Rachel Maddow Says She’ll Reveal ‘Trump Tax Returns’ Tonight

Rachel Maddow
Courtesy of MSNBC

Rachel Maddow sent out a tweet on Tuesday with the cryptic line, “We’ve got Trump tax returns.”

The tease suggested that her show obtained or got access to the returns, which President Trump has so far declined to release. She later tweeted that the returns were from 2005.

The White House put out a statement before the show, saying, “You know you are desperate for ratings when you are willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. Before being elected President, Mr. Trump was one of the most successful businessmen in the world with a responsibility to his company, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required.”

The statement said that Trump paid $38 million in taxes on income of more than $150 million.

Lawrence O’Donnell, whose show follows Maddow’s, said that she would guest on his program.

David Cay Johnston, an author and investigative reporter who wrote the book “The Making of Donald Trump,” also tweeted that he would be a guest on the show.

Trump’s tax returns were an issue throughout the 2016 campaign, as he broke with precedent and refused to disclose his returns as other presidential nominees had done. It’s led to speculation — among rivals and in the media — that Trump has something to hide.

Maddow, whose show has gotten a significant bounce in the ratings since Trump took office, has focused in particular on Trump and his associates ties to Russia.

During the fall campaign, The New York Times obtained some of Trump’s 1995 tax records, showing that he “declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 income tax returns, a tax deduction so substantial it could have allowed him to legally avoid paying any federal income taxes for up to 18 years.”

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  1. .henry says:

    hi Rachel heads up what did trump offer the Virginia governor in exchange for him changing parties I’m sure it’s very interesting

  2. Kala says:

    This a the comedy of the new century. This is worse than Geraldo opening up Al Capone’s safe and there was nothing in it. This confirms the left complaints about Trump taxes were lies. Can I see Rachel Maddow’s tax returns now.

  3. jeffrey says:

    Hillary herself and all her Deep State employees are geezer-hippie-Nazis (they were once-upon-a-time communists way, way back) interested only in coke and Cheese Pizzas.

    They are hopelessly incompetent and pwn3d by Snowden, Rich, Assange, both Guccifers 1.0 and 2.0, 4Chan, 8Chan, Manning and the as yet unnamed leaker of Vault 7.

    What is the count on liberal-fascist FAILS?

  4. stinkin says:

    Maddow has been on the rise, but she has egg on her face today. She bit the hook and was taking out line, only to be gaffed. Ouch.

  5. Carol Valine Zarek says:

    The White House says: Before being elected President, Mr. Trump was one of the most successful businessmen in the world with a responsibility to his company, his family and his employees to pay no more tax than legally required.” Did you notice it never says with a responsibility to his Country to pay no more tax than legally required. I don’t his employees cared if he had paid more tax. The law of the tithe is to give 10%…a way of sharing the wealth…I see nothing in Trump that shares…he is a greedy Midas figure that loves gold. Gold can not love you, and as my mother used to say, “There are no pockets in your casket to take it with you. He lives alone and his face shows he is not a happy man.

  6. anne harris says:

    If Trump leaked it intentionally, KNOWING that Rachael Maddow would run with a “Bombshell” dud, KNOWING that people would be like “ummmmm WHERE”S the story” … Then it was BRILLIANT ..

  7. Madcow says:

    She got played by Trump. It was glorious.

  8. Sct says:

    She’s just plain ugly inside.

  9. matt bruno says:

    The comments on this are ridiculous. Attacking someone’s looks because you disagree with them or even think they are straight up lying is the worst type of logic. Attack the content based on facts not the person based on looks.

    That said, I’m not sure what there is to find in a 2005 tax return and i believe showing it is illegal but i guess we’ll see soon. I wish trump would just release the returns like he promised on campaign and all others gave done.

  10. Susan Daniels says:

    If Trump didn’t give them to her, someone has committed a felony.

  11. Dave Kallman says:

    Lol, why did you show a picture of Peter Pan – I thought this was a story about Maddow?

  12. Freddy says:

    Who gives a damn. At his income level he and his corporation(s) get audited every year. The rich are where IRS auditors spend 99% of their time. The idea he (or Romney) hasn’t paid taxes is lunacy. The idea that he isn’t audited every year or at least every other year is also lunacy. He pays his taxes. The IRS makes sure of it.

  13. LOL says:

    Rachel Maddow is the biggest FRAUD of all time.

    MSNBC is owned by General Electric, the military industrial complex.
    They parade this phony left around, while they bomb innocent countries.

    Rachel Maddow is a Rhodes Scholar.

    Cecil Rhodes was a RACIST, that wanted the British Empire to dominate the world.

    Any lefty that watches this sick little liar that make MILLIONS lying to you should be embarrassed for yourselves…..

  14. La-La says:

    Wow…stop it. The chances of you being able to air this story without facing grave consequences. Or the chance that it is an actual official document. The news…well reporting in hopes of becoming famous annoys the hell out of me.

  15. Sam S. says:

    BIG FAIL Rachel. Trump did pay taxes post 95 when he had the big loss. This debunks your prior stories.

  16. Linda B says:

    These looney libs are pathetic!

  17. La-La says:

    Wow…stop it. The chances of you being to air this story without facing grave consequences. Or the chance that it is an actual official document. The news…well reporting in hopes of becoming famous annoys the hell out of me.

  18. janet ornot says:

    Unless of course there is something in his tax return that puts her in a position where it’s her obligation to the American people to reveal his taxes. Also, comments on her looks doesn’t really help your argument.

    • Susan Daniels says:

      You’re out of your mind and have no idea what you are talking about. Unless Trump gave them his tax return, someone has committed a felony.

  19. Steve Barr says:

    God you Trump brown shirts are cockroaches . Some one turns the light on and you rise from your deep sleep and skitter about looking for some of the mango Mussolini’s kool-aid to slurp up .

    • Tommy Coughlin says:

      lol. so, maddow revealed that Trump paid more income tax in 2005 than what 99% of the people on this planet will ever make during their lives…how was this a bombshell? maddow should be prosecuted for revealing his tax returns. it is not a journalistic privilege to reveal that information.

      as far as your “brown shirt” comment; i can’t believe you are dumb enough to not realize that is the attitude that lost your side the election. so, keep on keeping with that idiocy and we will have Trump for 8 years.

  20. Billy says:

    She makes me shudder. I can’t even look at her face without having a gag reaction.

  21. Nanny Mo says:

    If you didn’t get them legally, you should be sued. Make sure it’s all legal before putting the whole nation through another “meet the press’s bad ethics” debate. The press is not loved right now, be smart.

  22. Art Carney says:

    MSNBC and NBC has a long history of false news, they make up news. So I wonder if this is more fake news from NBC. Once they put explosive on GM trucks because they claimed they blew up.WHen they crashed a number and not a single one caught fire. They also one poisend a stream to show that a paper company was killing fish. And do not forge the edited a 911 tape to make Zimmerman say something he did not say..This woman once attack rush Limbaugh for saying President Obama looked like curious George.( He didn’t a caller said her son said it) She said Alex Jones said Obama cause a tornado ( he never said it. A caller asked him if he believe it , his answer was no) A few of the fake and false news from NBC. So I wait to see if this is correct

  23. Jack Devin says:

    The clown in chief Rachel Maddow and her acolytes should be thrown in jail if they have Trump Income Tax return as it is illegal to reveal anybody tax return without consent. There’s no law requiring Trump to show is tax return to anybody

  24. Bob Suyak says:

    What is MSNBC and who is Rachel Maddow? Isn’t their something illegal about having someone elses’ tax return? Are people who pretend to be “correspondents” subject to the same laws as everyone else?

  25. lindsey says:

    misleading headline. she said “Trump” not “Trump’s.” Variety does politics in a way that is not investigative nor insightful. we’ll see.

  26. moosemiester says:

    So the 5 viewers at MSNBC are now 10, they have doubled their ratings!

    Of course everyone knows… this is just click bait.

  27. Steve says:


  28. Richard Nixon says:

    Lock Him Up

  29. cadavra says:

    How deliciously ironic if Trump’s undoing came via a California lesbian journalist.

    • Tommy Coughlin says:

      why would that be ironic? Trump was the first president to be pro gay marriage when he was inaugurated. That is a fact.

      not even you barry o. was.

      So, stop following a delusional narrative and learn to think for yourself

      • cadavra says:

        Yeah, that was a lie, like everything that comes out of his fat yap. The amount of anti-LGBT legislation moving through Congress–all of which he has indicated he’ll sign into law–proves it. Is your idea of “freedom” having the government telling you what restroom you can use? Will you still feel the same when they move on to “Whites” and “Coloreds?”

    • @cadavra I can’t love this comment enough.

  30. SPIKE says:

    as if anyone cares. she has lied so much it’s twisted her mouth. maddog maddow is at it again.

  31. Jack Devin says:

    Who cares…. talking about trolls, have you looked in the mirror, lately ?

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