‘Homeland’ Star on Finale Death: ‘His Time Had Come Up’ (SPOILERS)

Homeland Season 6 finale
Courtesy of Showtime

Spoiler alert: Do not read until you’ve watched the Season 6 finale of “Homeland,” titled “America First.”

The season finale of “Homeland” was a chilling one — and though President-elect Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) did make it to the White House, a beloved character made the ultimate sacrifice to get her there.

Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) had cheated death once before on “Homeland,” but this time, there would be no saving him. Whether he knew it was a suicide mission driving a bulletproof car into a lineup of armed soldiers, Friend says Quinn always put the country first.

Here, Friend tells Variety about Carrie’s “sociopathic” tendencies, Quinn’s abusive past with Dar Adal, and what’s ahead for him.

How did you find out you were going to get killed off — again?

(Showrunner) Alex Gansa told me. He’s quite practiced at this. He’s had to kill off multiple characters over the years. I’ve been in the room when it’s happened. It happened to me last season when Alex said, that’s the end of you — and then had to call and say, actually it’s not. So this time, he had a wry smile: “Listen, I know you don’t necessarily believe me when I tell you Quinn is dead, but so far, he is.”

What was your reaction?

It’s bittersweet. For me it was a modicum for peace for someone who has been through so much and even though it wasn’t their design, could now finally rest. I felt that for him to continue would be almost a bit sadistic. I’m not really sure in what capacity that would make sense. It would be quite a cruel storyline. In a sense, I think his time had come. I had a slight of pre-sentience that his time had come up.

He died making the ultimate sacrifice, giving up his life for the president-elect.

There’s a debate as to whether when he exits the parking garage and he sees the only clear way off is blocked and the only way is past two dozen soldiers with automatic rifles and he’s calculating how many bullets the bulletproof windshield can take before it will give way. There is an ambiguity there as to whether he knows in that moment he knows for certain he can’t make it, or he’s gung-ho and he’ll make it as he always does. And it’s a surprise when he gets hit and he has to carry on. I think there is a sense of ambiguity about that.

What’s your take on it?

I’m ambiguous.

What’s his motivation? Is it an act of patriotism? Is he trying to save Carrie’s life, too?

In that moment I do think it’s an act of patriotism. The title “America First” pertains very much to that moment. You’ve got his life, Carrie’s life and the president-elect’s life and none of them matter more than the president’s, whether or not you agree with her politics. There is the act of protecting the office as opposed to the individual, which I think matters very much to Quinn. Honestly I think in the moment, if Carrie had not been Carrie but someone else lying on top of her, that would have been fine, too. It’s not about protecting what he believes in, it’s not about personal interest. Quinn this season about Quinn trying to say to Carrie, it’s bigger than one or two people and their feelings for one another. At least for him anyway.


Homeland Season 6 finale

‘Homeland’ Finale Includes Shocking Death (SPOILERS)

Keane’s dark side emerges in the end. Would that bother him?

Quinn has had zero contact with this woman throughout the season. He doesn’t know anything about her. For a soldier, that’s irrelevant. You follow orders from above and you protect the higher officers, and that’s the highest office in the land. It’s a no-brainer. In terms of Carrie’s dark side, that’s absolutely exemplified in the penultimate episode of the season, when she seems to be unable to process that her selfishness and lack of accountability in waking up a man from a coma for answers that he may well not even have, endangering his life for answers he might not well even have. She doesn’t seem to be able to process her own responsibility in that. That strikes me bordering on sociopathic, if not psychopathic.

She didn’t even speak at his memorial…

As someone who got to be effectively at their own funeral, the guy didn’t even get a bottle of whiskey on his grave? A firework or two? I would have sung a song. Said a poem. The letter at the end of Season 5, I actually wrote that letter. It has this reference to when Brody died and she went and put a star on the wall. The point of being in the CIA is you’re supposed to be in public service so you don’t get recognized publicly. The end of that speech was, don’t put a star on the wall for me. Don’t say some dumb speech,. So I was interested in, this person who shared so many years, what do they do. He doesn’t want a star, he doesn’t want a speech, but he saved the life of the president: What do you want to say?

And yet what breaks her ultimately is the photo.

Seeing a picture of herself. (Laughs.)

Their relationship has been a complicated one; Lesli Linka Glatter said they were so similar

There’s’s a major difference here and it’s come out in this last season. Quinn has the ability and desire to self-examine. To look at himself and say, Am I OK with the fact that I shoot people for a living? Am I OK with the fact that I live this empty connectionless, emotionless life? He questions himself. And tries to change and get out of these scenarios. And Carrie doesn’t necessarily have that ability. She looks at her behavior towards Quinn in Season 5 and makes it about her. Which is not an evolved soul. I do see a lot of differences on a moral code level between the two of them.

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You were certainly put through your acting paces this season, given Quinn’s injuries from the stroke and chemical poisoning.

It was very grueling. I was determined not to cut any corners and serve this man. I hope in some way to draw some attention to an underserved demographic in the real world and in the stories of television. The actuality of a returning veteran. The actuality of chemical warfare and its aftermath. The actuality of PTSD which has only recently been acknowledged by the army as a condition. We send people away and they come back and they’re put to pasture. They’re 21, some of these boys and girls. They’re done in the eyes of society and that’s incredibly unfair. I’ve had a lot of response from people who work with veterans, all of whom are overjoyed that it’s being talked about and not in a sentimental or patronizing way. That was an important thing for me. The idea that Quinn had integrity and pride and dignity.

We also learned secrets about Quinn’s past relationship with Dar Adal.

I think there is definitely sexual abuse in Quinn’s past. I think Dar was certainly the orchestrator of using Quinn as a sexual pawn in order to store secrets, to turn agents, to secure assets. I think Dar himself may himself have tried the merchandise. I think as we see he’s kind of unapologetic about it. He’s the closest Quinn has ever had to a father figure, and we learn that that father figure was abusive sexually as well as psychologically and physically. Just makes me wish he had someone he could call his friend.

There are two more seasons ahead for “Homeland.” What would you like to see?

I guess I can watch it again. I haven’t been watching it since I’ve been on. I’m excited to see what they do. Maybe they’ll be bringing some new blood.

What’s next for you?

Next for me is the blissful unknown. I’m very happy to not have plans and to allow my curiosity to be spiked rather than be forced.

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  1. Rox says:

    I am so mad you are off the show. I don’t even know if I want to watch Season 7 when it comes out.

  2. Just me says:

    I bawled like a baby when you passed…. I wanted to hold you, love you….. I wanted to make it all go away….. Stupid I was jealous of Carrie….. But how could she NOT love you…. You are an AMAZING actor… Thank you for letting me know Quinn…

  3. Hayley Perkins says:

    Rupert Friend, you amazing Man you!.. I have binged watched Homeland over the last few weeks. Quinn, was by far my favourite character.. He was just so satisfying to watch. BIG mistake killing him off.. I think we will see a fall in viewers in the next 2 seasons. Quinn and Carrie’s story line was just getting juicy!! WTF producers, just WTF???!!!! He could have been rehabilitated.. Why didn’t Dar get killed off instead.. He’s a prick!!!

  4. Nina says:

    Why? Why? Why did they kill Quinn? I hate that they killed Quinn!! He was my favorite character. The show will not be the same without Quinn.

  5. a squirrel says:

    Freaking depressing. I didn’t like him when he was first introduced into the series but once I got to know his character he became my favorite. I’m sure I’m not alone. What a mistake they made to kill him off. I hate to break it to the producers and script writers, but if you kill off favorite characters nobody will watch your series.

  6. Helen McNally says:

    I won’t be watching anymore Homeland without Quinn. He was the best reason to watch the show… I think they made a HUGE mistake killing him off!!

  7. clik says:

    Rupert Friend, an excellent actor and one of the most popular characters in the series, was killed off because he had become more popular with viewers than Claire Danes. It’s obvious Danes gets the most air time, the juiciest scenes, etc., and anyone who comes close to her in popularity gets axed or relegated to walk-on scenes. Good example: Mandy Potemkin, a great star in his own right, has become little more than a seldom seen father figure hovering in the background. In turning Homeland into a sort of Superwoman vs.Terrorist soap opera, the producers have lost all credibility – at least with me.

  8. P_____p says:

    The most tragic moment of “homeland” . I dont believe they had quinn killed i must say i’m very disappointed with this . There’s not going to be any interest in watching further seasons . They better bring back “peter quinn” the most beloved character of the series or it surely is going to fall

    • Vivianne Pancani Gandelhman says:

      You are correct They want Danes the most popular like a SuperWoman and Peter Queen stilled her
      Show with a incredible construction of his caracter ! The result ? : Poor Homeland now you died …

  9. Sigh says:

    I’m devastated they have killed off Quinn. Quinn was my favourite character across any movie/show ever. He was kind of like Bond to me but a soldier. So disappointed he is gone. As others have said, I did find it hard to catch him struggle this season. It seemed so unfair.

  10. Luciana says:

    Alex Gansa don´t know when to stop kiling characters in this series. I just hate this! Who will be next season? Saul, Frannie. Carrie? I don´t know if i´m going to watch the next season. Please, please, please, bring Peter back!

  11. Anita Slater says:

    This season was so disappointing; cannot believe they killed off the most interesting character. Glad I watched it on my treadmill; it would have been such a waste of time otherwise. Not sure I’ll be back for Seasons 7 and 8.

  12. Susan Doorman says:

    This season was Rupert Friends best I think he deserves best actor award. I was so mad he was killed off he was my favorite actor on the show.

  13. Vivianne says:

    I agree with them Season 6 totally boring Madame presidente elect too and Carrie and Saul this season very apatic without expression Best caracteres ? The amazing Quinn and the malevelous Dar ( a great artist ) I have not curiosity in White House gossips ….

  14. char k says:

    I hate what they did to Quinn’s character. I found it difficult to watch and I just wanted him to be his old self, This season really sucked in comparison to past seasons. I thought it was pretty boring.

  15. Blaine Moore says:

    Totally agree! They also need to get the show out of the White House! It is BORING!!

  16. Ray Bell says:

    I may not watch next season. Peter Quin was good. Hom make awareness about verteran issues was on point. I may watch tbe 1st 2 shows, but if it is not flowing good, then….. he made his character seem so real. Damn good job.

  17. Vivianne Pancani Gandelhman says:

    We hope so!!!!Donna!!!

  18. Donna says:

    Letting peter go without a “propper goodbye” was for a reason…
    No funeral, no speeches, no tears- i believe this “fog” is for a reason..
    That is not a proper way to say goodbye to
    Such a great character – who made season 6
    So wonderful to wach.
    They left many loose ends and holes.
    That is definitely not a good bye.
    Peter will be back.
    “Great hopes”- just like the book he red….

  19. See this producers and writers The Homeland ‘s fans are voting for the return of Quinn 🙄😜👋👍👏 I’m from Sao Paulo Brazil but A fan !

  20. Roxyjoe says:

    Not Homeland without Peter Quinn. I was ready to watch his struggle as a vetern, still trying to do a job while rehabillitating. So disappointing. The whole context of the show was the struggle of Carrie and Quinn attempting to do their jobs, all the while keeping their strong ties to each other. Killing off Quinn is destroying the only interesting storyline this show had to move forward with for two more seasons. The Saul and Carrie storyline in no longer viable since it became obvious Saul was willing to sacrafice Carrie over and over again, for his own agenda, or for others. Quinn never did that to her. Dar should have been the person sacrificed, which would have been so satisfying on so many levels. The writers blew it, totally…

  21. Warthogjump says:

    I cant believe Im not alone on this! Ever since Quinn appeared in Homeland he has stolen every scene!! Rupert Friend is such a great actor. I am so sick of people saying ‘big deal Quinn is dead; just because it’s a Tv show doesn’t mean it’s going to have a happy ending.’ Uhm yes ok, but Quinn was essentially the moral benchmark for the show. The one character who had the capability to see through it all; to see the big picture; to see what really mattered. Again, as others have said: Carrie and Saul are the same! Boring. Yes Both their characters are amazing, but with Quinn gone that moral foundation for the show is gone. What are we to test against what is right or wrong? Quinn wanted redemption; the writers brought him SO FAR and merely killed him off with no proper conclusion. I really hope that is to keep open the possibility of him coming back, because imo, the consequences and negative feedback for bringing Quinn back next season will be FAR LESS than the consequences of the show continuing without him!! Imho only but it seems many agree – what a great feeling :)

    • Vallerie Spears says:

      Total agreement! Peter was Homeland. Rupert created a fantastic character that people really connected with. He was the moral compass, not psychotic Carrie. The only character I enjoy watching and could not wait to find out what he would do next. It seems the show is moving into a political direction I would rather they not go. I’m probably not going to watch if that is the case. There is no other character that makes me anxious for the next episode. I don’t care about Carrie, Saul , Dar. or the President. Good luck next season Homeland.

  22. Valerie says:

    Peter Quinn what a beautiful and charismatic character. And really masterfully played by a deep, enigmatic and human Rupert Friend.
    As most people writing before me, I don’t understand why they decided to kill him. If I think back over the 6 seasons, they would have been cold and boring without his mysterious, reliable and addictive personality. He was the soul of Homeland, the so special charm that made me go on watching the series.
    So, really perplexed as what will come next.

  23. Pamela Max says:

    Rupert Friend: I hope that you have read all of the observations here about what a gifted, talented, actor you are. May you have a very long career which includes endless opportunities to keep us riveted in our seats. Thank you for sharing your depth and range with us; I am grateful that the creators of “Homeland” knew that you were the one in whom they could entrust the creation of Peter Quinn, whom we have come to admire and love.

    • Irv Gewirz says:

      What a wonderful post. With a few changes it could have been the eulogy missing at Quinn’s
      non-funeral !

  24. Judy McClellan says:

    Without Peter Quinn, Homeland will lose a lot of fans. He went through so much and made it, and now he is just gone, dead in season 6. His character was everything. I hope the writers can see that it was not in their best interest to take Peter Quinn out. They need to bring him back and he needs to last through all remaining series. He is the only reason millions of fans watch this show.

  25. Judy McClellan says:

    He was Homeland for me. I cannot bear to watch it anymore without Peter Quinn.

  26. JoeThePimpernel says:

    You knew he was going to die when he told Carrie “You have to let me go” and walked out into the blinding sunlight and disappeared in the glare.

    Kind of cliche’d, but it worked.

  27. Dre says:

    I am actually happy Quinn was killed off. His story line pretty much ran his course and how he kept rising back to life after everything he has been through was just way to unbelievable. Now we have a crippled solving terrorist plots, surviving a bomb, surviving a gun shot, surviving a gas attack…. it was getting ridiculous. I’m not going to worry about Homeland. Just when I think they ran out of story lines they come back with fire. I know I’m not the only one left guessing what they were going to do once Brody got killed then they created the best season of Homeland (Season 4). And also lets stop it with the whining about going back to DC. That is where everything began. I’m starting to think you Quinn lovers started watching the show later than us originals.

    • Pamela Max says:

      That figures that you are a “Dre”….you come across as a pompous, condescending, moronic twit.

      • Jack Garland says:

        Dre is a troll. I am 63 yr old heterosexual (not that it matters). Quinn was my favorite character, too!

      • Dre says:

        This is my first time seeking feedback for this show so its a shock to me that Quinn has turned out to be a fan favorite. But after reading through the comments I came to the conclusion his fan base is gay men/women. Quinn to me was a soulless soldier, robot that did what he was told. I didn’t hate nor love the character. I can see why you gay men/women love him though and here is why…

        1.He is the only youngish white male character on the show to consistently appear on each season. I get he probably look even more hot than what he is when standing next to all the old men geezers on the show.

        2.He actually had a love story attached to his character which is the main reason you gay men/women love him. There was nothing really interesting about his spy work, but he is the only supposedly handsome male character to get the love angle story and I bet all you women/gay men fell for it.

        3.He banged a obese chick which really turned on the women since all of you are insecure about your body and you thought it was nice for once to see the big girl get love on TV. The fact that it was Quinn romanticizing this chubby chick really got your panties wet.

        At the end of the day Quinn is easily replaceable as the “young, white, male stud”.

  28. Ann says:

    How can Homeland survive without Quinn? I hate the new storyline. Our hero’s are supposed to be fighting Islamic terrorists not the FBI. The young Islamic
    guy, used as a pawn and blown up was, nevertheless, the profile of a terrorist. Carrie is off. I hate the woman POTUS (a composite of the top 3 candidates) as much as I would have hated Hillary in the WH. To save Quinn again would turn it into a soap opera. They should have had him in oxygen rehab after the attack, back in the USA with the best physical treatment, not a lost soul at the VA. This was wrenching. I remember the first scene when Quinn was introduced and looked for him in every scene/season after. Rupert Friend is a wonderful actor. He owns the screen. Apparently the cast were thrilled to be in NY because most of them live there. Also Rupert’s role as Quinn was very physically grueling so maybe he was ready. He’s become my favorite actor Big or small screen. I can’t imagine how any change can possibly make up for losing his character. I will probably watch the opener for next season out of curiosity. Not with much enthusiasm though. Phooy.

    • Rebecca says:

      @Dre…The fact that you thought of Quinn as a “robot” seems to indicate you’re not getting the depth of this character who, yes was tough, hot and sexy on the outside…but was the “heart” of the show from the moment he came on the canvas. While Carrie, Saul, Dar think nothing of taking assets out…even their own friends if need be…it was Peter Quinn who stopped Carrie from ordering a hit that would have killed Saul who would have been caught in the explosion. He grabbed her and said, “Carrie…it’s SAUL.” Yet, when he was lying in a coma both Carrie and Saul chose to risk his recovery to gain information. Quinn was ordered to take Brody out but didn’t…when he saw Brody and Carrie together he didn’t have the heart to do it…instead he showed compassion for a man who had been tortured for years and the woman that loved him. He then threatened the guy who told him to take Brody out…saying, “I kill bad guys” and implied he’d have no problem taking Estes out if he thought he was up to no good. He was sweet with Frannie…he was devastated over his part in Astrid’s death. He loved Carrie…all this goodness from a man with a lovelss childhood who was used and abused.

      Quinn was one of the most amazing characters I’ve ever gotten lost in. If you’re reading these comments, Rupert Friend please know that your acting was Academy Award worthy…brutal, fierce, a man with a soul behind a gorgeous exterior…with eyes that conveyed stoicism and yet empathy, love, hurt, betrayal, resolve, defiance, fear…I was blown away (no Homeland bomb pun intended!) by the depth and range of your acting. Truly, the show lost its star. Just outstanding work. I’m going to feel Peter Quinn’s presence and the loss of him for a while…

  29. t.linn says:

    This season was a disappointment for me. The ending was preposterous and they killed off one of my favorite characters. If seasons four and five have been high points season six is definitely the low. One thing I will give the writers credit for is not making us sit through another one or more tedious episodes where Carrie goes off her meds. Hopefully we head back overseas for season seven.

  30. Blaine Moore says:

    Totally agree! Gansa, et al, really screwed it up. With Carrie’s lack of heart and accountability, along with the fact that who the hell wants another White House west wing show, they lost me and most folks I’ve talked to with this cockadoodie move. I was hoping Quinn would be the fellow Dar told Saul about during the prison visit, but I doubt it. I read an interview with Rupert Friend (Quinn), and he said they told him Quinn is dead.

  31. Eleanor LaFazia says:

    I am devasted!! Peter Quinn was the best character on Homeland. I am DONE watching the show.
    And can you explain to me why the actor who played him has never gotten any actors awards????? He is absolutely fabulous!

  32. They should do a prequel to Homeland and do Quinn’s full backstory. I’d definitely watch.

  33. Danielle says:

    Probably done watching the show without Quinn. Really bad idea to mess with the best characters in the show – especially Quinn. It’s really too bad, I loved the show.

  34. Jay says:

    Why kill Quinn off he was major character in show. Dissappointed.

  35. Debra Chavez says:

    I like Carrie, but I loved Quinn more. I hate to see him go off the show. Bring him back. He brought balance to the actors, most were older, except for Carrie.

  36. Ron says:

    Yes, just want to reiterate the very bad decision by the writers and producers to poison Quinn, give him a stroke, then kill him off! He was the best! Carrie’s tanacity should be used to fight the terrorists and defend and protect the country! Not defend them! I’m almost done with this program it depends on what they do next season. I hope they don’t portray the CIA and the people who defend this country as the bad guys like Hollywood likes to do! Hanna, whoever you are your comments cracked me up! Hilarious!! Lol! Ron

  37. Reggie says:

    I think Quinn is NOT dead. Throughout Homeland the intel was all about a play. Don’t be surprised he shows up in a mysterious appearance back into the show. Perhaps as the young fellow Dar wrote down to Saul while he was in jail.

  38. Vivianne Pancani Gandlhman says:

    Bad choice of killing Him ( Quinn) Because , sorry Carrie Mathison , we was the most great caracter , a trust one , with conscience and integrety , he was not ” only the mission ” as Carry and the others !!!!
    Better put him in a rehab clinic in Swiis thar kills him so stupid and frivolous …..

  39. Here’s an idea: Dar and Saul escape from prison (with all of their connections, it is possible). Dar recruits Peter Quinn’s twin brother, Sean, to bring down the fascist regime of President Keane.

    • Irv Gewirz says:

      As I started to read the comments about Quinn’s death I thought of a plot device to bring him back.
      But when I read your post I yelled “you stole my idea” ! (here it is: Carrie boxes up Quinn’s personal
      belongings and discovers an old childhood photo of Quinn and his undisclosed identical twin. Now
      present-day Sean Quinn works covertly for MI5…. viewers can guess the rest.

      • Lori says:

        I want Quinn to come back to Homeland…he is good for Carrie n she needs someone to keep her on the straight n narrow…a twin would be too much of a cliche. How about a cousin who looks like Quinn n just as bad…

  40. Stogi Punk says:

    Peter Quinn was the conscience of “Homeland.”
    Now it has none.

  41. Jeri says:

    “The idea that Quinn had integrity and pride and dignity.”

    Yeah. And Homeland is pretty short on the first and last there so –
    What’s wrong with dumping him in a Swiss clinic instead of killing him off? Sheesh man, bad move..
    That way you could at least resurrect him when Homeland flops – can’t see that it won’t now. (It’s not just that Quinn is dead – it’s become predictable in it’s ‘bad’ and Carrie, well – kinda boring.)

    You killed off the ONLY character we (certainly I) CARED for and dead is dead so you can forget any Dallas Dreams. Certainly one of the better shows on the box but I don’t think I’ll be watching any more. Thanx for the ride. :-)

    But wasn’t Abrahams just … magnificent!
    He made me feel greasy and rather queasy just watching him,

  42. Andrew says:

    Well thanks for putting that in the title of the story. Serious dick move.

  43. Celinda says:

    Bad decision killing off Quinn. Not interested in Homeland anymore.

  44. Shoo says:

    Man. Dark Adal is a monster here! Murray Abraham is a gem. Carrie has become so predictable with shaking chin, it’s no fun to watch her anymore. Saul Berenson beard is so thick, he needs Indian sik turban. And who said President is Hillary Clinton? She is clearly Donald Trump!!!!!!

  45. Blaine Moore says:

    I loved Quinn so much, mainly for the reason that he saw the necessity in what he did and had the commitment to follow it through, but also for the fact that he was painfully aware of his flaws and wanted more out of life. That is why I hated the last episode and don’t think I’ll ever watch again. Everyone loved watching Quinn. Hope for Quinn to have something more, whether with Carrie or not, has really been the heart of the show for the last couple of seasons.

    The great thing about Homeland has been its realism, but it has been far enough out of our immediate realm not to be uncomfortable. Now we are back in the states, with Carrie no longer in the CIA. The whole hook of the show was that viewers like to watch spys doing spy stuff; covert ops, international intrigue, the hope of relationships between the people protecting us.

    It looks to me like what we’re left with for next season will be a painful mirror of what is happening (or what could happen) in our current Presidential administration. I don’t want that. I want spys doing spy stuff. I can turn on the TV and watch Brietbart or Bill O’Reilly if I want a dose of horrifying reality. Plus, Keane is PAINFULLY BORING to watch. I mean really boring. The heart in the show is gone as far as I can tell.

    Carrie is the female version of Saul. She doesn’t want redemption and doesn’t see that she needs it. That is what makes her so good at what she does. She should have never been a mother because she can’t put Frannie first. She can’t be both. But she’s not interesting outside of the CIA. Quinn was. He wanted redemption and he didn’t get it. More importantly, fans wanted it for him, and they didnt get it. That ending really sucked in so many ways.

    Looks like Homeland is going to turn into The West Wing with cursing. No thanks. We have enough White House bullsh** in real life. Not interested in any more.

  46. Christine Glass says:

    Very sad—Peter Quinn was my favorite—it will not be the same without him. You have to wonder at the writers when they make these decisions.

  47. Mike says:

    Seemed that we spent the season waiting for Peter to die and hoping he would not and wondering how much more torture his soul could endure. In the end he dies an almost anti-climatic death but on his own terms….he is tortured no more. Rupert Friend should get an Emmy for his performance this season.

  48. Tammy says:

    I’m so bummed that Quinn is gone. Like others have mentioned, I hope he comes back…. not really “dead”. Please!

  49. Susan Stewart says:

    I’ve said to everyone of my friends that if they kill off Quinn, that’s it for me. I’m done with “Homeland”. And my friends agree!!! He, Carrie and Saul are the show. Without Quinn the triangle of excitement only has two sides. Dar is a contrived character. The writers manipulate him. There’s no core left. Somehow they have to convince the audience that Quinn’s memorial was a dupe to protect him from Dar’s duplicity and why Dar set him up.

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