Sean Hannity Defends Fox News Co-President Bill Shine, Warns of ‘End of FNC as We Know It’

Sean Hannity AP Images
AP Photo/Rick Scuteri, File

Sean Hannity took to Twitter Thursday to defend embattled Fox News co-president Bill Shine following a report that suggested Shine’s future with the network could be on unsteady ground.

“Gäbe i pray this is NOT true because if it is, that’s the total end of the FNC as we know it. Done. Best Sean,” Hannity tweeted, with a link to Gabe Sherman’s New York magazine story citing unnamed sources who claimed that Shine has become worried about what he perceives as lack of public support for him from 21st Century Fox leaders Rupert, Lachlan and James Murdoch. Hannity then apologized for inserting a diaeresis into Sherman’s name, writing, “Ha. Gabe sorry about the 2 dots. I couldn’t do that again if I tried. Best Sean.”

Hannity and Shine have a long history at the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news outlet. Hannity recommended that Fox News hire Shine early in the network’s history, and Shine was an early producer on “Hannity & Colmes,” one of the first primetime programs on the network’s schedule.

Hannity also claimed that Shine was was the victim of an internal fox News plot to undermine his leadership, tweeting, “Somebody HIGH UP AND INSIDE FNC is trying to get an innocent person fired. And Gabe I KNOW WHO it is. Best Sean.” He followed up by tweeting #istandwithbill. When other Twitter users expressed confusion as to whether Hannity was supporting Shine or recently departed Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, Hannity tweeted again, “I’ll change it. #Istandwithshine.”

A Fox News spokesperson declined to comment on Hannity’s Twitter activity.

Shine was one of several executives mentioned in a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday by 11 former and current Fox News employees and contributors claiming racial discrimination within the company. The lawsuit came on the heels of last week’s ouster of longtime host Bill O’Reilly in the face of mounting sexual harassment charges. In July, former Fox News chief Roger Ailes was fired over his own sexual-harassment scandal. Shine and fellow co-president Jack Abernethy were appointed by Murdoch to take over as network co-presidents after Ailes’ departure.

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  1. Paul says:

    too bad about O’Rielly, I love Fox except for bob & juan ! I truly believe there is way to many pansies/snow flakes complaining at Fox

  2. Nona says:

    Morning Joe is a feller any way, They are a bunch of actors acting like reporters!

  3. Dan Crocker says:

    History tends to repeat itself. We are repeating what happened in pre war Nazi Germany. Those who espouse free speech actively crush it via any means necessary (intimidation, name calling, threats of violence, character assassination, etc) when it doesn’t agree with their agendas. We aren’t to the point (yet) where the voices of reason are being executed – but we may get there yet. God help us.

  4. See Me - Feel Me says:

    FOX would do better if they didn’t peddle in anger and hate. Nothing wrong with having a right view as long as it’s not poisoned by the hate mongers like Hannity and the late Bill O’Reilly. Facts matter and we would do well by sticking to that premise. I hope that the end result will be a network that is actually watchable by anyone. As it is now, aside from a couple of people, it’s the Republican talking points Network, all day every day. What’s more important than the end of FOX is the end of reasoned dialogue and debate. What we have now is battle lines and we’re all dead if that doesn’t end soon.

  5. D Parker says:

    I hope this is just a bad rumor. If Fox goes down the left will have gained total control of the news channels – and that will be another big nail in the end of free speech in the US – which is already under brutal assault from the left – who are now using violence and threats of violence to silence all opposing voices.

  6. Bill B. says:

    ‘End of FNC as We Know It.’ What’s the problem with that?!

  7. John Medina says:

    Ha ha . . . Rupert’s idiot sons are going to destroy a successful franchise.

  8. Tammie Mann says:

    This just shows the strength of the Left. They are everywhere and will do anything to undermine conscious and conservative minded reporting. They are very strong and deeply rooted in the fabric of our country. It has been happening for many years.

  9. Joe says:

    Sean your next to be out lol

  10. RXS says:

    It’s hilarious that this pathetic fake news channel can’t get it’s shit together when the political party that dictates their policies is in power. And it’s not just a dip, it’s a spectacular FREEFALL from which any attempts to regroup will pale in comparison.

    Best bet now: scrap the channel, fire most of the behind-the-scenes staff, and put the anchors on a live tour of senior citizen homes, trailer parks and citizen militia rallies, so they can feed their base at a real grassroots level.

    • M40 says:

      Freefall? Scrap the channel?? Wow… you’re as out of touch as the rest of the Dems. Good luck with that. You’re the only one spouting “fake news” here.

      NEW YORK – JANUARY 31, 2017 — FOX News Channel (FNC) marks an unprecedented ratings milestone in cable news by notching 15 consecutive years as the most-watched news channel, according to Nielsen Media Research. The network continues to dominate the genre with a record ratings streak since overtaking then category leader CNN in January 2002.

      Additionally, for the month of January, FNC topped basic cable as the highest-rated network in total day viewers, ranking ahead of ESPN.

  11. Willie Short says:

    Even on fox and friends they are starting to take a more devilish view. So sad they don’t need the money I guess

  12. flynny says:

    Jut do what I did. Stop watching all their programming. Fnc and Fnb. OANN is much better.

    • Bob Woodward says:

      And I a sure FOX cares about what you are doing or your pretend self imposed…hahaahahahahha

  13. flynny says:

    Jut do what I did. Stop watching all their programming. Fnc and Fnb. Its all bs anyway. OANN is much better.

  14. ragu4u says:

    They can change some things at FNC if they want…but they better leave those, leggy, buxom lady anchors and contributors alone! They can even make a bad news day look good!

  15. TK Stoke says:

    FNC started changing 5 or 6 years ago. I can hardly watch it anymore.

  16. Mike Wro says:

    That’s what the democrat party and its anti US liberal socialist supporters dream about

  17. orionsaint says:

    Sean Hannity knows if Bill Shine leaves his career on Fox News is essentially over. Sean is where he is because of Bill Shine. Bill Shine is the head of the Fox News snake. He’s the heart of what makes Fox News misogynistic, bigoted and ignorant. Removing him would truly be the final nail in the coffin for Fox News.

  18. Veto says:

    First sexist and now racist.

    I guess it is a crime to be conservative in this country.

    But Liberals are poor losers.

    Id rather be a criminal!

    • RXS says:

      Judging by the majority of the comments on EVERY Fox-related story Variety runs, it’s obvious the conservatives are the poorest losers of all, as well as the most easily agitated by contrary opinions and the most reactionary on levels reminiscent of the mob mentality mocked on a silly TV cartoon show like The Simpsons.

      It’s like taking candy from a baby . . .

  19. The young Murdochs will destroy FOX News especially when Rupert passes on.They are big time pals of Soros.

  20. Ann Gehin says:

    One. America. News. Pure news. I learn more about what’s going on in the US and the world in an hour than I can all day watching FOX. FOX just regurgitates the same old stories, hour after hour…

  21. Fox will soon be history. I stopped watching a while ago as they are heading left. They learned nothing from the last election. Trump was not my first choice but if the Clinton’s were Republicans they would be in prison and EVERY SNOWFLAKE would be screaming for it. I love watching the Democrat Liberals destroy their Party. Watch them loose many more seats in the upcoming elections is truly a blessing.

  22. Barry bin Inhalin says:

    FNC is doomed to become an also-ran news network like CNN and MSNBC. The Murdoch boys are libs and have too much money. Like Captain Courageous did with a great idea at CNN, the reefs are within sight for FNC.

  23. Fox News will end up just becoming another Political Left news network in the end. Lachlan and James Murdoch will end up destroying their own legacy. IF I had the money to do a start up,I would already be starting my own Conservative news network to replace Fox News.

  24. John Dendy says:

    I wonder how much the left is paying these women to make this crap up?

  25. tdrag says:

    Hey! James and Lachlan, keep moving to the Left and you will be holding an empty bag. Remember, you need us viewers more than we need you!

  26. Sylvia says:

    There is a huge effort to undermine FOX NEWS by the facist left…check out George Soros’ minions who are protesting in US as well as in other countries…he strives for One World Government…look what just happened at Berkeley!!!!

  27. This country is so incredibly divided it seems impossible to heal. How does America move forward when the left and right are diametrically opposed?

    • Racklefratz says:

      Amerca will not “move forward” unless/until the conservatives grow a pair and decide to refute and permanently remove all vestiges of liberrhoid influence in our society. The founding principles are what made our country the most envied in the world, and they need to be vigorously and jealously preserved and defended, with force if it comes to that, and it’s looking more and more like it might by the day. The lunacy advocated by leftists among us will spell the demise of the American experiment.

      • Bob Woodward says:

        Like trade wars that mean Americans will pay more than $4000 more per new house for lumber…you mean trying to spen billions on a wall his own party wont do…like trying to spark a major conflict with NK that is not winnable…like dictating to women what they can do with thier own health. Like making ir more difficult for homebuyers to buy homes…shall I keep going. By the way how is that ACA repeal going…hhahahahahaha…GOP are complete losers…and by the way Donnie lost the election…but won electoral college…gop days are numbered…hahahahahahha

      • RXS says:

        Buddy, any success the American experiment has EVER had has been because of liberal values far more than conservative values. Somebody has to keep the place from becoming a dictatorship . . . oh, wait . . .

    • Johnny DOH says:

      It is by design. Think about it. Here is an analogy: I win the election, and my friend starts campaigning against me. Then I lose, and start campaigning against him. And if we don’t keep the electorate 50/50 (with fake issues like gay marriage, etc…) we can’t swap back and forth and keep the illusion up that the people have a voice.

    • Red says:

      The left and right have always been opposing points of view. The idea that everyone always got along in politics is false.

      The difference is, we have media, education, unions and government infiltrated with hard core Progressives. Progressives are essentially Marxists…socialists with an eye on total communism for the world. They use the term “socialism” because it sounds good to ignorant people. Educated people know socialism is the denial of individual liberty and prosperity for the people not in the elite class of that particular rule in a socialist country. They pick and choose who get to be rich…and its very few, and not likely you or me.

      Add that to a large 24-7 news media, mostly Leftist, compared to three channels 50 years ago, mostly Leftist and you have a population that is center right, feeling like they are in a losing battle (clearly they are not…see “Trump”), and the minority of Leftists who live in an information bubble, think they are bigger than they are, and the media portrays them as bigger than they are; believing now is the time to take over the country.

      Progressives live to crush all dissent, force detractors to shut up, create chaos so nobody, even the government can ever catch a breath, and overload the system with welfare and other spending until bankruptcy…when the economy completely collapses, they move in to convince a desperate and hungry populace that capitalism was all wrong, “see how it failed?”, and thus the people are desperately wanting a solution, and food…and accept Socialism, which often leads to totalitarian communism. At least that’s their goal and we have resisted them for over 100 years going back to Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson…yes, Democrat and Republican alike.

      You can see where this leads today just by watching Venezuela and learning where they were, and how they got to where they are today.

      • RXS says:

        Git yer guns, Cletus!

      • Racklefratz says:

        Well, you’re correct that opposing views have always existed. But you’d be wrong if you thought nothing’s changed over the decades. People used to accept that all Americans had rights to life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness. NOW, people think they have a right to all the free stuff they want, and it’s OK for someone else to be forced to pay for it.

        The US Constitution does NOT guarantee everyone “happiness”. It only gives them a right to PURSUE it. They have to find it on their own.

    • Ron Hyatt says:

      Time to start shooting.

  28. Doug says:

    Fox started going down the drain over a year ago. First they added Juan Williams, then Julie Roginsky and then that gravel voiced whiner Jessica Tarlov. But when they brought back Bob Beckel I knew it was all over. Now the only thing I watch is Fox Business.

    • Red says:

      The so called “fair and balanced” segments are so old and fake. It was a good idea for a while but they ran it in to the ground. I DVR everything I want to watch now and skip past those segments.

      I do like Williams, and I try to remember he was hired to perform an act…to be a snarky Democrat. I dont think he is actually like that.

  29. FlawidaJack says:

    You could have turned out the lights the day Marie Harf showed up.

    • Red says:

      Tell me about it. Why didn’t they just make Susan Rice an offer she could refuse? Harf was one of Obama’s “Lie sock puppets” for media. I keep looking to see if there are actually lenses in those big glasses frames, or if they are fashion props only.

  30. If Lachlan and James Murdoch believe they can retain Fox’s audience by appeasing the left they are sorely mistaken and in for a shock. They will simply get their share of the liberal masses divided by 6. One America news is ready to gather the gold these fools spill.

  31. p51d007 says:

    I gave up on Fox over four years ago. They hire the likes of Chris Wallace, Jean Williams et Al, not to mention they were huge Romney supporters not to mention the bandwagon of Trump.
    The Murdoch Brothers & liberal, want Fox to be liberal.
    As long as I have sites like OANN, MRC, The Blaze, Levin, I can get news.

  32. dr3yec says:

    I have already been done with Fox after the Megyn Kely disaster.

  33. Jake pliskin says:

    The two punk ass son of Murdock. Spoiled all there lives fits right in with the liberal lifestyle hands let’s get rid of all our conservative host so we can have a liberal station just like CBS and NBC, CNN and pretty much every new station out there except for Fox.

  34. Rabbit says:

    The democrats are behind this type of actions, they use women as weapons of mass destruction. They have used women with claims of sexual harassment to take down every republican who ran for office, they use it often to take down business people and to gain leverage for their own agenda. Racists accusations are used often by the democrats also, more so sense Obama got into office. And they work, everyone runs for cover and never any proof comes to light.

    • Bob WOODWARD says:

      Of course those multi million dollar settlements prove the were innocent. yea ok cowboy. Maybe you GOP serial sexual harrasers should understand not gonna fly anymore…bye sean……hahahaha.

      • Red says:

        You and no one knows the truth. I would not be surprised if FOX was an environment like “Mad Men” stuck in the 60’s, but I find it not only hard to believe some of the women are lying, because they “seemed” like really solid women; there are also some really solid women remaining at FOX…why would they stay?

        It’s hard for me to understand how a person…these women and now Kelly Wright (who seems like a really stand up guy), could work in such an environment for years, then suddenly not be able to stand it.

        “I’ll give you 2 to 8 years of sexual harassment and racism before I come forward with a complaint”!

        Something is clearly fishy here, it could be FOX, it could be Media Matters…it could just be all of them are gold diggers in reality and started smelling big fast money after the Megyn Kelly situation.

  35. H Michael Hawkins says:

    If the FoxNews “as we know it” includes sexual harassment, then the time has come to end it. FoxNews and the men who are employed there need to look into themselves to make sure they are above reproach. If you want a well-respected organization, then you people who on the air and in charge need to be without sin. You have given the Liberals a way to get their noses under your tent, but when all is said and done, it is YOUR behavior that has come to light which is going to cause your destruction.

    • ZurichMike says:

      Yeah, why concentrate on the lies of leftist news anchors, colluding with the Democratic party and Hillary’s campaign, funneling questions to a candidate, and barking out fake news on a nightly basis?

  36. Sparky2 says:

    Fox News is the ONLY network channel that gives news that isn’t all spun to fit a liberal agenda. The only one! Because viewers know where to go to get balanced news, the only choice is Fox and if that factor were ended there would be huge vacuum of fair and balanced news!

    • Rabbit says:

      Has any of these claims ever been proven to be true? On the other hand why does Bill Clinton get a free pass?

  37. Roger Lepus says:

    Murdochs two sons who are running FOX now are ruining FOX now. They are sissy British Liberals. They think they can remake FOX into a successful MSNBC type news outlet. All they are doing is destroying what took 20 years to build.

    • Bob WOODWARD says:

      Thank goodness…..

      • Racklefratz says:

        “Bob”…”Bob”…just switch back over to CNN, PBS, and MSNBC…whatever blows your skirt up, and leave “real” news alone. You liberrhoids are a cancer in the country – worthless and destructive.

  38. Sally says:

    FOX is already “over”. It has been leaning left for a while now and we just turn it off.

  39. Gilchrist says:

    Fox News died the first night they sent Megan Kelly to destroy Trump, and got him elected.

  40. No one is irreplaceable. If the allegations about a Ms. Slater (the focus of much of the class action suit) are true, how did she last so long? The suit alleges they did not fire her because she knew too much about the sexual escapades of Ailes and O’Reilly and any dolt knows they didn’t end with those two. How can Shine or anyone in charge survive that?

    Fox will survive because people are not going to watch the idiots at CNN and MSNBC. But they have to clean up the ‘culture’ that is totally out of control.

  41. Fox started changing when they got rid of Ailes; they have been getting rid of all non-Libs and bringing in more Looney-Libs ever since, gradually turning it into the same Lib Media cesspool that is CNN and all the other unwatched Lib news outlets. I noticed it at the time, have commented on it in these public forums, and even predicted it before it even started. I have nearly quit watching Fox; Conservatism is no longer defended very often there. Look for Sean Hannity to leave sometime in the future. He is nearly the last Conservative still speaking as a Conservative.

    • Bob WOODWARD says:

      He is a racist mysoginist accused of sexual harrasment…Yep a true conservative. Goodbye FOX hahahahahah

      • Bob WOODWARD says:

        OH you mean the FOX NEWS STATEMENT claiming it was not sexual harrasment…LOL. hahahahahahah. She immediatly responded it was indeed sexual harassment.. LOL…either way you lose.

      • Bob WOODWARD says:

        NUN YAD AMBIZ NESS: No there has been no recanting…actually she doubled down on the accusations. Please show the link where you say she recanted..hahaha…have a nice day. I will wait

      • Nun Yad Ambiz Ness says:

        Bob, really?? His “accuser” recanted her statement and then denied she would ever have accused him of “sexual harassment”… So… I think you’re either on drugs, or simply looking to get an angry reply. Either way, you lost on this one. Have a nice day.

  42. Jake says:

    HA HA HA!!! Gotta laugh at all you Repudlickin snowflakes having a meltdown. Let me dry your tears, losers – Fox is a money making enterprise because of all you suckers. Aint nobody gonna stop that when there’s money to be made!

    • Andy Smith says:

      Jake: Wow, I’m blown away with how intelligent you are. First of all, “Repudlickin”? You can’t even get a put-down name right, wow!! Second, snowflakes? Um, dude, that’s cute and everything but the term was coined recently for liberals cry-babies, so I think you’ve got your groups confused. And last but not least, I have to point out that you are, again, confused. “Fox is a money making enterprise….blah blah blah”. You’re about a century late to the party, Jake. You see, we’ve known for years that news companies are money making enterprises just as all business are. What do you think they’re trying to do, give their money away to people randomly and telling the advertisers, “Oh no no no, please don’t give us any money. We don’t want any!!!”. Every now and then I just have to respond to a rocket scientist comment like this one.

      • Bob WOODWARD says:

        Dumb and convoluted reponse…but hey how is that wall coming. Stop you are embarrassing as a mindless troll of FOX. But whatever gets you through. WAFJ,

  43. Granted says:

    We could only be so lucky Chicken Little…

    • The mental disorder know as Liberalism on full display. Nothing better than watching Liberal Democrats destroying what is left of their party. They learned NOTHING from the last election and the margin will widen further with each upcoming election. The FREE ride is over as America has grown tired of your nonsense. Time to get a job and pay your way.

  44. Vincent M.Milano says:

    This all may be true but it was becoming predictable when Fox personnel were attempting to become less conservative and started favoring liberals in their programming. The back and forth with candidate Trump because of Ms. Kelly convinced me of this change; Fox became popular and established a landslide of viewers because they were more conservative. Now the ownership favors political correctness.

  45. Lee says:

    Get rid of FOX and MSNBC. We all would be better off. Both spew hate and division.

    • Jeezz Lee have you ever watched CNN. Those dolts couldn’t right with a script. I watched a show once where every third sentence was a reminder that they had no information to collaborate what they were reporting (they were just Trump bashing). Spicier mentioned that in a briefing. Its necessary to have an opposing view otherwise we’re just sheep

    • Everett Williams says:

      Fox has Shep Smith doing the news, change the channel when I here his voice, If I wanted liberals talking I’d watch CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, & CBS. I watch NONE of these LIARS.

  46. Troy Dynes says:

    Fox News’ product is their on-screen personalities. Fox News is no different than any other entertainment product like CNN, MSNBC, NFL, WWE “pro” wrestling; it’s the players that attract the audience, not the managers.

  47. Mike says:

    Said the guy who twice gleefully predicted Obama’s defeat

  48. Bonnie says:

    News alert…. men have sex drives and are opportunists for it. Many women too. There needs to be a course for women that teaches how to handle sexual advances so they can clear it up instead of thinking…”Gee, let me tape this and destroy his career because he’s not cute.” So to the ladies, from a female that knows how to handle this type of situation, I hope your conscious enjoys the ruining a career all because you didn’t know how to address a workplace situation. I’m not saying it’s right or fun, I’m saying this is life. Solve a problem yourself rather than running to a lawyer and get on with life.

    • RX says:

      Get back on that mattress, Bonnie! Who said you could speak?

    • Josey says:

      Bull shit. Maybe the kind of skanky men you like behave that way but that is the root of Fox’ problem. It was always a soft porn stripper show masquerading as a news outlet. I’m looking forward to it being replaced by a real news outlet.

  49. silverback says:

    In my humble opinion, FOX shot itself with a silver bullet mid year 2016. There are very few programs I can bear to watch. It wasn’t the liberals that took it down, it came from inside. So I may have been wrong, when I said it wasn’t the liberals, I hadn’t thought about James and Lachlan. Kind of amazing, they were able to bring down a giant so quickly.

  50. Abe says:

    Oh FOX has been changed and the old from won’t be back. Loss of its leaders assured that as did Ruppert getting too old to keep his control. Mike Murdoch’s wife worked for the Clinton Global Initiative and is an inveterate liberal. Now that the stronger voices at FOX are gone, it’s anyone’s guess what’ll emerge. Death from within is always hard to watch. I’m thinking many of those jettisoned will form some from of conservative network and go back to work as their covenants not to compete are concluded.

    Funny thing is that no evidence but gossipy hearsay has ever been presented to take down O’Reilly specifically. One might imagine a bit more facts might be required to cost a man his job.

    • Joe says:

      13 million is a lot to pay out for “gossipy” hearsay. Either Bill doesn’t mind parting with his money or there is a shred of truth to those claims.

      • bdnsc says:

        How much was Bill’s money and how much was FOX saying it was cheaper to pay off the gnats than go to court? Insurance companies do this all the time without regard for the truth or for the potential for long term damage to your reputation.

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