‘Last Man Standing’: 20th Century Fox TV Will Seek New Home for Tim Allen Comedy (EXCLUSIVE)

'Last Man Standing': Studio Seeks New
Courtesy of ABC

Studio 20th Century Fox Television is looking for a new home for canceled Tim Allen comedy “Last Man Standing.”

Speaking to Variety Thursday, studio presidents Jonnie Davis and Howard Kurtzman said that they were surprised by ABC’s decision to pull the plug on the show.

“That’s the one that’s really an open sore right now,” Davis said. Kurtzman added, “We really were expecting a pickup. The fact that we didn’t get a pickup was a surprise and a disappointment. I think no one was more disappointed than Tim Allen, such a huge star with such a huge following.”


Last Man Standing

ABC Says Politics Played No Role in ‘Last Man Standing’ Cancellation

But the series, which was ABC’s second most-watched comedy last season behind “Modern Family,” may not be dead. Asked whether “Last Man Standing” would be shopped to other networks, Kurtzman said, “We’re starting to explore that. If it’s not going to go forward at ABC, of course Jonnie and I are hopeful that we can find another home for it.”

“Last Man Standing” faces an uphill climb in search of a new network. After six seasons, costs for the series are significantly higher than those for younger multi-camera comedies typically are. And the buying patterns of broadcast networks this development season showed little appetite for multi-cams among most of the Big Four.

Some streaming services have seen recent success with multi-cams, such as Netflix with “Fuller House” and “The Ranch.”

And the studio heads are encouraged by the fan support that they’ve seen for the show since ABC confirmed its cancellation last week. “We know how passionate our fans are, and we’re seeing that now,” Davis said.

Political and social conservatives have been vocal in their disappointment over the show’s end. Allen, its star and executive producer, is conservative and a supporter of President Trump.

Speaking to reporters Tuesday, ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey denied that “Last Man Standing” was canceled because of Allen’s right-leaning politics, and said that it was, instead, a scheduling decision. “Once we made the decision not to continue with comedy on Friday, it was just kind of that’s where we landed,” she said.

In its sixth season at ABC, “Last Man Standing” averaged a 1.2 rating and 6.4 million total viewers, according to Nielsen live-plus-same day numbers.

Allen on Tuesday, took to Twitter to express his shock at the cancellation:


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  1. Nancy Revill says:

    I was very upset to hear that “Last Man Standing” was cancelled. however I still think there could be a great chance that it could be picked up. Please don’t let a great show like this go by the wayside it’s got such unique characters and the writing is just wonderful. I have to lay in bed quite a while and lay down becsuse I’m in pain most the day and this show has really perked me up with something I’d like to watch. Will everybody please do their best to get this show picked up so we can have the enjoyment for many more years of ” Last Man Standing”. please work very hard to find a place for this show it’s great. Thank you

  2. Eileen says:

    This show rates at top with Modern Family. Put on wed nite line up wouldbe great!

  3. Eileen says:

    Love this show. Watch reruns every weekday. Cant understand why ABC not renewing. Some network needs to pick up this show.

  4. Kevin says:

    This show gave me a reason to watch prime time tv when there wasn’t any for so long. It is so entertaining on so many levels. I hope it finds a new home soon!

  5. George says:

    abc is DEAD to me and my family. It’s another example of if your night for the liberal cause your DEAD!!!

  6. Beverly Shearer-Merriam says:

    Just became a huge fan. CMT has all the old episodes and it is hands down the funniest show ever. Hope someone picks it up.

  7. sue Ludwic says:

    I am a fan of last man standing and very disappointed at the canceling of this show those who made this decision are totally stupid and don’t care about the audience.

  8. charles r. ernst, jr. says:

    I thought it was quite a well done comedy that a “conservative” Tim Allen could put out a show that consistently showed how idiotic many of his idea. Surely the Archie Bunker of the early 21st century.

  9. GG says:

    Love Last Man Standing. Excellent family value messages and love all the characters. Great chemistry. Laugh till my sides hurt. Please find a TV home. GG

  10. Mike says:

    Boycotts of ABC advertizers still ongoing

  11. les says:

    LMS is the only comedy I watch now. I just started watching Dr. Ken and then it dissapeard…What a bunch of liberal morons. Soon they will run out of viewers for their commie brainwashing shows.

  12. les says:

    Since when did the left leaning dolts ever tell the truth about their bias’.

  13. Barbara says:

    Barb Says:
    I agree with this comment. Most of the comedy shows are lewd and rude or just plain silly with no substance. We really looked forward to Friday night to watch LMS. I hope someone picks it up soon and I refuse to watch anything on ABC anymore. We have it unlisted in our programming. If we all banned them maybe they would get the message. I will also stop buying ABC advertising products.

  14. BJ Garris says:

    I have enjoyed every episode and think the humor and “life lesson” are jewels. Please find new home. There are so many horrible and sickening show Last Man is a treat.

  15. Rhonda L Williams says:

    This show was so entertaining, funny, and wonderful to watch. I am skeptical about ABC’s real motives for canceling this popular show. Tim Allen is so talented and the networks decision makes no sense!

  16. Marianne Petersen-Ries says:

    I am so upset LAST MAN STANDING was cancelled. Conservative or Liberal…that is one funny program. Find a home for this program, please.

  17. debbie nassif says:

    I am disappointed in ABC for canceling LAST MAN STANDING . They always get rid of the good clean shows. Please someone pick up this wonderful funny show..

  18. David Anderson says:

    Ban you say FOX Network!

  19. Kim says:

    So disappointed in the cancellation of “Last Man Standing!” My family & I do hope they find another network to continue the show. Not much on Tab these days to watch but this show changed that. Love Tim Allen & the Baxter family! Please let’s find them a new home!!!!!

  20. Deb says:

    ABC Stopping TGF? How stupid I that women? If it isn’t broke don’t fix it

  21. Jenny Gladden says:

    I love the show Last Man Standing….I AM NOT A CONSERVATIVE …I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN…But I do love to laugh, and Tim Allen makes me laugh.The show is well written, and well acted…IT IS FUNNY The show makes fun of both liberals and conservatives all the time……Geeze people…lighten up ! Politics shouldn’t come in to play on whether a comedy TV show stays on the air or not, If you are so insecure that you can’t laugh at yourself and each other then you are in sad shape people… If ABC doesn’t want to keep LMS then it is their loss….CMT should pick it up and if not CMT then somebody PLEASE keep this show on the air.

  22. Steve Schneider says:

    Television viewing has changed, there is no need for ABC, NBC, CBS, or FOX. You have the internet now, he could start his own streaming channel now like Glenn Beck and run it there. It’s a new world now!

  23. Jeanie says:

    ABC has lost another viewer. Nashville was a mistake the CMT benefited from as well as the viewers. Let’s hope some other network picks this one up. I just don’t watch ABC anymore. I won’t waste my time getting attached to a show when I know that they will randomly cancel it for a meaningless peice of trash show. Downward dog is awful… all the new shows are on ABC. Such a waste of a netwo that I used to love. It was my go to. Not anymore!

  24. 20 years ago I was at a mall buying a pretzel. A kid selling the pretzel said “your Tim Allen?” Since I look nothing like Tim Allen I said ” yes, well really I’m Mel Gibson” she looked confused. I just smiled and walked away. #LastManStanding

  25. Nancy Marrey says:

    Looking at ABC’s 2017 fall schedule, they have plenty of new comedies, including Roseanne ( now that was not family friendly, but it was garbage!). ALL ABC and affiliates done with me!

  26. Jack says:

    I for one am not only refusing to watch ABC but will go out of my way to not purchase any product advertised on ABC. Their version of the cancelling of one of the best shoes in decades is full of holes and mistruths. The new “leadership” should be ashamed because no one is buying her version.

    Fox should do the right thing if they care what their viewers want. Kudos to the writers,actors, and production staff on such an outstanding show!

  27. john gordon says:

    i would subscribe to any station that picks it up.

  28. Roxann says:

    ABC could have moved it to Wednesday night instead of airing a new unproven comedy “Downward Dog”?? Seems they dont like what Tim Allen had to say……Well, lots of us viewers did!!

  29. alex says:

    I am so upset! I love this show! So sad to see this go! I am hoping another network picks up this show.

  30. Tina says:

    ABC is sooo full of it! It’s their loss big time! Last Man Standing is one of the best family shows ive seen in a long time

  31. Marc dumay says:

    Please do not cancelle last man standing it s the best show ever. Tim allen and all the other are incredible. I. Am from Canada and Everybody loves it.

  32. Jen says:

    I had not learned that this show even existed until maybe the past two months when i ONLY over-heard its script from a different room. I didn’t even have to peek at the TV, I only asked my co-worker the name of the show playing next door. Got home, and as forgetful as I am, i did not forget to look it up on Netflix. I was so glad it’s on and still am! I was even more glad when I found out it was still airing! THIS IS A PHENOMENAL SHOW. HANDS DOWN! Outstanding actors, plot, stories. LOVE IT. And now that I’m finally all caught up, it’s cancelled? A show as captivating as this one should not have been cancelled.

  33. Brenda says:

    ABC does it again!! They cancelled Nashville and the fans fought and stood behind the show !! CMT picked it up😊😊😊😊😊😊 I hope another station will do the same for Last Man Standing.. watching the reruns now and love it❤️

  34. Harold Herd says:

    I do not believe ABC for one minute. The show was cancelled for political reasons, and now conservatives have no show to watch that supports our view of the world and government. It was the only show I watched on ABC, so boycotting ABC will be very easy for me. This will be my response to the cancellation by ABC.

    • les says:

      I am the same. Never watch their liberal leaning garbage brainwashing shows, LMS was the only one, now I am in defacto boycott of ABC.

  35. Just be Frank says:

    Such a great show…all sides got laughed at and also made their political views…ALL SIDES!!

    One of the most balanced shows I have ever watched that was fun to watch and you laughed at everyone from every angle. Also Mike Baxter was also honest about sitting with his daughters and even apologizing for being him, a dad that missed taking his own kids out now that they are grown up (like taking his grandson trick or treating when the Mom said No).

    Being on Fridays, I did not get a chance to watch it…when it came on Netflix, I watched all 5 seasons and bought season 6 to watch.

  36. Wendi says:

    I sincerely hope that the show finds a new home. It is a huge mistake on ABC’s part to alienate such a loyal fan base & a it will be a huge benefit to whatever other network picks it up. My entire family makes plans to watch both the new episodes as well as the reruns. I’m looking forward to many more years of the program!

  37. Anne dumay says:

    It was the best show ever

  38. Nancy Houke says:

    Last man standing was the only comedy sit-com that during the show I did a lot of laughing out loud. Hated that it was only once a week and only for a hour. Was so looking forward to the next visit with the family that keeps me laughing . Please somebody pick it up, before I watch the re-runs for the fifth or sixth time around. Senior fan

  39. Vince sanchez says:

    ABC you are a bunch of cowards, you should be ashamed of yourselves

  40. shinnstoneer says:

    The politics that canceled this show isn’t really the point that shows the bias so much as the 2nd most popular sitcom on the network has been banished to Friday for all of these years. Friday is the low rated, date for death or genre programming except for CBS who targets an older audience. Liberal bias has tried to kill LMS for years by shipping it off to Friday despite the ratings…ABC simply couldn’t take any more now that America isn’t in the left back pocket this year.

  41. Esther Speletich says:

    I am watching repeats on Hallmark channel. hope it gets picked up on a channel i can get.

  42. shingamix says:

    I would really love for Netflix to pick this show up!!! Nextflix has a lot of shows I like, The Ranch is also one of my favorites and Daredevil and Luke Cage. That would make me really happy as I am huge fan of Tim Allen and sadened by how all the tv shows that teach good values like Duck Dynasty and last man Standing are being ran off from television as a whole. Please boycott ABC!

  43. Cheryl Reisig says:

    Last Man Standing is a perfect Friday night family show! Great characters! Witty! Let’s find it a new home! ABC continues to demonstrate poor choices for family friendliness yet the big claim used to be they were the “family appropriate network”

  44. Susan Persoons says:

    Bring them back

  45. dianne conniry says:


  46. Marcy says:

    Why do the powers that be have to get rid of clean TV shows? I sure hope another channel picks it up!

  47. scott and vi findlay says:

    last man standing is in my opinion the best comedy show on tv. Fox should figure out how to pick it up. I would watch it over big bang theory it is that good.

  48. CLego says:

    Doesn’t FOX Broadcasting own FOX Networks? If so, why don;t they pick up their own show???

  49. Bruce Hoffman says:

    Cancel the 2nd most popular comedy on TV????? This doesn’t pass the smell test…..The genius of Tim Allen and the intellectual satire is unparalleled. Any network would be stupid to pass this one up!!!

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