Kurt Sutter’s ‘Mayans MC’ Pilot to Be Reshot, Key Roles Recast

Kurt Sutter

The FX pilot for “Mayans MC,” the spinoff to the hit series “Sons of Anarchy,” will be completely reshot as well as recasting certain key roles, Variety has confirmed.

In addition, Norberto Barba has been brought on as an executive producer and director. Kurt Sutter, the creator of both “Mayans MC” and “Sons of Anarchy,” was initially planning to direct but will turn his attention more to writing with Barba handling the reshoots. It is not known at this time which roles will be recast. JD Pardo has been cast as the lead, with Edward James Olmos, Richard Cabral,  John Ortiz, Antonio Jaramillo and Clayton Cardenas also starring in the pilot.

The pilot will follow EZ Reyes, a prospect — potential member — for the Mayans charter on the California-Mexico border. EZ will struggle with his desire for vengeance against the local cartel and his need for the women in his life to respect him.

Sutter wrote the script along with Elgin James. Sutter will serve as executive producer, with James as co-executive producer. The pilot hails from Fox 21 TV Studios and FX Productions.

“Sons of Anarchy” underwent significant reshoots before it premiered on FX in 2008. Scott Glenn was originally cast as motorcycle club president Clay Morrow in the pilot before Ron Perlman took over the role, with all of Glenn’s scenes being reshot. In addition, Emilio Rivera was originally cast as a member of the Sons before being cast as Marcus Alvarez, the leader of the rival Mayans MC. Rivera will reprise that role in the new pilot.

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  1. Elizabeth Harris says:

    Why not bring Jackson back , he can survive his crash ,lose his memory and start living his life as a normal person with flash backs of his old life. Then he gets spotted by his club who he don’t remember.

  2. Gretchen says:

    I loved the SOA and can’t wait for the Mayans. When is this set to air????

  3. Derp says:

    Wondering about the violence, why don’t you look up who Elgin James is.

  4. Marcia Mason says:

    Don’t want to wait longer for Mayans MC, but FX and Kurt Sutter know what works. They want it to be the BEST it CAN BE!!

  5. SANDY TORRES says:


  6. Mark munoz says:

    Can’t wait for the series to start.

  7. dikuh says:

    Oh geez everyone get off your high horses. In SOA whites were the lead “EVIL BIKERS”. this isn’t a target at Mexicans. It’s a damn spin off, get over it. This isn’t political its a TV show! Everyone has the ability to watch, don’t watch, turn your TV on, turn it off, change the channel. All his shows come with a warning for mature audiences so if people let their kids watch then they are the idiots not Sutter. It entertainment!! Not your cup of tea? don’t watch!

    • The Truth says:

      When did mature entertainment turn so violent? That’s what you think is for mature audiences? It’s like they gave the guy who used to pour lighter fluid on a ant hill and set it on fire and made him a showrunner to pollute our culture with. Trust me if Charlie Manson was not in prison he would be a showrunner on a FX show. It’s really a bad time to spread this violence and a great time to lead the people with love! Don’t make muder and rape and guns seem cool!!!!!!! Please!

    • The Truth says:

      M.C.clubs are not racial, Sutter is trying to make them that, that is a lie!

  8. John Rider says:

    This is the one all the Trump people will love, let’s make the mexicans into evil bikers great idea! Why not do a “To Sir With Love” style show with a mexican teacher? That’s what we need not this violent show, let’s be the good guy’s and show the way. Please!

  9. thetraveler2014 says:

    Shows do this all the time and Kurt Sutter is a known perfectionist. No one should be surprised or alarmed by this.

  10. John Rider says:

    Kurt Sutter is all violence and ass shots. That’s what get’s him ratings. This is a show for knuckle walkers, like SOA, it’s really evil to put this stuff out there for our kids to watch, shame on all you guy’s hope your karma comes back at you and your family.

    • Knuckledragger says:

      For your kids to watch? If you’re letting kids watch SOA maybe you have a parenting problem? Now, let me go bandage my hands and head back to my cave. Dumbass.

      • Vina Pereira says:

        Hahaha! Thats pretty funny….coming from a cave…lol… I loved SOA but even though I live in a cave too, I wouldn’t want my little ones watching it…they have enough to do, out there foraging for dinner. They are too tired to be up that late!

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