‘Star Wars Rebels’ Ending After Season 4

Star Wars Rebels
Courtesy of Disney XD

While the “Star Wars” universe continues to expand on the big screen, one of its popular TV show is coming to an end.

Star Wars Rebels” will wrap after the upcoming Season 4 on Disney XD. The announcement was made during the show’s panel at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Fla. Saturday.

“I firmly believe that each generation needs to have their own piece of ‘Star Wars’ and this show, for a lot of kids growing up with it, is as much a piece of ‘Star Wars’ as any of the movies,” says executive producer Dave Filoni.


Star Wars

Watch the First ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Trailer

The animated series follows the adventures of the Rebellion leading up to the events of 1977’s “Star Wars: A New Hope.”

It featured the voice talents of Taylor Gray, Freddie Prinze Jr., Vanessa Marshall, and Tiya Sircar.

The final 15 episodes will serve as a bridge to the events seen in last year’s standalone film “Rogue One,” as well as “A New Hope.” Forest Whitaker will reprise his “Rogue One” role, playing Rebel extremist Saw Gerrera.

They will be darker in tone, with a “Rogue One aesthetic,” described Filoni.

A trailer for the final season aired during the panel, which you can watch here or below.

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  1. Oscar Fernandez says:

    great show sad to see it end….hopefully they will start a new series

  2. Sheela Sara Iyer says:

    So sad to see Star War Rebels ending. Truly wonderfully fantastic !

  3. Wizard says:

    I think they are finishing this because they already have plan for new one but this one was great but in my opinion clone wars was better. So sad one more season and bye, bye..

  4. loco73 says:

    I really don’t care and never did about this show. It could never live up to “The Clone Wars”, and it always smacked of mediocrity, with underwhelming writing, storylines and characters that, with some exceptions, are rather bland and completely forgettable. The very fact that they have to allude in the final season of the show as having “a darker, ‘Rogue One’ like aesthetic” speaks to the weakness of “Star Wars Rebels”, a show which during its four year run has had to borrow bits and pieces from other better works, like it will now from “Rogue One”, to justify its relevance and reason for being.

    Remember when the newly Disney acquired Lucasfilm announced that it was throwing the Expanded Universe in the garbage, sorry filling it under the new banner “Legends”, and that nothing from that material would be used…lo and behold we have Grand Admiral Thrawn appearing on “Rebels”. The Inquisitors, who appeared in several seasons of “Rebels”, appeared and were mentioned in the “Coruscant Nights” novel trilogy by Michael Reaves, years ago.

    So…good riddance….and Ezra Bridger still looks like Aladdin… :-P

  5. Liam Scanlan says:

    It’ll probably come back as “Star Wars Rebels GO!” or something. LOL!

    • Travis says:

      The creators knew from the start this thing had a time limit, why else would they set it specifically “5 years before A New Hope” and make it all about the Rebellion? It was obvious bc of the nature of the already established timelines for the original trilogy that the show would have to end before or at the beginning of A New Hope. Otherwise, what would be the point of Luke being called the “New Hope”, if there’s already two battle-trained Jedi operating hand-in-hand with the Rebel Alliance. Even if he is the son of Vader, it would just create too many plot holes, ie why wouldn’t Ben tell him about them, why wouldn’t they be there at the attack on the Death Star, why wouldn’t Luke be told “hey go train with our resident Jedi guys”?

      SW:Rebels is an excellent show, far surpassing “Clone Wars” and most of the movies for so many reasons. 1) We get to move on from Anakin Skywalker-even with a completely different voice actor and script-writer, his antics still got really old by season 2. 2) Moving on from the other characters, who either weren’t that good anyway, or were maybe decent but ruined by their association with the PT. 3) There were some filler areas, yes Ezra looked too much like Alladin (but I think most of that is just silly fanboys looking for anyway they can criticize Disney after they heard about the takeover), but aside from these two small picking points, OMG the highs in this series! This is probably the only SW-related material I have seen since ROTJ that actually reminded me why I am so emotionally invested in this material. Episodes like “Twilight of the Apprentice”, “Twin Suns” and the 2-parter “Zero Sum” were AMAZING! I seriously shed tears after Twilight of the Apprentice, I’m 37 and have no problem admitting that. This show has shown us so many amazing new things that have filled out the SW-universe in stunning and mysterious ways that further material (hopefully the movies) can explore in more depth. What is the deal with the Bendu, ancient Sith Temple super-weapons who’s power far exceeds the death star. The entire Darth Maul arc of Season 3 was fantastic, especially the completely unexpected way it ended. Let us also not forget, when comparing these two shows, it was the SAME PEOPLE MAKING BOTH! The main difference was this show didn’t restrict them to an already overlong war(s) that even already had a cartoon series about it! Here, they got to go back and explore the best era of SW while still continuing some of the great arcs they had developed in Clone Wars (Aksoka, Darth Maul, etc), but without a central war, allowing much more freedom, a galaxy of freedoms – and I think having a time limit of 4-5 year was freeing. Again, CW went on and on and on…I like stories to have solid endings and not just get cancelled or slowly peter out.

      Btw, if you somehow didn’t figure out exactly what they mean by a “Rogue One” feel – it means they are going to kill all the main characters we don’t see in later SW-material (so Saul’s ok). Which is all fine and good – I like these new characters, esp the droid, but they aren’t a patch on a team consisting of a wise-old wizard, a smuggler, princess, a giant walking carpet and crop-dusting boy. Speaking of the farmer boy, we’ve obvs got to clear the Jedi decks for his ascendance at the very least. And oh man, I can’t wait to see how these characters meet their end, bc the rest of this show has proven these guys know how to write epic SW better than maybe anyone since George was in his prime, and has had some surprisingly adult things going on. I doubt they’ll just roll out another series, but if they do, with the same makers, exploring a different time period (maybe sometime far in the past, I don’t think anything Canon has done this yet…), count me IN!

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