#BlackWomenAtWork Goes Viral After Bill O’Reilly, Maxine Waters Controversy

In this combination photo, Rep. Maxine

Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly and White House spokesman Sean Spicer elicited an uproar on social media on Tuesday after making separate comments regarding congresswoman Maxine Waters and reporter April Ryan.


Bill O'Reilly Maxine Waters Fox News

Bill O’Reilly Apologizes for Calling Maxine Waters’ Hair a ‘James Brown Wig’

After Spicer told Ryan to stop shaking her head during an aggressive exchange at a White House press briefing and O’Reilly suggested that Waters was wearing a “James Brown wig,” activist Brittany Packnett encouraged Twitter users to tweet under #BlackWomenAtWork.

“This happens to black women everyday at work,” Packnett tweeted. “Share your Maxine and April moments, so people don’t think this is rare. Use #BlackWomenAtWork.”

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Several prominent female influencers employed the hashtag to accentuate the ways in which black women in the workplace are perpetually treated unfairly, and to show just how common these types of occurrences are.

Waters herself used the hashtag as a form of resistance against O’Reilly’s remark.

“I am a strong black woman,” Waters wrote. “I cannot be intimidated, and I’m not going anywhere. #BlackWomenAtWork.”

First Lady of New York Chrilane McCray used the hashtag to highlight the discrete yet significant discrimination against black women in the workplace, citing her own experience and sharing similar experiences of others.

“How long have you worked for the City?” An innocent, yet telling question after I welcomed guests  to City Hall,” she tweeted.

Actress Jurnee Smollett followed suit, tweeting her own observations about the treatment of black women in the entertainment industry.

“Me: hey I really loved this script..is that role open,” she wrote. “Them: On, we aren’t will to “go ethnic” on that role #BlackWomenAtWork in Hollywood.”

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown highlighted yet another harsh reality that black women face in the workplace, noting the gender pay gap that has remained a prominent issue in Hollywood.

“Eight years on network television as a series regular, paid essentially the same as a white, male guest star,” she said.

“Scandal” star Kerry Washington showed her support by retweeting journalist Ari Shapiro’s post explaining that he would speak to Packett about the hashtag’s rapid boom on Twitter.

“Love it!,” she wrote. “I will be listening and fangirling for all these,” she added.

Director Ava DuVernay tweeted out her solidarity as well, signalling the perseverance of black women despite adversity.

“Saluting my sisters telling their truth via #BlackWomenatWork,” she tweeted. “Onward for all of us. Queens, we can’t be stopped. xo”

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  1. Timely Comment says:

    It’s nice to have Bill O’Reilly and Sean Spicer to (White) Mansplain their Maxine Waters comments…

    The GOP can distance themselves from Black Women just fine— but President Trump (R) and his people sure are ‘helping’!

  2. millerfilm says:

    Twitter Activist = New euphemism for unemployed millennials.

  3. jmengele says:

    You people will never understand because you have gone all over the world with your greed & mean insults [along with your own failings] so y’all are just used to being a duck about everything. O’Reilly didn’t just make his corny joke about some anonymous black woman; rather, he said this about Maxine Waters. a long standing member of Congress who was TALKING. Because he could not accept WHAT she was saying, he opted for the easy way out, you know–the abusive ad hominem, so popular with white guys for the same reasons and therefore attacked her hair. He did not deal with what she SAID but rather it was her looks. WELL, WE DON’T LOOK LIKE Y’ALL. But, I digress. Getting back to the point, O’Reilly is as dumb as fuggs so he could not respond intellectually. Ergo, his stupidity emerged just like it did when he beat his wife in front of his kids, or when he lost custody of same kids, or when he sexually harassed the white women he worked with and had to be sued because of it. Glad he tried to insult Maxine because after thinking about this, I realized that I would rather wear a wig ALL DAY, EVER DAY than to have been known as a sexual predator as he is. What? he thinks we FORGOT. And, I would rather look like anyone on earth that O”Reilly despises than to have been hung so sparsely that I hated all women, white or black. One day, someone will snatch O’Reilly’s pants off and his well kept secret will then be exposed. Also, the apology that O’Reilly spat out is as sincere and HONEST as ALL the treaties you people have had the Native Americans sign and not ONE have any of you ever HONORED. Not ONE. UNBELIEVABLE—–BUT THAT’S JUST HOW YOU FOLK ARE. #MANSPEAK

  4. Frank says:

    Oh please it’s manspeak. They do it to each other also.
    Want to hear real hate….
    Try fat women and ugly women and old women. Hahahaha great sitcom.
    Sort of like the honorable classic gong show only with the best insults. ……
    Hahahaha. you’re sick.

  5. Troy says:

    Interesting, this article does not mention the Bill O’Reilly apologized for his remarks, stating they were made in jest and off the cuff but none the less inappropriate. Has this author of this article and publication ever heard of fair and accurate reporting? Apparently not.

    • Brandon says:

      Right. Bill apologized. Doesn’t mean much. He’s always tripping over some racial insult he spews regularly. He has a negative conception of People of color that is unrealistic and untrue.

  6. kat0711 says:

    Not cool, Bill. Anyone who makes fun of a black woman’s hair needs to watch Chris Rock’s documentary, Good Hair. I watched it when I had to start wearing a wig because I was curious where they come from and I had no idea what black women go through with their hair. I can’t tell if this lady was wearing a wig or not but it took every nerve I had to leave the house my first day wearing it. I know it looked really bad the first year or so until I learned how to care for it and I would have crawled into a corner and cried my eyes out if I heard anyone making fun of it. The thing that baffles me is that I always thought James Brown was wearing a lady wig…

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