ABC Gives Put Pilot Commitment to Family Comedy From ‘Last Man Standing’ Showrunner (EXCLUSIVE)

Tim Doyle
Courtesy of CAA

ABC has given a single camera family comedy from Tim Doyle a put pilot commitment, Variety has learned exclusively.

The currently untitled series would follow an Irish-Catholic family with a working class dad, traditional mom. and eight sons as they struggle to cope in the turbulent 1970’s. Ten people, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, one shower and zero care about “building a child’s self-esteem.”

Doyle will executive produce and write the project. He is currently set up under an overall deal with ABC Studios, which will produce. Doyle has a long history with ABC, going all the way back to his work on series like “Dinosaurs,” “Thunder Alley,” and “Roseanne” in the early ’90s. He also served as the showrunner on the Tim Allen ABC series “Last Man Standing” for three seasons, and most recently worked as a producer on the ABC shows “The Real O’Neals” and “Dr. Ken,” and is currently consulting on “Speechless.”

Among Doyle’s other credits, he has written for and produced shows like “Ellen,” “Andy Richter Controls the Universe,” “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Rules of Engagement.” He also wrote for Aaron Sorkin’s short-lived series “Sports Night.” He is repped by CAA and attorney Abel Lezcano of Del Shaw Moonves Tanaka Finkelstein & Lezcano.

ABC previously gave a put pilot order to a live-action “Jetsons” series with Robert Zemeckis executive producing. Based on the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the series would be a multi-cam sitcom set 100 years in the future that follows the exploits of the Jetson family. There have been various attempts to adapt the series into a film over the years, with Robert Rodriguez at one point in talks to direct. Warner Bros., which owns the Hanna-Barbera library, is currently developing an animated movie based on the series with “Sausage Party” co-director Conrad Vernon directing.

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  1. Disappointed says:

    I thought they cancelled LMS because ABC wasn’t going to do COMEDY shows on Friday night anymore, and there wasn’t any other time slot that they could move the show to. Now you are piloting a new comedy for Friday nights?

    So which is it ABC (Mrs. Dungey)? Cancelled because you don’t want comedy on Friday nights anymore or because you don’t want pay LMS what they are worth or because of political reasons?

    Just curious, it seems the elephant in the room the one you have been trying to cover up with excuses is looming his head…just sayin…

  2. Donna Reeds says:

    So you get rI’d of a shoe with 3 girls and one women and replace it with all men except for the mom. I loved last man stsnding. You think it is a conservative show,! Have you ever watched it? It is about women and blacks interacting with a conservative man. All sides are shown. What’s wrong with that. The writing is great too.

  3. Dee Willoughby says:

    Won’t make a bit of difference- they are off my radar and will remain so- their foolish decision to drop LMS put the final nail in their coffin- their daytime is horrendous and they have
    Nada at night – plus hearing some of the parks are in trouble- oh well -bye bye ABC

  4. Robert Esparza says:

    Dungy and abc are idiots who have a political agenda and they will do whatever they to protect hillary rotten. No more abc for me, and honestly everyone I have talked to feels the same. Dungy should be fired and it’s to bad iy can’t be picked up. I still watch the reruns.

  5. A says:

    I love watching “Last Man Standing”. So the moron who decided to not air the show. Please fired him, he doesn’t know what he is doing. Thank you

  6. Charles Hurst says:

    I like last man standing ,guess I’ll have to change stations

  7. Nancy Gordon says:

    I would rather watch a comedy…. Last Man Standing was funny… They say it was to political, but if you watched the program it delt with both sides of the political arena… And it was funny… We have to much violence, drugs, and sex yes I said sex on TV today we can sure use a release with some good old comedy. We should all be happy we are from America where we have freedom to choose not be dictated to. It’s a shame that because someone doesn’t like a political decision (made by the Citizens of America) that the executives of ABC kills a good and funny show… Grow up ABC…

  8. MS says:

    Dear Variety,

    Unless you are going to bring up something positive about Last Man Standing don’t use the keyword search bait like other low lingering media to make a completely awful point. You attempted to try and tie something together that that clearly your readership doesn’t care about. For questions concerning this look no further than comments below. You’ve basically wasted these people’s time with a story about the new job for the cleaning lady who worked on the set of 90210. Do something productive like make these voices heard about Last Man Standing or move along because there is nothing else to read here.

    Not cool, keyword search, hashtag, abuse, 8 million viewers

  9. Sharonb says:

    Who gives a “rip” ? We want Last Man Standing!
    You tell em Maureen ….I’m so mad I can’t !
    STILL BOYCOTTING (& all ur advertisers) !!!

  10. Maureen Duitz says:

    My family friends and I enjoyed the the Last Man Standing show. We will not watch any new sitcom that you try to replace the show with much less another throw back of the 1970’s ears. Not Interested!

  11. Chad says:

    Dear Variety,
    Who ever reads this please send this to Channing Dungey, the President of ABC Entertainment. I want her to know how big of a mistake she made canceling Last Man Standing!! Thank you.
    Dear. Mrs. Dungey
    How could you cancel Last Man Standing? Last Man Standing was the second highest rated comedy show on your network!! Last season there was an average of 8.1 million viewers!! You’re excuses for cancelling Last Man Standing is ridiculous!! If you were going “away” from Friday night comedy, why don’t you move Last Man Standing to a different night? Also, what’s wrong with comedy on Friday nights? After a long hard weeks work/school, people enjoy having a great laugh to end the workweek/School week! No one wants to watch drama or superhero shows on Friday nights!! We (the fans) know the real reason you cancelled Last Man Standing, it was because of Tim Allen’s political beliefs, even though the show had both sides of the political spectrum and it shows that everyone got along in the show!! If you, Mrs. Dungey, don’t change your decision to undo the cancellation of Last Man Standing, I guaranteed that your ratings on Friday nights this fall will go down because of the cancellation of Last Man Standing!! Mrs. Dungey, you really screwed the fans and the cast for not letting the cast of Last Man Standing do one more final season!! We (fans) will always STAND for Last Man Standing! I also heard that you guys at ABC and Disney are going to be laying off people because you can’t afford to pay them and because of bad ratings. Looks like we fans were right Channing Dungey!! You made a Huge mistake in canceling Last Man Standing!! And now you’re starting to feel the pain as we felt when you cancelled our beloved friendly family show!! I read an article that was posted about a year ago, a couple weeks before Paul Lee, the former President of ABC Entertainment, said about Tim Allen’s show, Paul Lee (ABC Entertainment president): “When I first started at ABC in 2010, I was obsessed with getting Tim back on the network. We courted him hard. He has such a palpable charisma and the ability to make an audience fall in love with him. He brought multicams back to ABC and comedy back to Friday nights, along with a dissonant voice that we didn’t have on the network that has resonated across the country.” After reading this you can’t say is was because of scheduling or can’t afford it. You, Channing Dungey cancelled it for your own personal political beliefs!! Goodbye

  12. Jane says:

    ABC….too little too late. Boycotting YOU for LMS. Buh bye!

  13. Rob says:

    ABC is a joke, yeah take off your best show. Your president should be bitch slapped. I guess I’m thankful that’s the only show I watch on AssBitchClueless I can’t wait until it comes on another show. I hope ABC falls so low.

  14. Matthew says:

    Last Man Standing and Dr. Ken are the best comedy show ever, who’s the dump shit that made that decision to cancel a show with great ratings and funny to watch for all ages. That person or persons should be fired. Are you kidding me that Last Man Standing was cancelled because of some words that was said, there is other shit happening in the world today, but no, somebody was crying over spilled milk c’mon man its 2017 not 1970’s. And why are you bringing shows from the 1970’s,80’s, and 90’s, they had there run and its over, lets move on. I want even waste my time watching them.

  15. ScrupulousLisa says:

    Last Man Standing is the best family comedy on for years and Im disappointed in ABC for allowing its cancellation. If it wasn’t canceled while President Obama was in office, WHY OH WHY is it now? I will no longer watch anything on ABC.

  16. Colleen says:

    Last man standing was the best show on tv. It was the only show i watched and will ever watchon ABC. Why they would cancel an amazing family show with great family values and a fantastic cast. It was a show for any age. It was funny and brought so much laughter. Thats what we need more than ever.

  17. Richard Arduini says:

    I think Last Man Standing was the best situation comedy on TV. Why it was cancelled baffles me. The morons who made this decision should not be in the position to make these decisions. Somebody needs to step up and bring it back.

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