‘The Get Down’ Canceled by Netflix

the get down
Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has canceled Baz Luhrmann’s “The Get Down” after one season.

The cancellation brings an official end to a series that was plagued by behind-the-scenes troubles and failed to connect with viewers in the ways that buzzy Netflix hits such as “Stranger Things” and “Orange is the New Black” have. Season one premiered in two parts, with the second part debuting on the streaming service in April to little fanfare. The first part of season one, which premiered last year, drew 3.2 million total U.S. adults 18-49 in its first 31 days, according to Symphony Advanced Media — roughly one fifth the audience that viewed “Orange is the New Black” season four in its first 31 days.

Produced by Sony Pictures Television, “The Get Down” was the most expensive original series in Netflix’s history, costing at least $120 million to produce. The series was one of the most costly in Hollywood history. As Variety reported last year, production on the show was stopped and started so many times that some writers on the series began to jokingly call it “The Shut Down.”

Luhrmann, a filmmaker known for elaborate feature film hits (“Moulin Rouge!”) and flops (“Australia”) said at the time that he felt overwhelmed by his role as showrunner and had considered abandoning the project.

“I really believed that I was sort of going to be an uncle to the project,” Luhrmann told Variety last year. “The mechanism that pre-existed to create TV shows didn’t really work for this show. At every step of the way there was no precedent for what we were doing. The standard process really didn’t work, so progressively, I was drawn more and more into the center of it.”

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  1. Lee says:

    I did like the idea of show for nostalgic reasons, but campy acting/direction took away from its appeal. The show even became a mockery of the scene on numerous occasions. It should have been cancelled.

  2. CFGodwell says:

    Yeah, while I liked the first half of the first season better and some of it did jump the shark in terms of even being remotely accurate, I did enjoy the cast, the performances, old stock footage of the Bronx, references, icons like Kool Herc and Flash…it could’ve last so much longer. I do know of quite a few men who got turned off by Jaden Smiths character exploring his sexuality, but I’m trying to figure out what they expected, as homosexuality is nothing really out of place (especially in the late 70’s) in New York City.

    Nevertheless, I hope a lot of that young cast especially get picked up for other work. I had no idea that it was so expensive and perhaps HBO could’ve gave it a chance, but then again they killed VINYL in the crib and instead recently opted to do yet ANOTHER slave drama in a setting where the south never gave up slavery and instead became sovereign…with slaves.

    For that one, HBO can go to hell.

  3. LEM says:

    This was one of the most well-acted, written and produced series I’ve ever watched. And the Kipling family was great to watch. I was so shocked few of my friends knew of it. It wasn’t hyped like it should have been. It got great reviews, especially part 2. When I told people to watch it and they did, they loved it. That ridiculously talented, young cast has been wasted. What a shame. Some other network should pick it up and run with it!

  4. Y. Hall says:

    i am so sorry to hear that is has been cancelled.. I am 46 years old and i loved it, it reminded me so of my childhood days…

  5. Chicken Farmer says:

    I’m surprised to hear about the production problems with The Get Down. The issues did not affect the end product, which IMHO was fantastic. I loved the show and really did connect with the main characters. The music was dope. I want MORE! Get it together and produce season 2. Please.

  6. WILSON says:

    I loved this series. It bought back so many memories. Bring it back….find another network. Bring it to TV.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Bring it back…I was waiting for the next season

  8. Jazzy Jjj says:

    The Show ended on a good note, and we should be greatful for that. We know they would have somehow messed up, just because this is not a story that is so simply black and white. That era and the birth of all that is Hip Hop and all the struggles it portrays, cannot be captured on screen. Well, it can, but they will never allow this revolution to be televised. Its like telling the real ugliness of slavery. Or the ugliness of the way we treat people for control… rape, persecution, murder, displacement, gentrification, and the list goes on and on.

    Another reason it won’t do well as a season 2… This is a story that only a few can relate. This story, no matter how big hip hop has become, can truly ONLY be related to those who live in the conditions where other similar genres emerged… Blues, Jazz, Funk, Soul, etc… In the perils of urban decay in America. And that story is worth nothing to the majority.

    • Eb says:

      Jazzy I grew up in the area during this time and can tell you that you are reading way to much into it. Your comment to the “real ugliness of slavery” couldnt be further from the truth.
      As far as the ugliness of the people yes that was the case and if you lived in that area you would know it went both ways. And we kids that lived in these areas of Jersey and New York saw it. it was more rich VS poverty what you looked like played second to that

  9. killa show says:


  10. Kim Abrahams says:

    One of the best shows by far…..pity not as many thought the same :-(

  11. I loved the show ‘ very sad it’s cancelled

  12. sanatrya lawrence says:

    I loved part 2 even the cartoons. It was a great show.

  13. VB says:

    This was a great show. I did not like the cartoon insertion, however the content was real. Growing up in this environment was serious, music was our outlet. This was how we lived in Da Bronx and Harlem.

  14. J. Caleb says:

    “The beats that make up The Get Down come from all nationalities, all races from all over this planet. The Get Down ain’t got no prejudice. If the ingredients is right, it don’t matter where it come from.”
    My son is mixed and so is the star of this show. It connected with me personally on several levels. I hate to see The Get Down go down, but I’m glad that The Get Down got down at all.

  15. margie says:

    well i just clicked on netflix and the get down is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  16. Oli L says:

    Rest in Piece to yet another masterpiece that Netflix abandons for more eyecatching shyamalan-ian garbagio. This show was a magnificent biopic–capturing the vitality and exuberance of the life of Hip-Hop and Disco. There were imperfections, yes, but also a magnificent cast, an inspiring story, and an important, relevant message for all oppressed minorities living in the white man’s world. I haven’t personally ever walked from a sitting of TV feeling so inspired and reassured. As bitter as I am for the show cancelling, I’m really grateful to have found it in this time in my life. May the spirit of funk and heroism live on in us.

  17. Sabrina McNeill Brooks says:

    This show displayed an accurate historical depiction of an era that has never been exposed in such an awesome way. This show was awesome and the actors were as well. The music priceless. This needs to be marketed in another media circuit, properly marketed and refrain from the cartoon element until after season 3. I believe in the production value of this project and became fanatical watcher.

  18. pwpol says:

    It had everything it needed to succeed except for an engaging continuity. So many stories unfulfilled. Ultimately Buz was unquestionably its downfall.

  19. T Moore says:

    This really is a great show. Playing off a modern history that is rarely celebrated. It’s sad ratchet reality is the only thing available to black adult consumers.

  20. Maritz says:

    whaat ! some sad news .. this was a really good show, a lot of the other shows that are “hits” are wack
    we need to educate this sad generation on some good times / music that made hip hop history
    hopefully you guys will re consider

  21. Keith G says:

    It’s a dann shame! One of the greatest shows of all time. It puts me in mind Breakin’ and Warriors. I loved hip hop since I can remember…And this show was all of that plus more. Taking you back to the essence of it all! I think it was a must needed show. Especially for this today youth that don’t know anything about hip hop and yes hip hop not this watered down rap shit these cats are doing now dayz!!! Y’all really need to get this show back on and rolling.

  22. Talisha Ingram says:

    Nas!!!! Please do something to bring this series back. There are so many young talented actors and actresses. I would love to see how well they prosper with this perfectly thought out opportunity. One of the best!!! All you gotta do is keep loving it..

  23. ZK says:

    I’m sad to read that it’s over. I enjoyed the very unique style it had. Had me in rapture for the most part.

  24. HJ says:

    Cancelling The Get Down was completely the right thing to do.

    The show had so many things going for it, excellent use of music, fantastic backdrop, good (if slightly cartoonish) acting and characters that you came to care about quickly. However it suffered from it’s complete departure from realism.

    For me it had ended after part 1, yes we would have had several questions unanswered but the two key arcs (Mylenes contract, Zekes internship) were at a stage you could call them complete and it ended on a positive note for the two.

    Instead part 2 feels like it pulled apart those conclusions in order to stretch out the story and slipped further and further into a fantasy world with the portrayal of giant rap battles somehow beating off gangsters, massively over the top gay scene portrayals and other nonsense. Plus being weighed down by the stupid “choose your career or a date with me” plotlines.

    Really the drop in quality was striking and I’m honestly not sure where they could even go for another season. It was a 5 star show after 6 or 7 episodes, a 4 star after part 2, I cn only see it regressing further if continued.

  25. James McDuffie says:

    What will it take to bring it back?

    It is one of the few shows that touches on an era that resonates across generations. I simply LOVE the show and it has so much more to tell.

    Please bring it back !!!

  26. J Larue says:

    I love The Get Down.. it was the reason I came back to netflix… Im really disappointed.

  27. Amy says:

    I absolutely LOVED the Get Down…….so sad…

  28. karen califano says:

    This sucks! I love the get down, one of the best new shows on netflix. Orange is the new black is good but I know many who’ve stopped watching after season 2, it’s getting boring. I haven’t finished season 3 yet. Shame it cost so much to make. Perhaps that’s why it was canceled? There’s alot of crappy shows on netflix that don’t get canceled. I don’t get it. It would be nice if hbo or showtime picked it up.

  29. Things are tough now!!

    So in the next four years, you will see a NEW genre of AFRICAN CLASSICAL MUSIC, !!

    We need it and OF COURSE…our children will produce it,

    Ironically ,as it happens in black history, out of the most deprived , poverty- stricken- ghetto block :

    God bless ,some genius child [ girl / boy] is waiting in the wings!!!

    we know that within the most dire social times, comes the music to : Rise up the Nation !!


    Have Faith, it never fails [ while sitting in grandma’s church one of them little chillin’s will bring us a new beat!!

    TRUST ME!! LISTEN!…… IT’S HAPPENING NOW, there is a new form of conscious rap…!!

  30. From Africa shores to Middle Passage to figthing for LIBERATION ..our music is grounded in resistance and liberation struggle.

    .”African American Classical Music ”in Blues People shout, all genre: planation to camp church spirituals, to juke joint speakeasy to Minstral to boogie woogie to big band club to blues to modern Jazz to R/B to Neo soul and hardcore jazz…

    ..Black Music reflect the struggle in black lives in culture of racism….no music form African can be white washed .
    .this show was cute BUT DISCONNECTED..from the real struggle black folks were fighting then and are NOW!!!..

    our music has always reflected our POLITICAL .SPIRITUAL STRUGGLES as a people fighting for human rights…that was never reflected!!!

    I am not surprise! Black folk do not have anesthesia abt the 1970’s .Black Live Matter did not come out of a vacuum: the GD forgot how serious 70’s were:

  32. Jay Bordes says:

    How dare you Netflix!

    The Get Down, alright I will admit that I thought it was a stupid show, So I never watched it, Until my husband says hey “you got to watch the show you’re going to love it” and I said ” there is nothing on Netflix better then Marco Polo.” Which I have is and outstanding show.

    My husband just said sit down with and watch The Get Down.
    It was like love at first sight.
    I stayed up for the next two days watching, The Get Down
    I might as well had been Drake Because I watch that show back-to-back.

    I can’t believe that there’s not going to be another season. I am truly heart broken

    The Epic struggle that in Zekiel had with family and friends, it was insightful. To be a teenager again, and have everyone pulling you in the direction that they want you to Go, is hard.
    To have friends that sick together and want to change the world by change their life’s is heroic.
    To believe in something that is bigger then them is inspiring.
    They were young entrepreneurial with a vision. The Get Down was very encouraged show for everyone. To see the life of all the characters after the dust has settle and the air has cleared, Now that would be the remarkable show.
    The show would be transformed from The Get down to The Men That Stood.

    I don’t even watch regular TV because I have Netflix.
    Please just rethink your decision about The Get Down.
    If that 70’s Show can stay on the air for a ridiculously long time, without showing anyone ever dancing disco!

    The Get Down showed me what Disco Life was like as well as Break Dancer life was like, and I fell in love.

    Please rethink your decision..

    The show was captivating and desirable. The Get Down Is everything that would make you stay in front of your TV for days.The Get down represents Netflix and Chill!
    Just like the Sandy Wexler movie or the Marco Polo series.


  33. Ruby says:

    Way to ruin my life! The show is really so good, I havent met one person who has any complains about it. Shoulve advertised it more, such a shame!

  34. Larry Black says:

    This show is and could be a hit there is obviously other issues…stranger things…really??11

  35. Excellent show! I hate to see it go!

  36. Russell Calabrese says:

    The show is excellent. It nails the era and I am disappointed to see it cancelled. Netflix should give it a little more time to get more viewers. I haven’t watched the second part yet and am in the middle of a few other Netflix shows and would get to it later this month. How about checking the number of people have it in their watch list and see what those numbers are?

  37. usojoe88 says:

    I will literally kill myself if they don’t continue to The Get Down! It’s one of my favorite shows of all time!

  38. Radio Facts (radio facts.com says:

    The first season was OK but the second season had me saying WTF too often the cartoons threw the whole thing off for me. Why? I agree it was very whitewashed

  39. boom bap says:

    Wise decision. We don’t need a Gleed up, white washed version of our hip hop history. It lacked rawness and it LACKED DANCING. There were dope b-boys in the cast and there was hardly any battles or b-boying. Good Riddance

  40. Netflix made an excellent decision. I grew up during the era and considered the series embarrassingly lame… Good riddance!

  41. Sharná Monique says:

    Very disappointing. Comparing a season 1 show to the success experienced by a season 4 show seems odd. If Netflix had spent part of that enormous budget on advertising, the show would have done better ratings wise, as the content was certainly there. Ending a storyline the way this show has, leaves the audience anticipating more with multiple cliffhanger and scenarios, and to not give them proper closure is bad business. Smh at Netflix

  42. I’m saddened by this. And despite its troubles I really don’t understand why Netflix ignored it. I had watched the first 6 episodes of season one and had assumed Netflix would let me know when the second half arrived. Alas it did not and I didn’t know the second part had been released. I’ll have to catch it now.

    But to those of you who haven’t seen it I strongly recommend it, at least the first part of season one. The show is beyond incredible in spite of a first episode that’s a little rough, it gets WAY better very quickly. The first part also ends on a climactic note with a good feeling of closure. Sure there are story points that hadn’t been resolved but the ending of season one part 1 will leave you pretty satisfied.

    • HJ says:

      How on earth did you not get told when it arrived? Everyone I know who watched it got the banner front and centre every time they logged on for like 2 weeks.

      • CFGodwell says:

        Yeah, while I liked the first half of the first season better and some of it did jump the shark in terms of even being remotely accurate, I did enjoy the cast, the performances, old stock footage of the Bronx, references, icons like Kool Herc and Flash…it could’ve last so much longer. I do know of quite a few men who got turned off by Jaden Smiths character exploring his sexuality, but I’m trying to figure out what they expected, as homosexuality is nothing really out of place (especially in the late 70’s) in New York City.

        Nevertheless, I hope a lot of that young cast especially get picked up for other work. I had no idea that it was so expensive and perhaps HBO could’ve gave it a chance, but then again they killed VINYL in the crib and instead recently opted to do yet ANOTHER slave drama in a setting where the south never gave up slavery and instead became sovereign…with slaves.

        For that one, HBO can go to…..

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