Hillary Clinton Says She ‘Maybe Missed a Few Chances’ During Presidential Campaign

Hillary Clinton Final Debate
AP Photo/John Locher

Hillary Clinton sat down with “CBS Sunday Morning” anchor Jane Pauley in her first television interview about her new book, “What Happened.” The book chronicles her time running for the White House opposite Donald Trump, and she told Pauley that the moment the now-president started to follow her around the debate stage was “discombobulating.”

“While I’m answering questions, my mind is going, ‘Okay, do I keep my composure? Do I act like a president? Am I the person that people can trust in the end to make hard decisions? Or do I wheel around and say, ‘Get outta my space. Back up, you creep’? Well, you know, I didn’t do the latter,” Clinton said of the St. Louis debate.


Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton chats with Stephen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Tuesday Oct. 27, 2015 on the CBS Television Network.Photo: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS©2015 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

Hillary Clinton to Return to ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’

While the extended interview will be broadcast on Sept. 10, a preview was featured tonight on the CBS Evening News. In it, Clinton also opened up about more general struggles during the campaign.

“People say, ‘Well, we don’t know her’ – and I think my composure, which I have developed over years being in the public eye – has well equipped me for being a leader, because you should keep your cool, and you should be steady and predictable. But I think in this time we’re in, particularly in this campaign, you know, maybe I missed a few chances,” Clinton said.

Clinton will also be appearing on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.”

Watch the preview of Clinton’s “CBS Sunday Morning” interview here.

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  1. Roscoe Grable says:

    I still haven’t heard her say that she alienated almost 25% of America’s voters by calling them “deplorable.” Evidently she was able to process everything she hated about Trump in the few minutes she was on stage with him, but she was not able to think about name calling American voters in the hours she had to practice her speech. Trump never called her supporters names, just her.

    While I have everyone’s attention…why isn’t anyone talking about her crooked minister friend who ducked out of her church presentation yesterday after getting caught lying about plagiarizing his book about her? Hey Hillary not only did your minister buddy plagiarize, but he plagiarized other ministers. Maybe he was inspired by your “Bullets almost hitting you and Chelsea in Bosnia” speech?

  2. RangerLuna says:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s future legacy will come from her great literary trilogy: Part One: What Happened; Part Two: Why my Book Bombed: Part three: F..k the Glass Ceiling. Order your copies now through Amazon and get free shipping!

  3. Chris says:

    Hillary missed a lot of chances…she missed a chance to use a legal, government server, as was required, she missed the chance to have a required government email address (only official in history), she missed a chance to turn over all of her emails, as was required, she missed a chance to have Platte River (her hired IT specialist) turn over its emails, she missed a chance to properly account for $10 billion of funds that was supposed to be sent to Haiti from her “foundation”…she missed the chance over and over again to be honest with the American people and tell the truth! She’s a disaster, a despicable excuse of a public servant, a thief and a liar…and those are her good qualities!

  4. “What Happened: The Dishonest, Bitter and Delusional Rants of the Worst Presidential Candidate in History” by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ummmm…. no thanks.

  5. Davey says:

    Is this the gong show.

  6. theotherhanddude says:

    Missed a few opportunities? Nah, I don’t see that. She even got CNN to provide her with debate questions ahead of time. That’s certainly working outside of the box of normal politics.

  7. David5309 says:

    She didn’t miss any chances, the DNC missed the chance to win by nominating her. She is unelectable.

  8. Cindy Mcallister says:

    She copied all of Sanders platform and policy, pulls the rug out from under him, attacks his character as the DNC rigs the election. Now its his fault she lost? Is anything she or her husband say to be taken as valid or true? I lost respect for most Democrats for supporting these con artists and the prescripted top 40 pop performers programmed to do their bidding. Did they expect once a racist fascist dictator took over that voters would just fall in line? Trump is uninspiring no matter what!

  9. Jane says:

    Aghh!! My eyes! My eyes? Please, God, make her go away forever!

  10. Steve G says:

    You are a lying and corrupt person. I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

  11. Ellie says:

    I voted for you.

    Please go away.

  12. Joe says:

    You mean, when you barely showed up during the campaign? Perhaps, like you were entitled to the presidency? I don’t know how that would of affected the vote.

  13. CJB says:

    Wow. Hilly, sharp like a tack!
    Maybe stop sucking up to Wallstreet and Big Business.

  14. namely says:

    Trump was placed in office….not elected….smartmatic voting machines…..covertly through nazi hedge funds.

    Trump is no more than a PEZ Dispenser.

    Hillary answers to the same Rome-Berlin Axis that Prez Pez does.

    • BALONEY!!! A “smartmatic voting machine” (Great Britain/Venezuela) was used ONLY IN THE UTAH GOP PRIMARY!!! It was NOT used in the General Election, or in any other states, and it had NO BEARING ON ELECTING ANY US OFFICIAL!!!!!!!!!!

      • namely says:

        start with sequoia work through name changes and layers of ownership docs….get to the present.

        sandoz family trust and other dutch foundations,,,goes back to ig farben,

        see the light st geo

  15. Sunny Cassin says:

    Ugh. Please stop whining and blaming others.

  16. Burro b says:

    Simple. U r a cunt. Loser. Fake bitch. Terrorist supporter. Adulterer admirer.

  17. Tube Top says:

    Clinton is simply an embarrassment to herself, the DNC, her “supporters” and the country.

  18. Chris Cha says:

    Hillary couldn’t make an executive decision without a committee or focus group to save her life. She would have been a horrible president.

  19. John says:

    She didn’t “miss a few chances” – her whole campaign was pointless, badly organized, ignorant and she simply had no message except: “I’m a woman and we need a woman as a president!”

    Sorry, but this is not enough for people who have a lot of other problems, than the feminist ego of a narcissistic old woman.

    She totally failed.

    • Frank says:

      Que in where are all the haters of the winner they pooped out sic of whining.
      Nooooooo. Oh maybe they’re busy preparing their next protesting job.

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