‘The L Word’ Sequel Series in Development at Showtime

The L Word

The L Word” could be coming back to television.

Sources tell Variety that Showtime is developing a sequel series to the show that aired from 2004 to 2009. Many original cast members are attached to the reboot in producing and acting roles.

Based on the original series, the reboot of “The L Word” would center around a new ensemble of women, following their lives, loves and tribulations. However, if the project is greenlit, stars Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey are expected to serve as executive producers and appear in the series with their characters as a point of connection from the prior series to the new one. Other characters from the original series may also appear in the new version.

Showtime declined to comment.

“The L Word” was created by Ilene Chaiken, who will serve as an executive producer on the Showtime revival. She will remain showrunner on Fox’s “Empire” and continue to develop projects for 20th Century Fox Television under her overall deal with the studio, and is also an executive producer on Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Chaiken has been outspoken about her own identity as a lesbian, and has regularly featured LGBTQ relationships on “Empire.” Insiders say the idea for the sequel series first came from Chaiken.


Empire Lesbian Death

‘Empire’ Showrunner Ilene Chaiken Responds to TV’s Lesbian Death Trope

Showtime is currently in the process of bringing on a new writer, executive producer and showrunner who specifically has ties to the lesbian community to bring a fresh perspective to the show by documenting how relationships and experiences have evolved today, and what has changed and hasn’t changed, since the show first aired.

“The L Word” ran for six seasons. After wrapping up its run on Showtime in 2009, the series aired in syndication on Logo. The original followed the lives of a group of lesbians and their friends, played by Beals, Hailey, Moennig, Laurel Holloman, Mia Kirshner and Pam Grier. The groundbreaking series was credited for bringing lesbian characters to the forefront of television, and was nominated for and won many GLAAD Media Awards.

Speaking of today’s news that Showtime is developing a new series, GLAAD president and CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, said: “The past few years have seen lesbian and queer women characters in television killed off in shockingly high numbers. It is refreshing and exciting to see GLAAD Media Award-winning ‘The L Word’ returning to television where it can tell nuanced, entertaining, and beautiful stories of an largely underrepresented community.”

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  1. Nga Truong says:

    And, its not realistic to bring back the dead. That would just be weird. Jennifer, don’t you think you are obligated to this show. Great story-line or not. As, an executive (or pro-exec), your responsibility is to help it into a good story line isn’t it. This is the show that got you back into the ranks of acting. Otherwise, I still would have dated you back to Flashdance, although I know I have seen you in other shows but I didn’t feel that you were very significant. Now, you are one my more impressive actors out there.

  2. Nga Truong says:

    Don’t break up with Tina. Bette, keep your word for once, and protect your woman!!!

    • Nga Truong says:

      You guys really got better and better with the love scenes as the show progressed, why go backwards with someone else? Or, women you can have on your arms as Eye Candy for your political career. That gets boring too! :)

  3. Jan Huston says:

    Ressurect Dana! It’s not like it hasn’t happened before…

  4. hatto46 says:

    I for one won’t be watching if the Undoubted star of the show is not in it Mia Kirshner

  5. Cheryl A Mackey says:

    Sure hope it is true. L word best damn show on television. Please let me know when it is scheduled to return.

  6. IKilledJennySchecter says:

    If there is no Jenny, then there is no L Word for me. Honestly, like I’ve been saying since that AWFUL series finale/last season, they should just say the last season was one of Jenny’s stories…obvi not one of her more well-written stories.

  7. florence says:

    A comment here mentions QAF and a sequel. Would love to see that. The L Word would require a lot of improvements for me to be interested.

    • florence says:

      I’m amending my own comment. I just watched the entire series on N. for the first time since the original airing. I realize that the show actually found its own way as it progressed. It might have made a difference that I didn’t have to wait weekly and annually to watch the series — it made some difficult issues go by faster and there was quicker resolution. I’m still upset about Dana and I really don’t like what happened to Marina and even Jenny. I even accepted the character Max differently this time –and that is a direct result of being better educated about trans people. Also, I can understand why they had to split up B & T to evolve each of those characters. It wasn’t perfect but the show gave us a lot. I really don’t see how they can’t have Laurel Holloman though as my favorite couple is Bette and Tina and I’d really hate it if they aren’t together still. They really must have a new theme song (and I’m sure they will). That song drove me nuts. And didn’t Bette and Tina move to NYC? Wow, that would be exciting to set the series there at least part of the time.

  8. Nadine says:

    How will they make a reboot without Laurel Holloman as Tina. A new Tina will not work, everyone loved Laurel as Tina. When the show ended, Laurel said she was through with acting because of, “the hurry up and wait”aspect of acting. Would be great if she would return. Maybe they can have her pop in and out a few times. She could be working elsewhere in the world and not be in LA all the time. That would be better than writing her out of the show permanently.

  9. Chachi1 says:

    All new cast? We know that will be a bust because of how horrible the “Real L Word” was. Don’t do this to us. Solve Jenny’s murder and keep moving forward from where the show left off because of the absurd cliffhanger. The rating will be okay in the beginning, but we still want Bette & Tina as well as Tasha and Alice. Plus I’m sure we all want to know if Shane told Molly what went down. A new cast will just show that all you really care about is throwing the lesbian demographic a “bone” instead of something satisfying.

  10. Rena Moretti says:

    Translation: We have rejected every new, fresh idea of shows involving lesbians so we decided what could be more exciting than a sequel that did not involve the “old” characters? Let’s hope everyone has forgotten how plodding the show had become which is why we decided to stop it then…

    So sad to see Hollywood turn its back once again on original content.

    How do I know they have? Do you really think Ilene Chaiken didn’t have a single idea better than a sequel?!!!!

  11. Ellie says:

    Off topic, but no place to comment on that article.

    Ms. Theron had dental implants. Get a grip Variety and CT, thousands of people a year have them.

  12. Sandra says:

    It should be on Netflix, we just want a closure of that amazing show!!!

  13. Lilly Puentes says:

    I can’t wait til the L word comes back. We’ve all been waithing so many years. Plz i pray that the writer’s have something for us soon. I knw i speak for alot of people when i say it has never been the same without our show the “L word” its been along time coming and hopefully soon i will be tuning in 💯%

    • Rena Moretti says:

      Well done Street teamer… Do you really think nobody remembers how plodding and downright absurd a once great show had become? Seriously… Compare the great first season and season 6. It’s like comparing a great drama show with slapstick comedy. It was still watchable, but has gone almost totally stale.

      Of course the fact it was all a flashback wasn’t exactly helpful to creativity…

  14. James says:

    Ok Showtime – where’s the QAF reunion movie or sequel. The cast and producers have all publicly said they want to do it at various times in the past three years. Time to get busy.

  15. Really??? says:

    They better make sure that Bette and Tina are still together, otherwise, I’ll be p****d!!!!

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