‘Sense8’ to Receive 2-Hour Finale Special on Netflix

Sense8 Christmas Special Season 2
Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix announced on Thursday that “Sense8” will get a two-hour finale special expected to air in 2018.

In a video posted on social media, the characters from the series reunite and sing along to the song “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes. Midway through the video, the following words appear onscreen: “It’s happening. Two-hour finale episode. Tell your cluster.”

In addition, series co-creator Lana Wachowski posted a statement online that reads in part, “The passionate letters, the petitions, the collective voice that rose up like the fist of Sun to fight for this show was beyond what anyone was expecting.”

“It is my great pleasure as well as Netflix’s (believe me, they love the show as much as we do but the numbers have always been challenging) to announce that there will be another two-hour special released next year,” she continued. “After that…if this experience has taught me anything, you NEVER know.” You can read the full statement below.

The streaming service canceled the series after two seasons at the beginning of June, making it one of the few Netflix originals to get cancelled. Other recent cancellations include “The Get Down,” “Marco Polo,” “Bloodline,” and “Girlboss.”

“Sense8” starred Tuppence Middleton, Brian J. Smith, Doona Bae, Aml Ameen, Max Riemelt, Tina Desai, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Jamie Clayton as eight strangers who become mentally and emotionally linked. Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, and J. Michael Straczynski created the show for Netflix and executive produced with Grant Hill.


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  1. lisa neisler says:

    I also came up on this by accident started watching could not stop I watched for over binge watch 4/2 days and when the end came I searched on the internet the find out when the next series would start and came across this article I couldn’t believe it I found the show I love to watch and now you tell me it’s the end I literally again to cry this cannot be the end

  2. Lisa P. says:

    I happened upon this by accident and what a wonderful one it was. I am a happily straight women and at first was a little prudish about what I was watching but it was so beautifully written and the acting was fantastic that I watched the entire 2 seasons in one week ( I work 65 hours a week, so this is an accomplishment for me). When I found out there would be no season 3 I was very saddend. I am happy Netflix cares about the fans. The show touched my soul, it made me feel something for each of the characters.

  3. s e says:

    Only 2 more program hours of Sense8 is not enough. This is a phenomenal show in that it makes the viewer not only care about the characters, but to see real world issues brought to light in an almost visceral way. And, filming across the globe is a big part of what makes this series so special. How can we ensure that we get to see the entire 5 year arc that the Wachowski’s had planned? How many more viewers does Netflix need to make this a show viable investment? Is there an opportunity to do a combination of studio financing and crowdfunding? I am betting a lot of fans would be willing to pitch in to see this story through.

    • DW says:

      That’s actually the best question of them all. Netflix keeps their viewership numbers like a deadly secret, so we really have no idea how many accounts tuned in regularly for S1 and S2 vs how many more need to show up to make an impact for the finale. It would be useful in this case to see how the finale numbers influence a potential season 3, but most likely that is information Netflix will never reveal…pretty much keeping us in the dark about the future of the show period. (if it does well they can still say it didn’t do well enough and how would we even know?) We just gotta watch, make everyone we know also watch, and cross our fingers before breaking out the petitions again.

  4. Ultimately, the fans of Sense8 saved Netflix from itself.

  5. Sense8tional says:

    We accept this “finale” but you know we’ll be back after its run. Reed has been on about having too high of a “hit ratio” so give him what he wants, a serious roll of the dice on finishing the original series up, so he can feel like the Silicon Valley gambler he wants everyone to think he is.

    This show is too important right now for it to not run its course. The creative team only had 5 seasons in mind, counting the 2 specials, they might be able to get it done in 4 now. Netflix, make it happen! 2 more seasons and you’ll gain the most passionate fan base I have ever seen. And, as you well know, we don’t F around.

  6. dkmich says:

    Not a finale, a new debut. Sense8 is the best show out there.

  7. Alyssa says:

    I am SO thrilled. I have to say, Netflix needs a thanks. A huge corporation that LISTENED to its subscribers. We all thought it couldn’t happen. And they are giving us what we want. I can’t wait!!!!

  8. Klaus says:

    I am not sure if this is important or not, but I am a regular white guy happily married to a woman. Now that this is out of the way here is or are my comments about Sense8… fascinating, challenging, joyful, exemplary in its message for tolerance and acceptance. I was deeply saddened when I heard it was canceled. Now I have something to look forward to. Count me in as a member of the global cluster.

    • Misti says:

      I agree with Klaus, I am a happily married straight woman who LOVES this show. I know it’s popular in the LGBT community but I think you’ll be surprised by how popular it is among the straight community as well. I was very saddened when I heard it was cancelled and now am very happy to hear we’ll get finale. I am hoping however, that this will only be a beginning to another season. I can wish can’t I?

  9. SENSE8 RENEWED says:

    Thank you Lana & Lilly Wachowski for all your beautiful art (Matrix, Cloud Atlas, Sense8), you inspired me and changed my life. I tried to give something back by fighting hard for Sense8. I am so happy for all of us 🙂
    I love you guys! Let’s stay a global cluster for ever! “Together, there is nothing we can’t do”!!!!!!!

  10. Sxean Lee-David says:

    Caitlyn Jenner should be on the finale.

  11. Denese Rodden says:

    Watching that video made me smile. I connected with ALL of these characters and felt all that they felt. I sincerely will miss this series. Sense8 was the best! In mourning now.

  12. tdspringer says:

    When I see that other shows have been renewed that don’t come CLOSE to the quality of Sense8 it makes me so sad….but I understand the logistics and cost of this show had to be really out there. THANK YOU Netflix for listening to us and giving us a resolution. It’s not the perfect outcome but it’s SO much better than what we had.

  13. JJ says:

    So glad it’s getting an ending (a proper one). I needed for there too be a resolution. Cancelling shows that ended on a cliffhanger is a disservice to the people that watched it.

  14. Chris Ellis says:

    Can’t tell you how happy this makes me….I loved every character but was really interested in Wolfgang, Kala and sun…oh and loved Lito so funny. Thank for listening Netflix…u have my custom for the next 12 months!!

  15. Vincent says:

    A couple of months ago I wanted to start watching season 2, but when I heard, it was cancelled it seemed pointless, especially when I heard that season 2 ends on a cliffhanger.
    So you can imagine how glad I am that the story will get a proper send off.
    It’s a show, like most things the Wachowski’s have done, ahead of its time, but like The Matrix it will get the recognition it deserves as I hope their masterpiece Cloud Atlas will.
    I will start with season 2 this evening.
    Thank you Netflix for caring.

  16. Kim Ellison says:

    I am delighted that it has been decided that there will be a 2 hour special to tie up things. I was extremely unhappy that the show was cancelled, enough that I actually considered dropping my Netflix subscription! It was one of the best on Netflix. Like others, I don’t watch much TV, and I’m fairly particular about what I do watch and have fairly eclectic taste. This show engaged my imagination, kept my interest (which is saying quite a bit,) and made me think about how the mind COULD work. Way to go, Netflix, for making this decision. I’m STILL hoping for a continuation, not an ending, but I’ll take what I can get. Congratulations, Lana, Lily, J. Michael, and the rest of the staff and crew, for this MAJOR milestone! I WILL be watching in 2018, guaranteed!

  17. Jane says:

    Too gay! Also the orgy scenes were a huge turn off!! Gross! Not surprised it got cancelled. Could have been awesome if they would have just stuck with the storyline and the action.

    • Sxean Lee-David says:

      I agree with you Jane, I always been a fan of the Wachowskis works however, Sense8 would’ve been better if they didn’t make it a such an orgyfest.

    • JJ says:

      Jane, it wasn’t cancelled for the reasons you just mentioned. It was cancelled because it was costing Netflix $9 million per episode to make because of the constant location changes. So, get your facts straight.

      • tdspringer says:

        Uh, Jane, no one was holding a gun to your head making you watch. I felt there was too much gratuitous sex in that the story line and characters carried the show without it. The only story line that needed it was Lito’s. But, to just be so totally negative….well, I am guessing you DO know how to change the channel, turn the TV off or, if those are beyond your ability, pull the plug. And JJ is hardly a troll. If ANYONE is a troll it’s you. I don’t think that word means what you think it does….look it up.

      • Jane says:

        Never said that was the reason, just said I wasn’t surprised. Get YOUR facts straight, troll.

    • Thomas says:

      It wasn’t “too gay” or “gross”. It was a brilliant blend of multicultural, religious and sexual diversity which was representative of the world today. Grow up and get with the program! Shame you didn’t stick with the story-line and action – but that’s your loss. Hundreds of thousands of open-minded, modern people stuck with it and enjoyed it thoroughly – enough so that they’ve banded together world-wide and had Netflix create a show wrap-up/finale. Glad you’re not in my cluster.

      • L. says:

        Uhm, what happened to the show’s message of inclusion and acceptance? Jane is entitled to her opinion, no matter what that may be, as long as she doesn’t force it on others. I don’t particularly like sex depicted in TV shows either, but Sense8’s scenes are beautiful and a lot less prevalent than in shows like Game of Thrones.

        As for the number of viewers, even Lana admits it right in her letter, “the numbers have always been challenging”. Yes, the cost of production was huge, though not as large as The Throne, and the number of viewers didn’t support it. Personally, I blame Netflix for that. They have buried the show on their site without even listing it amongst their other originals, nor did they notify fans who watched the first season that the second was available. Advertising was also limited at best; who here didn’t know that the new season of OITNB was available? Did you see the same advertising for Sense8? I’m guessing the answer to that would be a resounding no. The sheer number of new viewers who came to the table after after hearing about the show through the renewal campaign however has actually been astounding.

      • Jane says:

        If not wanting to watch orgy’s makes me “plain”, I’m fine with that label. lolol

      • Jane says:

        I’m not “insisting” anything by saying I’m not surprised. Nice try though, troll.

      • Jane says:

        td, no one invited you to respond to my opinion, so you too are a troll. Once again, that is why I stopped watching the show and am not surprised it was cancelled. You guys just want to get on here and try to fight with people. I get it, you don’t have a life. Cool, maybe someday you’ll get one.

      • tdspringer says:

        Jane….YOU continue to insist the show was canceled due to low viewership. If you could READ you would know this is totally untrue. In fact, it is a VERY popular show. It’s just too darned expensive to produce. Get YOUR facts straight and stop trolling.

      • Anna says:

        I agree with you Thomas. Jane is a little plain.

      • Jane says:

        Glad your not in mine either!! lolol I’m entitled to an opinion and that is mine. Too bad you don’t like it, that’s your problem. I would say most people agree with me seeing as how the show was cancelled! I find it hilarious that people like you spout “not being open-minded” because people don’t like something. I think you’re not being open minded for other people’s differing views.

  18. This news makes me so happy! I was honestly devastated when I heard about the cancellation. I LOVE Sense8! I don’t like much TV but this show was exceptional. Thank you Netflix for giving the fans some wrap up because those were some major cliffhangers they left us with.

  19. Darlene says:

    I’m so happy to hear this! I was so bummed when I heard it was cancelled. Now at least we can have some closure…and maybe….who knows!

  20. Laura says:

    Thank you! I am lost for words. Truly an impossible dream come true

  21. John says:

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. One of the best TV shows on air, I’d love another full season but a 2 hour special is at least a start

  22. Jimmy says:

    Thanks Netflix for the renewed show at least for two hours maybe more. This is the best show on your service. I like Stranger Things too, but Sense8 is ground breaking.

  23. Agreed. It’s the best show on Netflix in my opinion. The first 2 or 3 episodes are a little confusing and I think some people turned it off and didn’t continue.

  24. Willy Andujar says:

    Yes.. this is awesome I do believe if more people could just see the genius in this show and how amazing the talent is, the rating would rocket. I will def be watching the two hour special and maybe possible to have my favorite show back. Let’s spread the word everyone and bring back our cluster.

    • tdspringer says:

      Ratings weren’t the issue. It was the cost to produce the show that was the problem. When you are filming in a minimum of 8 locations around the world and THEN have to get all 8 characters in multiple locations together, it gets a tad pricy. At least with GoT the characters stayed in one place most of the time. Not every character in multiple locations for every episode!

  25. Paul Donaghue says:

    Bravo Netflix! Loved the show, can’t deny the ratings were not there, but ultra classy to close the story with a two hour show rather than just stop it mid-plot and move on to the next series. Thanks from all the fans!!

  26. This all I wanted. I understand the challenge of producing an expensive show, but this show was amazing and it deserves a proper ending!!

  27. Francis_7 says:

    All stories deserve an ending. I am so glad you are giving this show one! Thank you Netflix!

  28. Griffen Herrera says:


  29. Dellie Q. says:


  30. Duffray says:

    Now, this is how things should be done. Thanks, Netflx! You rock again.

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