Jon Stewart on Trump Presidency: ‘Purposeful, Vindictive Chaos’

Jon Stewart Visits Stephen Colbert on
Courtesy of CBS

Jon Stewart returned to late-night on Tuesday to offer a blistering assessment of the first 10 days of the Trump presidency during an appearance on CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.”

“We have never faced this before: Purposeful, vindictive chaos,” Stewart said.

Stewart and Colbert giggled through a segment that featured Stewart channeling Trump reading new executive orders to come. The longtime friendship and comedic collaboration between Stewart and Colbert was evident as the bit veered from skewering Trump to a quick homage to Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon (via Carnac the Magnificent) and a quick nod to Jerry Lewis.

The first of Stewart’s three executive orders declared the official language of the United States to be “bull—-” — perhaps a call out to Stewart’s warning in his August 2015 sign-off from “The Daily Show.”

Another was to demand that China send America its Great Wall “COD, so Mexico has to sign for it,” Stewart said.

The final order affirmed “that I, Donald J. Trump, am exhausting,” Stewart said. “The presidency is supposed to age the president, not the public.”

With his presence and his incisive observations, Stewart seemed to try to reassure the audience that the country is strong enough to survive the upheaval already evident during Donald Trump’s 10-day tenure in the White House. He called for “relentless stamina and vigilance and every institutional check and balance this country can muster” to contain the President, given the policy agenda and behavior demonstrated since his Jan. 20 inauguration.

If the nation survives Trump’s reign without a major calamity, it will have “demonstrated the greatness of America, just not in the way I thought it would,” Stewart said, speaking as Trump.

Stewart has popped up a few times on “The Late Show” since Colbert took the reins in September 2015. Stewart is an executive producer of “Late Show” but is not a hands-on presence.

Stewart’s visit to “Late Show” raises the question about the status of his deal to deliver topical short-form content for HBO’s various platforms. He signed a wide-ranging production pact with HBO in 2015 after ending his nearly 17-year run on Comedy Central’s “Daily Show.”

Sources close to the situation said Stewart continues to work on a venture to produce timely animated programming using cutting-edge technology. Fans had expected that Stewart would use the HBO platform to comment on the raucous 2016 presidential election, but no material to date has surfaced. Sources emphasized that the technology is new and the production infrastructure is still being assembled. But Stewart remains committed to the HBO deal.

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  1. Gail Sawchuk says:

    Have the late night shows ever thought that there will be no chance in hell that President Trump will ever come onto their shows. Where will your ratings go then. It’s so sad to see what they all go on with, so we no longer watch them. If this is the only way you can increase your ratings, how sad is that. It’s very short lived.

  2. Jeff Barge says:

    Has this so-called couple gotten the help they so desperately need?

  3. Jeff Barge says:

    I am much more concerned about this commercial where a couple is lounging on the beach and the woman starts bullying the man about whether he locked the car and closed the windows to keep the pigeons lut. Also, both of them are ogling the pretty girls at the shore. That says something there. I think the couple is really headed to a Danger Store and deep therapy. I’m not sure they should be living together either. I for one would never tolerate this kind of bullying behavior. We must all stand up against the bulliles who can make life so ruff. He’s a hot man with a great bod so I am sure he will find a new sexual partner soon.

  4. Thomas Viard says:

    I saw it and it was not funny. It was just mean. And I’m liberal. Bring back the old Democrat party.

  5. Jeff Barge says:


    This is interesting but I am more concerned about that tv commercial which feature a man and woman on chairs on a beach. The woman nags the man, “You remembered to lock the cars, didn’t you? and he says of course. Then she asks “And the kitchen windows too, right? And he says yes but they viewers are shown a scene of the pigeons who had invaded their kitchen. Because he didn’t know how. Obviously this couple needs desparately. Oh, and also, he is looking at the hot girls going by — and so is she. I’m guessing there is some kind of domination theory involving the couple and I would invite the parties involved to set up a background screening for these two and if it ever becomes a three-way, the director and producers will need to be approved too. Stay warm!

  6. CalmDownSnowflake says:

    This show is too big for Colbert. He stinks. Stewart’s an asshole.

  7. TrashTV says:

    What an unfunny ass. Colbert’s show needs viewers. His show sucks.

  8. Truth says:

    He wasn’t funny at all. Same old crap from a little man on the wrong side of history.

  9. LindaW says:

    The only chaos is from liberal protesters. Jon remains an ass. How does he feel about Obama backstabbing the Jews on his way out of office?

  10. Kristin j macdonald says:

    Love John Stewart – he was awesome tonight!

  11. John Stewart needs to go crawl back into his hole.

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