Shia LaBeouf Calls Police Officer ‘Dumb F—’ in Arrest Footage

Shia LaBeouf

New footage of Shia LaBeouf’s recent arrest depicts a belligerent, profane tirade. The actor was taken into custody over the weekend for disorderly conduct, obstruction, and public intoxication.

Body-cam footage, obtained by TMZ, shows LaBeouf calling one police officer a “f—ing b—” and “dumb f—.” In one video LaBeouf tells a black officer, “You’ve got a president who doesn’t give a s— about you. And you’re stuck in a police force that doesn’t give a f— and you. So you want to arrest what, white people who give a f—?”

LaBeouf continues to yell and make a commotion, “I’m a f—ing American, I pay my taxes, get these s—s off my f—ing arm.”

The “Transformers” star’s profane argument stated that he tried to ask a police office for a cigarette, and was arrested, which lines up with initial police reports. However, the official reports also stated, “he became disorderly, using profanities and vulgar language in front of the women and children present.”

“They’ve got cameras everywhere, you dummy,” LaBeouf says to an officer in the video. “I’ve got more millionaire lawyers than you know what to do with, you stupid b—.”

LaBeouf has a history with law enforcement. Previous incidents include theft at ages nine and eleven, attempting to stab a neighbor, refusing to a leave Walgreens, and misconduct during a “Cabaret” performance.

Watch some of the body-cam footage below:

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  1. Rachel says:

    Though I can’t agree with the use of profanity towards the police officers, there was definitely an abuse of power on the police end. First of all, as a citizen, you have a constitutional right to be told of the charges pressed against you when being arrested. Shia had full rights to inquire about it – the fact that the police officer ignores his question and responded by what seemed to be an attempt at mocking him by butchering his name, seems outrageous to me. Moreover, why couldn’t they simply loosen the handcuffs – it’s not like he was physically assaulting any officers. I don’t think Shia needs a millionaire lawyer to get out of this one – there are a variety of errors committed by the police officers in his detainment that could convince a judge to let him go. As others have mentioned in the comments, I’m curious to see what happened in the video segments that were cut out – I think there’s a lot of the story we as consumers are missing here. Did the police officers do something to provoke Shia after he asked for a cigarette? With the manner in which they seem to be enjoying his arrest and seemingly getting a kick out of it (as demonstrated by them smiling amongst themselves), it all seems to be almost for the entertainment of the officers. Also, it seems that there was about 3-4 cops involved in his detainment (and more later on). Was that also necessary for someone who seemed to solely resort to verbal instead of physical altercations – seems like they came over to watch for fun. It’ll be interesting to see what Shia does with this, though he’s already apologized for his behaviour.

  2. Rone says:

    Cash money grab from the police.
    It’s pretty scary to me that these officers are smiling and laughing while also provoking Shia, hoping they get a good scandal video out there and leak it. Just because you have a badge and a gun, you feel like you are entitled to do anything and that rules don’t apply to you?
    Shia is even telling them that the cuffs are too tight and it’s hurting him, they didn’t give a damn, instead the stupid woman just keeps asking him how to pronounce his last name, why is that even important? This is just straight up bullying, reminds me of those jocks at high school over using their “authority” on people and then sabotaging the truth.

    I would like to know how all this started, but they didn’t film that, did they? Also right when he starts screaming they cut the video, pretty suspicious… If i were him, i would sue these assholes. TMZ sells nothing but crap, what is sad is that how mass people so quickly buy into that crap, never questioning anything. Theres always a reason to everything. Shia is not a criminal, there are people out there killing, raping, trafficking other people, selling lethal drugs, but most i see is cops more interested in these kind of stupid arrests!

  3. Romero says:

    Wth, i understand him 100%.
    Why the f- would you get arrested for just asking for a cigarette? The law enforcement are being too picky about him, because he is against the president. They had no reason to put him in cuffs and take him to jail? What was the reason?

    I would also be angry for such, they are just trying to put him in a bad light. Look at the officer smiling, like he is enjoying the situation being filmed. Who’s even filming this? Is that allowed? I guess people feel also entitled to bully, curse off, treat badly someone just because they’re a celebrity.

  4. P. Sailsman says:

    I enjoyed his performances in Transformers but insulting people especially person of a darker skin colour is a no no in my book…. but thats typical of some stars…. they make millions entertaining and don’t know how to behave when spending it.Let him sleep it off and see if he’s sober in the morning.
    I for one will and many other will never watch another one of his movies knowing he’s racist….

  5. Rick Holloway says:

    Ain’t no robot trucks gonna save you now, eh mate?

  6. Jacob Masters says:

    dirt bag

  7. Tommy Allen Taylor says:

    I wonder if the over inflated ego Hasben will get IMDB credits for this latest film?

    • Tanya says:

      Haha, this is actually a good question.

      IMDB lists every motion picture – no matter how it was produced – as long as it was released.

      The only reason I see, why it shouldn’t be included on IMDB is, that it has no artistic purpose.

      The video was used to produce proof, like all surveillance.

  8. Angie says:

    It doesn’t make him a bad person, just a stupid drunk.

  9. Jim says:

    And this all happened because he asked a cop for a cigarette ?
    And because he looked drunk ?
    Or did he insult the cop somehow because he didn’t get a cigarette ?
    It all seems kind of absurd.

    Next time Shia should just buy his own cigarettes, huh?

    And the cops don’t need to be so harsh.

    • “looked drunk”……umm…..yeah…..I think anyone not there and based on his history can assume he was being a pathetic drunk. The cops there probably smelled the booze stank on him and he was no doubt drunk in public which is an offense in some places so he got nabbed.

  10. Ben says:

    This is how self hating white people look like and behave. Can’t help but laugh at it.

  11. RM in L.A. says:

    the “million dollar lawyers” line will hurt him the most because it shows he’s elitist. it will take him a long time to recover from that and he doesn’t have the talents of Reese Witherspoon or Mel Gibson.

    • Mike_22003 says:

      Right now there are thousands of actors who are better looking, and way more talented and they are parking cars, being waiter, to support themselves in hopes of get any break, and this douche got so many breaks, and he is throwing them away. Addiction is not an excuse for bad behavior. His managers, and agents and studios should give him an ultimatum, but they won’t because he is their cash cow.

      • RM in L.A. says:

        i don’t think he’s a cash cow at this stage; he hasn’t made a major studio film in some time. he’s a cash cow for tabloids, TMZ etc. but that will run out too.

  12. WScott says:

    He’s there filming a movie—how could they have not known this would happen? I hope their contract had a morals clause.

  13. fmc says:

    He will not misguide us.

  14. Tony says:

    He has a major problem with alcohol. I am certain that he does not remember a thing he said.. He has a disease people

    • ParasiteX says:

      Shia has a major problem with Sanity. The guy is just as unhinged when sober. Just search for Shia Screams on Youtube.

    • Sue says:

      Tony I agree 100%….he won’t remember. Such a shame a young men wasting his talent. Im 65…seen a lot of people do this, including my own son. Though legal alcohol is still a drug. It slowly embalms your brain and body organs while you’re still alive. I am not anti drinking …..but when it controls you not you controlling it, this is the result.

  15. David says:

    Yeah, I’m sure his celebrity status has nothing to do with the way they handled him. It’s all racety-race-race-race-race. Race race race race race race. I almost envy you for having such a simplistic and predictable worldview. Dumb people always seem happier.

    • Sue says:

      It has been well documented this man has had some mental health issues… so what is the reason for bringing up race? He is obviously under the influence of something. looks pretty wasted. So again I do not understand the race comment.

  16. Edge says:

    William you lost your compass sir.

  17. Weary says:

    Refusing to leave Walgreens?? That’s down and out.

  18. Larry says:

    Look, people, Shia ain’t a criminal. He only ASKED FOR A CIGARETTE. I’m not sure if he deserved this treatment by the cops… Yes, he insults them, but why don’t we see how the whole thing started ?
    I want to see the beginning of the conflict. I want to see why he was arrested. This footage doesn’t show if it was justified. Maybe he had reason to be angry.

    • Wing Ding says:

      uh, yes he is.

      • In says:

        He may have a reason to be angry, but does he have a reason to be racist? He singled out a black officer and made insulting racist remarks to him.

    • shut your yap, you want , you want , you want.

    • David says:

      Maybe… but why would you automatically side with a person who has continuously shown himself to be a drunk, belligerent, arrogant, violent jerk who causes problems in public? Do you just think it’s a coincidence that poor little Shia has found himself in this situation YET AGAIN?

      • Larry says:

        I have been treated badly by the cops a few times. It happens. There are some as*holes, who think they can do anything to you. Even if Shia has a history as a troublemaker, it doesn’t mean he’s guilty. Maybe the cop started to insult him ? That’s the reason, why I want to see the footage of the beginning of the conflict. What we see her is much later. It’s no proof for anything. I find it actually quite scary, that this was released by the cops.

    • RB says:

      They probably said no, because who the fuck bums cigarettes off cops without hoping to start something.

      This poor kid just wasn’t made for fame. Shoulda got it out of his system when he was a little kid then found REAL work when he was a teen and beyond.

      It’s obvious he hates himself and wishes he wasn’t stuck in such a neurotic, unreliable, dead-end career with no skills to do anything else.


      • Brian says:

        Hey Eli, who said he was arrested for asking for a cigarette? You jumped to a conclusion that is not accurate just to slam the country. However, from Shia’s history to the dialogue on this video, yeah I am guessing he did something, like maybe drunk and disorderly, creating a public nuisance. Or maybe they just did a public service and arrested him for being an a-hole.

      • Eli says:

        Question should be in what universe is it ok to arrest someone who asked you a cigarette? Are we going downhill so fast that people are normalizing a simple gesture as a threat to security, really?

  19. William says:

    I do not have millions to hire lawyers, and I am certainly opposed to intoxicated misbehavior.
    That said, I, living on a pension, sober, feel that if I am ever bullied, belittled, threatened, intimidated, or unnecessarily physically restrained (I am a 79 year old retired university English professor, and I feel
    strongly, VERY strongly, about ignorant, muscle bound police who feel that they can do anything to anybody simply because they have a badge and gun. I am old. My bones are brittle. But if police the size of professional full backs want to throw me on the floor, plant their knee in my back, and handcuff me so brutally that I end up with black and blue bruises, then I feel absolutely justified in exercised in exercising my constitutional right of self defense, which in the case of my elderly body would be reduced to words: words excoriating the no neck bullies with guns and muscles who delight in demonstrating
    their power over the average, law-abiding, tax paying citizen. No words would be inappropriate in ex-
    pressing my helplessness and my outrage. If the knee in my back did not prevent me from breathing or if the choke hold on my thin neck, did not suffocate me, I would proceed to proffer free of charge a lesson in invective, blasphemy, disparagement of family, relatives, and ancestors all the way back to cain.
    All you big, healthy, well fed no neck off spring bred in a ditch with dogs and who now wear blue and carry guns, remember that the pen is mightier than the sword. I realize, of course, that that phrase
    goes completely over your empty, uncivilized heads.

  20. William Scanlon says:

    Lock Shia up and give him some tobacco for his potty mouth.

    • Weylan Jones says:

      >I do not have millions to hire lawyers

      Neither do I.

      >I am certainly opposed to intoxicated misbehavior.

      I am opposed to NOT being intoxicated, but any “misbehavior” on my part is staying on the couch and watching too much Netflix.

      >I am a 79 year old retired university English professor

      With 100% sincerity, thank you for your time and your effort. Education is a thankless profession. That being said:

      >All you big, healthy, well fed no neck off spring bred in a ditch with dogs and who now wear blue and carry guns, remember that the pen is mightier than the sword.

      I can’t tell if you decided to have a drink after all… Do you not see the glaring mistakes in this sentence? I would have been berated for a sentence like this when I was 13.

      >I realize, of course, that that phrase goes completely over your empty, uncivilized heads.

      You really got angry at the end there, didn’t you? The phrase is in fact not over my head, which is neither empty nor uncivilized. Going by the law of averages, I have probably lived in more countries and speak more languages than you. But let’s focus on English.

  21. Larry says:

    This footage is edited: There is one visible edit at 2:02, after Shia screams…next thing you see is, how other cops take him away. What is missing?

    Is it legal to leak footage like this ? I don’t know, but you can easily track who recorded it, because of the POV. Maybe Shia should sue the guy?

    I would understand such a leak, if Shia said, that he was arrested without any reason and sued the police department, but that didn’t happen.

    This is simply a money grab by the police – cops who earn some extra money from TMZ.
    It’s not right to allow this kind of thing, because once this video footage is released it never goes away.

    Maybe the cops committed a bigger crime than Shia?

  22. Michael says:


  23. Zedikia says:

    Shia, lil bro, don’t be to be disrespectful but damn I mean DAMN get some help, you’re outa control.

  24. Larry says:

    Is this legal ? How is it possible that the police can leak this to the press ? Even if Shia was drunk and insulted people, the police shouldn’t be allowed to use the footage to ridicule him later in public. This is abuse by the police, isn’t it?

  25. Michael says:

    This guy needs a lot of help. He is racist as he identifies the black cop based on his skin colour and in a disgusting manner. He’s a rebel without a cause with anger management issues. Hey Shia…here’s a cause for you: clean yourself up, get some professional help and stop your self righteous preaching to the rest of the world. No one respects a guy who doesn’t take responsibility for himself or his actions…you just make yourself look like the ultimate hypocrite. Get your own act in order then maybe people will take you seriously. Until then, buzz off…

  26. Typical Hollywood Star who had everything and now on a road to hell.
    Maybe spend some time with Robert Downey Jr,
    Maybe Charlie Sheen.
    But either get help or get lost.
    Nobody cares what you think and most are not returning your phone calls.

  27. Joe says:

    Shia is one hard dude…if he asks you next time, please, give him a cigarette ;-)

  28. Magnolia says:

    Where did he get that ‘accent’ from?!
    Seriosuly go check yourself in rehab Shia. You need it.

  29. Gruelgle31175 says:

    Another dehydrated hipster doofus having a meltdown. He asked to bum a smoke off a cop at 4am? Welcome to earth.

  30. bob wire says:

    He’s one of those in the preamble section that the Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book that mentions “there are such unfortunates”…meaning no amount of help will help them with the type of problem with alcohol they have. he needs to be committed in an Institution where he doesn’t leave until proven he’s not dangerous anymore. He has a concealed carry permit in Los Angeles? Please, take this away at once. Now it appears his “He will NOT divide us” rants and rally’s about Trump were all done when he was drunk. Commit him for his own good…he’s been to rehab multiple times. He is “an unfortunate”. And he’s a racist and bigot….proven with his own words. 4 chan didnt do this, he did….he’s unstable.

  31. Cerbian says:

    Shia who’s making more money than you while you come here and pretend not to know who he is.

  32. Cerbian says:

    That’s it? That’s your big joke?

  33. Phil says:

    What an arrogant, self entitled, reckless jack hole

  34. Tosh says:

    Shia’s downfall should be a warning for anyone who thinks they could challenge 4chan and /pol/ and come out unscathed. When he first put up the HWNDU camera, they made a mockery of it. When he moved it, they followed. When he hid it in a remote place, they triangulated flight patterns and star constellations to pinpoint exactly where he hid it and defaced it. When he put it in a secure location on top of a museum, they Ocean’s 11’d break-in with some rooftop parkour and vandalized it again. And when he tucked tail and shut himself into a remote forest cabin, they found him based on the wood grain patterns of his walls. It’s an almost surreal Enemy of the State situation and one can’t really blame him for losing it…

    • Gruelgle31175 says:

      Quid litus aras. Blame the gutter of the internet all you want but, for my vote, his gopro, half baked ideas on change and trading on the quickly dwindling equity of his good name have bitten off a little more they he can emotionally chew.

    • Jacob says:

      Yeah, 4chan and /pol/ are a collection of real geniuses for taking him down. He’s clearly Einstein and Machiavelli rolled in to one child actor.

  35. Joe Naz says:

    Refusing to leave a Walgreens….He’s hard

  36. Wow, he embarrassed himself!

  37. Derek Long says:

    Obvious mental health issues.

  38. Mister Stew says:

    Who thinks the cuffs were too tight?

  39. J.Leland says:

    Using profane language is not a crime.

    • RM in L.A. says:

      public intoxication is the crime albeit a minor one. in many places cops can enforce it at their discretion and i’m pretty sure he forfeited that luxury by mouthing off. i’d say the damage here isn’t so much criminal as career-destroying. maybe he’ll clean up his act and one day he’ll thank these officers for saving him from a much nastier fate.

  40. Jackson Bauer says:

    Even Bumblebee is staying away from this nut !!! : )))

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