‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Say Trump Adviser Kellyanne Conway No Longer Welcome

Kellyanne Conway Ivanka Trump
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Kellyanne Conway has in recent weeks become a go-to guest for many of TV’s news programs. But that may no longer be the case with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Mika Brzezinski on Wednesday morning’s broadcast said she believed the senior counselor to President Trump was no longer credible and would no longer make appearances on the program so long as she had a say in matters.

“I won’t do it because I don’t believe in fake news or information that isn’t true. Every time I’ve ever seen her on television something’s askew, off or incorrect,” Brzezinski said. Joe Scarborough, her co-anchor, backed Brzezinski, saying his sources indicated that the adviser was “out of the loop” at the White House. “She’s in none of the key meetings,” said Scarborough.

Both hosts indicated they felt Conway books herself onto prominent news programs but does not have the best information.

An MSNBC spokesperson did not immediately respond to a query seeking information about the nature of any kind of ban on Conway’s appearances on “Morning Joe.”

Conway has moved on to shakier ground in recent days. Interviews she did with Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today” and George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America” resulted in both anchors calling her responses into question. Earlier this week,  the federal government’s top ethics watchdog, Walter M. Shaub, Jr. , the director of the Office of Government Ethics, sent a letter to the White House noting that Conway’s recent public endorsement on Fox News Channel of Ivanka Trump’s line of products seemed to be  “a clear violation of the prohibition against misuse of position,” and recommended she be disciplined.

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  1. Diane Knight says:

    Why is hard for either host of Morning Joe to believe that the whole country does not agree with them. Well their egos are too big to understand that. The election is over and I would think your concerns would be in fixing the country the liberals almost destroyed. Kelly Ann Conway has more class than both hosts put together.

  2. Glenn Frazer says:

    It seems that on the Morning Joe show the rules are if the guest are more informing then the host they wont be invited back again. So that would mean the 20 people that actually watch the show will be punished.

    • Liberal snowflakes melt says:

      WHAT? They actually GAINED a couple of viewers? Oh, fyi it’s the Morning SHMOE! hehehe…..

  3. Mit says:

    I used to like this show but can’t take Joe or his side kick. I think I put up with her because she was nice to look at but the unintelligent remarks constantly spewing from her pie hole makes it all null and void.

  4. SPIKE says:

    I would watch Morning Joe while in the bathroom in the morning but what comes out of his mouth is too close in substance to my Number Two, so I’ll pass. Sorry, Joe, you’re not welcome in my home.

  5. Brzezinski is a classic Queen Bee and doesn’t like it when anyone takes the spotlight from her. She’s a dimwit. A classic punchline to a blonde joke. And at 49 she’s starting to look a little haggard.

    • Liberal snowflakes melt says:

      Well to be honest you would start to look haggard TOO if you were sleeping with the SHMOE!!

  6. ‘Brzezinski’ doesn’t Believe in Fake News? Then, why does she Dispense It?

    Kellyanne has No Need of enduring these 2 Buffoons’ Madness in Any Case.

  7. worthymagic says:

    Conway shouldn’t go on this fake Conservative’s show. All they are looking to do is trip her up. They don’t want to talk about the good things Trump is doing, or how we need to keep Illegal Immigrants OUT of this country. they have their own agenda and anyone who gets in their way or speaks out against them is a racist, when the truth is that just about everyone on MSNBC is a racist. They just can’t stand it that HILLARY LOST! They think we should let in everyone from Mexico. Save the world with your own money, MSNBC, not mine or anyone elses’

  8. Lisa says:

    I really want to know what constitutes fake news. How do we determine when news is credible or not? In this day and age, it’s imperative that one does not believe everything one reads or hears. Then, filter and weigh everything to develop one’s own theories about what’s real and what’s fake. But I’ll tell ya’, Trump’s tan is absolutely fake!

    • Mit says:

      The tan is absolutely fake!
      Easy to spot fake news, any news that doesn’t go along with “progressives”, liberals, Clinton, democraps agenda is considered fake news.

      • Deau Hickey says:

        Of course, it normal to be orange; especially for a carrot eating swilly robbit” like Dumald Trump!

      • gayla1957 says:

        Trump’s tan is fake? i never noticed a tan, or no tan. what does having a tan or not having a tan have to do with ANYTHING that matters? it’s like having fake boobs. who cares?

  9. David H. Eisenberg says:

    Morning Joe was my favorite political cable “news” show for many years. When it started, he dropped his red-meat conservative demeanor and became more moderate. I’m a moderate and I prefer that. It was refreshing to have a show where both sides could have a voice. But, over the years, I suspect the constant influence of his work-place companions and guest pressed down on him. It is hard for people to maintain their own identities when they are surrounded by those with one ideology. I expect he would admit it about N. Koreans, but not about himself. Obviously, Mika has had an outsized influence too and it doesn’t matter if they have a personal relationship too – the professional one is the one I care about, and it has pretty much ruined the show. During the campaign she once insisted that Trump was “psychotic,” and that everyone there knew it (the rest were silent). That’s not even remotely professional. She was as hysterically anti-Trump as the best of them and increasingly, he went her way. I am not a Trump supporter or hater. He shouldn’t be president, but neither should have Clinton. He’s what we got. Joe should try running his show if all his guests questioned and attacked everything he said, rather than deferred to him. That’s what Trump faces every day. Whether he can succeed or not may have more to do with things out of his control than in them, but we will see. In the meantime, I have long stopped watching Morning Mika, which is what it has become. So, Al Sharpton, who helped craft the racial rhetoric that led us into the worst racial divide in perhaps 40-50 years, gets a voice. Despite all the lies over Syria, Iran, the ACA, etc., people in Obama’s administration get a voice, but Conway doesn’t b/c she’s out of the loop. As if MSNBC only has people on who are right all the time. Stop.

    Truth is, I watch very little of cable “news” b/c most of it is one-sided one way or the other. But, he was an exception. I still watch The 5 on Fox, because at least they allow one liberal voice one and they can say whatever they like (Juan Williams is one of my favorites on the show), Dana Perino is basically a moderate although leans right, and Greg Gutfield is very funny.

  10. jackdeth72 says:


    Ms. Conway can either Tweet or whistle up some airtime at FOX any time she wants.

    Either locally at their DC station, WTTG: Channel 5. Or to link from there to FNC in New York. And reach five times the audience of MSNBC. Without their Bed Wetting Liberal BS.

  11. judy Kimball says:

    morning Joe? what a bunch of buffoons…. glad kellyann has time for more important people to talk to.

  12. These two cupcakes can’t handle a strong woman.

  13. Brad Lee says:

    Who cares? A guest with very little credibility booted off of a morning show with very little credibility. Mika the home-wrecker is a disgrace, as is Joe Scarborough. They all deserve each other. And BTW “Fox and Friends” is no better: Dumber, Dumbest and the Bubble-Headed Bleached-Blonde du Jour. Gimme a break. What happened to actual journalism?

  14. Phillip Areano says:

    Mika is not well liked, she has to say something now, to stay on the show. Mika is downsizing financially because of her comments about her Brown Shirts on Mr. Trump. She will be gone.

  15. stephen Hernon says:

    Morning Joe is annoyed because Trump still does not listen to him. He constantly told Trump what he should be doing since the campaign began. At each step he predicted doom for Trump if he didn’t change and at each step Joe has been proven wrong.
    I am sure his ratings are down through the floor ( as is all msnbc)
    Mika is a feminist and was a Hillary fanatic even though she know Hillary was always corrupt and selling influence Their show always had the usual suspects and Trump haters and have not changed.

    • jackdeth72 says:


      “Journalism” was inundated and taken over by the Liberal Democrat National Committee way back in the early 1960s. And their ridiculous spin of JFK and “Camelot”?

      And its only gotten worse in the years afterward.

      • Mit says:

        They’re pundits parading as journalist. They all predicted (guest included) a Clinton landslide, not one of them picked Trump to win. Shows you how in touch they really are. Should have listened to your brother Joe, he got it right.

  16. Bill says:

    Someone actually watches MSNBC? so who really cares. And Ms. Conway is a liar? While Josh Ernest was spewing sewage from his podium…Hypocrites, fake news and a rigged system. A double standard that only haters could embrace and propels media like MSNBC to hang on to the last of their twisted viewers. Makes me feel sorry for the folks who watch the station to balance out FOX and make their own decisions on what’s going on and what’s best for all Americans…

  17. no1hd says:

    Morning Joe. Has anyone noticed his ratings or the msnbc’s ratings. She has better ratings as a person then these added together.
    Understand I have never watched, never had a thought about watching and never will.

  18. mark says:

    “I won’t do it because I don’t believe in fake news or information that isn’t true. Every time I’ve ever seen her on television something’s askew, off or incorrect,” Brzezinski said …… just the same ole crap nearly every time with the lefties……always just generalities – never any exact quotes or examples to make a legitimate point…..left is so predicable and irrelevant…..pathetic as usual

    • Cheryl H says:

      Sorry, but there have been plenty of instances cited and quotes made to refute the many inaccuracies and outright lies Kellyanne Con-Job has made…and her boss, too.

    • CogtioXYZ says:

      Brzezinski’s co-host, Joe Scarborough, is a former REPUBLICAN congressman. But for you, Mark, anyone who calls out someone like Kellyanne “The Smiling Liar” Conway must be dismissed as a “leftie.”
      Are you sure you know your left from your right, Mark?

  19. Hollywood Mark says:

    “At least you know when you’re watching MSNBC or CNN that you’re getting the truth.” BAAAWWWWAAAWAAAA!!! what an idiot.

  20. Kinsey6 says:

    She’s never been even a bit credible. All she does is lie and spew right-wing propaganda from Der orangefarbene Fotzegrabber. I mean, “alternative facts”?… Really??

    MSNBC should never have even had her on in the first place being that they speak the truth and having her on reduces their credibility. She belongs on Faux News where every single thing they say is either a lie, propaganda, or disinformation. At least you know when you’re watching MSNBC or CNN that you’re getting the truth. I’m sure Breitbart, The Blaze, and Daily Stormer would all love to have her though.

  21. AnitaTaco says:

    When you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

    Just look at what this “job” has done to her! Look at a pic pre-election and one from this week, yikes! She doesn’t look well, time for her to take a permanent vacation. Her bags would be packed I already if were talking about the bags the bags under the eyes.

    45 supposedly hates quiet time and sleep. (You know, the time when most of us self reflect on the day, regret stupid things we’ve done, etc.) She looks as though 45 doesn’t let anyone else sleep either.

  22. J Russ says:

    The Putin Pawn Trump’s weasels and their weasel words and deflection’s are not an acceptable substitution for facts and truth. It’s the beginning of the end of the Trump era of facts don’t matter, and truth is only opinion, and either can be avoided with “alternate facts”. The attempted end run on the Flynn revelations has once again proven the value of factual investigative news coverage, without which we would have never known about Flynn. Real news is not Faux fake news for the hapless and ignorant gullible lemmings.

  23. Carol says:

    No longer credible? When was she ever?

  24. Liza says:

    Not a Trumpist, but his election was a boon for MSNBC and Morning Schmooze & Snooze, both of which were wallowing in increasing irrelevance. Trump has given both a new lease on life.

    • Lawrence says:

      Liza, agreed, but this is the way these things always work. The Obama years were a boon to Fox News, not to mention the alt-right, sites like Breitbart, Alex Jones etc. The GWB years before that brought us Colbert, Jon Stewart, Maddow etc.

  25. Clayton Betzing says:

    It’s about time after all she is the alternative facts ( Lies) Lady. I watch MSNBC because I want to hear and see Truth T.V. Trump people are tired of the bashing of their candidate, well get used to it cause you did it to Obama for 8 years and with Trump’s antic’s we’ll have lot’s to Bash !!!!! Couldn’t be more happy he is making all our indictments of him come true. So suck it up Trumpette

    • Fred says:

      Same with SNL. Ratings are very strong.

    • Liza says:

      Truth TV? Your comment made me spit coffee out my nose I laughed so hard. MSNBC is the left’s version of Fox. And how do you combat her “facts” (I do agree they are definitely Trump’s version) if you ban her? He should have her as a guest and fight those facts w/ truth; but that’s not the way the far left or the far right works, which is one of the reasons a lot of folks in the center sat on their hands on election day.

  26. Who watches MSNBC for news anymore??? Don’t care about Conway. Tired of the Trump bashing & being called “alt-right” or “nazi” when I disagree with those from the “ctrl-left.”

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