Katy Tur, Hallie Jackson Get Expanded Duties at NBC News, MSNBC

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NBC News reporterrs Katy Tur and Hallie Jackson, who gained recognition on the 2016 campaign trail covering the campaign of President-elect Donald Trump, will get some new duties,  according to a memo from NBC News Washington Bureau Chief Ken Strickland.

Tur, who has been at NBC News for some time after working at WNBC and some regional TV outlets, will “anchor MSNBC’s 2pm hour through the first 100 days of the Trump administration.  More to come soon,” Strickland said.

President-elect Trump made a practice of pointing Tur out to attendees of his rallies.  Being insulted by Trump, she wrote in a piece for Marie Claire, “puts me in the strange company of Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal (Trump called him “dopey”), the state of New Jersey (“deeply troubled”), and a podium in the Oval Office (“not good”).

Jackson, another NBC News correspondent whose profile has risen during the recent campaign, will anchor MSNBC at 10 a.m., Strickland said, and was also named a White House correspondent. Jackson joined NBC News in 2014, after reporting for Hearst’s TV stations as well as Connecticut’s WFSB.

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  1. Dr. Shetty says:

    what I hate about her is her one sided shove it down your throat attitude which assumes no one has a brain. report the news don’t sensationalize the news. You have a stupid smirk that only speaks to your arrogance and lack of knowledge. Perhaps an island in the pacific for you and rachel Madwoman might save the viewers from nighty nonsense. I switched stations to CNN

  2. Jack Glover says:

    All of these negative comments about katy tur are literally just attacking her for stumbling words or being a female… or her face……. like for god’s sake her face is the last thing you should be crying about; look at half the news staff LMAO but anyway since appearance and word stumbling is a stupid thing to judge someone about how about keep her around because, well, she says what the news is which is like, you know, her job, and the whole point of what she does. Lol the stuff people complain about these days. who the hell cares?

  3. I absolutely LOVE Katy Tur !! the little misstatements aren’t anything that bothers me at all. I want to see and hear more from her. She is smart, witty, and her quickfire way of questioning is one of the reasons i watch when she is on MSNBC.. I say put her in 2 slots or more !!

  4. Grant says:

    OMG LOL…I see what you mean! Katy Tur is awful! She’s filling in for Chuck Todd’s MTP this week. On Monday’s show, she flubbed with the show’s open greeting. She started to say “I’m New York…Chuck…” Then corrected herself with “I’m Katy Tur in New York sitting in for Chuck Todd”. I really like the betting-game! Lol!

  5. Stephanie Robertson says:

    You have to reprimand Katy Tur…like the comment below, it’s true, she stumbles on her words, misreads her notes, is rude to her guests and her colleagues. She makes it very clear right on TV that she favors some journalists. She makes faces like she did just now as her guest wanted to finish what he was saying..she says and I quote ” Go ahead” with a sassy tone and and face!!!!! Get rid of her!!! She’s not credible to your great staff!!!

  6. Mazie says:

    Everyday, Katy Tur either stumbles on her words, misreads her notes, states incorrect factoids, bombard her guest (or whomever she’s interviewing) with a “machine-gun-like” 5 questions prompt…and doesn’t give the interviewee a chance to answer them ALL to her “got-you” questions. Now, as we are watching Ms. Tur, we made it a ‘betting-game’ of how many times she’ll goof-up in her hour segment (or when she’s filling in for someone else). I’ve already won $400 from this. Lol

  7. Stephanie Robertson says:

    I have to comment on Katy Tur. First I am an avid fan of MSNBC and all of your journalists and reporters, they are the best in the business!! Thank you. Now to Katy Tur, She is the “only” one that since her duties have been expanded, she projects herself to be rude, cocky, loud, inattentive to her fellow colleagues as well as guests on the show. Whenever it’s time for her show to be on, I shut the TV off. She is not credible to be on the same team!!

  8. Sharon Huver says:

    Did President Trump tell NBC to get rid of Katy Tur? They should have stood up to him.

  9. Clarence Smith says:

    Congratulations keep up the great coverage.
    Watch MSNBC always and glad to see that your work is being recognized!

  10. Joyce Green says:

    I strongly object to Hallie Jackson’s abrasive and arrogant manner! She talks too fast and is snippy and
    seems to feel superior to her guests.In these times we need the best reporters, not people who are
    trying to be a celebrity.

  11. joe prichard says:

    hoping katy will eventually take a pay cut…….become a member of the U. S. senate.

  12. Dom "The Beak" Pelicante says:

    Hallie “Boogers” Jackson an anchor? LOL.

  13. cadavra says:

    After literally putting her life on the line while covering Mango Mussolini–given how he would single her out for abuse, leading her to fear for her safety from the angry mobs–Tur deserves a promotion.

  14. Bruce Fischer says:

    Exactly the reason she needs to STAY on. Trump is ruining America and is a serial liar. His ties with Russia are frightening and treasonous. Hallie is a good reporter … keep her on to report the truth.

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