Sarah Palin Says Fox News Corporate Culture ‘Has to Change’

Sarah Palin
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Sarah Palin, a former contributor to Fox News, says that the corporate culture at the cabler “obviously has to change.”

Palin, appearing on “The Lead With Jake Tapper,” was responding to a question about the departure of Bill O’Reilly in the wake of allegations of sexual harassment. He has denied the merits of the claims.

In the interview, Tapper asked Palin whether she ever experienced sexual harassment or was a witness to it at the network.

“You can ask them why I am no longer with Fox,” she said. “I’m not going to speak for them. My contract wasn’t renewed. That’s the line.”

Pressed again, Palin said, “It was time to part ways, get out there in a more diverse arena to express views and to speak for the public.”

Palin was a contributor to Fox News, but her contract was not renewed in 2015.

She said that she “wouldn’t put up with anything that would be perceived as intimidating or harassing.”


Bill O'Reilly sexual harassment

Everyone Who Left Fox News in the Last Year

“Women don’t deserve it, they should not ever have to put up with any kind of intimidating workspace,” Palin told Tapper. “At the same time, if a woman believes she is being intimidated and harassed, she needs to stand up and do something about it, not stick around for a paycheck for years and years and years and then after the fact complain about what she went through.”

She later said that “things are changing quickly at Fox.”

Palin said that women “should feel more empowered than that and we should take a stand and get out of the place or you know, blow the whistle on whoever is the perpetrator doing the bad stuff, so that the culture will change.”


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    Why should Fox News change? The views and attitudes of their editorial staff as well as the male employees and management are consistent. Misogynists and the women who enable them make up the Fox News audience. Their viewers vote for Republicans who are against efforts to combat pay inequality, the rights of working mothers, etc.. They do not have women’s interests at heart. That Fox News employs sexual predators and misogynists should come as no surprise. Hollywood has a problem with that. The viewers of Fox News don’t. Remember they voted for Donald Trump. Palin, you’re a hypocrite like your boyfriend the Liar-in-Chief.

  2. Jacques Strappe says:

    You betcha, Sarah, So you think FOX should be more tolerant of their male sexual predator superstars? You certainly know the whorish bimbo role so well which you have been playing your entire life.

  3. Rudy Mario says:

    Yrump lost out on this – bigly.
    He should have made Palin the Treasury Secretary or the Education Secretary. Even Sec of State would have been good.

  4. Cat says:

    So let me get this straight…all of you commenting are critical of what she said about the culture having to change because you support what Bill O’Reilly did or because you just don’t like her so no matter what she said you were going to find fault with it? It has to be one of those two things because what she said was absolutely on the money. It seems to me she stated her support of a work environment free of harassment while also stating woman need to stop collecting paychecks for years before complaining (good idea to me). Which is it people…………just curious because when you disparage her comments it signifies you support the behavior she’s condemning.

  5. Cat says:

    @Ben Press Wow! And you think your vulgar comment demonstrates intelligence?
    Something for you to consider next time you post a comment using such ugly words when referring to a person:

    dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

    Sound like anything you just contributed to? Ever heard the term “the pot calling the kettle black”?

    • Jim P. says:

      I agree with you on Ben Press’ use of the c-word (I can’t even bring myself to type it). However, he does make a point that Palin is being a complete hypocrite when it comes to Donald Trump.

  6. George Lewis says:

    Be transparent Sarah Palin: you were quickly aging, & your uninformed silly content was not interesting to FOX NEWS viewers. FOX NEWS appeals to viewers with attractive presenters & commentators who have interesting informed views. That’s the “corporate culture” that sent you packing. It’s not going to change.

  7. John says:

    She is growing more and more like Tina Fey. Imagine if Tina Fey writes a short treatment detailing her facial features; copyright that treatment, and she could technically sue Sarah Palin for copyright infringement.

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