Survey: 73% of Voters Oppose Eliminating Public-Television Funding

Survey: 73% of Voters Oppose Eliminating
Courtesy of PBS Kids

A new survey conducted jointly by leading Republican and Democratic pollsters found that 73% of voters — including a majority of Republicans — oppose eliminating federal funding for public television.

Conducted by Republican firm American Viewpoint and Democratic firm Hart Research Associates, the survey also found that 66% of people who voted for President Donald Trump favor increased funding for public television, as do 86% of Hillary Clinton voters. Public television was rated as a good value for tax dollars by 72% of those surveyed.

The survey was commissioned by PBS prior to a report last month by The Hill claiming that the Trump administration is considering a plan to privatize the Corporation for Public Broadcasting — which provides funding for local public-television stations — and eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and its sister organization, the National Endowment for the Humanities.

“These results show that Republican and President Trump voters overwhelmingly support public television and strongly oppose eliminating its federal funding,” said Linda DiVall of American Viewpoint. “The voters that elected the President, including a majority of Republicans, put the taxpayer value delivered by public television on par with building highways, roads and bridges. Both are seen as high-value investments in America and its future.”

“The enormous benefits that public television delivers in terms of public safety and children’s programming are recognized across party lines,” said Geoff Garin of Hart Research Associates. “In a time of deep division in Washington and around the country, the strong bipartisan support for continued federal funding of public television is remarkable.”

American Viewpoint and Hart Research Associates surveyed 1,001 registered voters via telephone Jan. 4-8.

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  1. Suibne Geilt says:

    the same group that claimed trump couldn’t win the election….why would anybody believe any number posted by any media outlet regarding ANYTHING AT ALL? how stupid are you….oh…sorry…this is a leftist site isn’t it?

  2. Thedude3445 says:

    PBS and NPR are vital sources of non-commercial information. Glad the vast majority of Americans agree.

  3. Cheese Cake says:

    Dear lib-tards,
    Too bad! Broadcast TV is a dying medium just like your failed DNC policies. Bye!

  4. Another self serving fake survey… Tax dollars– The proper response is to terminate the funding and save the taxpayers $400 million a year. Even..PBS says they don’t need it since 85% of funding from
    non profit foundations/private corps.

  5. Yirmin Snipe says:

    Eliminate all funding. If the left believe it is so critical then let them all pay for it. Where I live they have at least one telethon every year trying to raise money for the liberal crap…. the funny thing is they never seem to get enough money from the liberals to keep it going on its own… Why is that?

    • Nicholas Ryan Imbimbo says:

      Because running a television station is pretty expensive, producing content is expensive, even with federal funding (which basically only pays for their children’s line-up) and you don’t want to sell ad space to keep the material somewhat objective. Even then many of the productions still have corporate sponsors who do it for the tax breaks. Nothing is free and producing television is not cheap.

  6. San Tan says:

    Lets see the sample information about the survey. Surveys are notoriously slanted.

  7. MarkJ says:

    Why DO we need PBS? It doesn’t show anything that you wouldn’t also see on HGTV, History Channel, A&E or dozens of other commercial channels.

    PBS may have made some residual sense back in the 1960’s and early 70s, when most folks didn’t have access to more than ABC, NBC, and CBS, but it’s totally obsolete now.

    • Nicholas Ryan Imbimbo says:

      Because commercial channels have slants and biases because they want to keep advertisers happy. Not everyone has access to HGTV, History etc, I mean with the internet people have better access to stuff but still not everyone has access. Also stuff with the PBS stamp on it can be reasonable assured that the information is accurate and a little less bias. I’ve been without cable, it sucks, in particular when you have kids and PBS is a good source of good programing. PBS also hosts stuff from the BBC, so it can give people a different perspective. Just because people are poor doesn’t mean you should be denied access to quality educational, informative and entertaining programing.

      • Climate change narrative..has always been one sided. Nothing is challenged by PBS..programming..
        Conflicting models , IPCC data tampering, NOAA & NASA manipulations …require complicit acceptance.
        Multitude of alternative scientific sources available … no need to be “cow eyed” & accept the
        mantra. PBS bias among the worst.. this is disrespectful to truth/ contrary science skeptics & the citizens.
        Rather liberate PBS & add funding …taxpayer underwriting of television and radio is no longer needed. The public should not have to subsidize public broadcasting through tax dollars or tax breaks.
        Mass media/ cable/satellite/ internet options abound.
        A self promoting –tax supported entity iPBS should be weaned from the public dollar.. $$


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