Sean Hannity Says He Will ‘Cease’ Discussing Seth Rich Case

Sean Hannity
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After several days of promoting a debunked theory surrounding the death of Democratic National Committee staffer, Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity said he would cease discussing the matter out of respect for the man’s family.

During Tuesday night’s broadcast of his regular primetime show, Hannity told viewers he had been in contact with the brother of former DNC Staffer Seth Rich and had expressed his condolences. Hannity had on a few recent occasions begun to take up a discredited story that has been promoted in other right-leaning publications suggesting that Rich, who was murdered in Washington D.C. in July had been targeted in retaliation for the leak of internal DNC documents to Wikileaks. There has been no credible evidence to date supporting the allegations, and Hannity’s broadcasts prompted outcry from Rich’s family.

“Out of respect for the family’s wishes, for now, I am not discussing the matter at this time,” Hannity said. Fox News earlier on Monday retracted a story about the debunked theory online – believed to be one of the first times the 21st Century Fox-owned outlet has withdrawn an article over its more than 20-year history.

The episode is the latest controversy to swirl around Fox News Channel in recent months. The network has seen the departure of three of its top staffers since last summer: former chief executive Roger Ailes; anchor Bill O’Reilly; and former co-president Bill Shine. Now the network is working under a new combination of senior staffers and a recalibrated primetime lineup. Fox News continues to draw more viewers overall month to date as of May 21. according to Nielsen, but it did cede ground last week to MSNBC and in the viewer demographic most desired by advertisers – viewers between 25 and 54.

Right-wing outlets including Breitbart and The Drudge Report have suggested with items and links, but little credible evidence, that Rich could have been killed for the leak of DNC emails during last year’s presidential campaign, an act that has largely been attributed to Russian interference.

Fox News lent the story new momentum last week when it posted an item about the story after Rod Wheeler, a Fox News contributor who is also a private investigator Rich’s family has hired, was shown on Fox affiliate WTTG suggesting he had evidence linking Rich to Wikileaks. Subsequently, Wheeler told CNN he had no evidence.

Hannity vowed to viewers that he would continue to investigate the circumstances of Rich’s death. “I promise you I am not going to stop trying to find the truth,” he said. Earlier in the day on his regular radio broadcast, Hannity said he would not retract his statements on the story, even though Fox News Channel had. “All of you in the liberal media: I am not or I retracted nothing,” Hannity said on his Tuesday radio show.

After teasing viewers earlier in the day that he would also discuss his “future at Fox,” Hannity reassured fans that he would be staying. It’s the second time in recent weeks he has hinted that he might drop a bombshell about his employment at the network, only to reiterate his desire to stick around for the foreseeable future. Hannity is believed to be working under a contract that expires sometime around 2020. He is one of Fox News’s most-watched and best-known personalities.



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  1. Ferdinand says:

    It’s debunked because Variety and a bunch of other soulless corporate cogpieces say it is. Nothing’s debunked, this is just another all out attack on someone who isn’t toeing the line.

  2. Regardless of if you think there is a conspiracy or if you THINK there is evidence, what is there RIGHT NOW, on the afternoon of 5/24 that is CREDIBLE? Not supposition, not conjecture and NOT theoretical? HARD, FACTUAL EVIDENCE? If you have none, if the forces that be are STILL trying to piece together their “case”, why the hell would any of you PURPOSELY drag this man’s name AND his family through this? Get the indisputable evidence and present it

  3. Emi Boll says:

    It’s completely understandable that the parents do not want their son remembered as a murder victim, although being a victim of a completely senseless random act is not really comforting either. The only other people really in protest of this are the democrats. But for those interested in how some people could possibly consider this a murder, you need to look at the other suspicious deaths among the Clintons – just google it. And while there may not be sufficient evidence that this young man’s death was a crime, there is no evidence that it was not.

  4. Alan Evesham says:

    “No credible evidence” does not equal debunked. The investigation is ongoing.

  5. Sam says:

    Why are the police not disclosing all the info they have. Publish the local surveillance video. A third party can examine the computer. Why weren’t there other similar crimes in that neighborhood.

  6. DfWest says:

    We’d all be better off if Hannity ceases talking completely.

  7. TrueAmericanPatriot says:

    Evidence, Shmevidence! Who cares if his family pleaded with the morally bankrupt rightwingers to not manufacture lies about their loved one’s death to try to change the narrative from Trump’s admitted obstruction of justice? I’m sure Rich would have been honored to be used like a pinata! It’s all a game to wingnuts anyway!

  8. Duffman says:

    Sean Hannity is a piece of ****

  9. bonk says:

    How many more political seats are you going to lose while screaming “This is the end of you republican Trump supporters” hahahahah

  10. bonk says:

    There is plenty of evidence, nothing was “debunked” but its all good, because when it does come out (and it will soon) we will win yet again

  11. Maa says:

    Sounds like the same “credible” information the liberal media has on the fake news Russian connection, nothing

    • Duffman says:

      You’re an absolute idiot. Literally every intelligence agency has explicitly stated that the Russians interfered with the election and the FBI has is INVESTIGATING Trump. Trump’s people have been fired/resigned/denied clearances for this. Grow up.

      • Emi Boll says:

        the FBI is investigating collusion, which so far is not a crime – they are NOT investigating Trump – stop watching CNN

    • Brian says:

      Ummmm no, the FBI has tapped phone calls taking place between Russian officials and members of the administration. So no, not nothing, but good try. Enjoy the warmth of having your head in the sand.

    • TrueAmericanPatriot says:

      Mocking murdered Americans for political games is how the morally bankrupt Christians roll.

      Having kicked Ambassador Steven’s dead body for fun for 5 years they needed a new dead American to play political football with… just like Vince Foster….. just like Ron Brown….. yet the 4500 US troops who died in vain because GW Bush lied about WMD’s = No Scandal!

  12. 1Ronald says:

    Yep. We’ve got it. We’ve all got it. All of it. At least five (5) times. “No credible evidence” “little credible evidence” “debunked theory” “discredited story” “no evidence.” As former US President Jerry Ford used to say “I hear the music but I’m not dancing to it.” That’s Rich.

  13. Elly says:

    We know there’s way more evidence to suggest Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks than not. We also know that Seth Rich was murdered. We just don’t know why. The official “robbery” story is the debunked one.

  14. Frank says:

    Omg the dnc paid off the parents and made them agree to no longer discuss anything. They parents afraid of losing millions. 
    Disgusting. The police refuse to give all the evidence and his laptop. People are too afraid to talk look at comey he knew lynch would just keep everything down and never convict because lynch thought they were going to win the election, at least comey got the info out for everyone to know about. 
    dnc Scammers.

    • Mark says:

      Reality calling–would like to give your brain back.

      • Frank says:

        Call the cops.
        The cops have his computer and refuse to give out any info.
        People are afraid. It’s like the new mob hit, make it look accidental. Hahahaha.

      • djs1138 says:

        I totally agree it makes absolutely no sense that a DNC analyst staffer with access to the data could have possibly had anything to do with leaking it to Wikileaks… yeah yeah Assange alludes to it… but really does anyone really think it’s possible operatives in the DNC would really kill someone at 4 am without even taking anything to really make it look like a robbery? Doubtful…right?

  15. freddysmalitz says:

    Typical lefty comment.

    • Rick James says:

      You’re about to have your brain fried by truth. You are a special kind of stupid, one who supports evil implicitly, without investigation into credible claims yourself .Your a sad pathetic window into the brainwashed American soul.

  16. freddysmalitz says:

    You call the Rich case debunked but bandwagon a russian smear that has 0 evidence. Hypocrites.

    • Chris says:

      There’s evidence of Russia being involved in the election you just have to come out if your Fox News lie bubble.

      • Emi Boll says:

        The Russians had nothing to do with the actual election of Trump, they hacked the DNC and exposed the corruption of Hilary’s illegal emails – I doubt that exposure encouraged people, who were planning to vote for Hilary, to change their minds and vote for Trump – seriously

      • Jim Sonnet says:

        Nonsense. “The big bad Russian thing” is a simple smoke screen – it’s getting old.
        The truth is quite simple and easy to follow. Someone working within the DNC (who actually cared about progressive politics) saw something corrupt inside and decided to leak the information via Wikileaks. I would have done the same. The whole Russian rouse would have fallen apart had Seth lived along with anything else he discovered. To the people who paid for his murder – running America is big business (like a Mafia only 1,000 x bigger) and one murder isn’t too much of a price to hang on to it.

      • George Lewis says:

        Nations & their intelligence agencies (including USA/CIA) have long worked covertly (& at times overtly) to influence other nation’s elections. We should be thankful that they exposed so much of the dirty deeds of Hillary, her campaign & cohorts, the DNC, CNN etc. Further, there is zero evidence that President Trump paid the Russians directly or in trade to hack any of those parties. There is no evidence of any criminal action or collusion by President Trump. Yes he wants meaningless investigations to conclude so that everyone can focus on the real work of government.

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