‘The Jetsons’ Live-Action Series in the Works at ABC

The Jetsons
Courtesy of Universal Studios

A “Jetsons” live-action series has scored a put pilot order at ABCVariety has learned.

Based on the classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the series would be a multi-cam sitcom set 100 years in the future that follows the exploits of the Jetson family.

Robert Zemeckis will executive produce along with Jack Rapke via their Compari Entertainment banner. Gary Janetti, who has written for and produced shows like “Family Guy” and “Will & Grace,” will write and executive produce. Compari’s Jackie Levine will serve as a co-executive producer. Warner Bros. Television will produce in association with Nickelby Inc. and Compari.

The original “Jetsons” animated series aired for 24 episodes on ABC from 1962-1963 in primetime as a futuristic counterpart to the pre-historic animated sitcom “The Flintstones.” It followed George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy Jetson along with their robot maid Rosie and family dog Astro. The series was later revived by Hanna-Barbera in 1985 in syndication with 41 new episodes being produced. The animated “Jetsons: The Movie” was released in theaters in 1990. The movie was the last original “Jetsons” project produced until the 2017 direct-to-DVD release “The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania!”

There have been various attempts to adapt the series into a new film over the years, with Robert Rodriguez at one point in talks to direct. Warner Bros., which owns the Hanna-Barbera library, is currently developing an animated movie based on the series with “Sausage Party” co-director Conrad Vernon directing.

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  1. 8/1817 1:38a Variety Joel Otterson ”Jetsons” TV Pilot Warner Bros Studio
    A ”Jetsons” Live Action Series has scored a ”put pilot order” at ABC.
    What does ”put pilot order” mean?
    Is that Variety speak?

  2. Have Skywalker Sound do the post production and Industrial Light & Magic do the visual effects.

  3. richard h walsh says:

    I dont disagree with all the comments below….., however this has been in production since the 90’s …., christ originally Tim Allen was considered for George Jetson….., Danny DeVeto as Mr Spacely….., Susan Sarandon or Shelia Ward as Jane his Wife……., Judy was at the time open for a teen star….., and Elroy was to be someone new ……, the story was to relate to what the 90’s was going thru unemployment and cost and George needs to save spacely rockets from take over by Martians so they did not offend anyone……, it had some interesting things when I read it but need a real pro to make it work……., I still think it might work better for TV however the cost might kill it……. the main problem and I think no one will disagree is that the cost to take new works is the problem…. studios own the rights to all the old movies and shows and they dont have to go thru royalties to writers after the last writers strike…. and that is one reason we have these awful reality shows….. they cost nothing to make and you dont have much over head……, When they were doing the Munsters reboot I thought hey it could work…. however taking a page from desprate housewives and put a movie director on it was the main problem as well as some of the casting choices…… Speed Racer was another one that has been made into a cult hit….. at least they did not decide to go for a sequel

  4. Skippy says:

    I vote for Rick Moranis as George Jetson.

  5. JOE S HILL says:

    Nobody in this business today gets the message-STOP trying to do remakes of our classic TV shows! William Hanna & Joseph Barbera were animation icons and legends and Warner Bros. thinks that they can bastardize Hanna-Barbera cartoons by trying to make them into live shows like what Disney has already done with its classics! and even though this project is by the very TV network that aired the 1962-63 cartoon series, it still doesn’t make the damnedest bit of sense trying to waste time making a live action version of a cartoon series, much less Warner Bros. Animation’s previous and pathetic efforts to do things based on Hanna-Barbera’s classic cartoons, waste of time! these people will continue to ram their heads into a solid brick wall before they realize that trying to remake cartoons into live shows just doesn’t work! nothing that’s done today from our tired and worn-out Hollywood system will ever match or beat the superiority of Primetime TV 55 years ago, and “THE JETSONS” like many other Hanna-Barbera cartoons have no equals today, and it’s seriously pathetic to think that the Disney owned ABC has stooped to this level of desperation and stupidity, much less Warners insane ideas of trying to capitalize on Bill & Joe’s iconic creations and works! sorry ABC and Warner Bros.,but no way!!

  6. Pol Pot says:

    IT WILL FAIL LIKE ANY OTHER HALF-BAKED REBOOT IDEA. Only thing gaining viewers are the people watching the leftists commit violence on live streams on the Internet.

  7. Dave C says:

    Despite being a show about the future, the Jetsons is a postwar relic that has no place in today’s world. There’s a Youtube video that “recreated” the cartoon’s intro for an engineering company, and it was revised to the point that only the theme song remained intact.

  8. TheBull says:

    I wonder if any of us will actually live long enough to see them make something new again, and not simply rape the past for anything they can make a buck off of.

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