‘The Knick’ Not Moving Forward With More Seasons

The Knick cancelled
Courtesy of Cinemax

It’s the end of the road for “The Knick.”

The Cinemax medical drama from Steven Soderbergh will not return for a third season, sources tell Variety.

“The Knick” last aired in December 2015, wrapping up its second season by seemingly killing off its main character, lead by star Clive Owen. However, Variety was first to report that a script and outline for Season 3 had been ordered with creators Michael Begler and Jack Amiel both set to return as executive producers and writers.

Insiders say that at one point, discussions were had for a double-renewal that would take the series through a third and fourth season, which would move to an entirely new time period with an entirely new cast, but set in the same hospital. The idea was for the show to have jumped 20 years ahead to the 1920’s for Season 3, and then jump forward another 20 years for subsequent seasons., showing the medical advancements through the decades. As part of the plan, Soderbergh was going to direct each episode.

The first two seasons starred Owen as Dr. Thackery, who in the Season 2 finale, appeared to die on the table, after a botched attempt to perform surgery on himself. Following the episode, when asked if he is indeed dead, Owen told Variety, “It certainly looks that way.”

After Season 2 had wrapped in Dec. 2015, a spokesperson for the net said: “Cinemax has been in conversations with Steven Soderbergh on how we might continue with ‘The Knick.’ When first conceived, the series was always meant to be presented in a two-year story arc, and Steven has been meeting with the writers to discuss how to proceed.”

In an interview with Variety last year, Soderbergh said he’s always thought of “The Knick” as a six-season run that would reset after every two seasons.

“It was always conceived in two-year chunks,” he said early last year. “The writers met yesterday to talk about what year three and four would look like — when would it take place, who are the characters. We always imagined every two years we would annihilate what came before and start over. And that’s what we’re doing now…I hope we can figure it out. I hope we come up with something that I look at it and go, OK, I want to spend another two years of my life on that. Because that’s really the question. It’s an intense experience — rewarding, but I want to make sure we want to keep the bar at the same height or higher.”

“The Knick” aired at a time when Soderbergh, an Oscar-winner for “Traffic,” had stepped away from the film business to concentrate on other art forms. He’s ended his semi-retirement and is back behind the camera on “Logan Lucky,” an ensemble comedy with Channing Tatum and Daniel Craig that debuts this summer.

Update, 10:35 a.m. PT: Following Variety‘s story being published, Cinemax confirmed “The Knick’s” cancellation, sending this statement:

“After a critically acclaimed two-season run of THE KNICK on Cinemax, we will not be going forward with additional episodes of the series,” said Kary Antholis, president, HBO Miniseries and Cinemax Programming. “Despite our pride in and affection for the series, as well as our respect for and gratitude towards Steven Soderbergh and his team, we have decided to return Cinemax to its original primetime series fare of high-octane action dramas, many of which will be internationally co-produced.”

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  1. SHERRI says:

    I’m just Siiiick!!!
    I LOVED thte Knick!!!!

  2. girlzoo says:

    that’s a bummer. it was such a brilliant show. especially Clive Owen!

  3. Erik says:

    The *ONLY* reason I subscribed to Cinemax was for this show.

  4. Todd Miller says:

    WHY? Award Winning ! Incredible Series! You don’t cancel SUCCESS! My family LOVED this show! Please tell me it may return !

  5. goturbak says:

    Well I’m late to the news but what a bummer!!! One of the best shows I’ve ever seen! I subscribed to Cinemax just to watch The Knick but I guess I’ll be cancelling asap. I kind of feel like Cinemax should pay ME BACK since I probably can’t cancel til the end of my contract. Seems like they shorted all their customers. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised after seeing what other shows the channel has to offer. Maybe Netflix will pick it up and run with it?? Wish they would at least consider it since they seem to be the brains in the market these days…

  6. Patrick McCoy says:

    I don’t subscribe to Cinemax but I do have both seasons on dvd. Guess I’m coming to the party late because I just checked why season 3 hasn’t been released yet and got the jolt of the month. I shouldn’t be surprised because after all, Cinemax was steering this luxury liner. I work on an open heart surgical team and what struck me the most about Knick was the authenticity of the sets. All of the props were antique surgical equipment either borrowed from private collections or purchased outright…a level of detail I haven’t seen since Mad Men. Water seeks it’s own level and with any luck Cinemax will sink low enough to disappear altogether. That will leave the door open for another network that recognizes lightning-in-a-bottle and holds on to it.

  7. Jane Gould says:

    I just binged Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD and didn’t want it to end. What a terrific show! I might have subscribed to Cinemax to watch Season 3, but forget that now. Really? Do we need more action dramas? Please, please Amazon or Netflix–pick up this gem.

  8. Vinh says:

    Binged it and loves it, even before Bill Gates said he liked it. Doubt the executives at Cinemax even watched this show. Too busy watching the softcore porn and other rubbish they aired.

  9. Tamara says:

    Decisions like these are why noone subscribes to Cinemax. Let’s face it – these days, most of us get premium cable channels for their original content. With Netflix, Amazon Video, etc, who gets premium cable channels for the movies??

    The Knick was the only thing they had interesting enough for people to talk about and subscribe for.

    Brilliant move, Cinemax. Even Stars is kicking your butt.

  10. Luis says:

    What a shame for Cinemax. Lets hope another Channel take this wonderfull piece of art and we can see the rest if this great story. I know lot of fans of the Knick. Very desappointed

  11. CinaMADx says:

    This is why Cinemax will never match HBO. Best show they’ve had in years and they cancel it. Sad.

  12. K. Baldo says:

    If a new network can pick up Nashville based on pleas from its fans after it was initially canceled, why can’t FX, HBO, or Netflix jump on this?!

  13. K. Baldo says:

    What a shame. And what a bad decision. This was one of those rare gems–the subject matter, the writing, the acting, the history learned from each episode–that had it all. We were looking forward to its return (and hoping its lead character would still live). Is there no way to revive this excellent series? There’s absolutely nothing like it on television.

  14. ralph reynolds says:

    The Knit was one of the very very best shows on TV. the detail and story were only compatible to Broad Walk Empire… which they should have shifted the story line to Al Capone and kept it going.
    How can we bring The Knick Back?

  15. Jeani says:

    Just like every other show that excels-get everyone hooked and then cancel it! Someone else needs to pick this up and continue this fantastic show! Shame on Cinemax, for again, disappointing so many people! Good way to keep losing your viewers!!

  16. Jerry says:

    Typical, the major cable networks get the golden egg then S–t the bed. They destroyed “Banshee” “Quarry” “Boss” and several others, nurture doesn’t mean micro manage.
    Very sad indeed. Let the artist create art.

  17. Torya Blanchard says:

    The Knick was too good for lowly Cinemax. It should have been on HBO day one. One of the best TV shoes ever made. Cinemax didn’t deserve that show. Can’t Netflix/Hulu/HBO pick this up? Move it 20 years in the future, Steve Soderberg. Edwards grooming his son go into psychiatry, Cornelia in Australia, Gallinger returning from Germany, so much good material.

  18. sharonstork says:

    Isn’t there any other tv company that can take over this series? I happen to find this show by accident just a week ago. I’m from The Netherlands and i believe that a lot of dutch and other people from Europe will really appreciate this work of art. So maybe a chance for Netflix or HBO itself?

  19. The Knick was one of the greatest shows and because you guys cant get your egos together is a shame. I am a very dissapointed fan and cant believe you cant come up with a story line. You call yourself writers and producers I should just cancell Cinemax The Knick was what was worth watching on that channel. Shame Shame

  20. Luke Mathews says:

    Damn, what a disappointment!

  21. I have been looking forward all year to continue watching the show, which was marvelous. I am very disappointed in Cinemax for cancelling such a great show. One of the reasons I really loved the show, wwas because of the writers depicting actual medical history that I had read about in some of my nursing books. It is too bad Cinemax let go of the Knick.

  22. tom thumb says:

    literally the only show i have ever watched on cinemax. all of their other programming is low level B.S. . sucks.

  23. Hope Jeannie says:

    This show was one of the best on television! Great cast and storylines. Such a dumb decision to cancel it.

  24. Allan says:

    I can’t believe you cancelled “The Knick”…perhaps the best show on TV. I have been patiently waiting to see the new episodes of my favorite show and now you announce the show is cancelled! When I think of all the stupid, low quality, mindless garbage that has been renewed for more seasons…then see that one of the highest quality shows on TV is cancelled, I really can’t believe it. I am over Cinemax. You are cancelled!

  25. Ceann Milis says:

    Why I cancelled Cinemax and will NEVER go back!

  26. Danny B says:

    This is BS!!!! How could you: 1.Think about changing the cast? 2. Cancel the show at all??? There is still a lot of story left to tell, bring it BACK!!! If Cinemax is too stupid to not continue the show then someone else needs to finish it. And again, no new cast!!! I’m so upset right now

  27. Anthony says:

    AMAZING SHOW!!! I was just checking to see the start date for season 3 as it’s been awhile… only to find that this amazing show is gone too soon!!!

  28. Ian Pali says:

    Why cancel a highly acclaimed drama that pulls in viewing numbers, mind you left wing progressives never did have a logical train of thought!

    • Tiffany says:

      ” Left wing progressives” ??? Why bring politics into EVERYTHING?? They clearly stated they want to turn it back into the garbled tits and ammo high paced flair like Banshee and Strike Back era crap

  29. Renciasko says:

    We don´t want the action dramas… we are asking for a next seasons…!!

  30. Michelle says:

    What? I am just realizing that the Knick has been cancelled. I am so bummed as it was a great entertaining show. Great cast, great writing, great acting! I got many people hooked on it. I was looking forward to my tv time and catching up on my favorite show….😂

  31. Mikey says:

    This was the only good show on Cinemax. I just got Cinemax strictly because of this show. I’m going to be calling my cable company tomorrow and cancel it now. You guys messed up big time canceling this show Cinemax.

  32. Good TV says:

    Hey MAX….🖕🏽

  33. Adam says:

    In my humble opinion, Cinemax, including bean counters and creative minds, have made a surprisingly pedestrian mistake by cancelling something unique enough to bring in the viewers that don’t want ‘high octane dramas’ – because we don’t WANT hugh octane dramas! Why you ask, Cinemax ? Take a wee look at the average line up for an average evening – are you seeing what we’re seeing ? Yep. That’s correct – 99% thoughtless, mentally malnourishing garbage (which, by the way, contains most if not all of those same high(yawn) octane (duh) dramas (snooze) ).

    How many times must a network learn, post-mortum (pun intended), that they gave birth to something worthy, intriguing and different, only to toss it away because they are reluctant, apprehensive to carry it forward and at least see what it’s capable of ?

    Did you really need to punish yourselves and the many loyal viewers the show had rapidly accumulated by this clear cut choice to only dole out ‘middle of the road/vanilla/mindless drivel ‘ that clog the airwaves ? Because now, although your revenue might rise a little by catering to the masses, handing them the circuses to go with their bread, the next creative project will know not to approach you. You’ll lose out far more than you’ll gain, in the end.

    Another reason to hope LA sinks into the ocean or falls between the cracks of a fault line, devoid of creativity.

    (Apologies to any readers who feel I may have lost my proverbial sh#t over this – I assure you, I have much more to give).

  34. LadyGGSmith says:

    so disappointed hearing this ,… i wish they did not ,i enjoy a period cdrama and well written an acted ,.. sigh .. typical when something i finley enjoy the pull the plug ,.. i will not watch action drama not my thing ,.. i love history drama i lie to learn about history and well written at the same time like downton abbey and the knick wear amazing ,..sigh thank you for the great show and hopefully you change your minds,..

  35. Darren says:

    A ***SPOILER ALERT*** message would have been nice. I’m sitting on episode 9 of season 2 and decided to see what was up with season 3, only to find this.

    I’d love this show to continue, but I wouldn’t want to see a cast change just yet. Clive was amazing in this show.

  36. Craig says:

    Another example of Hollywood not having the pulse of the viewers (pun intended).

  37. Michael Furey says:

    Really upset to hear they aren’t renewing – we were just binge watching the first two seasons again in anticipation of the third. Please move this show to another network like Amazon or NetFlix where they are willing to take more creative risks these days!

  38. D. Kelly says:

    Can’t really understand the financial reasoning of Cinemax. All of the people I know (and there are quite a few) loved the series and were anticipating it’s third season. For whatever reasons they decided to drop the show, it was not because of it’s popularity. At the very least, a two hour series finale could have been done, so as to not leave the viewing audience hanging. This was a bad, bad decision on all that were involved in this series production. I can’t understand why when a program makes money like this one, that they just drop it the way they did.

  39. Tyler Aronne says:

    The Knick was the only show I really liked on Cinemax in ages. Quarry is decent, but the Knick was it’s own thing, so unique and so powerful. There is nothing like it out there.

  40. Jennifer says:

    Loved the show! I hate when they do this to us – fans waiting for the next season. They keep telling us it’s coming and boom. It’s done no more! This was a a great show. I was not a Clive Owen fan but he totally won me over. Nothing like it – it was an original. They killed it off way too soon. Who makes these decisions??

  41. Kate says:

    What a coincidence that I just checked up on this show to find it has been cancelled. I am so disappointed and agree with other comments regarding it’s quality. I too hope it will be picked up. Sorry, Cinemax, I have no reason to subscribe to your programming anymore.

    • LadyGGSmith says:

      Sorry, Cinemax, I have no reason to subscribe to your programming anymore. you expressed ,.. i agree ,…. it is a huge mistake that they do not go ahead with The Knick ,..

  42. loco73 says:

    I’m afraid they will do the same to “Quarry” another show from Cinemax I really enjoy! I was pleasantly surprised to see the new direction Cinemax was taking in terms of new content, and “The Knick” was a bold first step in that direction. Hopefully at least “Outcast” will survive…

  43. Jinore Binbridge says:

    I have to admit, I am very sad not to see this show come back. It was so incredibly well done. It was well cast, shot amazingly and the characters made me want to see more and more of them. And now all of that is in limbo and we have to infer what happened to everyone. Such an amazing cast! What a way to leave us! Shame on Cinemax for removing such a great experience. Guess I will be canceling my subscription because that was the only reason I watched that channel and was eagerly anticipating another season.

  44. Steve says:

    Yeah loved this show, when I think of great TV that came out in the last 5 years, I always pointed to the knick, and man the death of Thackery was so good, it really shook me to my core end of second season. I mean i just wish there was more shows as bold and brave as the Knick.

  45. Linda Oliver-Smith says:

    How unfortunate. This was a wonderfully acted show with many interesting plot twists and turns. I loved the historical time period it took place in and how it showed the slow advancement of medicine and surgery and the science (or lack there of) of the times. Imagine operating with in gloved hands in a non-sterile environment!
    I will miss it.

  46. Practical Voice in the Hollywood Wilderness says:

    Bring it to HBO or Amazon. Or Netflix, as Soderbergh already has a relationship with them from House of Cards. I have a feeling that was a discussion but Cinemax won’t let go of the IP, which is silly as it doesn’t fit with any of their programming, as they reiterated in their statement about returning to high octane action dramas.

    It should have been on HBO from the start.

  47. sheldon needleman says:

    the knick was a great visionary compelling show on what great writers can accomplish and what networks can take a chance ON the idea for the show to jump ahead twenty years is brilliant and thinking out of the box to reinvent ORIGINAL CONTENT,

    too bad the suits at cinema cant think like that mayby the show runners and just take the show to netflix or what ever networking venue would take the chance yes i understand viewership was very limited to a very few demo but but original creative story telling always have a niche for the ones that just like it and learning about different topics and such


    PLEASE Michael Begler and Jack Amiel TRY TO FIND A HOME FOR THE SHOW


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