‘The Last Tycoon’ Canceled at Amazon

The Last Tycoon
Courtesy of Amazon

Just a couple of weeks after Amazon debuted “The Last Tycoon,” the streaming service has abruptly canceled the F. Scott Fitzgerald drama, Variety confirmed on Saturday.

Amazon Studios scrapped plans for a second season of another Fitzgerald drama, “Z: The Beginning of Everything,” starring Christina Ricci, just a couple of days ago. Both cancellations seem to reflect a sea change at Amazon Studios, one mandated by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Variety broke the news on Friday night that Bezos is pushing Amazon Studios toward a massive strategy shift, looking for the streaming service to find its own global hit like “Game of Thrones.” In an interview, Amazon Studios chief Roy Price said they’re looking for “big shows that can make the biggest difference around the world.”


Amazon series orders

Jeff Bezos Mandates Programming Shift at Amazon Studios (EXCLUSIVE)

News also broke Friday of a slew of orders Amazon Studios has made to reflect that broad, global appeal. The streaming service gave series orders to a drama from Wong Kar-wai and a comedy starring Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph, in addition to three more shows.

“The Last Tycoon’s” cancellation follows the axing of several other shows that lasted only one season at Amazon Studios, including “Good Girls Revolt” and “Mad Dogs.”

“The Last Tycoon” starred Kelsey Grammer, Matt Bomer, and Jennifer Beals, and followed the power struggle between Bomer’s wunderkind studio executive Monroe Stahr and his boss, Grammer’s studio head Pat Brady, in 1930s Hollywood. In her review for Variety, Maureen Ryan called it “a lovely period piece that contains several top-notch performances.”

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  1. Edward Batchelder says:

    2 weeks after debut and it’s been cancelled? Is Amazon Prime looking to lose its subscribers with this strategy? If they keep this up, they just may. Cancelling good shows with a good fan base simply because it’s NOT a megahit?! Absurd! Besides, what else does Amazon have to offer right now other than Mozart In the Jungle?

    This is what of the better dramas on TV and deserved a far longer run than this. If I were an actor looking for work, I would be a little weary of putting my faith into Amazon Prime at keeping me employed because they give up on the shows WAY too early.

    They want to compete with the Netflix? HBO? etc… Well, this is not the way. I hope Netflix or HBO pick this show up and sign all the writers. This show deserves its time on the air.

  2. sheila heesch says:

    cancelling the last tycoon was a really bad call. its so much better than the rest of the junk on tv. guess my membership lost its purpose if you make decisions like this

    • Edward Batchelder says:

      I agree Sheila. My wife and I loved this show. Great characters, beautifully written and filmed. Engaging from the start!!… and they cancel it after only two episodes air?

      This tells me that Amazon Prime doesn’t know the market. They want a Game of Thrones hit? Well, a drama set in the Golden Age of Hollywood is a niche program with a niche audience. But GoT, based on best selling book series? That has a built in fan base from the start.

      This cancelling kind of suggest Amazon Prime may not know what they are doing.

  3. Amazon Wasteland says:

    Amazon is the new Fox Television. Cater to the mindless masses that wouldn’t know a decent series if it bit them. Time to cancel Amazon Prime, and to start buying my stuff from Mom and Pop stores in my city.

  4. Pam Smith says:

    I love The Last Tycoon and Z, Everything!!!
    No GOT knockoffs!

  5. Jasmine says:

    Looks like I’m canceling my Prime membership, nobody wants a GOT ripoff show on Amazon…

  6. Greta says:

    Jow would the show have gone on, since the lead character, The Last Tycoon, dies in the end? That is as far as the F Scott Fitzgerald took it. There could not have even been a season 2 — it was meant as a one-season series.

  7. Susan Childs says:

    Very disappointed! A wonderful show. They did not give it enough time to catch on.

  8. nick says:

    Really liked the show

    • sheila heesch says:

      one of the best shows. there isnt another show on amazon worth watching. big mistake. so much juml…no point in paying a membership for nothing but junk. finally some class on tv. shoulda known it wouldnt last

  9. Lucas D Smith says:

    Sorry I forgot to check the notification boxes

  10. Lucas D Smith says:

    You just cancelled the wrong series now I cancel you!!! I think we all need to get together including the writer of this article because there would be so much money to be made on The Last Tycoon, you have got to be kidding me, I’ve had Amazon for 2 years now and they’ve done this a few times and yes I’ve watched Z as well but let me tell you The Last Tycoon is where it’s at!!! And I just finished watching the last episode,it’s going on 2am and now all I can think about is the guy that is canceling this, has to be the boss in this same awesome season, a jerk to say it nicely, PRICK pos azz hole,, just like when he cancelled an enemy Among Us in the movie.!!!!! Nazi.. Amazon this was the last straw I promise when I win the lottery I will shut you down and make the Last Tycoon 50 times bigger than…. GOT “and I’m a fan of Game of Thrones”, ill watch it grow then shove it right up your..#^#&$**$*- FK OFF

  11. Lia says:

    I really enjoyed both Tycoon, Z and the Crown. I’m really upset both were cancelled, with such cliffhangers! Makes me wish I would have never watched them. Series on amazon have become a constant disappointment due to canceling them. However HBO has done this with two series as well the White Queen, The White Princess, it’s just disappointing. I am a GOT fan but I don’t need every show to have the same plot or genre… that gets pretty boring.

  12. moe says:

    I loved the show!! You get us hooked and then you cancel. Shame on you!

  13. Lamar says:

    I love The Last Tycoon and savored each episode rather than binge watching them. It is so well done. I thought it was the best new show available for streaming. Since I shy away from the common violence and gore that drives many series, I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of characters and story lines. I got invested. I have been anticipating the next season. This news is disappointing. I hope another streaming service that wants to present shows for people like me will pick this show up. Bad decision, Bezos.

  14. Content is going to ‘ Netflix’..HBO is on top of it …” The Last Tycoon” ..No one cares..Hard to find ‘ lightening in a bottle ‘ which is a HIT…

  15. JoeMcG says:

    Heck… even HBO would like to find the next Game of Thrones. Shows like this are the holy grail of TV and film production and tend to be once-in-a-generation events. So many different factors come into play to make a show a major hit, and many don’t become hits until the second or third season. Above all it takes perseverance on the part of producers to keep trying new things and giving shows a chance to thrive. You don’t do that by cancelling shows like The Last Tycoon and Z. It’s so easy to forget that hits like Star Wars or Harry Potter or The Sopranos all carried a level of risk and doubt before they actually proved themselves by bringing in the audience. Great shows also depend as much on cultural timing as they do talent and story. So you just have to put it out there and see what sticks.

  16. EJ says:

    Lol at “the next Game of Thrones”–yeah, you and everyone else buddy, good luck in the meantime while you alienate subs with all these single season axings.

  17. My husband and I both loved The Last Tycoon and were very disappointed to learn the show will not be renewed.
    It was well acted with an interesting story line; it had become one of the few shows we watch on TV.
    Bummer… :-(

  18. Shannon says:

    Unbelievable. Z. Good Girls Revolt, now this. Seems men are making decisions to cancel shows that us women really enjoy. Tycoon was amazing, and I wish I could do something to bring it back. Hopefully Netflix will be smart enough to pick it up

  19. Penny says:

    I absolutely adored this show. It was like watching a movie every episode. Amazing. I can’t believe that a series like this would be canceled without much of a chance given. And also….um…what about what happened after the last episode??? That’s one heck of a cliffhanger to leave us all on. Such a shame.

  20. Beautyindecay says:

    Pick up Carneval!!

  21. macd says:

    I had just made the decision to subscribe to Amazon for the sole reason of seeing “The Last Tycoon” when I learned it had been cancelled (the 1970s movie version was a decent try but ultimately ruined by the woeful miscasting of DeNiro in a role the consistently underrated Matthew Bomer would have been perfect for). Am I asking too much to hope Netflix rescues this prestigious project (and do so ASAP before Mr. Bomer has to sign on for another of those wretched “Magic Mike” time-wasters)?

  22. Waynw says:

    Too bad, it was a good show and it really wasn’t given much of a chance. Shame on Amazon. As a subscriber, this was, along with a couple of other originals, one of the reasons I subscribe.

    • Silvana says:

      I totally agree with you Waynw, it was an amazing first season and I only suscribed to Amazon to watch that. Bye bye Amazon, a viewer less for you.

  23. cowgirldiva says:

    I love The Last Tycoon….It’s very good Cinema and even better Literature….educational, entertaining, enjoyable..!

  24. Bangarang says:

    Don’t care for their service, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to their programming. The majority of their movies are from EPIX which also provides the same content to Hulu and the few movie exclusives they have are not worth the price of Prime. This “new” idea of hiring every big name in Hollywood to produce content for them seems like a waste of time and money since there’s no guarantee those big names are going to produce anything worth watching. The most popular shows on TV right now didn’t require big Hollywood names to attract an audience, they did so by being different from anything anyone else was offering. Stick with people who have fresh, new ideas and give shows a chance to grow and find their audience.

  25. Jeff says:

    Too bad. TLT was wonderful fun.

  26. princess of the right says:

    Big mistake. GOT really? Not everyone likes violence like BEHEADINGS and war scene murder scenes on every episode. There is barely any dialogue in GOT. People time in for the hot guys. But some people like DIALOGUE and old school Hollywood glam. How about a Gatsby fantasty life series.

  27. John Dulieu says:

    Big mistake Amazon, if you keep cancelling original content after pursuading subscribers to invest time and commitment in your programmes, then scrap them – eventually we will avoid new work and play safe with established productions with a satisfying number of seasons. Bad Amazon!

  28. i’d like to see a series or film about fitzgerald–later in his career.

  29. Mary Snow says:

    Disappointed that there won’t be a 2nd season of Z The Beginning of Everything! It’s a story that needs to be told, and Christina Ricci’s portrayal of Zelda was powerful.

  30. magprimo says:

    The Last Tycoon is about America, written by an American author and this was a series people voted to see.
    Globalists, who want what the entire world wants? Your audience lives here in the states and are enamored of old Hollywood. They had a 5 year plan for this series and had an audience. Why scrap what people like and want and watch?
    There’s no room at Amazon for more than one series?
    Hello, there should be some other entities in Hollywood who want to pick up TLT as well as “Z”.
    Super disappointed in Bezos and what he wants for entertainment. GOT could have been extended. I didn’t watch it but that’s the thing about diverse programming, it’s appeal to the numerous “eyeballs ” as Joel Silver says.

    • JNN says:

      Yes, because a series by Wong Kar-WaI is JUST what the world” wants to see. What ARE they thinking? I love many of WKW’s movies but he’s not the wunderkind he was 20 years ago, and clearly any show made by him is just an excuse for Amazon to lure communist mainland Chinese eyeballs to whatever service they’re planning on offering there, because outside of their, WKW is an arthouse auteur, beloved by those of us in that NICHE and a fine craftsman, but no one of import to the global masses, and no one for whom a show like The Last Tycoon needed to be sacrificed.

      Mark my words, the world of streaming is going to implode some day because of the over-saturation and unreliability of the new “networks” to deliver anything with longevity. I already miss the days when the “gatekeepers” maintained better control over these things and kept a LOT of dire shit out of our eyelines.

    • Michael says:

      It has nothing to do with globalism. The Halcyon aired on the UK, the writers had a 5 years plan for the characters as well, and the show was doing decent ratings. But it was cancelled by ITV just like that, when the show had a bigger cliffhanger than the one in The Halcyon. It’s like TV studios don’t give a chance to period dramas. Game Of Thrones had a following because of the books, it wasn’t a original idea that need growth on TV.

    • Paola says:

      Bye bye Amazon, I had only suscriben to watch The Last Tycoon. I hope this great show goes on in another platform, Netflix maybe… Shame on you Amazon

  31. Jerry Sinabon says:

    This is a very big mistake. I’m terribly disappointed by this decision by Amazon.

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