HBO Social Media Accounts Hacked (EXCLUSIVE)

HBO Social Media Accounts Hacked (EXCLUSIVE)

Way to kick HBO while it’s down.

As if the Time Warner-owned cable network didn’t have enough problems to worry about with cyberattacks, a notorious hacking group took over the company’s Twitter and Facebook accounts Wednesday night.

“Hi, OurَMiَne are here, we are just testing your security ,HBO team please contact us to upgrade the security – ourmine .org -> Contact,” read a message on both social platforms at approximately 8 p.m. PT.

OurMine is well known for taking over Twitter accounts of a wide range of media accounts in recent years including Netflix, Marvel and Google. The damage doesn’t seem to ever extend beyond just demonstrating the group’s ability to take over the account.

In addition to taking over the main accounts at HBO, the Twitter account for “Game of Thrones” was also exploited. HBO managed to scrub the offending tweets shortly after they were posted.

It’s unlikely the OurMine attack is coordinated with the anonymous hacker currently embroiled in a weeks-long standoff with the network that has resulted in the leakage of unaired HBO episodes, “Game of Thrones” script and some internal documents.

An HBO spokesman declined to comment.

OurMine wasn’t the only problem HBO dealt with Wednesday. Episode six of “Game of Throneswas leaked to internet piracy sites, four days ahead of Sunday’s premiere. It was inadvertently published by HBO Nordic and HBO España services.

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  1. Emile O. says:

    Time Warner is such a train crash. Maybe AT&T should reconsider.

  2. Kaboom! says:

    The HBO “IT Department” is obviously a complete joke. And Richard Plepler, the CEO, is the face and voice of this failure. He needs to do some massive house cleaning of his employees, and quickly, or resign.

  3. Liam Scanlan says:

    Geez! When will it end?

  4. BMadison says:

    This is one of those “Wow, it would SUCK to work there right now!” moments. You KNOW they are swinging to the extreme, right now, every time there is a new incident. The paranoia and fear has to be exhausting.

  5. zenmasta88 says: did HBO a favor just consider that a big corporation like HBO can’t even hire competent cyber security professionals to keep their infrastructure secure. It shows you the stupidity of the people managing many of these companies. After the last hack there should have been a FULL SWEEP at HBO.

  6. your're right ryan says:

    This is just a run of really unfortunate situations for HBO. I wonder what the passwords are that they had compromised ? I think these attacks are only going to make the next accounts more secure… This isn’t the type of news GOT was wanting for their final shows. I think future shows need to be kept and transmitted the day of only, like South Park.

  7. tapping.tom says:

    Their confederate new show was apparently not liked by the masses or the hackers

    • BMadison says:

      Haha…the hack happened loooooooong before that press release they put out to begin the “controversy” that will advertise their next show, for free.

      It appears that your sense of how long things take and when they happen is as bad as the Game of Throne’s writers is.

      P.S. I am recognize that you posted that to get attention, and not because you actually believe it is the reason for the hacks. So, no need to ensure that I understand the concept of sarcasm.

  8. Hackers just unfair says:

    What did HBO ever do to the hackers to deserve this? Were they sexually assaulted by HBO?? Were they bullied by them??? Were they framed by them????? What the f is going on?????????

    • BMadison says:

      Please see the reply I accidentally applied to CplTruth’s comment. WHO PUTS THE REPLY BUTTON AT THE TOP OF THE COMMENT?!?!?

  9. CptTruth says:

    on the bright side… the episode was f’ing awesome

    • BMadison says:

      Umm…they produce what is widely accepted as the greatest television show ever made. GOT episodes are the holy grail of the piracy world. Once the Night King blew open their North Wall, a million White Walkers started pouring through into the Northern Kingdom. Unfortunately, HBO doesn’t seem to have any Dragon Stone, or Valerian Steel. Maybe they are still trying to mine it in Dragonstone.

  10. Spike says:

    your bad karma’s coming home to roost, you wankers

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