which was my original and correct point. I haven’t been debating whether you are right or wrong about your hatred of Jadis which I have found the funniest. That was never the point still you keep repeating your reasons even though it’s irrelevant to our exchange.
        The fact that you fail to recognize the fact that these social media message boards don’t represent the majority of the viewing public is also quite amusing. It is a very small percentage of it. And that is fact.

      • wiz290 says:

        Have you never been on Reddit, Robert? There are hundreds of Walking Dead discussions going on there at any time and each one can have hundreds of participants. Heck, even the AMC discussion boards have a few thousand participants and there are tons of Facebook pages devoted to the show that get thousands of comments a week, too.

        Many, many thousands of people all over the world participate in online discussions of the show every week, not just the 10 or 25 you see commenting on news articles. It isn’t just ‘fanatical’ people, either. It’s like you’re new to the internet or something. If the overwhelming majority of people who comment on the show hate a character, it is unreasonable to assume that character has some kind of hidden support among people who just don’t comment.

        Also, your understanding of English is painfully bad. I’m going to assume it is not your native language, but considering that you don’t use it very well, you should probably not try to correct the way anyone else uses it.

      • LIB32 says:

        Robert, your comment is the funniest thing I have ever read. You are actually trying to criticize my grasp of the English language in a comment riddled with second-grade illiteracy. “BARE that out”?? “social media SIGHTS”?? “its’ self”?? “THEIR are a couple”?? Those are just the embarrassing errors in your first few sentences – I won’t embarrass you further by pointing out all the rest, but honestly, learn to use English at least somewhat properly before attempting to criticize anyone else’s usage.

        The fans on social media SITES are representative of fans as a whole, obviously. It isn’t just “fanatics” who comment on the internet, and there are indeed many thousands of those who do comment on this show. I have seen nothing but hatred of Jadis and the garbage gang on every site for months now; it is simply ridiculous to assume that she has lots of fans but they all just mysteriously happen to not use the internet. That would be statistically almost impossible, given the sheer volume of commenters across social media who discuss this show.

    • Robert O'Dell says:

      Bold statement there and totally unprovable. Why? Because it’s not true. Many fans of TWD do not like Jadis. Many TWD fans do. You aren’t talking so the entire TWD population so please just speak for the only one you can legitimately, yourself.

      • LIB32 says:

        Robert, I read the TWD discussion boards across social media, where thousands and thousands of TWD viewers post and NOBODY likes Jadis and the garbage dump gang. Nobody. They are universally reviled and mocked for being ridiculous and absurd cartoon characters that make no sense at all (why would they forget how to speak two years after society breaks down? They wouldn’t, of course).

        So how do YOU back up your nonsensical statement that “many TWD fans do like Jadis”? YOU are speaking for the whole TWD fan population when you make that statement, you know, and it is completely indefensible given that there are no TWD fans saying that on any of the boards.

    • Queen bee says:

      You are so right why why why keep the garbage pall gang? They are totally ridiculous. We’re they all at a star trek convention when this all went down playing vulcans?

    • Justin lee Zerbel says:

      I can’t agree more those garbage pack people need to Just go away, Not one fan has enjoyed there presence. In my opinion this was the worst season, they are dragging the whole oh poor me crap for too long. Everyone was always moping around it was beyond annoying. Rick was also barely in this season at all. you would see him for one episode and then boom history for a few episodes….

      • Sheila says:

        First, last season was do boring with 20 min of horse walking! Now this last season, was so horrible, I told my family that we will probably just record the show and watch it if nothing else is on.
        I don’t want the person who doesn’t talk, backstabs and is not at all attractive to become a regular. At least Negan is eye candy. As for Enid, either give her a story line or kill her but DO SOMETHING!
        More zombies, less people!

    • A.B. Michael says:

      Sadly, I agree with just about everything you’ve said here.

      • Anon says:

        Speak for yourself please. I enjoy Jadis very much especially after she made a fool of Rick and co. Looking forward to seeing more of her in season 8.

    • Whisperer says:

      Non-spoilers aside: Enid is basically the stand-in for Sophia (who is still alive in the comics). She’ll retain a small important role for the time being.

      • susann thomas says:

        Everybody is speaking for themselves it’s called their opinion

      • A.E. says:

        “Sadly I agree…” She was speaking herself. … that is what “I” means…

      • LIB32 says:

        Sophia does literally nothing in the comics – nothing. There is zero reason that they needed to bring on another unneccessary character to fill her role. Other characters who are still alive in the comics and are far more important have been killed off on the show; they could have very easily done without sourpuss Enid sucking up more screen time from characters we actually care about.

      • LIB32 says:

        Hmmm…”Anon”…Pollyanna, is that you? Cuz not one single actual TWD fan has ever defended the awful Jadis on ANY TWD discussion board. She’s universally despised and ridiculed. The character makes no sense at all – WHY would she forget how to speak like a human after only two years of the apocalypse when she is surrounded by other people? It’s just horrible writing. And really, the lousy haircut alone is enough reason to kill her.

  10. Kim wing says:

    Might try a decent script. The gay stuff is stupid, rick and michone stale crackers. Negan is one dimensional. Even Carol is stale, and Morgan. Kill kill kill thats the star.

    • Robert O'Dell says:

      The gay stuff is stupid? No, the gay stuff is a part of the human population. Or do you theorize that the zombies managed to wipe out all homosexuals because they are intolerant bigots like you?

    • LIB32 says:

      Sophia does literally nothing in the comics – nothing. There is zero reason that they needed to bring on another unneccessary character to fill her role. Other characters who are still alive in the comics and are far more important have been killed off on the show; they could have very easily done without sourpuss Enid sucking up more screen time from characters we actually care about.

  11. KB says:

    I miss Glenn and Abraham and Sasha. I met Michael Cudlitz and Steven Yuen earlier this year, and they were just the sweetest. They were both kind enough to sign a lot of Lucilles, and pose with them. Each Walking Dead member who was there (Merle and Jesus were there as well) were very kind to fans, and took the time to talk to them. Great guys really. I would love to meet the rest of the cast.

  12. Fred lepore says:

    In the end this show has become predictable and mundane. You will be able, as the viewer, to watch four episodes all season and have complete understanding of the entire season. Watch the first, final mid season, first second half and final episode. The rest is the filler of a bad sandwich.

  13. Mark C says:

    Sorry to say, three decent enough actors, playing three annoying characters I had hoped would be dying soon

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