‘Mom’ Trades Emmy Campaign for $250K Donation to Planned Parenthood

Mom Planned Parenthood
Courtesy of CBS

Producers and stars of the CBS/Warner Bros. TV sitcom “Mom” have decided to make a $250,000 donation to Planned Parenthood rather than mount an Emmy campaign this year.

“Mom” star Allison Janney and series co-creator/exec producer Chuck Lorre on Thursday launched the effort to raise awareness of the threat to Planned Parenthood funding as the Republican-backed American Health Care Act makes its way through Congress. Janney and Lorre are expected to appear on “CBS This Morning” to encourage fans to donate to the non-profit family planning and health care org through a special link established as part of the “Mom” campaign.

“In Los Angeles County alone, we answer approximately 2,000 calls each day from people asking us for help,” said Sue Dunlap, president-CEO of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. “Across the country, millions of women and men are relying on Planned Parenthood health centers for their basic care — like birth control, life-saving cancer-screenings, and STD testing and treatment. We are committed to being here for them, no matter what. Generous support from our community fuels this work, and we are honored that the team behind “Mom” is launching this campaign at this critical time.”

Support for Planned Parenthood has become a rallying cry for activists and others who are organizing to fight aspects of the Trump administration’s political agenda. Planned Parenthood’s role as a provider of birth control and abortions has made the org a target of anti-abortion activists and some conservative lawmakers. The health care bill designed to repeal Obamacare would also bar access to Planned Parenthood services by anyone receiving Medicaid, a crippling blow to those in need of low-cost birth control options and women’s health services.

“Mom” stars Janney and Anna Faris as a mother and daughter who are both recovering from alcohol and drug abuse and other challenges. The show is known for its bold mix of comedy and drama in tackling real-life issues faced by people from all walks of life. Janney won back-to-back supporting comedy actress Emmys for her work on the show in 2014 and 2015. “Mom” was renewed in March for a fifth season.

Janney has long been an active supporter of Planned Parenthood. Lorre, one of TV’s most successful producers, has a record of supporting public health organizations including the Venice Family Clinic, where he established the Robert Levine Family Health Center in his father’s name. Faris is a champion of the Global Alliance to Prevent Premature and Stillbirth (GAPPS), a org devoted to preventing premature births and stillbirth.

Planned Parenthood serves some 2.5 million people a year, more than half of them in rural communities and areas underserved by affordable health care facilities.

The “Mom” team’s move to forgo traditional kudos campaigning in favor of social activism recalls the decision in February by UTA to table its Oscar-night party in order to make a $250,000 donation split between the ACLU and the refugee-oriented International Rescue Committee.

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  1. stvrsnbrgr says:

    “Faris is a champion of the Global Alliance to Prevent Premature and Stillbirth (GAPPS), a org devoted to preventing premature births and stillbirth.”

    Investigative journalism at its best…

  2. Alice Raymond says:

    Love the show & Planned Parenthood – good for them!

  3. ML says:

    I never used to be big on anti-abortion, until I saw the pain my two friends went through after each having abortions. And, of course, they did it for their husbands, who divorced them anyway. Abortion is only to make things easier for men. They try to say it’s a woman’s right and all that jazz, and that it’s hard to ‘raise a kid by yourself’ because they make it hard. Our system is still not set up for women to have children on their own. But our society is set up for women to kill their babies in order to keep a man around who will leave them anyway.
    The Nordic model is the more evolved since it goes after the father for child support and if he doesn’t pay, the child STILL gets money, in the form of official child support from the government. It’s not welfare, but support that is entitled to the child. This cuts out of the bs between the fighting parents and takes care of the child for a change.
    And here’s a novel idea, try birth control!!!

  4. Lisa says:

    Well gee, won’t this help make ‘Mom’ obsolete then?

  5. It’s a miracle they didn’t donate it to the 12 step cult religion!

  6. Liz says:

    What a load of BS!

  7. Seems I remember that in one season of Mom, the teenage girl was pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption. I wonder why they didn’t have her abort the baby to help promote PP agenda. So sorry to hear they’ve chosen to stand with the killing of the unborn. I will certainly never watch any of their shows again.

  8. racingphan says:

    How is killing an unborn child a choice?

  9. Marie says:

    It’s called pro-choice.
    Meaning some women decide to become moms.

  10. Robbie says:

    It would have been classier if there wasn’t a press release sent out about it.

  11. Coleman says:

    So the innocent blood of slaughtered babies is on the hands of Chuck Lorre and “Mom.” May demons haunt your dreams.

  12. Concerned Citizen says:

    It’s great to see that SOMEONE cares about women’s health, although PP DOES help men too, and not just women. Only 1% of PP actually goes to abortions, and cutting women off from health services should be illegal.

    • nohw says:

      Ahhh, the battle cry of “pro-choice” activists in an attempt to redefine what Planned Parenthood clearly is – a business that profits, predominantly, from the killing of over 320,000 human beings a year. Abortions at PP total more than $247 Million in revenue per year. That’s 80% of their health services revenue. Yet, you insist we still be forced to fund them. Breast cancer screenings, down 51.3% in the last five years. PAP tests down 64.7%. Prenatal care, which looks to be facing an eventual phase out, down 44%. HPV treatments down 37%. STD testing has declined 5.4%. Each of these services are readily available in multiple other medical facilities, without the funding of our tax dollars toward murder. Their business model is to profit off murdering the unborn. Stop calling infanticide “women’s healthcare” and stop calling it a “choice”. The child has no choice.

      The show “Mom” just paid for a fraction of Cecile Richards’ annual income at $957,952, as last reported in 2014.

      • fffan says:

        All citizens of this country are required to have health insurance. There is no reason for PP anymore.

      • Steve says:

        Stop lying.

      • Juno says:

        Wow. All that copy and pasting of “facts” from right-wing propaganda websites, yet you forget the most important one, that can be found in .gov website or library: “The Hyde Amendment” that states ZERO tax payer money goes to abortions. Please please please open a book and start considering actual facts instead of using your cult as proof.

      • ManOfBronze says:

        clearly you would rather live in a world with no choice whatsoever.

  13. Kudos to CBS & Mom “cast, crew, writers & showrunners”. Classy move!

  14. kat0711 says:

    Ugh can we keep our sitcoms and politics separate?

  15. Couldn’t help but notice that all the donors to this vile campaign are affluent whites. Must be nice not to be a part of PP’s black genocide plan. Thanks Chuck Lorre. Maybe Charlie Sheen was right about you, and you’re actually ARE a scumbag?

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      The government is still forcing sterilization upon Native American women. Way to ONLY include 1 minority. More women should get abortions. Look at what PP does, it’s not just abortions. Do some research before spouting your racist nonsense.

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