Tamron Hall to Leave NBC News, MSNBC

The Today Show
Courtesy of NBC

Tamron Hall, an anchor best known for her time on MSNBC and the 9 a.m. hour of “Today,” will leave NBC News, which recently announced plans to accommodate a new morning program featuring Megyn Kelly.

NBC News said it had been in discussions with Hall, who was nearing the end of her contract. Executives “hopes that she would decide to stay,” the NBCUniversal unit said in a prepared sattement issued Wednesday. “We are disappointed that she has chosen to leave, but we wish her all the best.” NBC News said her broadcasts on “Today” and MSNBC yesterday would be her final ones, and that she is expected to leave formally at the end of February.

The current format of NBC’s 9 a.m. hour, currently part of its “Today” morning franchise, is expected to be scrapped in the fall, part of plans recently disclosed by people familiar with the matter to carve out time for Megyn Kelly. The former Fox News Channel anchor, who recently left that network and will join NBC in May, is expected to take the reins of a new morning program that will air at either 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. If 10 a.m. is the chosen slot, then that hour’s current inhabitants, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, would move an hour earlier.

“The last ten years have been beyond anything I could have imagined, and I’m grateful,” Hall said in a statement provided by NBC News. ” I’m also very excited about the next chapter.”

Al Roker is expected to stay on as a regular host at 9 a.m., NBC News said, “until a new morning lineup begins in the Fall of 2017.”

Tamron joined MSNBC and NBC in 2007, and became part of “Today” in 2014. She has also hosted the Investigation Discovery series “Deadline Crime, with Tamron Hall,” which is produced by NBC News’ in-house unit Peacock Productions.  She earned an Edward R. Murrow Award for a story that aired on NBC News, and an Emmy in 2010 as a member of NBC News’ live inauguration coverage

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  1. Willie freeman says:

    We want Tamron to stay we watch her everyday. She is professional and classy. If I wanted to watch Megan Kelly I would have tuned into fox news.

  2. Dian Sosaya says:

    I will miss Tamron Hall

  3. Deanna Mesenbrink says:

    I really liked Tammera Hall. I can’t believe you would replace her , she is so nice and sincere. I will not watch her replacement.

  4. Pamela E. Moseley says:

    So sad that you are getting rid of Tamron Hall… I loved her! Tops in her field. And for Meghan Kelly, please!!! I will never watch Ms Kelly… or any Fox news import. I stopped looking at NBC morning news when Ann Curry was demoted. The only reason to watch MSNBC now is for Rachael, Joy, and Lawrence. Do not become a second rate FOX channel. You will loose your entire audience. Good luck Tamron!

    • Sylvia Farrington says:

      I only watched MSNBC in the am because of Tamron Hall now I’ll only watch in the pm with Greta ,Chris and the rest of the crew 11th her with Williams is dull I turn to CNN at time

  5. Kay Jenkins says:

    Extremely sad to see Tamron Hall go. Will look to see where this talented lady lands.

  6. Victoria B says:

    Shame on NBC!!! Tamron was great on the Today show. Really enjoyed the show since she joined it.

  7. robert janes says:


  8. Sonny says:

    20 years of watching NBC NEWS down the drain.
    I will not be a contributor to a network that disrespects its talent.

  9. Fortunato Galeotti says:

    I live in Europe and only watch MSNBC – I know that doesn’t say much for extensive horizons but having worked in News production, I understand what’s happening. Very disappointed with the exit of Tamaron Hall. She’s smart, balanced and a good interviewer without being nasty or offensive. She gets and gives the facts with integrity. I am sure this is a ratings game but why all of these Fox “ex-patriots” – Megyn Kelly, Gretchen ??? and Gretchen Carlson, an equal conspirator to countless lies about President Obama and his policies. It wasn’t editorial opinion, but rather flat out lies while perched on the set’s sitting room sofa.
    It escapes me but I suppose NBC thinks they are terrible prepared, actually, better prepared than the
    group already there. Oh well, for what its worth, NBC/MSNBC has just lost me.

  10. Shari says:

    Me thinks they did not sweeten the deal for Hall as to lay open playing field for Kelly.

  11. Cyndi says:

    I choose Tamron Hall over Megyn Kelly any day. Tamron has class. She holds herself far above Kelly. Shame NBC can’t see that.

  12. Joan McCrackin says:

    Very sad to learn Hall is leaving NBC. I like her crisp, light, “REAL” personality and looked forward to watching her on NBC every morning. I hope, where ever this sharp, artiarticulate, kind hearted, skilled young woman lands her talents, she will be recognized for the valuable work she has proven capable of. Best of everything to you Tamron. Hoping to see you again soon.

  13. Stephen says:

    I,m disappointed with this news. Tamron was the life of that show. She kept it interesting and sexy.
    I will look for her next show.. Tarmon GREAT JOB.!!!! and be positive…

  14. Wendy says:

    No longer gonna watch the today show

  15. Dropping lots of people of color over there at NBC. Welcome to Trump TV.

  16. Michelle says:

    I absolutely love Tamron Hall and will follow her wherever she goes! I do not like Megyn Kelly and I will no longer watch NBC after Matt Lauer and Savannah are done in the morning. What is with NBC taking all of the FOX rejects? Tamron is way better then Megyn. I will miss her on NBC with Al Roker very much!! We want entertainment with our news and Megyn cannot deliver that.

    • Dwight says:

      i will no longer be watching any programs on NBC and MSNBC. i t appears that you perfer to have a pre dominat white news line up. what happen to diversity at NBC.
      It appears that NBC wants to become another Fox

  17. mary lou nalducci says:

    Too much moving around o personnel. Seemed that hour was one of fill in nature and seemed as thou it was whoever was available. She was the best part! She will be missed!

  18. I am so disappointed by news of Tamron Hall leaving the NBC Morning Show ! I hate it’s because of Megan Kelly? I am retired and so enjoyed watching the Show! I want no part of Megan Kelly. I really don’t understand this is the second female that I loved watching that they pulled a quickie decision on?

  19. Katherine Folgate says:

    I think that NBC has made a serious mistake in cancelling the Today’s Take morning show and losing Tamron Hall because of that decision. The ratings have been high because of the co-anchors and the texture of the program. I am a retiree and there are many of us out here who watch this show for entertainment and give us a smile or chuckle in the morning. Nothing against Ms Kelley, but from watching her on various programs she does not seem to have the light hearted gift that I look for in morning programs. I watch Today for serious news in the morning and don’t want anymore than that. They say change is good, but when something is at the top of its game why do you try to go down. Sounds like poor decision making to me.

  20. Sue Herrmann says:

    will no longer watch Today Show…..

  21. Fred Mertz Jr. says:

    Huh. I know there is an “N” in “PANDER,” but I didn’t know there was an M an S a B or a C. Guess Zucker spells differently than I do.

  22. IT--II--IT says:

    WORD’s OUT

    GIG’s UP

  23. L says:

    Big fan, following Tamron Hall since her days on Channel 32 in Chicago. She is very talented, and I will follow her in her next project. I will not being watching NBC’s replacement for this wonderful morning team!

  24. Wut says:

    Thank God! – She has become unbearable to watch.

    She was great when she started, she was refreshing while being restrained, which made her seem smart but then over the years got so heavy into a schtick of clueless “talk first think later” combined with that incessant “horrendous fake laughter”, that she was able to actually overtake Al Roker in the obnoxious department.

    Al Roker is equally annoying in a different way, but if they can’t get rid of him(fingers crossed), he can be digested if parceled out in very small doses found with traditional weather man news spots popping up a for few minutes and then out again and hosting parades.

    Tamron seems like her old self sometimes when she just sits and delivers news, and maybe getting away from Al Roker, Hoda & KLG will get her back on a great path because entertaining she is not.

    P.S.-Megyn Kelly is going to flop no matter what NBC tries to do with her. She struck smartly while the iron was hot, but her next stop will be one of those syndicated fake half hour news strips like “Hard Copy”.

  25. Ed Cox says:

    This might well be the trigger for others to leave! MSNBC has now lost me as s viewer! Too many Fox folks now appearing on programs!!

    • khrish67 says:

      That’s exactly why I’m leaving. They seem to getting rid of all the good news people. Rachael, Lawrence and Joy are the only ones left that I even watch. I don’t understand why they are having so many fox news people coming over. They blocked the 6 P.M with that Gretta girl and now they are going to bring Gretchen Carlson and now that one that they are moving Tamron for. Every since they got the new guy, he seems to have wanted all these fox people which makes me wonder if he came from fox himself.

      • Boaz says:

        “I don’t understand why they are having so many fox news people coming over. ”

        The brass are trying to increase their ratings. The “progressive” brand didn’t work. It never works.

  26. Athena Damian says:

    I stop watching NBC and MSNBC, since Keith, Ed, Dylan, Martin. I love Tam I will follow her were ever she go, I do watch JOY AM on the weekend and I catch the Last Word Good Lucky Tam

  27. Jeremiah says:

    I’m a loyal msnbc viewer. With the direction they are going (hiring fox rejects) I can’t remain a viewer. We look to you for our (democratic point of view) and you are no longer that beacon. I’m very disappointed and hope that PBS stays true to its viewer. Good bye MSNBC.

    • Britlover says:

      You do realize that both Greta and Megyn are Democrats, right? Greta’s husband was a long-time Hillary fund raiser so don’t worry, they will give you all the Dimcrap you want.

  28. Bernie says:

    Elaine? Whose Elaine?

  29. Shirley Gottron says:

    I’ll miss her! And, they’re replacing her with Megan Kelly! Bad, bad, bad!

  30. Magdelyn Vale says:


  31. Michael Anthony says:

    “We wanted her to stay……”. Blah, blah, blah. BUT, they gotta make room for Queen Megyn. NBC lives ya, until the next big thing comes along. That only applies to woman. Men, they keep until they are ready to keel over. Wondwe if they ever thought that maybe bringing in a REAL MAN, and no, not you Matt, t hey might do better?

    I suppose if the times don’t work, you can have Kathie and Hoda drinking at 7am.

  32. Heather Deschsmps says:

    Big mistake …. Ann Curry, Bilky Bush now this …. Won’t be watching NBC

  33. Ellen Baine says:

    She really seemed soooo dumb to me…. no loss…

    • Excellent says:

      You must not understand news Miss Hall is at the top of her game excellent reporter intelligent professional the best

    • ravengirl57 says:

      Ellen, I can’t help but wonder whether you have ever watched Tamron. I admit I have not seen her on Today, but her show on MSNBC is a bright spot. She does not suffer fools gladly, is always prepared with follow-up questions and knows how to grill a slippery politician when necessary. One of the bright women journalists on television. Megyn Kelly is smart, too, but she lets interviewees slither through if it meets her agenda. Maybe that will change once she is out of the Fox fog, but for me the trade off between Tamron and Megyn is not worth it. I would have kept Tamron. I have no interest in watching Megyn.

    • Brandon says:

      So the question I have for Ellen is, what do you have for brains?

  34. Joyce Tyler says:

    Hmmm…indeed. Like I needed something else to protest.

    • Amelia says:

      Im dumbfounded diversity is now dead on msnbc. You choose ratings over substance. I say to Tamron Hall you rock don’t look back the best is yet to come. All the Fox ex patriots Meagan, Greta, who else are we going to get Bill O’Reilly next SHAMEFUL.

  35. Cow Girl Diva says:

    I love her on the TRUE CRIME stories..!

  36. Lynn Shepodd says:

    I’m sorry to see her go, but she is very good so someone smart will pick her up.

  37. Richard L Wosylus says:

    Well another fair commentator leaving to help MSNBC become Fox and Clowns… Sad we have the owners of ALL the mainstream media looking so lame…

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