Spike Lee Developing TV Series Inspired by ‘Young Black Mark Zuckerberg’ Tech Entrepreneur (EXCLUSIVE)

Spike Lee Chad Sanders TV series
Lee: Matteo Prandoni/BFA/REX/Shutterstock; Sanders: JonesWorks

Spike Lee is gearing up to shop around a new TV series with tech entrepreneur and multi-hyphenate rising star Chad SandersVariety has learned exclusively.

The series, titled “Archer,” is a dark comedy and sociological thriller capturing the life of a 20-something African-American coding genius and iconoclast living in Brooklyn who has developed a dating app that reads sexual chemistry. The central character is described as a “young, black Mark Zuckerberg-like protagonist,” and the story will travel between New York, Silicon Valley, and Berlin’s famously sexual environment.

The project is loosely based on the life of Sanders, a tech entrepreneur who formerly served as a partner and head of business development at Dev Bootcamp, an intensive coding school that was eventually sold to Kaplan for double-digit millions. Sanders spent the first four years of his career with Google. He recently founded the business development agency Archer Genius Management, which is the basis for the title of the series.


she's gotta have it logo spike lee netflix

Spike Lee’s Netflix Series ‘She’s Gotta Have It’ Sets Fall Premiere Date

Sanders is the creator and star of the series, in addition to serving as executive producer, writer, and director. Lee is on board to direct the pilot episode and will executive produce through his 40 Acres and A Mule Filmworks production banner. Sanders and Lee, who both coincidentally graduated from Morehouse College, first met through a mutual family friend.

The series will be pitched to a wide variety of networks, and no particular platform is being eyed at this point.

For Lee, “Archer” marks the filmmaker’s latest television project, following his upcoming Netflix series “She’s Gotta Have It,” which launches this November.

Sanders is repped by WME and managed by Oronde Garrett at Headshell Management. Lee is repped by ICM.

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  1. Dave C says:

    Being nice, Spike Lee hasn’t made anything remotely watchable since 25th Hour.

  2. PETER says:

    ROFL. Spike is a joke in my opinion…

  3. Nathaniel Massey says:

    He really can’t name the show Archer! Archer is a name of another show! He wouldn’t get away with it! Plus a black Zuckerburg! That is so racist!

  4. BF says:

    I don’t get the racist comments but it is ridiculous that he named it Archer and also saying black “Zuckerberg”.. no more originality?

  5. B. says:

    I see that Matt Drudge’s followers didn’t bother to read the article.

  6. Pf Mahan says:

    poor Spike, everything he does now flops out, this can be added to the list

  7. NoLa Photo says:

    Woe woe woe. I thought cultural appropriation was wrong? If white people can’t write, sing, or produce rap or hip-hop, then Spike Lee can’t make a movie about social networking or tech start-ups. OOOOOHhhh wait I get it now. Zuckerberg was accused of stealing the premise and early forms of Facebook from his classmates. I get it. Carry on Spike. Carry on.

  8. Ron says:

    And spike would be the first to trash a white george Washington carver.

  9. meridianalliance says:

    Well, he make it all he wants. If no one wants to watch it, the network will drop it in a milli-second.

  10. jggrimm says:

    Is this Spike’s remedy for gentrification?

  11. Bob Wahler says:

    Wouldn’t it be better for blacks, and EVERYONE, if instead of him creating a “pretend” Mark Zuckerberg who is black, he helped some black person become a REAL Mark Zuckerberg?

    My circle learned it from Rocky Horror and made it a life lesson. “Don’t dream it. Be it.” Instead of trying to make a point, why don’t you try making a difference?

  12. Htos1 says:

    What a nasty, racist man.

  13. Lionel Mandrake says:

    Better learn to speak English first Spikey,

  14. Paulytical says:

    If he’s truly a “Zuckerberg”, he would simply steal his code from someone else. No need to be brilliant, just a weasel at heart.

  15. Beezer McLachlan says:

    The central character is described as a “young, black Mark Zuckerberg-like protagonist…”

    So a series about a megalomaniacal creep? Sounds great. Not.

  16. ghost says:

    Can I get a copy of the script of this film!? I need more birdcage liner!

  17. Erin Fowler says:

    Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony
    Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don’t we?

    I want a collaboration with Spike Lee and Michael Moore. Race relations will be repaired. Cancer will be cured. And, North Korea will disappear.

  18. Jesus H. Christ says:

    Cultural Appropriation

  19. Luna Cascade says:

    Over!!! What world do YOU live in!!!

  20. Charles Corso says:

    What a sexist!

  21. Swen says:

    Hamilton want to be.

  22. Benny Roseland says:

    Why didn’t he cast Colin Kaepernick as the lead role?

  23. cajuan.king says:

    Not Many Black Brothers In That Flick !

  24. frederick@dreamerchant.com says:

    Spike Lee had once been very critical of Samuel L. Jackson for his work in Tarantino’s films with the heavy use by Jackson of the word “n****r”–this, after working with Jackson in “Jungle Fever”. Lee’s position on racism, if nothing else, has been curious.

    No coincidence that Lee’s best work is “Inside Man” produced by a white man, Brian Grazer; and that every film since Grazer has been sub-par. As a filmmaker, his “pass” has been being a black male director. As stated…”curious”.

    Juxtaposing the word “black” with “Zuckerberg” seems necessary to give this series needed gravitas. And given his tenure in the motion picture industry, Lee certainly should be further along–like Spielberg–rather that getting along with a TV show.

    Talent should be the arbiter, here, but clearly it remains “Who you are” over and above “How good you are”, which is not a racist rank against a black movie director but a disappointment with a black man who was given a chance to make movies.

    When you have negligible skills, whatever you do is negligible.

  25. Dan Ros says:

    Poor Mr. Lee, living life as a self-absorbed racist whose audience has been reduced to manipulated minorities and guilt ridden hand-wringers. Even the media is bored. Oh, well.

  26. Blubberface says:

    I’m sure this will appeal to a small group of color-obsessed people like Lee.

  27. Mike Arvand says:

    Well, the racist spike lee is going to delve into the realm of pure fantasy.

    Then again it could be pretty good. might be some great action scenes dodging bullets and racing to get the next score, join a gang, and protest in the streets.
    oh wait. fantasy story. sorry.

  28. janeese clemens says:

    Spike Lee. I am so sorry you feel the way you do about white folks. We are not all that bad. You should have ulcers by now worrying about how ALL OF US Whities have just ruined your lives.Its really a shame too. How peaceful your life could be how God would just lift you up if you just got rid of all that hate.There aren’t as many people with your hate as there one were and it makes life for them and for us more rewarding and more cherish able . We work together to solve issues…. we embrace each other we fix what needs fixing. Are you like the REV making money off all this race bating? People caught on to him….Why do you feel it necessary to keep the narrative going? It is stupid, it is uncalled for and we are doing good together….. sorry you are not.

  29. mrfubo says:

    Oh, so it’s a fantasy .

  30. Mike Wro says:

    Ahhh yes, more from one of the most racist men in Hollywood …..

  31. Ernie Ball says:

    Well, we’ve got Hollywood showing black men saving us all in WW2, Black women critical to putting men on the moon, and all black men showing up in search results for the fifty top american inventors on google…why not now pretend we have a black Zuckerberg?

  32. Darrell Hagopian says:

    There’s only one “Archer”, Spike, and this ain’t it.

  33. Ruins of Time says:

    Tech titans are like, “i love me some black folks”…but with their wealth are like “get me the hell away from them”

  34. So it’s going to be a live action cartoon? Or are the producers of Archer going to go after Lee to change the name?

  35. Jimmy Zick says:

    If Do the right thing was written by a white guy, no one would have heard of it.

  36. Yummy says:

    Assuming that the name won’t stick because of FX’s Archer… weird that they’d announce the project with the title of a known and still on the air show as its working title.

  37. Kaboom! says:

    This is more racist hate masquerading as entertainment.

  38. Keith Diggs says:

    COUNT ME OUT. Thanks.

  39. gunnyginalaska says:

    More garbage from a pint-sized no talent hack.

  40. rbblum says:

    Perhaps the theme song for Spike Lee’s TV series of ‘Young Black Mark Zuckerberg’ will be Jay Z’s ‘The Story of O J’. . . . Make more money and keep more money in the community.

  41. Enrique says:

    If it doesn’t have H. Jon Benjamin, then it’s not Archer.

  42. Jimmy Green says:

    Spike will waste more of someone’s money pretending he has any talent. Racist.

  43. Jiminy Critic says:

    “He’s Gotta Have It”

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