Fox News Says Megyn Kelly Has Been Released From Her Contract

Megyn Kelly Embeds

Is Megyn Kelly free to work for NBC News or isn’t she?

According to Fox News Channel, Kelly no longer has ties to the 21st Century Fox owned cable-news outlet. But a spokeswoman for the popular anchor says she is still working out final details with her soon-to-be-former employer.

“Fox News let Megyn Kelly out of her contract on March 9th,” the network said in a statement. Kelly’s contract was slated to end in early July. The Wall Street Journal previously reported the early termination of the terms that would keep Kelly from working elsewhere. She was last seen on Fox News Channel on January 6, when she signed off from her primetime show, “The Kelly File.” Leslee Dart, a spokeswoman for Kelly, said, however, the TV journalist remains under contract. “The terms of her termination are still being negotiated,” Dart said.


Megyn Kelly

NBC Could Shake Up ‘Today’ to Launch Megyn Kelly in Fall

The move would presumably allow Kelly to start earlier than expected on two new projects she is will lead with NBC News. And it could also allow her to appear at NBCUniversal’s annual “upfront” presentation, when the company makes its opening bid to sell approximately $6 billion in commercial inventory to Madison Avenue.

One concept being designed around Kelly is a new morning program slated to air at either 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. that will take up an hour previously allocated to NBC’s flagship “Today” program.  NBC is not planning at this time to associate Kelly’s show with its morning franchise, according to one person familiar with the matter, but NBC News Chairman Andrew Lack said last week after an appearance at an event organized by IESE Business School that the network had yet to determine final details around the new program.

Kelly’s other project is a Sunday-night newsmagazine that will have to be scheduled around NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” franchise.

A spokesman for NBC News Group declined to comment.

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  1. mark says:

    Noha Oppenheim should do the right thing , put her in the money spot and move Ms Gutherie or release her. The constant negative rhetoric during and after the election has caused their numbers to slip drastically. She actually looked like she was in pain during her interview with KellyAnn Conway a few days ago. News anchors are supposed to report the news , not inject their personal far left opinions.get over it and lets see what can be done if everyone works together. Remember , he was elected not for what he was, but for what he wasn’t.
    O yea, i;m now an ABC fan.

  2. NBC has no choice now BUT to put her in that 9-10 am slot. When NBC regulars heard, out the blue, of her coming on board during their segment, Al Roker went back to an earlier time slot and Tamryn Hall simply up and quit!

  3. p51d007 says:

    LOL, Kelly will have high ratings, for around a month, then when the new wears off…she’ll TANK.
    Even if she was able to have a daily 1 hour show, around the same time as her show on Fox, it will BOMB, not to mention Tucker Carlson’s ratings, in the SAME time slot are MUCH higher than Kelly’s ever were.
    She is like 99% of the women on FNC…eye candy. But, she burned her bridge during the debate.
    (Hopefully the other girl on FNC, Shepard Smith will be joining her soon)

  4. David Moore says:

    I only watch NBC during football season… so, while I used to enjoy looking at Ms. Kelly on FNC, it appears I will likely not see her again… unless she does a strip routine during a halftime event next fall!

  5. Mel Hardman says:

    Ms. Kelly really grew obnoxiously. So nice to hear she was gone. Too bad she didn’t take Shep with her, they compliment each other so well.

  6. Brian Stump says:

    So sad. I can’t say anymore.

  7. Rob Bennett says:

    Poor NBC They just can’t get anything right. She is and always will be a LOSER.

  8. Ala anderson says:

    Good riddence.

  9. aardvarkomega says:

    This has all the hallmarks of Theranos/Elizabeth Holmes.
    Everyone wants to see a woman succeed in a male dominated industry and are willingly suspending objectivity for fantasy.

    She doesn’t have any talent or marketable skills. Her success was based on where she worked.

  10. Bruno says:

    She is not a journalist, she is a model. And, once she assumes her real identity, she will be saw as a second rate one, as she is. So, good luck for her, and godd riddance. Welcome, Tucker – if we can see beautiful talking heads, we will whatch RAI – they are unbeatle.

  11. Justin Case says:

    The closet liberal heading to liberal NBC. Makes sense.

  12. Trace says:

    I’m still confused about why Kelly left Fox. The first hype made it seem all about money. Then she got all into a snit with Trump and became the news. Then she was pushing her book. And by the way, with all the “sisterhood” and marches going on about women and being strong and supporting other women, where was Kelly when Gretchen Carlson came out about Roger Ailes? Quiet as a mouse. No, hey it happened to me too, no, I have your back. Crickets! Then, her book comes out! Guess what? Ailes had harassed her too! Basically, I am no longer interested. No matter where she goes.

  13. spartacus jones says:

    When does she pose for Penthouse?

  14. The really shocking part is… who has missed her? What a mistake NBC has made – this is going to go down like Couric’s move from NBC. How long until Kelly is on Yahoo!?

  15. Matt says:

    Tucker has double her old slot’s ratings at Fox. NBC has to be crapping their pants.

  16. sailor2014 says:

    When she first went on-Air with Fox, I liked her a lot. Over time, she became insufferably arrogant and conceited. In high school, she was a head cheerleader. When she started acting like one on Fox and brought a better-than-thou attitude to her show, she became difficult to watch. I finally tuned her out.
    Even though I support Trump, it was not her attack on him per se in the debate that got to me, it was her making the Presidential debate all about her that I found obnoxious.
    She is supposed to be a professional. That was not professional. As time went on with her, she did not dress professionally, either. She always looked like she was going clubbing and just stopped by Fox do do her show.
    NBC is welcome to her.

  17. James B Collins says:

    Good riddance ! She is not a republican and never was. She is all about Megan

    Glad she is gone

  18. Perseus says:

    See exposed her lack of journalistic ethics by accepting employment at NBC. How could any credible journalist work there?

  19. John McGraw says:

    Why would anyone listen to this narcissistic sensationalist?

  20. Prophet says:

    NBC I got to say . . . you really deserve her. MAGA!!!

  21. Did anyone at NBC actually watch her on FOX?
    It wasn’t that good. There’s a reason she was sandwiched between O’Reilly and Hannity.

  22. punkyqb says:

    Maybe Brian Williams and her could do documentary together.

  23. NBC had the slogan “Must See TV”. When will the launch their new ad campaign, “Please watch TV, Please?”

  24. D3F1ANT says:

    LMAO! A morning show!? Talk about moving down in the world. And going from FNC to NBC is like moving from one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants to microwave burgers at McDonald’s!

  25. She left FOX because the conservative base couldn’t stand looking at her face anymore. Why would NBC pay for a face and talent that nobody wants to hear from? Bottom line, when Kelly took on Trump, her career was over.

  26. goldhands136 says:

    Megyn Kelly is so yesterday. She’s losing her looks, NBC and her deserve each other, not much life left in either.

  27. Jimmy says:

    What people like Megyn, who have huge egos, never understand because they see themselves as awesome, is once you betray the one who brung you to the dance, you become untrustworthy to both sides of the spectrum. This holds true for all situations in life.

  28. pauldia says:

    From FOX to Fake

    Good luck Megyn. “One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest “, redux starring. Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews and the Right Reverand Al Sharpton. Cameos by Mika and Joe. Bring your own Bleach and Purell.

  29. John Wilson says:

    You know–Meghan…Megyn whatsherface…Megan whatshername..Megan somebody…

  30. John Wilson says:

    I never got this chick.

  31. harry1420 says:

    her shows will bomb just like gretas. foxers are loyal to their channel and as long as fox caters to the trumpers it will be ok. whatever megan is getting paid by nbc is a penny too much.

  32. Gabriel says:

    It’s a shame what the media (including Ms. Kelly) has been doing to obstruct President Trump and his agenda. What they don’t know is the more they obstruct and insult him, the more we support him. Ratings for the anti Trump networks will continue to plummet….SPONSORS BEWARE
    boycotts of your products ARE NEXT.

  33. Roger Shrubber says:

    lot’s o’ money to through around at NBC….I predict she’ll not deliver the audience they are paying her for

  34. it doesn’t matter what she does….no one will watch her….no one likes her!

  35. jackson says:

    She is no longer one of the “sharpest knives” in the drawer … simply a former middle-aged news star fading into mediocrity.

  36. Bill Darcy says:

    Thank God I no longer will stumble across her on FOX.

    • Susanna Brabanat says:

      Am I the only one who sees “smug” in her every expression, every time I see her face n the media or on T.V.?

  37. Ledbetter says:

    Yawwwwwwwwn! The world has returned to normal without her interjecting herself as if she was a Diva Super News Castor – which she was NOT! I agree “no one cares”.

  38. Jeez, she is getting as hard to look at as Maddow. What’s the big deal about this bubble-headed bleach blonde?

  39. Julio says:


  40. RALEIGH S WOOD says:

    A sympathy post from a DRUDGE reader.

  41. monteen says:

    …and, no one cares.

  42. Guess I won’t see you anymore. Don’t let the door know hit you.

  43. aubreyfarmer says:

    A rat running onto a sinking ship. Is that insane or what.

  44. Stephen Haven says:

    Special coverage of late day events are now easy to watch. McCallum is a reporter.

  45. I fear Megyn has made a terrible mistake, so has NBC (but they are used to making mistakes)

  46. Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson’s ratings absolutely SMOKE what Kelly was producing. Goodbye to bad rubbish!

    • tucker carlson is really smart….you better know your stuff if you’re ever on his show!

    • PhySciTech says:

      MeAgain Kelly is fading fast. Her ship has sailed. Her 15 min. is up. Go home to your family.

      • aubreyfarmer says:

        Carlson needs to practice a few more facial expressions because he seems to be stuck on incredulity. I could be wrong. Perhaps Carlson really doesn’t believe what he is hearing most of the time. You would think that by now there would be very few outrageous ideas that would surprise him.

  47. Chad peppington says:

    can’t wait to miss her show

  48. Ill never watch her again. Ever.

  49. I don’t anyone who will watch that ego maniac no matter what channel she’s on. She had it all at Fox, but her liberal stupidity won the day. Now Can we get rid of Shep Smith. He’s intolerable.

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