Nicolle Wallace Gets Ready to Launch ‘Deadline: White House’ on MSNBC

Nicolle Wallace

If you are looking Tuesday afternoon for Nicolle Wallace, the seemingly ubiquitous presence on MSNBC and various NBC News programs, chances are she will be on deadline.

Her new MSNBC program, to be called “Deadline: White House,” debuts Tuesday at 4 p.m., which may take some viewers by surprise. MSNBC had not publicly unveiled the name of the show or its start date, though the NBCUniversal-owned news outlet had already informed cable and satellite operators, who have the show and its title listed in interactive on-screen programming guides.

The title “is meant to capture the urgency of covering this White House,” said Wallace during a phone interview Monday. “I think every White House has its own rhythm, but at 4 p.m., the day has started to take shape” in terms of what issues are getting most play in the media.

By launching Wallace in “Deadline” at 4 p.m., MSNBC is adding a new hour of political focus in a time slot it had been devoting to broader general-news coverage. As a result, the network may vie more directly with CNN, where Jake Tapper holds forth from Washington, D.C., with “The Lead” at 4 p.m., and will offer something quite different from Fox News Channel, which regularly airs Neil Cavuto’s business-focused program at that time.

Wallace said she and producers intend to rely on a group of regular contributors, hopefully getting reporters on the beat to reveal what interests them the most as their deadlines loom. But she will also welcome a wide array of experts, and work closely with Steve Kornacki, the MSNBC veteran who will appear regularly on her program. “We will put around the table the people who make the most sense on any given day,” she said. “I’m simply the shepherd of the conversation.”

Wallace’s self-effacing humor belies her deep experience in this milieu. She may be better known for her time as the White House communications director during George W. Bush’s presidency and his 2004 campaign. She was also a senior advisor to Senator John McCain’s bid for the presidency. She did a stint at CBS as a Republican political contributor, followed by a quick stint on ABC’s “The View,” where, Wallace said, “I got canned for not being Republican enough” opposite the rest of the program’s panelists.

Her past, she said, gives her perspective others in her position may not possess. “One of the things you have when you have been on the inside is a really good B.S. radar,” she said. “I know when I’m being spun by White House officials.”

She may also be spinning herself – albeit in different fashion. Despite anchoring a five-days-a-week cable-news program, Wallace will retain her duties as the fill-in host for Brian Williams “The 11th Hour,” which airs late night on MSNBC and is expected to contribute more special reports to NBC’s “Today.” “They have a strategic approach here – to simply keep you too busy working to think about it,” she joked.

Former associates may also appear on “Deadline,” Wallace suggested, and the program will remain “nimble” so producers could scramble their plans to cover the latest developments. If viewers want to know more, they will simply have to watch, she said. “I’m a secret-keeping Republican.”

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  1. Sue F. says:

    I wish that Nicolle Wallace would stop interrupting her guests. It is very rude, especially when I want, as a viewer, to hear the guest. I often have to change the channel.

  2. Judy says:

    Nicole, I just love your show, but last night 7=27=17, you had a guest on I don’t recall his name but he is one of trumps supporters, he made a comment about the American people voting for Trump, you know that makes me mad so mad because he made it seem like all going for the deface that we have have for our president I didn’t vote for him and I know several people that also didn’t vote from him I would lie to send that message to him I think his name was Mike like I said i love your show and I tape it every night I think you are great

  3. Fran says:

    Great show, BUT, turn down the volume on the high pitched voice: annoying. Drop an octave maybe: voice training: sound authoritative.

  4. Karen Roberts says:

    This show would be watchable if Nicole Wallace would stop interrupting her guests and talking over them while they are trying to answer her questions.

  5. Linda Athens says:

    I flipped on your show for the first time today while folding laundry. It was stunning!!! No clue who anyone on the show was except I believe former Congressman Harold Ford. The oddity is, you actually get paid to rip the duly elected President of the United States to shreds? This is what grammar school kids do at recess. You’re an embarrassment. President Trump has done MORE IN THREE MONTHS than the last two in 16 years but you fail to even notice????? Did you bother to talk about his helping vets to get better care and sooner? No, all I heard was reigning in his terrible TWEETS. We love them out here, us in the hinterland clinging to our guns and Bibles. You know, WE WHO ELECTED HIM AND WILL AGAIN FOR ANOTHER FOUR YEARS.

    And ladies and gents (used the terms loosely – no lady or gent I know tears people to shreds as you are doing), our history shows we have prohibited whole races of people from coming here at times and when need called for it and also put entire moratoriums for decades on immigration until people MELDED IN. You know, MELDED IN. Do you think they are melding in in Detroit? I lived in El Paso 35 years, three feet from Juarez, Mexico. Do you think half of Mexico there has MELDED IN? Going to a Walmart while visiting recently, I asked sales clerk after sales clerk to help me find something. NOT A ONE SPOKE A WORD OF ENGLISH. I gave up and left.

    You are all fools and make America look like idiots to the rest of the world. We have one of the brightest, most gutsy Presidents in my 74 years, draining the swamp, saving us money, saving coal miners, creating jobs, getting the pipelines going again, inviting world leaders from around the world in the first month and on and on and on while sleeping about four hours a night. Obama, besides being an illegal POTUS (but you all know that, don’t you?), a muslim at heart who hated our best friend Israel and who completely set the mid-east on fire for the next guy (Trump) to deal with spent his days mooching off his wealthy friends and having big Hollywood parties in OUR White House. He spent his last days spying on Trump and team but YOU WILL FIND THAT OUT SOON ENOUGH.

    You won’t catch this Irish, well read, politically savvy woman ever watching your trash show again. SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON YOU! Have you no love for America at all? Apparently, your answer is no. And incidentally, the MUSLIM mayor or London made an extraordinary remark….not to worry about the slayings basically. Really Mr Muslim Mayor????

    I love my country and would march into hell for President Trump because, unlike you ingrates, he also loves our country. I wonder, would any of you go up Omaha Beach in WWII had you been called on to do so as my Uncle Don did? I doubt it – you can’t defend your own country, why would you defend someone else’s.

  6. Mary Shafer says:

    I like her show, BUT, as we are seniors, retired from jobs, saved our money. What the President told the Europeans was Totally true. Pay up. No one gives us a free ride. We worked and saved, and they expect us to take care of them. Not anymore.

  7. The stink of this president will never go away from those who continue to support or cover for him. That stench will also linger on all who refuse to raise their voices against him.

  8. Cathy Skinner says:

    Nicole is a brilliant organizer and a nimble questioner. I’m always impressed! She saved my sanity after the election and has carried me through Trump’s first 100Plus days.

  9. Alan Groveman says:

    The Show is Home Run

  10. Maureen says:

    Judging from all the comments here, I’m not the only proud MSNBC liberal who likes Nicole in spite of her politics. She’s whip smart, highly articulate and entertaining in the process. In fact, it’s quite a spectacle when she appears on Morning Joe against bumbling Mika, who can’t produce a coherent sentence with any relevance. Perhaps, with all that exposure to smart Progressives at MSNBC, she’ll come on over to our side.

  11. Adam Stone says:

    I personally like Nicole Wallace. She’s one of the few conservatives/Republicans on TV that I can watch without wanting to throw my TV out the window. She’s articulate, intelligent, and open minded. I’ll watch this when I’m able.

  12. vj says:

    I am not in favor of Nicole Wallace. She lacks depths and analytical thinking. Just because she worked for George W. Bush, she does not become an expert in anything. She is trying several stints and this one may also fail.

  13. Marsha A Montgomery says:

    I am a democrat and love Nicolle Wallace. She is straight forward and honest.

  14. robin says:

    Nicole Wallace is my favorite Republican TV host/commentator/expert!

  15. Marilyn Scelzo says:

    Love Nicole Loved her on the View and felt she was treated unfairly there. She is very knowlegeable. Looking forward to watching.

  16. chicobchgrl says:

    I just started liking her as a commentator. She’s is open to both sides and isn’t taking the hard right line or the left. I think that is what we need right now. I think I’m more bothered by the fact that Joy Reid wasn’t put in this spot and maybe giving Nicole the Sat. and Sun. show to see how it pans out for her. But Joy Reid holds her panels feet to the fire if they try to spin their agenda and dance around the truth. She took many of those Trump people and would not sit there and let them word salad the whole show. She was amazing. What is wrong with MSNBC thinking not have more diversity with their shows. Our country is divided now and Trump has put the cherry for racial divide. Look at what NBC did to Tamron Hall for Megan Kelly. And Tamron on her daily show on MSNBC she did well not only with the Today show but MSNBC and personally is a much better reporter than Megan….Let’s see Joy Reid and Tamron Hall both with exceptional ratings and Joy should have a daily show and Tamron’s Today show eliminated and given to Megan Kelly. Replaced by two FOX (faux news) reporters who channeled everyday FOX’S stretch the truth reporting and given 5 day a week spot on MSNBC and Joy Reid 2 days on Sat. and Sun. and where is Tamron? She quit because she could see this wasn’t about her reporting it was about one thing…..need I say more.

  17. I like Nicole although we have different political views but in watching her she can be fair and not aafraid to ask the hard questions.Good luck to you. I don’t like Greta she still sounds so objective to anyone that does not share her views.

  18. Lilybean says:

    As a regular MSNBC viewer, I learned over the last year that Nicole DOES NOT toe the repube party line. She was horrified over the Trump/Billy Bush “cat grabbing” comments and made it perfectly clear that it should have been disqualifying for the presidency. I wish her luck and happiness with her new show – can’t wait to see and learn Nicole!

  19. Joe Carson says:

    thanks Variety for the update on this show!

  20. PLP says:

    As a Progressive I do like Nicolle. She’s intelligent and knowledgeable and she doesn’t just spew the party line. If she’s like Greta and just reports the facts I’ll watch. If they make her too conservative and not challenge her guests, then I won’t.

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