Makers of CNN Sting Videos Say Mainstream Media Is ‘On Notice’

CNN Jimmy Carr
Courtesy of Project Veritas

Project Veritas is dangling the prospect that it will release even more undercover videos that target mainstream news organizations. This news comes after the release this week of a series of secretly recorded conversations of CNN staffers.

Stephen Gordon, communications strategist for the group, said that earlier this year they “put a whole list of news organizations on notice.” He cited a statement made by the group’s founder, James O’Keefe, earlier this year at a Trump inaugural event, that “we are putting the mainstream media on notice.”

Russell Verney, the executive director of the group, said that they had no plans for major video released over the weekend, given the pending July 4 holiday.

In the latest video, a CNN associate producer, identified as Jimmy Carr, is heard calling Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Trump, an “awful woman” and saying that she “looks like she got hit by a shovel.” In the video, Carr also is heard calling American voters “stupid as sh–.”


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The video appeared to have been recorded at New York’s Landmarc restaurant in the Time Warner Center, where CNN has its New York headquarters. Carr, an associate producer on CNN’s morning show “New Day,” is drinking a beer as he converses with another man identified only as “PV Journalist 1.” CNN declined to comment. Earlier this week, CNN said in a statement that employees were entitled to their opinions.

Verney said that “as a general policy, we do research into where we want to do a story, and look for individuals we want to find information about online.” He said that Carr “probably wasn’t the first one approached” as they pursued the videos, and that what they were doing is working “our way up the chain.”

“A dream come true would be to have an undercover journalist at editorial board meetings every day,” he said.

Also this week, Project Veritas released another video of a second CNN producer, John Bonifield, who works in the health unit, in which he criticized the network’s focus on the Trump-Russia ties. And in yet another video, CNN commentator Van Jones is featured saying he believes the Russia investigation is a big “nothing burger.”

Gordon said that the footage released about CNN so far was all shot during the month of June.

Jones, in an op-ed for, said that he was caught making the comment outside of CNN’s Los Angeles bureau. He called O’Keefe a purveyor of posting “fake, doctored videos.”

“Did I mean that there is ‘nothing’ to the allegations that members of Team Trump colluded with the Russians and then tried to cover it up by firing FBI director James Comey? No — and far from it,” he said. “But that’s not what I was talking about. I have been consistently pushing my fellow Democrats to deal with bread and butter issues — and not just hope and believe Trump will be impeached and gone tomorrow. I have been beating this drum for weeks now.”

O’Keefe first gained notoriety in 2009, when he released videos of workers at activist group ACORN offices, in which employees appear to be offering advice to he and an associate on how to evade legal detection. In 2013, O’Keefe settled a lawsuit filed by an ACORN employee, Juan Carlos Vera, who said that the O’Keefe videos failed to point out that after he and his associate visited the ACORN offices, he called the police to report them. Vera cited California law prohibiting the recording of conversations without the consent of all of the parties. (Washington D.C. and New York, by contrast, require just one-party consent).


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Still, the videos had a huge impact on ACORN, as Congress voted to freeze funds in the immediate aftermath of O’Keefe’s video release.

Project Veritas has targeted news organizations before, including NPR. In 2011, two NPR executives resigned after they were caught on tape criticizing members of the Tea Party. The NPR executives were recorded in a lunchtime meeting with members of a fake Muslim group, on the guise that they were prospective donors. The recording stirred a new round of calls from some Capitol Hill to cut public radio funding, although that never happened.

Project Veritas is a 501(c)3 non profit organization, and it solicits contributions on its website. According to an IRS Form 990 filing posted by Foundation Center, it describes itself as a training, investigative, and educational entity. According to the filing, it collected $3.7 million in contributions and grants in 2015, the most recent year of reporting, and had total expenses of $3.1 million. O’Keefe, who is its chairman, is listed as its highest compensated employee, at $235,471.

According other filings, its donors include Donors Trust Inc., which contributed $594,000 in 2015. The group makes grants to charities that promote “limited government, personal responsibility, and free enterprise.”

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  1. sethmer1 says:

    American voters ate dumb shots. There I said it. Ohhhhhhh no.

  2. Jinxi Richow says:

    How ironic that a bunch of lying, partisan punks wh are shilling for right wing Caucasians is doing business under the moniker “Project Veritas.”

    These lying POS wouldn’t know ‘veritas’ if it bit them on their flabby, melanin-free arses.

  3. bob wire says:

    Veritas has become the original 60 Minutes and Trench coated, hidden camera Mike Wallace of our time…chasing down the truth from the scumbag Media who are like Zappa said “Only In It For The Money”…Chris Cuomo lecturing us on air “This Fake News ends right now”, only to have his own Producer caught telling the truth after hours–the hatred from this bunch (CNN) is astounding. Even tough guy Midas touch Man, Jeff Zucker is caught running away from the truth, complete with doormen, bodyguards and drivers running interference to the truth. Power and Huge Money has corrupted CNN beyond repair.

    All who view are like them now, for all now know the CNN Truth—its whatever Zucker decides for the day to be covered or made up. And the million dollar mouths (Cooper, Lemon, Blitz, Bash, Steltzer, Cuomo) just read what is written for them from above. Frauds. Keep it up Mr OKeefe, even the MSM wont cover this, for they know most of them are up next. The old defuse, deny, deflect routine is in play, but the enlightened now go to the net for their news, not CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS. Even Fox has jumped the shark.

    I’ll be donating to your cause Mr OKeefe…thank you Variety for giving this play.

  4. arokoe says:

    Kellyanne Conway is an ‘awful person’; O’keefe is a scam artist; CNN is very one sided; Fox News is majority full of knuckleheads; Breitbart News is full of liars. They are all hatemongers. All for the ratings and the popularity contests.

  5. Ram Singh says:

    I would not trust Lame Street if my life depended ob it. Lame Street Media is the reason I dumped TV years ago. Why pay good money to get Trash News? Now I only read news that come from proven sources.

  6. Wasted effort: “veritas” just going for publicity, not “truth”.

  7. Josaphat Watch says:

    Love it. Keep the truth coming, Veritas!

  8. Blondie says:

    Wow, MSM is MUCH worse than people think.

  9. AlfredoGarcia says:

    Ewwwwwwww… Sca-ry…. :D
    This latest Candid Camera opinion piece didn’t even come close to being a top Twitter trend, or even a top YouTube trend; even Faux News didn’t bother to cover it (maybe they’ll get a shout-out from Tuckface), and, hey, it’s not like there was any ACTUAL news today… Guess people really can smell the nothing burgers after a while…
    Honest question for ya, JO’K: is “reporting” what people already know worth all those legal entanglements? Oh, right, NBC, ThinkProgress, and others have reported how you’re ON TRUMP’S PAYROLL…

  10. Everyone already knows what contempt CNN and the MSM have for the public. This is just proof, as if any is needed.

    I believe CNN’s license should be revoked and they should be put out of business. I’m so happy to know that the 3 fiction writers were forced to resign. We are ready for all these fabulists to be given their walking papers.


  11. paully says:

    This guy should be in jail..

  12. RTF372 says:

    Calling Kellyanne Conway ugly and voters idiots? He’s just saying what anyone with a brain already knows. they think they’re going to sink CNN with this?

    • hammeru8989 says:

      Agree with the voters are idiots part, i.e you Liberals. The other part just shows you Liberals hypocrisy which is what you’re famous for.

    • I do not believe anyone thinks it will sink CNN, just pointing out the constant hypocrisy by party line toters. Look how idiots defend this assholes behavior? Because he is a Liberal, Liberals must defend him just like they have defended Bill Maher’s rasicm. Ask yourselves, would I defend these peoples bad behavior if they were Republicans or vice versa? Wake up idiots, the two party system exists to keep the dumb people fighting while elected officials of both parties rob us blind.

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