Netflix Cancels ‘Sense8’

Netflix Cancels 'Sense8'
Courtesy of Netflix

Netflix has canceled drama “Sense8” after two seasons.

“After 23 episodes, 16 cities and 13 countries, the story of the Sense8 cluster is coming to an end,”,” said Cindy Holland, VP of Netflix original content. “It is everything we and the fans dreamed it would be: bold, emotional, stunning, kick ass, and outright unforgettable. Never has there been a more truly global show with an equally diverse and international cast and crew, which is only mirrored by the connected community of deeply passionate fans all around the world. We thank Lana, Lilly, Joe and Grant for their vision, and the entire cast and crew for their craftsmanship and commitment.”

“Sense8” starred Tuppence Middleton, Brian J. Smith, Doona Bae, Aml Ameen, Max Riemelt, Tina Desai, Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Jamie Clayton as eight strangers who become mentally and emotionally linked. Lana Wachowski, Lilly Wachowski, and J. Michael Straczynski created the show for Netflix and executive produced with Grant Hill.

The series is the most recent in a string of cancellations for Netflix, which had, since entering into original programming, appeared reluctant to pull the plug on failing series. Last month, the streaming service canceled “The Get Down,” one of the most expensive shows on television with a budget of $120 million for your first and only season. Netflix had also in recent months canceled dramas “Marco Polo” and “Bloodline.”

Reviewing the first season of “Sense8” for Variety in 2015, Brian Lowry wrote, “‘Sense8’ becomes a pretty mundane, chaotic soap opera, following the lives of its various characters without doing much to advance what binds them.”

Canceled TV Shows in 2017 — What’s Not Returning
Canceled TV Shows in 2017 — What’s Not Returning

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  1. Jody Schmidt says:

    Absolutely love the series. It is extremely diversified and fresh. The characters are unique and charismatic. It is both funny and sensitive to issues. I found it one of the best series I have seen in years and am extremely disappointed that it will not be continued. Very sad decision to cancel!! Highly disappointed.

  2. Luna May says:

    Sense 8 is the reason why I signed for Netflix. Incredible series which kept me up late many nights. What we need to do as fans: create a group in Facebook to ask for a proper end?. Netflix should look after their customers. I have enjoyed every single minute of it and I wish someone, somewhere, listen

  3. Lynne says:

    I really think cancelling Sense8 – is one stupid mistake. The show had every thing. I thought somebody,( in this case Netflix) had the vision & the balls to finally put on a show that had a something for everyone who watched it. I’m actually sad to say that I was wrong, to bad to, I was really looking forward to not only season3- but hopefully many more. Well it looks like the higher ups, win again. I think you guys really dropped the ball on this one. I’m sure you guys don’t care but- you’ll also be losing a customer.

  4. Huh – I wish I had known about this show, as I would have tried watching it. I just go into a sort of brain fog whenever I see an advertisement begin. Unfortunately, knowing it won’t have a proper ending, I am unlikely to give it a try. Can’t they just do a few more episodes to give it an end?

  5. Very bad news for fans indeed! I love this show!

  6. Sharron says:

    Do not agree with the point of view of the Variety critique. I mot never respond to things like this. I just finished watching both seasons and immediately looked up when was the next season release. And to find this article was very disturbing and disappointing! The show ended at such a cliffhanger. The 1st season was slow , but At least give us a finale. The second was much better then 1st. More dynamic and characters better storyline and identity. Of course the action and the cluster working together really made it a great show. Loved the diversity and the play on locationa and on world points of view. You leave us with cliff hanger and I want to know how it ends for the cluster. 😡😡😡😩 At least give us a finale!

  7. Quark0ne says:

    At least give it a proper ending in a couple of special episodes !

    • Sharron says:

      At least give us a finale. I just watched both seasons. The second was much better then 1st. More dynamic and characters better storyline and identity You leave us with cliff hanger and I want to know how it ends for the cluster. 😡😡😡😩

  8. Neshea Sykes says:

    Sense8 is an awesome show! The best show that I’ve ever seen! Please bring her back it will be a waste of cancel it. What can I do or say or post so that as viewer’s can be heard that we want this show back?

  9. Uzo says:

    No no no you cannot cancel I am going insane if this doesn’t come back

  10. annag says:

    I cannot believe this!!!!! Very weak NETFLIX. BAD DECISION!

  11. ajsloan says:

    And I cancelled my Netflix account!

  12. so that’s it? no wrapping up the story? well, that’s just a big F U to viewers. :(

  13. Nathan says:

    They should have wrapped up the story in season 2. I don’t know what the producers were thinking… they should not have attempted to drag it out across a third season.

    • KatsCauldron says:

      I can tell you exactly what the producers were thinking: they had a hit show that they had started fleshing out the characters and plots with a solid diverse fan base and were supposedly in renegotiations with netflix for a third season including the contracts for the actors then netflix shut everything down. They could have leaned down on the cost or something but didn’t which is insane because after season 2 came out a bunch of us were talking friends into watching it and it made more sense to non sci fi people once they started connecting the dots. This was appalling on so many levels as well as the added comments from Netflix after the fact for reasons. One of the most joyous series I have watched and loved.

  14. Becca says:

    I am almost 60 years old and found this show, to be amazing and diverse. Yet they cancel the show. The characters bond together to become one in OUR minds. I find that to be amazing. That Netflix would cancel it shocks and disappoints. I may cancel Netflix and go with someone else. If they don’t know what really appeals to regular people out here in the world, they do not deserve our business. I love these characters. They made me so impatient to see the next season. I’m still shocked such a great show was cx’ed.

    • Luis A Domenech says:

      I think if Netflixdoes this regularly with there shows and others (hulu, amazon prime, vudu) would realize they could profit. I’d drop Netflix in a second if quality shows relocate.

  15. Pam I Am says:

    This was the best series ever!!! It was the most intellegent out of the box show I have ever seen. It will be sadly missed. The cliff hanger last episode was so intense I was on the edge of my seat. I do hope Netflix will reconsider and continue the series.

  16. That was by far my favorite Netflix series….and that was no proper ending.

  17. Ivan says:

    Netflix you really out done yourself. This was the best you had going. If you are going to cut a show like this at least give a season to end it gracefully. I won’t be left again at an incomplete series. Sorry! That is your end also.

  18. Melissa sessions says:

    Very sad this show has been cancelled. Really lved watching. Worst mistake and makes me not want to watch Netflex anymore if there going to cancel the shows I love.

    • John McClane says:

      Thankfully this junk is gone, thank you Cindy Holland! And hopefully the open slot will be filled with something better. And that would be an extremely easy task. The show offered not much more than an atom thin plot (it really has none at all), 10 tons of gay/bi soft porn and with pretty boring and useless scenes. This show HAD TO GO! And so it was.

      • licotto says:

        “Open slot”
        This shows how antiquated and loathsome you actually are.
        Why did you keep watching if the “soft porn” and “atom thin plot” was so horrifying?! BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO KNOW WTF WAS GOING TO HAPPEN NEXT, that’s why!!!

        Get off your pedestal and stfu bcuz it’s obvious you’re a troll

      • Frank says:

        Open slot? What is this, primetime television?

      • KatsCauldron says:

        wow, not gay, bi or into agendas and saw none in this. Am into sci fi, diversity and rights to be whatever you are. Behold the non undercurrent of all some people saw in the series and after the pilot the question begs, why not watch something else like most the drivel I find loathsome on to watch that I hey, don’t watch. Perhaps the next armchair critic can give an example of what they consider good so we have an idea of what they call entertainment

  19. Jeremy Juanich says:

    i hate you netflix

  20. This decision Netflix will go down in history TV as one of the most stupid business decisions of all time and people. I thought Trump was a stupid president, but the Netflix CEO showed that it was even more stupid. Absolute stupidity.

  21. viper says:

    Noooooooooooo… i love this Show

  22. Maxwell says:

    I cannot believe they cancelled the series. It was amazing, and everyone I know raves about.

    This was by far the most diverse casting and excellent writing.

    I sincerely hope Netflix rethinks their decision.

  23. sharleen .riley says:

    this show is amazing defiantly one of my favs the diversity of the characters and true sense of love is amazing im deeply disappointed and saddened by the decision to end the show

  24. Lea C. says:

    NETFLIX ask the people and not some critic. The general people who actually watch the show for what it is; people all around the world connected in way that is so intense, deep and a diverse group of individuals. I love the multi-cultral facets that binds them together. So emotionally and mentally link that will be there to aid each other. This a great show I was on edge for season 2, binge watched it, only to find out today it was cancelled. I rank this one right up there with some of my favorites; such as Walking Dead, Last Ship, Fear the Walking(I know not Netflix), but these are–Orange is the New Black, House of Cards and OA. Sense8 is awesome..Pity this makes NO SENSE!!!!!!

  25. Miriam W. says:

    I’m really sad that I won’t get to see how the sensates’ story continues. Sense8 moved me to tears at least once per episode with it’s profound beauty and huge heart. I thank everyone involved in creating this exciting and wonderful show for two amazing seasons!

    • KatsCauldron says:

      First off I have to totally disagree with the critic whose article appears here: and people might want to look at the cmments on that also [of which I wasn’t a part as uless something is slammign me in the face I am not one to look at reviews of moviesss or series randomly] ad find it rather ssiaheartenign that a blimp of it was used here that was at the very least erronious judgement as he obviously doesn’t come from a background of immersion of sci fi/fantasy either through books or screen unlike many of the hard core fans of the series. we connected their own dots and waited to see how they would align with the writers/directors/producers. Not to mention the enjoyment of each one of the cells own personalities and lifestyles and environmental stories as well as the connected ones. The diversity of fans that love this series that have joined together as a force is phenomenal as well as the variety of reasons they feel so passionately about wanting another season. There’s two separate petitions up now on and one has hit over 300,000 just on 6/02. It is not a particular lifestyle agenda as some have tried to claim so much as accepting and showing dofferent lifestyle. I could continue on about the critic but will leave it with remark that he didn’t seem to watch much of it and as far as soapoperas and convolution there are other series that were signed on for a season season that will be milking heavy in teenage after the fact angst like 13 reasons. That at best should have been put to bed after one season and the ratings were much lower than sense8.
      Ms. Holland is an excellent role model for any ambitious tech or career oriented young lady to emulate but I feel she did us and herself a disservice for not fighting for the renewal of this series, unlike past canceled series all of which I could understand this one had consistently close to a 9 rating overall and was considered one of the hottest shows around. I am nt sure why Hastings wanted mix things up so much but one can only wonder looking at what he chose to renew with much less ratings than S8 and S8 in format, appeal and message. Literally, it took the watcher out of their world and into numerous others that were bright, exciting and beautiful. I can only hope that they change their minds and at least have a season 3 for us. It is right up there with American Gods as far as new series for me and only Game of Thrones tops that and then Vikings underneath. I can only say that you have taken something bright, beautiful and magical from my life cutting this series short and that is a very rare statement for me to make about anything outside my personal life

  26. Dellie Q. says:

    Too bad. Sense8 is an awesome unique accomplishment.

    • KatsCauldron says:

      I also want to apologise over the typos, I am on a micro laptop with worn off letters on keys that doubles letters up if my nails are on them too long and I type the speed of light and can’t see it usually until it has posted, of for a 2 minute edit button!

  27. Remus says:

    Oh please. It’s a show with an interesting concept but the execution is horrible. Terrible writing. Terrible pacing. Horrible direction. And clearly the wachowskis have been using the show to further their LGBT agendas. You wonder why the show never gained any traction? Ask around. Almost everyone i asked felt that the show has been trying too hard to push LGBT issues down their throats. And let’s not forget that majority of audiences don’t view homosexuality as normal behavior no matter how tolerant they may seem to be. Oh yeah only 2 of the main characters are gay. But compare their screen time and their sex scenes to the other characters. If you think those characters weren’t given too much emphasis, you are either turning a blind eye or simply blind.

    • Caligula says:

      wow-youre an idiot-no one agrees with you

    • Michael says:

      Dude, you seem a little preoccupied with the LGBT thing. There are gay people on earth. Living their lives isn’t pushing any sort of agenda.

      By the way, a majority of people don’t get offended by it. This isn’t 1950.

  28. Angela says:

    Very, very, very disappointed. Hope Netflix brings Sense 8 back.

  29. lichencraig says:

    Speaking as a writer – Netflix needs to re-evaluate its writers, and its audience. It is catering to a liberal, very young, PC audience, and in truth, ignoring much of its base. Time to wake up and start introducing series of higher quality, better subject matter and storylines, and wider appeal.

    • Tremell says:

      “Wider appeal”… the show was global in every way. I loved the show (full disclosure). I think the production budget was just to much. Simple as that. At the end of the day it’s a story plain and simple. Calm down with trying to impose your own agenda on it. Most people god or bad don’t notice that is what actually happens.

    • Caligula says:

      youre not a successful writer because your viewpoint is phucked up. Maybe re-evaluate your life?

    • KatsCauldron says:

      interesting claim considering the imdb breakdown [which have noticed others have tried to bring down with 1s & 0s the over 45 groups male and female give it a 8.5 to 9

      • Pam I Am says:

        I am not liberal,very young or really PC. I thought the show was smart and exciting and really made you think. True SiFi. You seem to have a problem with gays in general if that was all you saw in the show. I am really thinking some counseling is maybe called for. What about tolerance and not hate? Or just a thought- maybe you are of afraid of gays for some reason? Just some thoughts.

    • Nell Webbish says:

      What makes you think a young, liberal, “PC” (which apparently means knows people who are not white, straight, and Christian exist in the world) audience is not their base?

      I’m pretty sure the old, conservative bigoted demographic is too busy watching FOX to learn how to steam content from NetFlix

      • KatsCauldron says:

        that’s what I was saying to the person I think you were replying to above me, they make the replies here in odd places or something because more than once I have replied to one thing to see my comment somewhere else. Tomorrow the 8th is NF blackout: watch and stream nothing, sigh the petitions, fight, this is wrong

  30. David R Lee says:

    Well I guess Lowry is a short sighted fool then is all he saw was a soap opera. This was one of the 1st shows that put human sexuality in almost all its varieties right out there for all of us to enjoy, which is probably the real reason those idiots over at Netflix cancelled it. There is still legitimate story to be told and the, “… without doing much to advance what binds them. “ statement made by Lowry is also blandishment and bullshit, did he actually watch this show?

    • Bruce Yeager says:

      pc=hatefilled spewing of intolerance

      • KatsCauldron says:

        that was remus, you are under the wring person to comment if that was what you were talking about, they seem to have some issues, I’m not pc and love the show and felt there wre no hidden agndas that would make me anything other than delighted watching it

  31. Rei (@etdgk) says:

    The show is expensive to make, 9 million per episode, and if the viewers are low, Netflix is obviously going to cancel the show. The show has many fans worldwide but if most of them are not watching the show with a Netflix subscription then they shouldn’t even bother complaining about the cancellation of the show. And those views with the 30 day free trail don’t count either because Netflix sees them as a loss if you don’t end up subscribing by the end of the free trial.
    So if you are one of those fans who is complaining about the cancellation of the show but did’t pay to watch the show then stop complaining, because it doesn’t matter how many times you tweet, email or call Netflix, they are not going to change their minds unless they start to see more paying viewers watching the show.

    • Caligula says:

      the ratings weren’t low since it is THE biggest, most anticipated show on Netflix right now-or was…it was too expensive and Netflix wants to make more movies

    • KatsCauldron says:

      have you actually looked at the imdb ratings? and the numbers are scrambled over the way nf does them if they are low. I have my list of series and this is on the top three right up there with GOT & AG then after ths V and many many people feel the same

  32. Suzanne Sadler says:

    This was the best show I had ever watched, if anyone starts a campaign to keep it going let me know please.

    • KatsCauldron says:

      there are two separate petitions, type in sense8 petition in google and they will pull up

  33. linda says:

    This was perhaps the best show i had seen in a long time. it was original, thought provoking and the humanity is something we rarely see. Netflix is being quite selfish for not renewing for at least one more season to give us diehard fans closure…shame on them…

  34. Paul Baggett says:

    one of my favorites, so much potential for several plot lines. Sorry to see it go.

  35. Desita says:

    I just finished the second one and I just craved for more… Such a disappointing news :(

  36. shadnicth says:

    “It is everything we and the fans dreamed it would be: bold, emotional, stunning, kick ass, and outright unforgettable”

    Then why are you cancelling it?

  37. And yet Iron Fist is getting a second season…..

  38. Doug says:

    This was an original idea for a series …and I felt there was a slew of plots lines that would bring together and pull apart the main characters. The main plot line of trying to eliminate the “undesirables” was poignant in today’s climate of the them and us mentality.

  39. Vincent says:

    In my view there are a whole slew of original Netflix series that would deserve to be cancelled, if only to free up budget to enable continuing this extraordinary series which is irreplacable as it is unique and created by the greatest visionaries in both movies and tv.
    If that’s no option, there are a myriad of ways to make the series cheaper, so this cannot have been the deciding factor for canccellation.
    Low viewership?
    Very sad news indeed

  40. Jennifer Babcock says:

    Whaaaat! No way! I was completely hooked. Cmon Netflix- you better step up the love for shows like this and OA or I’m outta here. Wtf man?

  41. Jimmy says:

    Best show on Netflix. They cancel all of their shows after 2 or 3 seasons. Why watch them in the first place. I’m sure Stranger Things will be cancelled in 2 or 3 seasons. This is worse than the networks. Netflix isn’t that groundbreaking after all.

  42. Joseph says:

    I absolutely loved this show. One of my all time favorites to date. I will never understand this decision as I thought the show was genius. Whyyy????

  43. Sense8tional says:

    Not sure why my first post with this was taken down. There are other links posted, regularly, in Variety comment sections. Request seasons 3-5 at help .

  44. Frankie says:

    The least Netflix could do is film a finale to give the fans closure. Bybjust letting it cancel with no ending makes them jerks.

  45. M says:

    So angry and upset about this. The most amazing show, characters with depth, a depiction of true compassion — not to mention the astounding editing and continuity. If it’s too expensive, find ways to reduce the cost, such as fewer locations, but don’t cut it off! Netflix was supposed to be different. At least give it some time for a proper ending.

  46. Carmen says:

    Nooooooooooo I will cancel my Netflix subscription

  47. Tracer says:

    I love this show! I’m so disappointed. Most people binge watch TV. I just watched season 2 this past week.
    Netflix does a poor job at marketing any of its show. Not sure of the data pulled to justify but the company needs to look inward first. What a waste. The actors were incredible and the relationships were so believable. Everything was done well from cast to production. Marketing must be a part time hugs. Netflix depends on word of mouth. Poor plan…

  48. Sense8tional says:

    This show is too important to cancel. The world needs Sense8 and all the positivity imbued within it right now. This is one of the most refreshing, relevant and gorgeous shows I have ever seen. It probably is THE most original show I have ever seen.

    I know it’s expensive as all get out, but keep cancelling your other Netflix Original series that don’t deserve more seasons. I say let the creative team make the full 5 season run they had in mind. Season 1 may have lazily went along, which most fans didn’t mind, but they made all necessary corrections in Season 2.

    To cut it off now is ridiculous. You know this Netflix and I suspect you will do the right thing. What an amazing cast, story, production and all-around refreshing series!! I’ll be waiting, along with everyone else, to hear back from you Netflix.


  49. JH says:

    Cliffhanger? Guess I won’t bother now.

  50. Lauren says:

    It just figures I like a show, get hooked and pouf away it goes. Come on Netflix you took away the OA, Sense8 (without an ending) and Bloodline. What am I supposed to watch? I’m beginning to think it’s me, what’s next to get the axe The Fall??? I have my limits. I am this close to selling everything I have, buying a cabin in the woods, going off the grid and going full throttle hermit.

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