MSNBC Reaches No. 1 for First Time in Weekly Primetime Ratings, Fox News Drops to Third

Rachel Maddow
Courtesy of MSNBC

For the first time in its history, MSNBC ranked number one in both total viewers and the key adults 25-54 demographic during primetime for a full week among the big three cable news networks, according to Nielsen data.

For the week of May 15, MSNBC averaged 2.44 million viewers with 611,000 in the key demo from 8 p.m.-11 p.m., beating out CNN and Fox News in both measures. In total day viewership for the week, CNN has ranked number one in cable news among adults 25-54 for six straight days (May 14-19), marking the network’s longest winning streak in that measure in six years. Fox News finished first in total viewers with 1.5 million and second in the demo with 321,000. MSNBC was second in total viewers with 1.2 million total viewers and third in the demo with 281,000. CNN finished third in total viewers with 1.05 million but first in the demo with 353,000.


trevor noah the daily show

‘Daily Show With Trevor Noah’ Enjoys Most-Watched Week Ever as Trump Bombshells Mount

In addition, Fox News ranked number three in primetime in the key demographic for five straight days with 497,000 viewers, the longest streak at number three the network has had in that measure in 17 years, since June 2000. CNN finished second in the demo with 588,000. Fox was second in total viewers, however, with 2.41 million, beating out CNN’s 1.65 million.

Four primetime MSNBC programs were number one for the week in total viewers in their respective time periods: “The Rachel Maddow Show,” “Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell”, “The 11th Hour” and the midnight re-air of “The Rachel Maddow Show.” Maddow had the top ranked non-sports program in all of cable for the week. On CNN, “Anderson Cooper 360” ranked number one in in thDaily Show With Trevor Noahe demo for five straight days at 8 p.m. This ties for the longest winning streak on record for the show in that timeslot.

MSNBC’s record week comes as repeated scandals have plagued Donald Trump’s administration. First came the report last Tuesday that now former FBI Director James Comey had written in a memo that Trump personally asked him to drop the investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia. That report was followed closely by another claiming Trump gave away classified information to Russian diplomats during a meeting in the Oval Office. Finally, on Wednesday, the Department of Justice announced that they would appoint former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation.

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  1. Edward and Karen Bobrowski says:

    I am totally with Trump, 1000% I listened to what he said about about Charlottesville and there was NOTHING WRONG with what he said…He was Right On….Remember “Hands Up, Don’t shoot” The football players came out with their hands up…It NEVER happened WAKE UP AMERICA…!!! The Left is the 21st Century Communists….The Left today is not the party of FDR or JFK…I was a registered Democrat, that party left Me…! Trump is trying to fix our USA…..

  2. jim says:

    Most fox viewers wouldn’t understand what Rachel saying any way. She uses big words and interviews smart people. With no loud mouth republicans spouting nonsense how are you to ever know whats really going on.

  3. Dennis jones says:

    Adweek states Fox news is number one…..somebody is lying

  4. Robert Graw says:

    Not a single comment made here has any value, including this one.

  5. This whole “demo” thing is ridiculous! the so called “demo” no longer has the spending power it once had as Millennials are a bunch of slackers and an just don’t have the buying power. People are retiring at much later ages so “older” Boomers still have more spending clout! The “demo” is ridiculous and shouldn’t even be tracked and savvy advertisers realize this. Most Americans are smart enough to realize the ONLY win that counts is in TOTAL viewers.

    • William Lane says:

      It doesn’t work that way. The problem has never been that oldsters (like me) don’t have money, the problem is that we are fixed in our brand preferences. We aren’t going to buy a different brand of toothpaste just because we see an ad. The key demo is key because they both have money and are still subject to suggestion from advertising.

  6. Bob Nelson says:

    Wont stay that way. Tucker Carlson will beat Maddow soon enough. She prattles on with smug lecturing daily. I watched her for a year or so , then came to the realization she is a bit off . When she gets proven clearly wrong on an issue . She simply pretends it wasn’t so and moves on. That is horrible.

    • Richard Sauer says:

      Sounds very much like the attributes of the President!

    • Rachel Maddow is stellar… she goes a little over the top sometimes with her revelations, but in no way is she “off”. She’s brilliant, concise, on point and relentless… and her research team is second to none, which is exactly what this nation needs in media – especially in today’s politics with Republicans in charge of all three branches of government and their tireless attempts to demonize any broadcasting of the harmful legislation that they’re pushing in Washington along with any criticism of the president.

    • ibrahim says:

      While Tucker competes with Hannity and Jesse Watters for the role of the guy who holds wet towelettes for Donald Trump. Tucker is a shameless rear-kissing sycophant.

  7. Paper Snow Ghost says:

    “On CNN, “Anderson Cooper 360” ranked number one in in thDaily Show With Trevor Noahe demo for five straight days at 8 p.m.”

    WTF? Copy editor, please!

  8. Ron L'Heureux says:

    LOL, good one. As a matter of fact, I was discussing this story with my daughter and told her, after watching a young woman voter say that she was still going to vote for the thug because she believed he would keep his campaign promises, that I find it interesting the complete lack of character of so many Republican politicians and their voters. Of course, when Trump told his devotees to beat up reporters and dissenters at his events and said how much he would like to smash people in the face, what can anyone expect. Character is something nearly entirely missing in today’s right wing GOP. Look at that now former New York Republican that threatened to break a reporter in half IN THE CAPITOL BUILDING ON CAMERA! It looked as if the thug was going to throw the much smaller guy off the balcony.

    The things that have been said and done by GOP politicians, including the now president haven’t been seen in my lifetime which is long. Trump has said and done countless things that would have destroyed any previous politicians in no time. Today bad behavior is simply tolerated. It’s really disgusting and troublesome.

    • Chris S says:

      Dear Ron, your this comment and your follow up comment are exactly why Fox News will continue to dominate cable ratings. Despite this momentarily blip. Now before you grab your scarf to hide your face and attempt to burn down buildings, or toss eggs at a defenseless woman at a Trump rally, or pull a motorist out of his car in the streets of Chicago and kick and punch him screaming Trump Voter…before you do any of these things that have actually happened….hear me out. By stating your own comments, assuming your information came from MSNBC, proves the need, the want and the reason Fox News reasonarea with so many. Cherry picking facts, twisting statements and simply making up stories does not make a statement true. President Trump, while campaigning, did tell an audience in Iowa on one (1, uno, yes 1)occasion to “knock the craps out of them.” The fact conveniently left out is, this was a statement after he was warned by Secret Service that there are remembers in the audience said to have items such as tomatoes ready to throw at him. I assume these audience members were not Republican. And IN FACT, his statement was..”Ive been warned by Secret Service that there are remembers in the Audience that are here to throw tomatoes at me, if you see them kick the crap out of them, and I will pay your legal fees.” Wrong? RIGHT? You decide. But let’s report the full story…how bout that! And he did, in fact tell another protester, while being arrested for punching a woman at a rally, I’d like to punch him right in the face.” Wrong? RIGHT? How about report the incident and let the people decide? He never, NEVER EVER, Let me be clear…..NEver said to anyone to beat up a reporter. That is simply a lie, or if you heard it to be true, simply an untruth. Your subsequent comments about Presidents Trump, proposed budget….Key word is PROPOSED… actually I agree with some of your thoughts. Which is why it will go to our representatives and be beat up and tossed around, because the President can on Propose…tbe Senate is who creates and ratifies such budgets. Which, by the way is the first budget PROPOSED by a President in 8 Years. That’s right….his highness, never even had the guts to propose one. And to propose the elimination of Meals on Wheels is rediculous, and who ever put that in tbere shod be fired. But other “cuts” you speak of are actually “halts” in tbe rate of spending. In terms you may understand, we will buy you the new Buick, but not the BMW. And, I guess a fundamental difference between you and I is the “Death Tax” or “Inheritance Tax”…besides your figure if 30 million…..its probably 100x that…i believe MY children should not have to sell our family businesses that My wife and I sacrificed so much to build. They should not have to sell these businesses that My children and grandchildren can work, become productive members of society, give back to their communities..all this time and effort and sacrificed wiped out with my death so my children can pay the taxes on my dead body. It’s criminal and in FACT it has its origins in Communism and is the most obvious redistribution of wealth on the back of a dead man or woman! So, if your still with me Ron…and I didn’t even hit how much is wrong with your statements on healthcare, if your still with me…Fox News will again Trump MSNBC because people don’t like being lied to, fooled, taken advantage of, etc. Is Fox slanted, bias, etc…absolutely….but it is not BS. And there is the difference. Maybe they’ll be a station someday that will just give us the facts and we could all get along

  9. DBob says:

    So glad to see the Murdoch boys having success tearing down their own network. Notice Maddows numbers didn’t get anywhere near O’Reillys, that seems to be missing from the story. A Fox drop not a MSNBC climb.

  10. AmazedHuman says:

    OMG. Who do these people really think they’re fooling? Certainly not the moral, decent, patriotic Americans who are so fed up with the liberal garbage as to barf every time one of these phony reports show up. The millions of Americas who are sick of the unprofessional, dishonest media with no integrity remaining. Not the millions and millions of Americas waiting patiently for a sound, solid Conservative Network to come forth and save us all the embarrassment of reading this junk. Just ridiculous!

    • icowrich says:

      O’Reilly was losing to MSNBC in the ratings before he wasn’t dropped. This is a trend that started with Trump’s election, not with O’Reilly’s scandals.

    • osoviejo says:

      “Certainly not the moral, decent, patriotic Americans…”

      Those are the moral and decent Americans that just elected a thug in Montana? Patriots don’t try to silence the press just because it’s telling a story you don’t want to hear.

      Buck up, I’m sure Fox News will eventually recover from the lawsuits, settlements, and talent hemorrhage. In the meantime, let’s keep a good thought.

  11. Rick Pittman says:

    In reply to Ron L’Heureux the Dems are lying to everyone,using scare tactics to make you believe they’re lies along with the liberal media they are the phonies how can you be so blind. This big lie about collusion with the Russians come on really? Where’s the proof? There is no proof!!! Dems are still butt hurt cause they lost and acting like a bunch of crying little bitches cause Trump called them exactly what they are . And Obama, oh what a piece of work, the worst President in history, and probably the most corrupt too, and a hypocrite who used our tax dollars to interfere in the Isreal elections, and was video recorded telling a Russian official how he would be able to do a lot more after the election “COLLUSION” violated our privacy rights by spying on you and me and then changing the rules right before the end of his term to make it easier, should I go on ? The Dems are the lyers and cheats,Trump has done more good for this country in 4 months than Obama did in 8 years, which by the way what good did Obama do? Nothing is the answer, he spent more money that we don’t have and tripled the national debt more than all the Presidents combined, so seriously Ron you need to wake up and get the real facts and quit believing the lies. And one more thing you moron, Trump is President, and will be for 8 years so get used to it and stop crying like a little bitch .

    • Richard Sauer says:

      Rick: You’re as delusional as your President! What “Good” has Trump done?? Except cause dissention and chaos since January (and giving high-paid lawyers plenty of work)? Given enough rope, the President will hang himself with the corruption and scandal long before the 2nd term.

  12. Ron L'Heureux says:

    Ok, we don’t agree with Sharia law or the treatment of women in any Islamic countries but what would you have us do? Call all Muslims radical Islamic terrorists? It’s like a General from Joint Chief’s said during the campaign. Referring to Muslims as radical Muslin terrorists will do nothing to help the fight and only inflame other Muslims. It may get more American troops killed, though. To suggest that Democrats don’t care about those issues is ridiculous and wrong. You see, we know that all that bluster is good for nothing and will have only negative effects on the battle against terrorism.

    No, your hyper-patriotism is a sign of the lack of reason. An antagonistic attitude is for fools. Questioning the patriotism of others is also quite ignorant. Give it a rest.

    BTW, Trump has little time left in office. He is a liar and a phony. His new budget is the complete opposite of his campaign pledges. There’s not cutting Social Security, affordable health insurance coverage for everyone, maintaining the safety net for those in need and looking out for the working ffamilies, too name a few. He wants to cut Social Security, His health plan throws 23 million people of their coverage. Many of those people are Trump voters. He want’s to cu 880 billion dollars from Medicade, the insurance that covers millions of children. His budget also cut’s of funding for Meals on Wheels, the program that prevents many elderly and disabled from goin hungry. All the while cutting the taxes of the wealthy by billions of dollars. He wants to eliminate the inheritence taxs for wealthy people so their kids can inherite 5 million dollars tax free. That little favor will cost the taxpauers 30 million dollars.

    If you have an issue with what I’ve said, then keep it to yourself, please. I don’t have any desire to agrue with a right wing fanatic.

    • icowrich says:

      “Collision” is not really a legal term, and it’s not what the feds are going after. Rather, they’re going for the felonies they can prove, like false statements (Flynn, Kushner, Manafort, Sessions) and obstruction (Trump).

  13. Linda Spott says:

    So proud to say I have been a ardent fan of Rachel Maddow & Laurence O’Donnell back to back weekly news. Rachel’s way of laying out the story is excellent. While Laurence makes me feel confident about the facts! Thank you both!

  14. Ron L'Heureux says:

    Thank you

  15. Ron L'Heureux says:

    I meant to say “the way the right is”.

  16. Ron L'Heureux says:

    Wow, Bill Clinton? First of all, nobody liked his actions. That said, the country was dead set against the impeachment that followed. Well, probably not many conservatives. That said, O’Reilly and was a known serial sexual predator for more than 15 years! His boss, it turns out, was cut from the same cloth.
    The network that was attacking Clinton for his misdeeds was, at the same time turning a blind eye to their very own misdeeds. Talk about hypocrisy! It’s like the fact that Gingrich was pushing for the trial while he was cheating on his wife! When Gingrich was replaced as Speaker, for malfeasance in office, his replacement, Bob Livingston, turned out to have a second family with children, while married. Most Americans felt that what Clinton did was a marital issue, not a political one.

    • Daniel Funk says:

      My point is that for every sleazeball with a sex scandal on my side of the isle, there is one on your side. You are never going to win an argument about whose representatives are more monogamous. Anthony Weiner sexting minors ring a bell? The sex scandals at Fox are appalling. That should be the stance of everyone on both the left AND right. But to use it to insinuate that it is representative of the character of entire group of people, specifically those that lean right, is both ignorant and intellectually dishonest. I bet you wouldn’t be on here making comments if the sexscandal was from MSNBC or someone like the Reverend Jessie Jackson (oops- just named another ‘lefty’ with a real life sex scandal…)

    • Daniel Funk says:

      You never said anything about standing up against Islam and Sharia law and how it oppresses women? You willing to do that as well? That plank always seems to be missing in the Democratic platform. My guess is because it weakens the call to increase the influx of refugees and makes it more difficult to call Trump a racist for not wanting to admit non-residents from the 7-8 most dangerous countries in the Middle East. It is IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to call themselves an advocate for women’s rights and completely ignore how the Middle Eastern and Islamic cultures treat their women. Ask Germany how well behaved their non-terrorist male refugees are. Not gonna happen in my America.

  17. L'Heureux Ron says:

    Exactly. They have dumbed down their viewers by completely misinforming them at every turn. The views don’t understand that the actual, entire reason for Fox noise is as a propaganda outlet for the GOP.

  18. Robin Briggs says:

    The Rachel Maddow Show is getting the ratings because of her excellent investigative reporting. Fox is not only misinforming and outright lying to it’s viewers, the omission of big news stories is creating an uneducated class of extremely bias viewers who’s beliefs are based on untrue news stories.

    • Daniel Funk says:

      I totally agree. That major Trump “tax scoop” is living proof. I mean, where is the damn Pulitzer for that one? Am I right??

    • Ann says:

      Many people same the same of MSNBC.Its ratings have gone up only since Bill O’Reilly went off the air. People are looking for a replacement. MSNBC has always been Liberal. So I assume since you like it so much you are liberal. I am an independent. I watch CNN, Msnbc and Fox. Have to say the Liberal stations are incredibly negative all the time. Worst reporting in many years according to Harvard U.

  19. Kevin Thomas Lydon says:

    I am a 26 year old independent. I will tell you the reason why a lot of my associates and myself are tuning into CNN and MSNBC. It is just so entertaining to watch O’Donnell, Maddox and others do nothing but cry 24/7 regarding Trumps victory. They are the reason why Trump got elected in the first place. Their political correctness and ignorance of crimes committed by the Clintons just put American voters past the point of no return. We laugh at these socialist news commentators more than any comedy act out there. When will they get it! If they keep up their insane and totally irrational thinking, the Democratic Party will cease to exist. Please stop crying Maddox and O’Donnell and acting like spoiled bears! It’s just not working! Read the writing on the wall!

    • So what you are telling me with your comments is that Fox has been service garbage for 15 years that is why people have been watching them? You and your peers have been getting dumber by the hour watching that broadcasting garbage heap…..

      • Gary Douglas says:

        Kevin, you are clearly misrepresenting yourself as an independent. And you clearly haven’t grasped the fact that due to our current president’s ineptness and treasonous leanings, the Republican power grab will be among the shortest in history. Democrats aren’t going away. The are here to stay and will be stronger than they have ever been after the 2018 election—if not before. All thanks to a dishonest, despicable, deplorable president and the fan base that elected him.

      • Ron L'Heureux says:

        What is the deal with these righties saying that Lawrence and Rachael are “crying”? Honestly, their minds are seriously malfunctioning. It’s like they’re a different species. Those are two very intelligent people. I’m pretty sure that Rachael has a genius I.Q.

    • cwolfe says:

      You and your “associates” need lives. Or at least dates. Also, I think you are mistaking gloating for crying. I’m sure you and your kind have never been successful enough to gloat, so you don’t recognize it in others. Crying, on the other hand…

  20. Ron L'Heureux says:

    Ok, so you know more than the tv industry experts that make a living following viewership. You know what shows that people are programming into their DVRs, right? You have feeds to all the measurement data, correct? Please, you sound like a complete idiot.

    As far as “evidence” in the O’Reilly matter, what are you, drunk. They paid out 13 million dollars to his victims and fired him because his sponsors fled like a bomb went off. Dozens of them. The same thing for Ailes. I suppose you believe Bill Cosby when he says that he is being attacked by racists? He didn’t drug and rape those dozens of women, some of which are black themselves. Enough of this denial BS from you righties. Grow up!

  21. pickles says:

    So let’s see here MSNBC and CNN have higher low ratings. Fox news fired Bill O’Reilly and 1 million or so viewers stopped watching Fox News. These lost viewers did not go to MSNBC but maybe to CNN. O’Reilly averaged nearly 4 million at his 8 o’clock hour then another 2 million or so during his 11 o’clock hour. O’Reilly is smart and interesting and I miss him . My opinion may change when there is proof that he did anything wrong right now there isn’t any proof.

  22. Ron L'Heureux says:

    You’ve got that absolutely right!

  23. Ron L'Heureux says:

    Oh yeah, you meant the station of sexual offenders and misogynists? The station of Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes? The station where the women are talked down to and objectified? Hey, man, time to join the 20th century. Neandertals are long extinct. BTW, do the women in your life know how little you respect them?

    • Daniel Funk says:

      Um, have you ever heard of a guy named Bill Clinton? Famous for his sexual offenses and misogyny? Where was your righteous indignation then? How often do you find yourself defending Islam after a terrorist attack? Ever been to ANY Middle Eastern country and see how THEY treat women? I’m so sick of the hypocracy of the left. If you truly want to come to the defense of victimized women, please be intellectually honest and come to the defense of ALL victimized women.

  24. Ron L'Heureux says:

    Obama won two elections in a row by landslides, you racist creep. Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million, admit it or not. Illegal voting has not been proven in any way and not one Republican governor accepts that charge in their state. Grow a brain.

  25. PVB says:

    Nothing to see here. Television news is on it’s last gasp. In another 20 years it will be all but gone. The younger generations vastly prefer online content and the news programs are getting their butts kicked all over the place when compared with online alternative news sources. Congratulations to PMSNBC for being the winner of a dying medium.

  26. Ron L'Heureux says:

    For crying out loud, the FBI says something entirely different as do some18 federal agencies! As do the British intelligence services. They reported this to us last October! There are thousands of FBI agents around the globe investigating this fact. There are grand juries that have handed down indictments as we speak. The FBI says that they are zeroing in on a WH member who is close toTrump. Open your eyes and your minds for once.

  27. Ron L'Heureux says:

    No, what you righties don’t understand is that progressives and liberals simply are not addicted to political discussions like you are. We are not rabid media consumers the way the left is. We are more interested in living life than being glued to political talk. You ever heard the saying that getting liberals together is like herding cats? We don’t all move in march step. That said, those huge marches around the nation and in Washington after the election were a turning point for Americans and a wake-up call. Millions of us said no to Trump’s policies and tactics. You can sit in your denial for as long as you like, but that doesn’t change the facts. America and the world are becoming more liberal, according to polling. We support gay rights and marriages, we welcome foreigners and we understand that they aren’t taking our jobs, automation (robots) are. Whether we are Christians or atheists, we believe in what Christ preached in the bible. Love they neighbor, take care of the poor and infirmed and turn the other cheek. As Christ said, Treat the lowest
    in society as you would treat me.

    • Daniel Funk says:

      You are sooooo right! Hey Manchester England; turn the other cheek!! That will show them and end terrorism for good. If ISIS only knew how much we loved them they would go away. If America just opened its boarders, the drug problem would disappear completely because, of course, the drug cartels south of the border are TERRIFIED of open boarders. And don’t forget that wages for American workers would naturally increase because, logically, we have a long history of to paying immigrant workers higher than normal wages which will cause wages for American workers to become more competitive and increase as well. Oh and the thing about Progressives and Liberals being more interested in just living life as opposed to watching the news? Very smart. I mean it’s brilliant because I always find the less I know about the world and how it works, the easier it is to defend my uninformed idiotic ideology. Loved your post.

  28. Amazing! Especially after her disastrous performance on election night! It was somewhat entertaining. Maybe that’s it.

  29. Sparky2 says:

    Just curious, why is the results of this survey based on people from 25-54? Don’t older people count? Don’t they buy a lot of good and services for advertisers? Reason I say that is the poll showed Fox News still has the majority of viewers, yet the headline is MSNBC wins because they select just a certain age group? Why don’t they measure 25 to 40 versus 40 to 54 and see how that’s measured?

    • media maven says:

      In the TV Industry, (Adults) A2554 is the coveted demo to target. This demographic has the most spending power and most willing to try new brands. Older viewers are far more brand loyal and unwilling to try to new products. When advertisers purchase media, this is the demographic they most often target. If you’re #1 with A2554, chances are you’re #1 in ad revenue. FOX News tends to skew much older than MSNBC or CNN so they have more viewers overall because they have many, many more viewers aged 65+. In the TV industry it’s all about A2554 and/or A18-49 – those are two most wanted consumer targets.

  30. Sparky2 says:

    Fox News has to bring back Bill O’Reilly. His big plus was the ability to logically explain issues, which when that is done, leads to conservative results. Tucker is good, but, like Johnny Carson, no once can take O’Reilly’s place. For the good of the country he should return.

  31. Ari Manuel says:

    There is a rumor going around that Rachel ‘raving’ Maddow once inhaled.

    • jamt says:

      Given that she is alive, and inhaling on a regular basis (and exhaling!!) is a requirement of life, I certainly agree with you.

  32. Ari Manuel says:

    Thanks to Rupert’s two idiot sons, the slide at Faux will continue unabated. If the two idiots think garbage like The Five (more aptly The Zero), will produce ratings wins, well so much for inept dunces
    whose daddy owns the business.

  33. Misery loves company…just like when Barry was prez, FOX ruled.

  34. L'Heureux Ron says:

    Extremely well said my friend. Too bad the righties will never be able to comprehend you statement or ant rational views. They live in a world of BS and hatred.

    • Daniel Funk says:

      Because there is not even the slightest tinge of hatred in your second sentence in that post….can’t you see the hypocrisy? Let me guess, all ‘righties’ are stupid and all ‘lefties’ are enlightened and brilliant. Is that how you view the world? If so, then who is it that is truly living in a world of BS and hatred. I am definitely what you would call a ‘righty’ but it might surprise you I am pro-gay marriage, every once in a blue moon I agree with something Bill Mahr says (one of the more intellectually honest ‘lefties’ I’ve heard) and I think Sean Hannity is a total loone. I think if people just looked at the world a little more logically we would be surprised how often we actually agree. And let’s be completely honest; MSNBC is the Left’s version of ‘Fox News’. They lean as far left as Fox leans right.

    • John Newhouse says:

      So says a loon on the left who actually thinks that the Russians stole the election despite President Obama in December and Sen. Diane Feinstein (last month) both stating that there is no evidence that there was any Russian interference. But hey, what ever gets you through your bitter, intolerant, and hate-filled daily existence.

  35. L'Heureux Ron says:

    Examples of what exactly? Your question is incoherent. Typical righty.

  36. L'Heureux Ron says:

    Hahahahaha! Trumpsters never like intellectual thinking! OMG, you need your thinkers to be dumbed down. Well, you elected someone who fits that catagory. He shoots himself in the foot every day. He can’t keep his mouth shut or his phone in his pocket. Today it’s been reported that he is hiring a team of lawyers to protect himself from himself. I hope you morons enjoy the coming grand jury indictments!

  37. L'Heureux Ron says:

    Hey genius, ever heard of facts? How about Neilsin ratings. How about the way the entire television business functions? You see, ratings are a very serious matter to TV advertisers and the networks. Those critical ratings determine how much advertising costs.

    Regardless of what you right wing nuts think, it’s all very scientific. Billions of dollars depend on them. Your disagreement with those numbers is meaningless. I, by the way have been a liberal since long before MSNBC. I also believe in science and verifiable facts, not wishful thinking.

  38. L'Heureux Ron says:

    Wow, you are a really disgusting, classless and clueless woman. You don’t know the first thing about my education or intellegance. You are a typical trump supporter. Stupid and low class.

    • Daniel Funk says:

      Dude. I’ve read most of your posts. You talk about how ‘righties’ are full of hatred and hate women. Your comment here is so confusing because you just called a woman disgusting, clueless and classless. Only those with the weaker argument need to stoop to attacking the personal character of their opponent. You are a hypocrite of epic proportions. Read your own posts and try to be a little more consistent. (Hey, look at this! A ‘Righty’ defending the honor of a woman from a “Lefty”. Happens much more often than you think…)

    • John Newhouse says:

      If ratings really mattered, MSNBC wouldn’t still exist as they were in the basement of ratings since 1998. What matters is the cable subscription fee that they receive.

  39. Connie says:

    Not exactly. People aren’t watching. They’ve changed the channel. This so called increase is people forgetting Fox and the Resist people awaiting instructions from MSNBC. Any blip upward for MSNBC is a temporary fluke. Resist is a fad. It has no staying power.

  40. posi211 says:

    I think someone letf the TV on msnbc. No way is she getting more eyeballs. Have you ever tried to watch the show? It’s unwatchable. We all slow down to look at the accident and the horrors it creates.

    • thecommunic8r says:

      you’re such a stupid and insane person. She is probably using too many “big words” for you and so you don’t understand her. Trumpistas never like intellectual thinking

      • JusPardi says:

        Maddow can use all the big words she likes, but apparently her fans like a good fictional story.

  41. HMencken says:

    It’s funny that the only way MSNBC and Maddow could get better ratings was if Fox News tanked. It’s just a matter of time before another Fox-like news alternative shows up and Madow and Co. can return to the basement they usually shared with CNN.Yes, progressives, sadly it’s true. Their ratings didn’t improve because the quality of what they broadcast went up but because the better quality choice is now being run by people like you.

  42. Ron L'Heureux says:

    Rachael Maddow is #1 because she’s going after Trump with the actual facts. She’s reporting what’s being uncovered by the American press. People are disenchanted by the horrible state and actions of the administration. Today it turns out that Trump not only tried to get Comey to drop the Russia investigation, but he also tried to get the director of the National Security Agency. anyone who thinks this is fake news better buckle up. This will go to court to be proven. In fact, Comey and the Agency director discussed how Trump approached both f them. Fox new is in deep trouble. All those sex offenders and propagandists there have finally been exposed.

    • tally says:

      It is because of people like you, who will believe whatever negative and made up from the press.

    • Malcolm says:

      Did u really just say “actual facts” reported on by the “news”you mean Washington compost & its anonymous sources!! See that’s the problem with leftist,, when you actually show them evidence ,intent,& wrongdoing,( Obama ,Hillary Clinton, podesta, A frankin) it’s Shrugged off, as if it doesn’t matter what they’ve done .,they meant well !,so oh well!. but when it comes to people on the RT thats completely different.. hearsay , innuendos , & speculation is now all thats needed for u to b tried by the left & its msm puppet show !! Not one shred of evidence in the yr obams was snooping n digging, just the fact he has done buisness with russians & flynn gave speeches for $ bfr even being part of TRUMPS administration is plenty for msm & Dnc to willingly push a false narritive knowing u clowns swallow it like hookers!! I cant believe i was embarrassed by the small fraction of rep voters who chased the “born in kenya” crap,, with dems its opposite,, there is only a small fraction of you people who have enough common sense not to fall for the hype!!,,

      • ida tarbell says:

        Most of the people writing comments here believe that Fox is a real news organization. Its actually a right wing opinion organization. The Bozos like Malcom and ilk like him don’t seem to get it: They’re responsible for a lot. They’re responsible for Ailes and O’Reilly surviving as long as they did. Essentially, both men have always been in the opinionbusiness. O’Reilly is also in the ‘Killing business.’ His ghost writer re-killed everyone from Kennedy to Patton all over again. His books were essentially ghosted copies of books already written about famous American government and military types. Limbaugh, who does not work for Fox, cranks out these ghost-written books as well. More junk. I buried the lede. Its the American mainstream press that is burying Fox News, O’Reilly, Ailes (literally!) and the ultimate product of Fox and all the Righty Bozos: uneducated followers of the Donald Trump, who is running the GOP railroad into something like what the Whig party was in 1858-1860. Trump is too ignorant and unstudied to bulldoze the nation, he’s failing at it. He’s arrogant enough to think he can. Trrump helped take down Ailes, O’Reilly, Trump. Anything Trump touches runs the risk of being poisoned. The GOP in the US is in freefall due to his stupid arrogance. From Reagan forward, this day was coming. The Donald makes all the GOP Presidents look worse than they uses to, because he’s the end product of what they created. Thus none of the GOP crop of Presidents and candidates were more than the hype ginned up about them. They’re more than Trump, by far, but they’re less than they were. The Right will come back. Fox will rise again. But if Trump isn’t thrown out by the GOP, their surviva and Fox’s survival are not certain

  43. J.P. Trinity says:

    I have to laugh at all the comments from the right wing rednecks calling this story false or just about to stroke out because their favorite lying channel (fake fox) is getting their clock cleaned. Maddow’s intelligence and insight make Carlson and Hannity look like whining sophomores. Good for MSNBC and it’s only going to keep winning

    • Ron L'Heureux says:

      Yes, actual facts. You know, the things that the media on the rest of the [planet also reports. You seriously think that Fox noise, the GOP’s propaganda machine is truthful or accurate? Shawn Hannity is trying to say that the young DNC worker that was found murdered was killed by the Democrats and that he was actually in league with WikiLeaks! Not one police agency or the FBI thinks anything like this happened. Hannity wants to take the pressure or the Russia investigation of Trump. The dead guys family is outraged at Hannity’s garbage accusations. Listen, when the chips fall at the end of all the numerous investigations, we’ll see what really happened. Likely Trump will face impeachment if not jail, too. Wait until Flynn spills his guts about Trump, Manifort, Kirchner and the rest of the 18 people being investigated. You, Sir, are going to be left feeling like a sucker and totally humiliated. Time is running down on the end of this so called “Witch hunt”. Funny, that’s what Nixon claimed too!

    • Malcolm says:

      It’s not Magic goofballs!! Its the uninformed tuning in(obviously not to expand knowledge its msnbc lol) to hear dirt on PRESIDENT TRUMP! regardless OF 99% of it being completely false does not matter!,, the left is mostly made up of individuals who live for entertainment & make believe,,not truth & reality,,,,, heres some reality for the left” fox will always have a huge chunk of the viewer ship & will not dip!, but msnbc is a flash in the pan !its rating will drop again once the sheeple r bored ! (Remember they like entertainment not information)so watch all u want ,boost the ratings of comic book news till it shoots off the charts!, doesn’t change the fact that they (msnbc) are at bottom of the list for accurate, honest, non bias ,news several years running ! Big sis (cnn) is little better 3 slots .. while over 7 yrs running FOX has been at top of list for accurately delivering its viewers the news!!, its why independents watch as well as conservatives!!, dont believe me ask rachel madcow im sure she’ll give u the truth!! lmao, not!!!

    • Rick Charles says:

      You poor thing. Believing liberal and Dimocrat lies for so long. Whoever comes up with a Conservative channel will take away the top ratings again. Just a matter of time.

  44. Val says:

    Great news MSNBC… intelligent, factual, hard hitting news reporting & Dr. Rachel Maddow leading the way! Keep up the good work! #aCNNviewerThanksYou!

  45. I suspect more people are tuning into MSNBC for the Comedy aspect , who really takes them serious? you would have to be pretty damn stupid to go to MS LSD for your news. or to go their and expect to be getting News, this is the number 1 democrat party propaganda site. these are the people who gave Al Sharpton a soap box. they were scared he would use his race hustling scam on them so they gave him a show. Al Sharpton is a despicable racist who makes a living on causing racial unrest. he has gone from FBI Rat to fake preacher to race riot starter. anyone who would give Sharpton a show like that is of questionable character .

  46. Dave In Arizona says:

    “MSNBC Magic”? No, MSNBC BS.

  47. agcala says:

    The figures are probably exaggerated. Only bed bound people at hospitals watch Rachel Maddow. And that only until they can ask a nurse to switch the channel.

  48. ted martin says:

    Most people under 40 are cable cutters and can’t really be measured. MSNBC viewers are either old hippies, far left Hillary worshipers who believe anything they are fed or those stuck with cheapest cable service because MSNBC is always included in the cheapest service package.

    • FromMA says:

      I cut the cord in 2010 and have watched Fox on YouTube, I’m not measured. I jump on the MSNBC and CNN streams from time to time just to see what they are focus on (anti-trump 93% of the time), and the chat is 80% pro-trump and anti-MSM comments .

    • BB123 says:

      Exactly. I am 32 and recent cable cutter. I watch fox news live stream on youtube, but that’s not measured.

  49. ratings are polls dummy

  50. silicon barber says:

    When your main competitor who you have been trailing in ratings for years decides to commit hari-kari…then you sure will have a chance to be “#1″…whatever *THAT* means now.

    Is that lying sack of Sacrete Rachel Maddow #1??? Really??

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