‘Sleepy Hollow’ Canceled at Fox After Four Seasons

sleepy hollow nicole beharie abbie dead

Hold onto your heads, “Sleepy Hollow” viewers: Fox has cancelled the series, after four seasons, Variety has learned.

Though the show was a buzzy fan-favorite series, the cancellation comes as little surprise, as the supernatural drama wrapped its lowest-rated season yet this March. Season 4 was ordered with a shorter run of 13 episodes, after every other season had spanned 18 episodes.

The fantasy-cop drama saw its ratings plummet in season four, averaging a 0.5 rating in the 18-49 demo and 1.9 million total viewers — down 40% in the demo and and 37% in viewers from season three.


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The show had also undergone significant changes over the years both in front of and behind the camera. Following the second season, showrunner Mark Goffman exited the show and was replaced by Clifton Campbell. After the third season, star Nicole Beharie exited the series, posing a new creative direction for the show’s fourth season, though critics had praised the on-screen chemistry of Beharie and co-star Tom Mison, throughout the first three seasons.

Based on “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” the Fox series was created by Alex Kurtzman, Roberti Orci, Phillip Iscove and Len Wiseman.

“Sleepy Hollow” is the latest series at Fox to be cancelled, following “Rosewood” and “Pitch.”

Canceled TV Shows in 2017 — What’s Not Returning
Canceled TV Shows in 2017 — What’s Not Returning

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  1. John Smith says:

    Big Dogs dont know what they dont know…

  2. Spocksgirl says:

    Never been so happy that a show was cancelled. Treated Beharie awfully and I haven’t watched since she left. I heard an interview with Tom Mison who said he always thought Ichabod was the sidekick and that once Nicole left he expected the show to end. He said he was surprised when they renewed for Season 4. Mison is a terrific actor…he will be fine.

  3. Denise Howard says:

    U people at Fox r always cancelling without giving a chance. I know for a fact that last season was on at a time when some other favorite shows were on. Please don’t cancel my grandchildren and I love this show. Give it a good time slot & another chance

  4. Jeanne says:

    Bummer. Loved Sleeoy and the actors and actresses. Seems like all the ones I like are cancelled and the stupid ones stay.

  5. DW says:

    What about the rest of the sleepy hollow viewers? We are going to be held in suspense because you or the network isn’t going to get enough viewers, come on its an amazing show I have watched from the beginning! You can’t do this to the loyal viewers!!!

  6. Skyler says:

    Nicole was the reason for the season

  7. carlzday says:

    the show went to shit after season 3 and completely tanked on season 4 — I stopped watching on ep 5. They should have never got rid of Nicole Beharie

  8. I wish fox didn’t cancel Sleepy Hollow I thought it was the best show out it makes me not want to finish watching season 4 now. fox you messed it up for me that was the only thing i watched on fox other then that i dont watch that channel sorry fox.

  9. Melissa Anderson says:

    Come on why!! I loved Sleepy Hollow and I was happy with season 4 because it gave the show a whole new direction they could have gone so much farther. Come on fox your always doing this…

  10. Bob says:

    anusrape, first off it was Katrina NOT Katherine you dope, and second that “N” female cop she has a name Abbie (Nicole Beharie). We don’t appreciate your choice of word friend and we don’t want any racists here so go take your racist ass somewhere else!

  11. Mike says:

    When the show did away with Crane’s wife, there were those who thought there was a clear path for an Abbie/Ichabod hookup of epic proportions. Management thought otherwise, and could carry the show on the strength of half the franchise–Ichabod.

    Nothing was wrong with the reboot, the way the Abbie character was treated however, made it a shallow second inning.

    Netflix picked up Longmire and a couple others, I say Netflicks should be shopped.

  12. Jaime says:

    I am very disappointed that this show was cancelled. Watched it like clock work. Loved it and it NEEDS to come back.

  13. Catherine Amos says:

    Please bring back Sleepy Hollow. We need to have such an amazing show to balance the undesirable
    writing out there. I will do anything… act in it for free, clean the stage, do research for free… just bring back the amazing writing and excellent show. Please.

  14. Sherrilynne Comly-Norton says:

    This is a shame canceling Sleepy Hollow… In it on quirky way it did teach about history, it use fact with fiction. Personally I thought the show was great, and it is sad that they would cancel the show. Seems every time a show comes up using history with fiction, they cancel it when it has so many fans…

  15. Lori Erikson says:

    This show may be having difficulty but it is a great show that maybe needs to be tweaked a little which they should do there is not many good shows on tv to begin with so please save this one.

  16. Richard D. Anderson says:

    Fox has to put it on FX …. A Sure bet for a 5th season !!!!! I’m banking on a streaming service to provide future seasons, or perhaps BBC America. In either case, i feel that the issues which lost viewers boiled down to Fox executives forcing the creators a watered down vision. The same thing happened to Supergirl. When it was on CBS, it was almost garbage, but with a superior cast. When it switched over to the CW, it not only improved, it’s been giving The Flash a fierce run for it’s money (figuratively speaking). I can see the same for sleepy hollow. We’re left with a very interesting problem that could handled in the most awesom sort of way, so long as the creators get to rock it, and executives just stay out of it.

  17. Joanie G. says:

    I am really bummed that Sleepy Hollow was cancelled after its fourth season. It was a very entertaining show and scared the daylights out of me on a weekly basis with its blend of magic, monsters, and special effects. Most of all, I will miss Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and his team, who always make good triumph over evil, using history as a main ingredient. Is it possible that Sleepy Hollow will be picked up by the same network that saved Supergirl? We can always hope!

  18. Bob says:

    Once Nicole Beharie left the show was doomed, Beharie leaving had a lot to do with Fox and head Executives involved that caused problems between themselves and Nicole Beharie, behind the scenes they made life miserable for Nicole Beharie, so she just left, they did not appreciate her and treated her badly, so for what its worth it was the Network and Producers that really screwed this show up to a point of no return.

  19. Danny says:

    Another great show cancelled!?!? 😡🔥 What is wrong with you idiots?? Stop changing the dates & maybe the rating won’t change. Ever get that idea?? BRING IT BACK! Can you get the ratings from Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon? There’s 4 or 5 shows that have cancelled. Why?? 🤷‍♂️ Look at WWE! They learned to change the date away from Friday night. What will you cancel next?

  20. Kelly Buck says:

    I am a “sleepy head as well. Yes I think moving a show to Friday night is death for almost any show. Most People don’t want to be home watching tv on a Friday night. Yes I prefer to watch my favorite shows on Hulu, or Netflix at my leisure and commercial free. So if the networks don’t include ratings from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and any other subscription network then then they don’t know what their real ratings are. That makes them fools. Also, in this politically polarized time in the USA, I can’t help but think fox is the wrong station for sleepy hollow to be on anyway. As everyone knows, fox is a Republican favoring station. So for a show in it’s last episode that, showed the very reason I think fox cancelled it, they held on strong as long as they could. The “witnesses” (writers) didnt give up. They were sensored, and had their freedom of speech revoked by tyrants. They were sandbagged by the real life versions of dreyfuss minions. The last show was very telling. Like in the show, E Pluribus Unum (out of many,one) is the battlecry of those that love freedom and democracy, and seek to save it from tyranny. A house divided cannot stand. We have to stand together and fight tyranny in all its forms. Including The removal of shows that tell the truth in a very theatrical way. The last show had a woman president that looked like a cross between Barack Obama, and Hilary Clinton. She had to be saved from the 4 horseman of the apocalypse by the team of true patriots. The 4 horseman were sent by a white, tyrannical, billionaire, dictator who bullied and bought his way into the whitehouse without the popular vote of the people. Sound familiar yet? Fox is the last station I would put sleepy hollow on. It belongs on the cw. So does Gotham. Sleepy Hollow teaches history in an entertaining way, sparks curiosity, encourages freedom, and tells the truth, about the current situation in our country. Right down to the problems with our immigration and naturalization process. How stupid is it that a man who helped found this country couldn’t get his citizenship after many tries at following the rules to get it, until the president swore him in herself. That tells exactly how screwed up our system is in real life. For many fans who pay attention to the reality and truth behind the theatrics of fantasy, the deep realization of why the show was really cancelled is painfully clear to us all. So I guess Ichabod and all of us sleepyheads lose this battle to dreyfuss (trump) and his minions. But we and the “witnesses” will never give up. We will not lose the war. We can’t. Like in the show, freedom and democracy itself is actually in peril of being lost to a dreyfuss-like tyrant better known as Donald Trump who silences anyone who tells the truth. Like how He’s trying to take jobs off the air too. Where the BBC world news on PBS tells the truth about what’s happening without censorship by the US gov’t. If pbs goes, we’ll lose a lot more then sesame street, and the create channel. We’ll lose the World channel, which is very important. I don’t like John wilkes booth or what he did to Lincoln, but his words are now very true, and I wish someone would do what he did right now, and save us all from a real tyrant. Sic Semper Tyrannis. (Thus always to tyrants) it means…This is what you (the tyrant) get when you try to rule over people like a dictator. This is what anyone gets when they try to rule over people. You’re a tyrant, Trump, and tyrants get overthrown. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s the way it’ll always be. Give us Liberty or give us death!

    • Jill says:

      You listed all the reasons this show broke my heart and I had to stop watching. It didn’t take a stand! Someone from the birth of the country plopped down in s nation rapidly moving away from the Constitution? Should have been brilliant. Instead it was bad special effects, Tom Mison dragging along a new, not very able cast-all on the heels of two seasons enacting a racist decision to avoid what was a shoe-in romance between Abbie and Crane. I am sorry for the people who’ve lost their jobs. But that show committed suicide two seasons back.

  21. Elle says:

    This show stopped being good when they made Nicole Baharie a supporting character in season 2. They tried to make Icobod’s wife the female lead and it failed. Nicole and Tom Milson had great chemistry and they didn’t utilize like they should have. She saw they were side stepping her and she left. I stopped watching after season 2. I’m glad they finally put that show out of its misery. I am sorry people lost their jobs.

  22. Robert Smith says:

    Your ratings aren’t dropping because nobody is watching. They’re dropping because people have busy lives and they know they can watch it on Hulu the next day. Y’all need to check Hulu’s ratings on sleepy hollow and grimm. Both shows are awesome and NEED to be brought back. Plus STOP AIRING THEM ON FRIDAY NIGHT.

  23. Dean says:

    This is terrible it was great show and I loved season 4 what is wrong with this people they cancel everything what is good. This so sad news for me and this is the worst year ever for me as they cancel me already grimm and the vampire diaries and I thought this year can’t get any worst..I was wrong it got worst..

  24. Ada says:

    One show I really liked. It seems that all the good shows get cancelled. I don’t see why the networks do this. Hey maybe we all should write to CW and they will pick it up they did Supergirl…. Just a thought….. .

  25. Diane M. says:

    Not again why is the show keep being discontinue. But it keeps coming back.
    I like watching it from the beginning and keep posting comments.
    Please bring it back again the cast is very good.

  26. Mike m says:

    Ended this show like they ended another good show Jericho. Leave people hanging. But could of been worse could’ve been cancelled in the middle of the season.

  27. Charlene says:

    Oh Great!!! Another one of my favorite shows cancelled. Loved the cast and how the show integrated history with the the fiction. Apparently only “reality shows” are in and not anything with substance.
    Sleepy Hollow, you will be missed!

  28. Dang another of my shows gone. I missed all of the last season because I was at the hospital but I’m watching now on Hulu.

  29. JMinog says:

    I am so unhappy about this cancellation. This was one of the best shows on TV…clever, witty, fun.
    Not to see Tom Mison’s twinkling eyes every week? Devastating. The new cast and new story lines were terrific. I am sorry it didn’t work out for you….the higher ups at Fox obviously don’t know what they are doing. I still love all of you cast, crew, writers….you were all wonderful and thank you for four great years. I will miss you.

  30. KarlG says:

    That’s what happens when FOX executive(s) attempted to shift our attention away from Ichabbie. Nicole should have been treated like royalty, maybe if you didn’t stick it to her in season 2 FOX would have scored great ratings, even if the show was moved to Fridays. You shoot, you lose!

  31. I liked the show, but when Season 4 started it didn’t seem to be doing much and I figured it was on its way out. I watched all of the shows and am satisfied, although they could have tried to wrap it up, as it were.

  32. Melody says:

    One more show that I liked cancelled too soon. There isn’t much on TV anymore that isn’t reality TV or something stupid. I like a story line. I like something that teaches me something as well (yes, they turned history into a supernatural thing but they told the true story too). I hope that maybe the CW or something will see this as something to pick up. Look how long Supernatural has been around. There could be a cross over. I actually thought the show was better without Beharie. She had gotten so dull and blah towards the end. This was one of the few things on TV today I could watch with my children. Boo Fox. No more Bones and now Sleepy Hollow … the only thing left on your channel is Gotham and Lucifer.

    • Roo Evans says:

      S4 fans blaming Nicole, not the decline in quality from season to season. How predictable. You thought that the show could survive with Tom and were proven wrong.

  33. Mary Powers says:

    For loyal Sleepy Hollow fans the demise of the show after 4 seasons is heartbreaking. Sleepy Hollow started with a Big Bang when it premiered with over 10M viewers. It stayed that way until mid Sn 2 when they started messing with perfection. New show runner, new times and new air dates all worked to keep the Sleepyheads watching. LAt the end of Sn 3, they did the unthinkable by killing off Nichole Beharie, the co-lead. Beharie’s departure, whether she wanted to go or was written out, left some feeling betrayed. But the majority of fans pushed for more seasons. The only two regulars to return were the ab-fab Tom Mison (Ichabod) and the wonderful Lyndie Greenwood. Season 4 was going to be different, but as this Sleepyhead felt, there were brand new stories to tell. Yes I missed Beharie, but as any actor and viewer knows, the show has to stay fresh and move forward. This has been done repeatedly in all different genres. So for Sleepyheads the future meant new folks and new storylines. In Season 4 we were introduced to the wonderful actors Janina Gavankar, Oona Yaffe, Jeremy Davies, Rachel Melvin, Jerry MacKinnon and Kamar de los Reyes, Seychelle Gabriel and Edwin Hodges with the wonderful John Noble making a guest return to the show. This new cast of characters turned the show back but yet forward. New or returning fans, who’d departed in Sn 2 when the “shipping” between Ichabod and Abbie started, heard the good news of the reboot, the season (13 episodes) was nearly over.
    Fox has only themselves to blame for the early demise of such a creative and unique show. The chaos of Season 2, moving times and air days, along with shipping instead of sticking with the original premise, took a boom and turned it to a bust. They gave too little too late. Season 4 was a blast! But it simply couldn’t pull the numbers Fox wanted–despite the fact it did very well internationally. The final nail in the coffin was and has been ongoing to the end is a total lack of promotion of the show after it premiered. When you have a season that begins in fall one year, then comes in winter the next and back and forth, only true blue fans will seek it out. There are too many shows on a variety of networks and now streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and a plethora of others. Fox needed to put it in one spot period. But relying on fans to do the promotion is unrealistic. Fox has to also, like other Networks, quit relying on an antiquated Nielsen ratings system. If you watch and you’re between 18-49 then all is well. When you turn 50, you’re viewership is not needed. I guess they’ve not heard that 50 is the new 30!

    Sleepy Hollow proved something though. It proved that American viewers are searching for original and fantastical shows. Escapist TV if you like. It also introduced Twistory-the delicate balance of real history with a twist of fantasy. Sleepy Hollow also introduced us to fine actors like Tom Mison and his controlled glorious bow; Nichole Beharie, Lyndie Greenwood and Zachary Appelman, Peter Mensah, Katia Winters, Orlando Jones, and a variety of faces we’ve come to love. Too many to name. So Sleepyheads are sad, but satisfied enough by the wonderful finale. But we all know shows like this don’t come around much anymore, and for that we grieve. Bravo Brava Bravi Mr. Mison and all those who lived and breathed Sleepy Hollow!

    • Roo Evans says:

      Stop telling this lie! Shipping didn’t kill this show, terrible writing, bad fan engagement, and sidelining the female lead did. Ratings declined in S2 when Abbie was relegated to a supporting character on the show. Fans fled and never returned. I’m a former UK fan and can attest that it stopped being a hit over here in the first couple of seasons.

      It’s well documented why she called it quits and I don’t blame her. (Jeez! Her named is spelled ‘N-I-C-O-L-E’.) Few people would stay in a toxic situation or job where they are not valued/their talents are unappreciated.

      Lol at ‘majority of fans’. Are they the same folks who abandoned ship halfway through S4 and contributed to the 0.46 series finale rating? No? I didn’t think so.

      Getting rid of Abbie was not a bold move; it was stupid and earned the show cancellation.

  34. Betty Ramsey says:

    For pity’s sake, Fox! Give Sleepy Hollow an extra two-hour wrap-up-all-the-loose-ends finale! No one wants a show to go off the air on a cliff-hanger!

  35. Linda Nagy says:

    WHY would you cancel such a popular show? Granted, the new writers are not as good as the first three seasons, but they’ll get better. This is one show I truly look forward to. PLEASE reconsider.
    PS: Cancelled is correctly spelled with two l’s. Just sayin’

  36. tip says:

    LOL! Why not post a picture with the new leading lady?….LOL!

  37. Shawn says:

    This is ridiculous the reason that everyone stopped watching it was because they killed abby off

  38. Sabrina says:

    We love this show and hate to hear that it has been cancelled! It will be missed in our home.

  39. A says:

    Good ridance. Maybe next time you will respect what the fans want.

  40. Ricardo Wesley says:

    I really really enjoyed watching “Sleepy Hollow”. I loved the characters and the story line. Unfortunately, shows like this(SyFy) do last long.

  41. Mr Barnard says:

    Is it that people like watching the arrogant Drama of a Kardashian bitching about what color to where?!?!? *Sleepy Hollow* took you away from every day life and allowed it’s viewers to just sit back and see what was going to happen next! I see the *powers that be* at FOX have lost Their Heads!!!!

  42. Debi says:

    What the hell is wrong with you””fox ch.”” Canceling good TV show””Sleepy Hollow”????? That is great show!!!!!! Im very mad at you fox ch.😠😠😠😠😠😠

  43. While most shows take a season or two to reach their peak (For example, the various Star Treks after Classic and Animated didn’t “gel” until their third years), SH started strong and lost steam each year after that.
    Changing the premise each year with “ignore what we told you previously” didn’t help.

  44. preta4 says:

    Sorry to say this but Thank God it’s finally over (so sorry for the cast and crew though). These shows keep cutting their own throats, by getting rid of “vital” characters and thinking they can just move on as if that person never really mattered (Person of Interest and a few other shoes, hint).
    As for the so called reboot, NOT a bit impressed and rather corny and nonsensical to say the least. How can he continue to fight evil when Ichabod has sold his soul to the devil (serving to masters theme, no such lie)?? So, yet another good intentioned show bites the dust, but at least I can purchase the dvd’s and Abbie and Ichabod WILL live on that way for me. So very sad folks.

  45. Bluebolt1967 says:

    I liked the show the first three seasons – it was a fun, monster-of-the week show and maybe in ten years or so, I’d even re-watch those episodes. But, only watched the first couple of episodes this season. Not havinig the lead actress hurt the dynamic and I noticed last season, that the show was becoming a larger “team” series, instead of focusing more on the lead two characters. Oh well, it was fun for the first three years.

  46. Anne Johnson says:

    Loved this show, especially Tom Mison. The Icabod Crane role was made for him.

  47. loco73 says:

    Can’t say I am surprised. After an entertaining first season the show started to drift in every which way, it seemed as if the producers, writers and showrunners were caught off guard with the success “Sleepy Hollow” initially enjoyed and didn’t know where to go from there or what the endpoint should be. The show was on thin ice starting with the second season, but it was still carried and sustained by the chemistry between Tom Mison and Nichole Beharie. After Beharie exited the show (also, having soo many showrunners didn’t help matters), it was as if the remaining wind went out of its sails. The fourth season was just subpar, because of an uninteresting plot and storyline but mostly due to the new cast, especially Crane’s “team”, a bunch of bland, awfully boring, straight out of the United Colours Of Benetton central casting mofos. It was slow-going and at times painful to sit through the fourth season and watch each episode flail around and die…

  48. Molly says:

    Too bad they didn’t wrap it up in Season three well without the reboot. It did get weaker as it went on, despite everyone’s best efforts.

  49. 44 Forever says:

    Former fan. It was promising, but lost its footing S2 and continued to tank every year thereafter. Fox should have canned it last year, but I guess they thought another reboot was what the audience was dying for. They received fewer eyeballs than the previous season for their trouble. Good riddance.

  50. It’s too bad. I thought this season’s reboot was the most entertaining and enjoyable since the first.

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