Sinead O’Connor on ‘Dr. Phil’: ‘I’m Very Excited to Be Getting Some Proper Help’

In Dr. Phil’s upcoming exclusive interview with Sinead O’Connor, the Irish songstress will open up about her struggles with mental illness and how it has affected her relationship with her family.

“The fact that there’s such stigma about mental illness means that the illness doesn’t get talked about,” O’Connor said. “It’s not easy for families of mentally ill people,” she continued. “We can be difficult.”

Earlier this month, O’Connor posted a video of herself talking about her battle with mental illness, suicidal thoughts, and feeling abandoned by her family while staying in a New Jersey motel room.


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“I have been thinking about it for a year, actually,” she said in regards to the video. “I thought about it for a year before I did it.” She added that she didn’t want to make out that she was only a victim. “I give as good as I get,” she said.

The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer also explained her reasoning for appearing on the show. “I thought it would be better, maybe, my family might — if they saw how I’m feeling, they would relate to it.”

O’Connor will also address the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her mother. “Every day of our lives, she ran a torture chamber,” she said. “She was a person who would delight and smile in torturing you.”

The full interview will air during the season premiere of “Dr. Phil’s” 16th season on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

O’Connor rose to fame in 1990 when her single “Nothing Compares 2 U” became a worldwide number one hit. Since then, she has faced controversy for some of her actions, like tearing up a picture of Pope John Paul II during a performance for “Saturday Night Live” in 1992 to protest the child sex abuse scandals of the Catholic Church.

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    1. Fergus Elliott says:

      I’m a 64 yr old Irish man who also grew up in a very violent home…yet no sexual abuse. Anyone who knows me sees a very fit active super high energy guy. But they don’t see me when I am at home alone ….been single 22 yrs now. As I get older I feel more alone unimportant to others and simply unimportant. The damage of my violent Irish childhood I think at times is making me a crazy person. I too was stripped naked before being whipped violently. I was woken up at 10 yrs old because my father had “thought about it” and realized he didn’t beat me enough earlier in the day. So he beat me again and sent me back to bed. Etc..etc…A childhood of torture by a sadistic parent…and mine was too… similar to Sineads…seems to take a backseat in one’s twenties …then in the thirties you think about it..then in the 40’s I became a competitive martial artist…and very good at it…until one day a better competitor began to kick me in the head repeatedly…for some reason I dropped my arms and let him continue to hurt me. It was like I regressed to that child that had no choice . And must let himself be beaten. And now for that last 20 yrs it appears I continue to have friendships (ha) with others who don’t value or respect me. Yet im a very generous kind person. But yet I attract friends who treat me like shit…still. Ive been raging on everyone for the last year for how they undervalue me for all my kindness. I’m in a terrible lonely place at this stage of my life. I think of suicide every week since I was 16. But then when I saw one of my most beloved performers…Sinead…say everything I have felt for a lifetime…I strangely felt less alone. Her voice has always touched my heart in a magical spiritual way. Her extremely emotional plea on YouTube ….a plea for love and connection…is what …as a man…I just cant allow myself to express. But Sinead said it for me. No one can imagine the damage a sadistic parent can do to a human…unless you have survived it. My father is dead and I stI’ll hate him. I know I’m a loving person..and kind…but yet there’s a demon within that just won’t leave…..I have done ayahuaska many times to rid myself of my “bad spirit”. But yet I still have a mean side to me that tells me how damaged I am. It’s sad for me to know this. Because I not only love life a lot…I am also an animal rights activist. I guess my bad childhood has me today…as a person who feels the pain and suffering of the needy and vulnerable. So I guess I’m not ALL bad…because I truly do still have a lot of love in my heart. But sadly I have lost my ability to be close and intimate with another. I feel too damaged to bring another into my world. I’m so moody now. So frustrated. I think my past is haunting me. Like Sinead said…when you are told every day you are nothing, useless and stupid. Your older years are torture. Because that voice…those statements will never go away. In my world they apparently are getting stronger. And I don’t know how to turn down the volume. But at least now. I realize another understands my pain & suffering (well hidden). Sinead O’Connor.

    2. Annetta johnson says:

      I have never known much about Sinead O’Conner. I’m so glad to have decided to watch Dr. Phil. Sinead has my deepest sympathy for the physical and emotional pain and abuse that she has endured during her life.
      I wish she had known my parents. She would have been loved and appreciated and told how wonderful she is. They loved everyone as much as they loved my four sisters and I. They loved and were loved by everyone. My dad died Nov. 6, 2006. I miss him, he was a loving, helpful man to anyone who needed help. I miss my mom so much, she died Feb. 14, just ten days before her 97th birthday. I miss her love, kisses, hugs, and her encouragement. I especially miss her hugs. My daughter-in-law called her the huggy grandma! She had to have hugs from everyone whether you were coming or going.
      I wish that I could advance that love, those hugs, the words of love and encouragement to Sinead.
      I’m in therapy for depression and BPD. Feeling that I am ignored by friends and that I don’t do things right. However I have a good support group, my three kids & their spouses and my two granddaughters and my three remaining sisters (my oldest sister died of lung cancer in 2002).
      Thank you to Dr. Phil for providing help to so many people.
      I also want everyone to thank all the people who have turned out to be neighborhood families, helping others during Harvey & Irma. Thanks to God that there is more love than hate in this world we call home

    3. Sharon says:

      I watched Dr. Phil’s interview today, you are such a wonderful and strong woman, for what you have been through. Continue educating the world about mental illness. God bless you Sinead! <3

    4. Karen says:

      What a heart breaking story. That song is iconic and means a lot of different meanings to each person. May God bless you and lift you back up. I will be your family anytime, every day. Sincerely Karen

    5. carmen kemle says:

      I have never felt so close to a person in my life then Sinead.My hugs , love and tears go out to you. I came from a messed up German family that messed up my whole life, but I somehow stayed strong and walked away. Today I still love my sick family but my parents have passed away a few years back but I m glad they are not on this earth to hurt anyone else. Thank you. For your honesty. Love you lots.stay strong.

    6. Sheril. London says:

      Oh my God I broke down watching Sinead O’Connor on dr. Phil. I too suffer from mental illness and try my best to hide it away from people especially my family because they are the main ones they call me crazy or make other people think I have a problem. I try my best to keep it to myself but it’s just about every other night I think about suicide. Watching Sinead O’Connor really broke me down because this is someone who I idolized for years and wished that I could have had just a chance to meet her hug her because she gave me strength many times when I would listen to her music. So to see that someone I autolyzed I wish I could have a chance to just meet her and give her a hug and let her know that there are people out here that love her so much and that she doesn’t have to be alone. I hope if she ever see this message she would know that I am a person that really looked up to her. I pray that you get better Sinead O’Connor

    7. Kristy palko says:

      Sinead is my Life,,, I actually prayed for cancer so I could meet her in my younger days I prayed for Make-A-Wish but of course I never qualified so I thought that everything was over I would never get to meet her I’m 41 now and I still love her more than the world I would do anything to meet her I just want to hug her and tell her that it’s okay I’ve Loved this woman for as long as I can remember and I feel for her and her abuse makes me sick and sad and

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