‘The Bachelorette’: Racist, Sexist Tweets Surface From Contestant on ABC Show

Lee The Bachelorette racist tweets
Courtesy of ABC

ABC was praised for finally showcasing the first-ever black lead on “The Bachelor” franchise this season, but just two weeks into the historic season of “The Bachelorette,” the network is in hot water for casting a contestant whose alleged racist tweets surfaced online.

A slew of tweets allegedly from contestant Lee Garrett’s Twitter account were leaked this week on social media, including one that reads, “What’s the difference between the NAACP and the KKK? Wait for it…One has the sense of shame to cover their racist a– faces.”

ABC declined to comment. When approached by Variety, the network would not confirm the authenticity of the tweets, which appear to be taken directly from Garrett’s Twitter.

An insider tells Variety that the network only learned about the tweets when they were approached by the media on Wednesday, and had no prior knowledge of their existence, despite background checks for contestants who go through a vetting process when being cast on the reality show. Though it seems a broadcaster would thoroughly check social media during casting, Garrett’s accounts are private.


Rachel Lindsay Bachelorette

ABC Casts First Black ‘Bachelorette’ With Contestant Rachel Lindsay

Garrett is a 30-year-old singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tenn., who is still in the running on the ABC dating show, vying for “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay’s heart. Though his Twitter account is private, his self-written bio describes himself as “pleasantly offensive.”

Garrett’s alleged tweets — which were posted by a Twitter user on Tuesday evening — were posted in 2015 and 2016. In one of the tweets, the contestant appears to support deeming Black Lives Matter as a “terrorist group,” while in another, he supposedly asks, “When is the last time you actually saw a pretty feminist? There is a reason for this.” Referring to Hillary Clinton and O.J. Simpson, another tweet reads, “Hillary is the millennial’s version of O.J.”

Read the alleged tweets below:

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  1. Maryse Etienne-Jones says:

    Can’t say that the show was fair.to.Peter …Racheal took him on dates to church and had people of the town talk to him about marriage and Bryan went on hot air balloon rides and road in dandy cars and got a new watch …and all Peter got was lectures and wine. REALLY!!!!! She wanted Peter but when he said let’s date she said no and that is what she is doing with Bryan for 3 months until the final show and now she is on tv giving interviews saying that they have not set a date yet nut will be winter of next year…Really!!!!

  2. If anyone actually thinks any of those things are Racists then you had better get serious help and stop being a Fake CryBaby!!!!

    You have no idea. Maybe you are the Racist!

    He posted Facts and people Cried (Wolf) Racism!

  3. JC says:

    Racist seems to be a term African Americans love to use when in reality they are the biggest racists on the planet. Whites are muffled and looked over to the point if they even look at black folk funny they are deemed racist. The people who cry about equality the loudest do not want equality but preferential treatment. Affirmative action gives jobs to people who clearly are not qualified… based on color, Fanny Mae purchases homes for the same reason, we are in the Midst of Black Music Month, not long ago Black History Month just to name a few things. Let’s see if this comment gets through…..

    • Eddy says:

      Race Card seems to be a term White Americans love to use when in reality they are the biggest racists on the planet. Blacks are muffled by gays immigrants, asians, refugees and looked over to the point if they even march about black injustice they are deemed racist. The people who cry about equality or equal opportunity aka whites the loudest do not want equality but preferential treatment over others. Affirmative action gives jobs to people who clearly are not from America, even a white female who was head of NAACA identification as black who is born white still got ahead, Fanny Mae purchases homes helped more whites qualified… based on color, Freddie Mac purchases homes for the same reason, we are in the midst of President day, Make America Great Again , Columbus Day just to name a few things… basically means to get rid of non-whites. When has America been great for non-whites including Indians?

  4. Go says:

    Um if this is racism we’re all in trouble. I know a lot of racists I guess. The racist wants a date with a black girl. Sheesh

  5. Georgianna King says:

    Lee is a fool who was on the show for ALL THE WRONG REASONS. His brain and ears were stuck on stupid and his lies and mouth were stuck on overdrive. I just wanted him to go after the first rose ceremony. The world needs alot less of the this type of idiots.

  6. true hebrew says:

    ABC should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of making this an epic event with the first black bachelorette. They played Rachel and I guess for the money she allowed it. She was never interested in any of the black guys which is a whole other issue. This show was the worst smh……………..

  7. Daniel Dume-Charles II says:

    In season 13 episode 4 on “The Bachelorette”, Josiah Graham declares himself the sexiest guy in the boat and does a little pec bounce. I would love for him to bounce his pecs again!

    • Eddy says:

      How many white bachelors chose a black bachelorette, prove to me that it was at least 3 out of the hundreds of episodes!

  8. Sam Roberts says:

    Isn’t it strange the contestants require a vetting but people entering our country do not? I would say rhar is hypocritical…Lee is entitled to his opinion ….I am sure you did not check rhe twitters of tha African American young me on here…you will find racist things I am sure. While Demario is busy aasulting women in Paradise let’s check his past, I have a feeling it isnt pretty. Time to grow up, stop being so sensitive and treat everyone the same and look into everyone’s closet ….it is always one sided.

    • FrankSFO says:

      You seem to be misinformed or you bought into Trump’s alternative facts. But, just so you know, here is the vetting process for people wanting to immigrate to our country. And, just so you know, the average wait time for refugee resettlement is 18 to 24 months, while Iraqis and Syrians typically wait several years.

      1. Registration with the United Nations.
      2. Interview with the United Nations.
      3. Refugee status granted by the United Nations.
      4. Referral for resettlement in the United States.
      5. Interview with State Department contractors.
      6. First background check.
      7. Higher-level background check for some.
      8. Another background check.
      9. First fingerprint screening; photo taken.
      10. Second fingerprint screening.
      11. Third fingerprint screening.
      12. Case reviewed at United States immigration headquarters.
      13. Some cases referred for additional review.
      14. Extensive, in-person interview with Homeland Security officer.
      15. Homeland Security approval is required.
      16. Screening for contagious diseases.
      17. Cultural orientation class.
      18. Matched with an American resettlement agency.
      19. Multi-agency security check before leaving for the United States.
      20. Final security check at an American airport.

  9. Jules Rivera says:

    Everybody here can defend #AllLivesMatter Gumby up there all they want. I highly doubt Rachel is going to pick this guy anyway. Women of color are not super cool on dating creepy racial fetishists like him. But, hey, once he gets bounced out like a night club pervert, you lovely defenders can have him. I hear he’s single.

    In the mean time, I’ll have a great time watching this Rachel brush this dude off like dandruff. Pass the popcorn!

  10. Yo mama says:

    Great! The minute we get a black bachelorette and now theres sme race controversial bullshit. Just shut up drama whiners! Rachels cool, its just the rest of you. Poor rachel!!!

    • Eddy says:

      No, shaggy because she’ll likely pick a white guy for TV rating for the show!! She didn’t grow up dreaming about being with a white guy and vice versa for a white woman!

  11. Sherrye Craig says:

    @abc please omit an appearance by Lee Garrettfrom your live shows at the end of this current season. There’s nothing for him to explain. Tweets say it all.

  12. sky says:

    its program and she is too

  13. I’m not seeing anything racist other than calling out some things he views racist. The feminist comment was a burn, but I’m not so easily offended I’d blacklist someone for a lame tweet like that.

  14. Barton Fink says:

    White supremacists​ use the word racist to describe anyone who wants to address the economic barriers facing people of color and the history of segregation in the United States.

  15. RR says:

    He’s 100% Right. The NAACP & the KKK are racist organization that were both created by the Democrat Party. Historically for the Democrat party to win elections they had to keep a certain race angry. In the past the pro slavery, pro segregation Democrat Party had to keep whites angry. Now they need the black vote so they pay millions to the NAACP, Black Lives Matter and pimps in the pulpit like Al Sharpton to keep blacks angry and devoted to the Democrat vote. Every black inner city hell hole has two things in common the NAACP and they are ALL governed by Democrats. The NAACP is against poor black families having school choice vouchers because they are paid millions by the teachers unions to keep blacks in failing schools which makes them angry enough to keep voting DEMOCRAT. In 2012 more black babies in NY were aborted than born and the NAACP knows the black church is against abortion but the Democrats and Planned Parenthood pay them off to allow abortion mills in black inner cities. Go see the Jesse Owens movie RUN. There’s a scene that shows how the NAACP tried to talk him out of going to the Berlin Olympics just to punish American whites and push the NAACP’s racist narrative to keep blacks angry.

    • Al Neuman says:

      He’s right, and so are you. All the attempts at vilifying him are just more symptoms of how “p.c.” mindset continues to dominate the mindset of our “mainstream” media.
      Black Lives Matter IS a racist, anti-police,antiAmerican, and antiSemitic outfit. We all understand the only reason they get away with their hateful narrative is because the p.c. idiots of the media are afraid to call them out.

      • Go says:

        It’s all virtue signaling. The everyone is racist sexist homophobic. They act like radical Christians wanting some purity of thought

      • Apropos says:

        Ugh. BlackLivesMatter is NOT Racist. Think. For christ’s sake think. You think “Associated with a specific race” equals “racist” that is an incorrect, dumb, reductive statement, and if you’re using the internet you already know that. You’re just taking that position because you think you can. It doesn’t hold water. BLM started its life as a hashtag. A hashtag in response to a whole lot of white people who have reduced the meaning of “bad guy” and “good guy”, and have done so by saying “well, as police officers and law enforcement we NEED to be able to quickly determine whether we are safe or not in any situation, and we must be able to react to that quickly.” when in fact they don’t need that. They can assume they are NOT safe when they clock in at work. Nobody ever promised them safety on the job. They don’t get to take civilians’ lives in the name of police ‘safety’ during a crime in progress. They are to protect and serve us. And until proven otherwise, that makes the guy or girl the police THINK is worthy to die? That makes the criminal US, and anybody who supports the cops and not US? That’s messed up. If you’re against BlackLivesMatter, you’re against ME. And I’m not black. But after its them, its going to be me and its going to be you.

    • SY says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      There’s nothing “racist” about what he said.

      He’s simply pointing out the racism of the Left, while not dismissing the racism of the KKK.

      Black Lives Matter is a hate group. Any group that openly praises cop killers (calling the one that Cuba shelters from American law a “mother of the movement”) and won’t condemn members who chant for deaths of cops IS a hate group.

      • Go says:

        Many people think blm is racist. I read their proclamations. But let’s have ONE view in the world.

      • Yo mama says:

        I agree with you SY!!! In fact i agree with Lee!!! Thats right Lee say whats on your mind brother. Black lives matter are a racist group you fucking idiots!!! And they promoting hate and hostility. Cops lives matter. And white lives matter. And asian lives matter. And mexican lives matter. Sme black people just need to accept tht all lives matter. Nothing special about JUST BLACK LIVES. We all matter dammit. Fucking whiners

  16. GS says:

    Comparing the NAACP to the KKK is appalling, as is his crack at feminists and the Clinton/OJ reference, but honestly, Black Lives Matter is steadily gaining a reputation as a “soft” terrorist organization — even among many black communities — so he’s probably just parroting an existing narrative there.

  17. heyitsron says:

    Some super exciting PR to get you, to entice you, into watching the show. To boost ratings? I know you may be asking, “What ratings?” Ok, Chris. What were you thinking? Trying to kill the brand?

  18. Damon Tammas says:

    Wow, the NAACP is the same as the KKK. Tennessee public education, I guess.

    • Ellie says:

      The NAACP is in no way comparable to the KKK


      judging an entire state’s educational system by the stupid remarks of one Nashville resident is a prejudiced way of thinking. Do you judge all Hollywood journalism by the grammatical errors in this article?

    • George Lewis says:

      Ever heard of shades of grey Damon Tammas? Really can’t see the similarities & how both are pro their single race & how both are dividers not uniters? Each is also constitutionally entitled to their views, & each seems relatively tame in their current incarnation? Perhaps live & let live?

  19. George Lewis says:

    Nothing racist or sexist there (except probably to leftists).

    • Damon Tammas says:

      How sad it must be to be you.

      • George Lewis says:

        We all have our crosses to bear Damon Tammas, be it on this Earth or in the kingdom theafter. Overall, I’m quite happy thank you. I’ll say a prayer for you as you seem troubled by your demons. Bless your heart.

  20. RHReese says:

    ABC Casts First Black ‘Bachelorette’ With Contestant Rachel Lindsay
    To me that’s unacceptable and immorally wrong.

    • Bianca says:

      Lol out of all of the many milestones in history (e.g. black suffrage, miscegenation laws, abolition of slavery, abdication of Jim Crow laws), you are concerned over a TV show that I doubt you are even a fan of. You are a dumbass!

      • hailey says:

        Maybe the statement was misphrased, and he/she meant to say it shouldn’t have taken so long to have a person of color, whether africam American, Native American, Asian, etc on the show. It’s not all about being black!!! Why not have an older batchelorette, or a disabled one? Come on! It’s a stupid, brainless TV show that is supposed to keep us from thinking of all the crappy stuff going on around us. But no. Here we are. Do you really believe Rachel is there to find “true love”? LOL No, she there to be the next Judge Judy.

    • Bianca says:

      How is that morally wrong?

    • Dunstan says:

      And to you, you’re a sick, sick excuse for a human being. Take you bigoted b.s.somewhere else.

      And by the way, the correct phrase is “morally wrong” not “immorally wrong,” you moron.

      • George Lewis says:

        Dunstan, personal attacks display the weakness of your argument. Perhaps address the content of others with polite civility? Share your thoughts while being truly open minded to the thoughts of others? Seek to find common ground as human beings?

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