CNN Commentator Jeffrey Lord Compares Donald Trump to Martin Luther King

UPDATED: CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord raised a few eyebrows on Thursday morning by comparing President Donald Trump to Martin Luther King Jr.

Lord said Trump should be thought of as the “Martin Luther King of health care” during an appearance (via Skype) on Alisyn Camerota’s “New Day.” Fellow CNN commentator Symone Sanders, a Democratic activist, fired back immediately.

“Jeffrey, you do understand that Dr. King was marching for civil rights because people that looked like me were being beaten,” she said. “Dogs were being sicked on them. Basic human rights were being withheld from these people merely because the color of their skin.”

“So let’s not equate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner, to the vagina-grabbing President Donald Trump,” she concluded.

The former Ronald Reagan aide was arguing that the president’s efforts to rally support around healthcare reform is similar to King’s fight for civil rights legislation.

“When I was a kid, President Kennedy did not want to introduce the civil rights bill because he said it wasn’t popular, he didn’t have the votes for it,” he added. “Dr. King kept putting people in the streets in harm’s way to put the pressure on so that the bill would be introduced. That’s what finally worked.”

Lord returned to the cabler in the evening to address his remarks on “Anderson Cooper 360.°”

“I wasn’t comparing President Trump and Dr. King, who, by the way, the latter was a hero of mine when I was a kid,” Lord insisted.

“What I was doing was comparing their strategy. Dr. King quite specifically — and I knew this when I was talking about this on air this morning — was talking about creating a crisis,” he added before reading an excerpt from King’s Letter From Birmingham Jail about “non-violent direct action.”

“Donald Trump isn’t taking to the streets; he has the power of the presidency,” Lord said. “But clearly, if he withholds payments from insurance companies, which Wall Street Journal said would result in a meltdown, that’s a crisis. … So he is doing the same thing: creating a crisis to get to a negotiation. That’s the point. Period.”

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  1. Rose says:

    Jeffrey​ do you think Trump is praying on the Republican because he know that they and their fathers before them would have given up their first born to have control of all houses in government and Trump know that.

  2. Arati Dadgupta says:

    When I watched Jeffery Lord on CNN with Don Lemon , I was appalled at how low he would go to defend his most stupid and insulting comment about comparing Trump with MLK. He was so insensitive when Symone talked about her who she just lost, her mother with cancer and in response Jeffery didn’t even feel sorry and went on ignoring everything everyone (specially the black newscasters) were saying and repeating the same stupid rationale behind his comment. He is lowest of the low and is in the same company of the people he defends. If I were in that panel I would request not to work with Jeffery Lord ever again and also ask CNN to take actions to fire him.

  3. Rose says:

    Remove Jeffrey Lloyd

  4. Rose says:

    Remove these Trump people they all have issues

  5. Tax payer says:

    44 Real PRESIDENTS were staying at the White House, which by the way now with this so called “president” it’s DIGNITY has been tarnished and now is a DEN of evil! This individual is using my tax money to promote his business and to pay for his little evil’s trips to promote his businesses. This guy is working for himself and his family NOT FOR YOU! Republican disgusting party should be ashamed of themselves! 🐖🐖🐖

  6. Tax payer says:

    I still in shock how this so called “president” NOT MY AND MY FAMILLIY President! Was even allowed to run as a candidate! People like Jeffrey and the the lock of MORALS AND DIGNITY trump’s puppets republicans, are obsessed with this pig like he is god, disgusting trump is cutting many important funds like after school programs for our kids, to be able to spend that money and promote his properties, SHAME ON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, Congress have to speed up the investigation on this illegitime so called president, impeach him and send him and his Republican puppets to jail! So DISGUSTED!

  7. Rosie Townes says:

    This stuff is a joke and all of the 🤡 That have anything to do with this Crazy White mafia mess.. GO STRAIGHT TO HELL JEFFERY LORD YOU HAS BEEN.. There is a Special Day in HELL FOR YOU😡😈👿💀🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Tax payer says:


  8. Jermaine Williams says:

    An ignorant fellow to even suggest such a thing

  9. Al says:

    He is a idiot !!!!! I don’t know why CNN have him on. Almost everything comes out of his mouth is stupid.

  10. loco73 says:

    What a bloody wanker…

  11. Steve says:

    He said the METHODS employed — NOT the principles were similar. Did many of you miss that particular element? A loose analogy is our space program has it’s roots in the German scientists from Hitler’s Germany. If we make the comparison our initial space program is like WWII Germany’s, does that mean we support genocide? No. So, nor do his comments.

    BTW I didn’t vote for Trump, and generally think his policies are wrong.

  12. Ron says:

    I can’t believe CNN hasn’t removed Jeffrey Lord from their programming. What an insult to the Legacy and accomplishments of Dr. King. Jeffrey Lord must go!

    • If you’re going to make public statements like this, you should avoid loose analogies that compare leaders to Dr. King or Hitler because you will be either misquoted or misunderstood. Yes, a few people recognize the finer distinctions of the point he was trying to make but it was a clumsy effort. He’s proven himself as someone who shoots off his mouth carelessly and hurts people in the process. Your efforts to excuse what he said remind me of those who tried to offer excuses for other leaders who did controversial things; in the news cycle, everyone sees the forest and most of us do not stop to examine every tree.Jeffrey Lord forgets this and we don’t need you to explain that we’re wrong because we misunderstood his sloppy comparison.

  13. Marshall says:

    He needs to be remove from CNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Donald says:

    SHOCKING and is an example of BLATTEN ignorance and insensitivity !!!!!..he should be fired along with Spicer too!!

  15. Gregory says:

    Jeffrey is a spineless talking head!

  16. Debbie says:

    Jeffrey Lord needs to be removed from any seat st CNN and the news media altogether…… he has overstayed his welcome and makes absolutely no sense. The man is delusional.

  17. Catherine Platt says:

    What a joke! He’s completely self-obsessed. He clearly doesn’t give a shit about humanity. Declaring war in Syria was…beyond the pale

  18. Caroline says:

    Kind of funny that this Bernie supporter doesn’t even know that MLK Jr was a womanizer and cheated on his wife during their entire marriage. Oh the irony.

  19. michelle oden says:


  20. I guess common knowledge of Martin Luther King Jr’s extra-marital affairs is ‘common’ knowledge everywhere but press rooms and with the press.

  21. Philip Istre says:

    Maane Khatchatourian is the News Editor of Variety Nowadays I see more and more news reporters, news editors, advertisement writers, etc., all of whom should be English and grammar literate, use abhorrent grammar. “Dogs were being “sicked??” on them?? SERIOUSLY???? WOW!! The word “sick” is NEVER used, nor does it exist, as a verb! The word “sicked” does not even exist! Isn’t English Grammar a prerequisite for writers, journalists, advertising majors, etc.? Internet ad writers, and website builders are notorious for using ridiculously bad grammar and obviously wrong word usage and terminology. “login” for “log in”, “logout” for “log out”, “signup” for “sign up”, and on and on. If you’re going to report a faux pas to belittle or insult or embarrass someone, be careful of your own “faux pas(s). Whoever prepared this article, you’re far from perfect yourself. Other news outlets correctly used the word “sicced”.

    • persiphonia says:

      Where did you go to school? This is a perfectly legitimate word – the spelling sicced or sicked are both correct. Do not blame Symone Sanders for the fact that this article’s editor chose the alternate spelling. She used the word orally and quite correctly.

      • Keba Jackson says:

        Every article in magazines,newspaper’s,or anything written on the Internet is filled with misspelled word’s,improper grammar,run on sentences,and little to no punctuation. For the most part,we have become lazy depending on spell check,teachers not being able to take the extra time to make sure students understand the proper way a sentence is formed,and proof reading their work before turning it in. It will only get worse as English and proper grammar is pushed down further by educators believing kids should be taught more important subject’s and spend less time on those subjects that will fade away from core curriculum.

        I do confess and realize that more then likely I made some errors in what I am about to post but seeing as this is something I didn’t major in or get paid in for writing this gives me a little bit of a pass.

  22. skombolis says:

    Every time I see him he’s crazier than the last time. But it has to be a persona. I’m not taking the bait.

  23. Lisa says:

    Sometimes I’ll keep watching when Jeffry Lord speaks, just for the laughs. He has no idea how ridiculous he is, which is also funny.

  24. Carolyn B Baker says:

    WOW lord looks crazy ….obviously he is crazier than the mango-moron better known as #fakepresident.
    Trump isn’t good enough to shine MLK’s shoes. get over it. that’s two Black guys that outclass him and trust me there are legions more…where did all these dumb-a white folks come from anyway?

  25. beachmama777 says:

    Get this idiot OFF CNN. Why is he even featured on CNN? All he does is raise my blood pressure and pushes me to watch other news programs.

  26. Stripe Isom says:

    Are all repuubicans suffering from alternative facts. Trump has done nothing on healthcare thank God. His only try at it was a huuuuge failure and I am immensely thankful. All they want to do is strip all aid programs for low and low middle class people. Why would you take away meals on wheels, or increase premiums on the 55 to 64 who have to pay over half their income on premiums. The whole world has gone crazy because of a few greedy jackasses.

  27. shirley says:

    Our President is keeping his campaign promises and working for the people who voted for him and for the good of our country

  28. Joan says:

    I could not get past the fact that Lord said that in the first place. What am insult to MLK!

  29. James Foley says:

    What a lying sack of horse crap this guy is. The pomposity of this man is breathtaking and his ignorance equally so. I feel like gagging. Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I have to go take a trump.

  30. Evelyn says:

    To equate Trump, who is only interested in enriching the insurance companies on the backs of the middle class and the poor by taking away their medical insurance and only making it available to those who are healthy with high incomes and can pay the exorbitant premiums, to Dr. Martin Luther King, who was interested in bettering the lives of the downtrodden, less fortunate among us, is an outrage! Shame on him and anyone who thinks that’s legitimate.

  31. Alex says:

    When Jamie Foxx called Obama our lord and savior at some stupid awards show no one said boo. Trump is going to get reelected in a land slid.

  32. Helny says:

    This commentator says many “less than intelligent comments”….but, this one takes the proverbial cake! Please make sure he is not referred to as an employee of CNN with this stupid comment!

  33. Marty M says:

    Lord needs to see a physician specializing in early-onset dementia.

  34. bucktown says:

    I feel very sorry for our country, trump American Bigots are fucked, and should feel stupid as hell, trump American bigots he as reversed everything he was swindling you fucks doing the campaign!!!!!!!

  35. Dr. Daniel Porecki says:

    Jeffrey Lord must have had a prefrontal lobotomy. Nothing else can explain his brain(less) functions

  36. Either this idiot was joking or he’s as insane as Trump. SMDH!!!

  37. Mike Schwarzer says:

    Jeffery lord should be fired for the murder enabler he is. Trump promised better healthcare for everyone. Sorry – a man word should mean something. This jeffery should be kicked in the face for his gross stupidity.

  38. Erica says:

    How are you people still for 45? He’s an incompetent idiot who can’t string three sentences together

    • Things I Say says:

      Probably because they can’t string three sentences together either! He ‘speaks their language,’ as it were. TERRIFYING how stupid and misinformed so many people actually are.

  39. farside2012 says:

    Nobody cares what Symone Sanders has to say. Further, bringing up allegations of “pussy grabbing” is not the smart move in view of King’s well-known marital infidelities. Try something else next time. You know, like shutting up maybe.

  40. Mike Schwarzer says:

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL – What media garbage. Good for a chuckle. Nobody for a minute believe trump is anything but a bad president that should be impeached. And as more and more people know trumps show, he will not even make one full term. We will demand this illegitimate president is removed.

  41. James G Miller says:

    Ignorant white people will say anything to grab headlines.No journalistic integrity.

  42. this man now lives with trumps dick in his mouth…thats why he cant talk smart

  43. Leah Carmack says:

    TRUMP IS THE BOMB !!!! CNN (the failing CNN!) is the most racist and one sided fake news channel ever! They might as well call themselves, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER NEWS CHANNEL!!

    • Karena F says:

      Yup. He’s literally the ‘bomb.’ The bomb-dropping orange psycho who’s now ‘in charge’ because of the outdated electoral college. Do not forget that this freak did NOT WIN the popular vote, not even close. Your hillbilly red states’ votes counted more than they should have. The fact that you can sit there in your trailer trash La-Z Boy guzzling your cheap beer and your bad, prepackaged food and support this LOSER isn’t just pathetic, it’s horrifying. CNN is not ‘fake news.’ You are so incredibly stupid. All of you Trumpians. Pathetic idiots.

  44. Donna Bl says:

    Well I liked Dr. Martin Luther King, but let’s be honest, it’s been proven he grabbed a few vaginas that weren’t his wife’s. It’s on FBI tape.

  45. Dennis LaDow says:

    Well it’s about time someone told the truth on CNN, nice move Jerffrey.

  46. Jeffery is a idiot just like the rest of Trump followers. These Trump bigots need American History, Black hostory 101. Dr. King n other Black People marched for Civil Rights something we didn’t have. We already have health care but you want to take it. Geta life.

  47. louise johnson says:

    is jeffery kidding compare a man like martin luther to trump are you kidding boy the people who suffered in civil rights era would run you out of town for saying that to their leader who helped them if i was jeffery id immediately apoligize to those people such a shame i dont think even regan would have said that although he never helped the poor he never came up with that remark as i ever heard and im old enough to know that when regan was in office times wasnt good but they wasnt this bad

  48. Jim says:

    Guaranteed MLK did bad things but we don’t hear about them because they were covered up because of his cause for blacks.

  49. D says:

    Vagina grabbing? How in the world do you grab a vagina???

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