CBS on ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Exits: Network Made ‘Large and Significant’ Salary Offers to Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park

Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim
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CBS offered “large and significant salary increases” to keep Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park in the cast of “Hawaii Five-0,” the network said Wednesday after Kim said via Facebook that he was unable to come to a deal with CBS to return to the long-running series.

“Daniel and Grace have been important and valued members of “Hawaii Five-0” for seven seasons,” CBS said in a statement. “We did not want to lose them and tried very hard to keep them with offers for large and significant salary increases. While we could not reach an agreement, we part ways with tremendous respect for their talents on screen, as well as their roles as ambassadors for the show off screen, and with hopes to work with them again in the near future.”


Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim

Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park Exit ‘Hawaii Five-0’

Kim lifted the veil on the dealmaking process with a Facebook post Wednesday  asserting that he was not able to come to terms with CBS on a deal and that “the path to equality is rarely easy.” It’s understood that Kim and Park sought pay parity with the series’ lead actors, Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan. The fact that Kim and Park are of Asian descent while O’Loughlin and Caan are Caucasian added an inevitable racial component to the situation at a time of heightened focus on diversity at all levels of the entertainment industry. CBS executives were said to be troubled by the suggestion from media coverage of Kim and Park’s departures that race played a role in a business negotiation.

Industry sources said O’Loughlin and Caan are making about $200,000 per episode apiece for the upcoming eighth season of the show, produced by CBS Television Studios. A source close to the situation said CBS’ last per-episode salary offer to Kim was about $5,000 apart from the two lead actors, and CBS offered to set a new overall deal with Kim’s 3AD production banner. However, sources close to Kim said the differential was more significant.

The dispute on the difference in compensation levels may hinge on the fact that O’Loughlin and Caan have a small share of the backend profits of the show. “Hawaii Five-0” commanded a lucrative $2 million-per-episode cable syndication deal with TNT in 2011, although the show turned out to be a lackluster performer for the cabler. It remains a successful property for CBS in international markets — all of which means O’Loughlin and Caan’s profit participation stakes probably plump up their take-home pay considerably. 

Park, meanwhile, was said to have sought a deal for less than half of a full season’s worth of episodes, which would have been a financially challenging prospect for the network at the salary that she sought. “Hawaii Five-0” delivered some 25 episodes in its most recent season.

Sources close to the situation noted that Kim and Park did not negotiate as a unit in their discussions with CBS. The final offer for Park was lower than that for Kim, according to a source.

From Kim and Park’s perspective, it’s clear that the lack of pay parity with O’Loughlin and Caan after seven seasons as central characters was a deal-breaker. Kim is also revving up his activity as a producer. His 3AD banner landed a new medical drama series on ABC for the coming season, “The Good Doctor,” starring Freddie Highmore.

From CBS’ perspective, Kim and Park remained supporting players and there was a need to adhere, for precedent’s sake, to a traditional differential between the job categories. The backend stakes that O’Loughlin and Caan commanded reflect the leverage that the two actors brought to the show when it was assembled in the 2009-2010 development cycle.

O’Loughlin and Caan have one more season to go on their contract with the show.

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  1. No Grace,No Kim,No watch anymore!…Sorry!

  2. Allie says:

    On one hand, they are not the stars of the show, they are supporting cast so no they shouldn’t get paid as much, on the other hand from the few episodes i’ve seen they are major supporting cast so shouldn’t get paid much less than the other two stars. And it is insulting that they offer her less money than him. but we obviously don’t know full details. I would hope The two stars of the show would stand up and tell the network to make it work or else i don’t think this show will last much longer. one or two people can’t pull the whole show, its the entire ensemble. thats why in other shows some characters don’t last long, they don’t mesh well and bring ratings down.

  3. Paula Mugnaini says:

    The show WILL NOT be the same without Kim and Park!! Pay them what they deserve….they are amazing actors and I don’t know if the show will survive without them….the four of them and the Grover actor and the crazy guy inthe basement is what makes up this show….it won’t be complete without them….they need all six of them to complete the show so pay up CBS and do what’s right!!!!

  4. Ginger says:

    I don’t understand where anyone thinks this is the show or networks fault. Grace wanted the same pay but a significantlyrics less prominent role, DDK was within $5,000 and he CHOSE to say no. Neither one was hurting at $195,000 per episode. They were greedy and played the race card

  5. Orlando Tumacder says:

    ain’t watching no more.

  6. Grace Park was the only reason I watched.

  7. Kat Moore says:

    Well, cops come and go; they were great but greed is very negative. Too bad, really enjoyed them, but I’m sure they can find others to replace them just fine…

    • Ryan J says:

      greed? asking for equal pay is considered greed now? what kind of backwards backwood area do you live in? If a woman finds out a male counterpart of hers is getting paid 2x more than herself and asks for equal pay is that greedy of her? should she shut up and “just be grateful she has a job”? you’re absolutely pathetic for even writing this comment.

      • Doc says:

        Might want to read what REALLY happened. What type of backwoods area do YOU live in. Daniel Dave Kim and Grace Park both made the same salary, and were ultimately offered $5k less an episode. Daniel Dae Kin is a guy by the way, and FYI, the other two, are the LEAD characters. Leads ALWAYS make more money. That’s why they are called LEAD. Seriously, these people are complaining about making $195,000 PER EPISODE! That is 100% greed. It is a man and a women both supporting actors complaining, this is not sexism moron, it is lead vs supporting actors complaining about making more money in a single episode than probably 85-90% of the country makes in a year. GREED.

  8. Is it really going to be a financial hardship for the producers to give all five main actors the same salary? I have enjoyed this show since it started….I was already a fan of Alex O’Loughlin from Moonlighting. But I’m sick of non-white and female workers consistently being paid less than white and/or male workers.
    Aloha and goodbye Hawaii 5-0 :-(

  9. Danne Roberts says:

    Without Kim and Parks I don’t care anything about the show. They were both better actors than O’Loughlin and Caan. I’m outa here!!

  10. Cindy DerGurahian says:

    Blow the locks of that bankroll and pay those people! They bring The flavor of Hawaii to the show! It’s a shame to loose them! Please rethink this contact!!!

  11. Jamie Thompson says:

    Talk about planned obsolescence! Without Kim and Park this show won’t be worth watching and that’s a shame because I’ve enjoyed it for its entire run. What a stupid move by CBS. I’m sure I wont be alone in refusing to watch next season’s Hawaii Five-O. This will most certainly be its last.

  12. LINDA BUTLER says:

    Please change your mind, CBS. These two actors/characters are an integral part of the stories….WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?

  13. R L Graf says:

    Frankly Park and Kim were my two favorite actors on the show. Like the series “Friends” they were an important part of the ensemble. Why should O’Loughlin and Caan get paid so much more. Their acting certainly isn’t any better. I can strike that series off my list!!

  14. Suzanne says:

    I can’t get over these actors that want more and more. Then if they don’t get what they want they quit, never to be seen again! So how does that work out financially for them? It’s all greed. NOT race. They make a ton of money to act! Men and women who become doctors and lawyers cant command that kind of money. Should have been grateful they had a job.

    • Julia says:

      “These actors want more and more” its not just them wanting more. Its them wanting to be treated EQUALLY. Asian Americans shouldn’t just shut their mouths and have “been grateful they had a job” thats how the pay gap is started and how it is consistently being maintained. Stop being ignorant these actors are more well known than their white coworkers and should expect to be paid at least what their coworkers are being paid plus the benefits. Its ridiculous to see that people condone this.

  15. Cynthia Sency says:

    I will no longer watch CBS. This kind of racism, disgusts my family and I. I am telling anyone who will listen about CBS, it’s time to boycott these losers!

    • Doc says:

      Racism? Because they are supporting actors and not lead actors?

    • Cindy DerGurahian says:

      I’m with Cynthia Sency, …I love the show, but these two actors are my favorite part of the show., looks like Hawaii 50 will loose another family.

  16. Luis Acosta says:

    I really enjoyed this show, but now no longer will watch it with the departure of these tow fine actors. Shame on you CBS.

  17. kaahelekumu says:

    They should have been co-stars, not supporting actors. I won’t be watching season 8.

  18. Joe Belkin says:

    CBS: “offers for large and significant salary increases.” So, basically now CBS admits they underpaid them for YEARS but would NEVER offer them equal pay to two white guys? It’s not like these two random white guys were Tom Selleck – they are solid professional actors but clearly just random Tv actors – but they are white. CBS also claimed the difference was only 2% which makes it worse … but maybe this will appeal to people who want a show set in Hawaii with no Asians … it also doesn’t bode too well for the other two actors – way to support fellow cast members. Guess we know what you’re made of.

  19. BTDT says:

    5-0 is actually very profitable as it has lucrative deals in EU markets; otherwise it would not be in an 8th season. FRIENDS cast required that everyone make the same pay as part of the ensemble.

  20. Crystal Brooks says:

    CBS isn’t the bad guy here. They were cast as supporting characters. Kim was offered $5,000 less than the lead actors and still turned it down. Neither thought that CBS would let them go. But they did. As the article pointed out, they aren’t making money in syndication. It’s only popular on the network. The two lead actors get profit participation. It probably didn’t make economic sense. They rely on advertising revenue. And keep in mind that ad rates went up even though the number of TV viewers has continued to decline. And the ad folks have been complaining about that. So CBS needs to manage their costs. No one is irreplaceable. It’s not like this show is The Big Bang Theory which makes lots of money from advertisers and in syndication.

    • Mike says:

      Do you honestly believe they were offered as close to $5,000 difference. If that were true they wouldn’t have left and if it were true it just sounds worse.

      Also the property actually makes a lot of money in syndication and other revenues but very LITTLE in first run advertising dollars.

      I believe you are misinformed

    • Mike says:

      Do you honestly believe they were offered as close to $5,000 difference. If that were true they wouldn’t have left and if it were true it just sounds worse.

      Also the property actually makes a lot of money in syndication and other revenues but very LITTLE in first run advertising dollars.

  21. I have already commented on the Grace and Daniel situation,And I still feel that CBS just didn’t want to pay. Iam decusted ,But let me tell you I will follow Grace and Daniel where ever they may Go, watching season #8 or CBS, not so much. Grace and Daniel are H50 it’s a shame that your corporate greed put an end to it. Good day sir

  22. D Rossi says:

    I’m done watching Hawaii 5-0. I am sick of seeing female & ethnic actors treated like dirt. This is an ensemble cast and it falls apart with just the arguing white boys. I am sure I can find something to watch on Netflix or Amazon.

  23. Jeff Gosselin says:

    Watch the ratings plummet, This is ~ to The Beatles but not as huge.

  24. BTDT says:

    Has nothing to do with PC: old network custom is to pay the ‘leads’ more but not in ensembles: cf FRIENDS.
    The audience for 5-0 is likely there as much to see Dae Kim and Park as they are there to see O’Loughlin and Caan. Based on the success of FAST & FURIOUS 7, the non-white cast may be an even bigger driver of tune-in.

  25. lakawak says:

    So, due to the PC era, now SUPPORTING cast can demand the same pay as the leads simply because they are minorities?

    • playrighter says:

      And if you believe the Vanity Fair piece, CBS was racist to cast white people as McGarrett and Danno while casting Kim and Park as Hawaiians. I’d really like an explanation of that logic.

  26. bltkrt2 says:

    Though I really enjoyed his father over the years, Caan isn’t worth $2000 per episode…and we watch on a pretty regular bases…IMHO

  27. Chuck says:

    Now that they are out of job their prospects of future work are not so good. No one would want to hire unreliable whiners that quit because of some perceived slight.

    • Mike says:

      Daniel is actually working on producing the good doctor which HIS production company is producing for this fall. In other words he doesn’t need to be hired.

    • Chuck says:

      Why does anyone watch anything on CBS? Can’t you smell that smell of network TV? Bad scripts, so-so acting, terrible music, poor direction, poor cinematography. Every once in a while our TV accidentally lands on NBC,CBS,ABC,CW,FOX and within a few moments, the odour of awful TV alerts us to the mistake. Please, people, save yourselves, try “House of Cards”, “Breaking Bad”, “Westworld”, “Game of Thrones”, “Ray Donavan” , “Silicon Valley”, “Better Call Saul”, “The Leftovers”, or any number of fine streaming and cable programs where the producers seem to care.

      • techartisan says:

        Apparently, CBS would rather see us viewers all go away and kill the “5-0” series off. Friday nights were ratings terror for all three webs and this line-up – MacGyver/Hawaii 5-0/Blue Bloods – turned out to be a winner for the network,. BTW – lead-in MacGyver suffers miserably in the ratings with a 1.08 average and only 7.8 Mil viewers (including time-shift viewers). Hawaii 5-0 has a 1.15 rating average with 9.247 million viewers. So, in the name of “Reward the Team” CBS should re-consider and stop standing on phony principles. When the smoke and dust clears, some mid-level VP or accountant will be fired and both MacGyver and 5-0 will vanish from the airwaves. Sad commentary on network programming executives in general.

  28. Ann Aeschbacher says:

    I think CBS should rethink their decision and do it quickly. Dae Kim and Park are Hawaii
    Five-0 family to us, whether we are non-white or not, and they are setting this series up for
    cancellation. Kelly and Kono are an integral part of the entire show and it is being ruined
    by corporate penny-pinching. For Heaven’s sake, make it worth their while to stay!

  29. BTDT says:

    I think CBS underestimates the value of these two actors to the overall franchise and couldn’t see past longstanding Hollywood network ‘call sheet’ rankings. All the other non-white cast on 5-0 are plot devices and comic relief (even Chi McBride) so my analysis is that Dae Kim and Park are very key to the show’s longevity and its attraction for non-white 18-49 and 25–54 audience.

    Cf. the thinking behind the Fast and Furious franchise — same age/gender demographic as 5-0 but 60+% of F&F audience is nonwhite.

    Overall nonwhite audience segments are heavier media users. And the show’s large European audience may be following these Asian American leads as well. Old-line thinking rules at its own risk in a globalized media.

    UTA should bear some responsibility as well since both DDK and O’Loughlin are UTA clients….So much for their bleating about a day-without-women and other diversity initiatives. Old thinking = bad business.

  30. Melane Wong-Partain says:

    Chin Ho Kelly and Kono were a big part of why I watched Hawaii 5-0. Chin with his niece Sara was also another reason. The constant arguing back and forth with McGarrett & Danny is getting old and a bit much. Daniel and Grace gave it a good variety and they are superior actors too. Too bad this racial aspect has to come into play. When are these big executives going to stop looking at race (white) and knock off this disparity ___hit !!!!

  31. JC Parman says:

    They were best part of the show. Scott is getting tiring with his stupid comments with and about Alex.
    Will find a new show to watch

  32. David5309 says:

    These 2 are insignificant side characters. There is no way they should be paid anywhere near as much as the leads.

  33. Andy Martin says:

    Same old same old, they treated Cote de Pablo of NCIS the same way. CBS just likes white guys.

    • Amanda says:

      Cote de Pablo on NCIS was offered a huge amount of money to stay. She stated specifically that it wasn’t about the money. I never heard anything about race mentioned during her exit. NCIS did everything they could to get her to stay. I’ve never watched H5O because of GP or DDK. They were fine, I’ll miss Grace Park but not DDK, but I’ll continue to watch the show. In my opinion McGarret and Dano are the main characters and irreplaceable.

  34. Janet Williams says:

    Well I agree it wont be the same without them, same as Catherine not with Steve, come on CBS I wont be watching anymore, also miss Max to

  35. Kellie Moon says:

    Kim and Park are my favorite actors. Without them, the show loses its appeal to me. CBS…you screwed up.

  36. deb says:

    cbs should be ashamed, and no one can take the place of these two actors, everything in the world today is about money, and thats so sad, these two actors are a major part of this show, heck Caan isn’t even in half of them and franklly when he isn’t there, I don’t miss him at all. These two will be missed and I may just opt out of watching this show, walking away in principle just like they did. shame on you CBS.. it is truly YOUR loss.

  37. Donn Johnson says:

    OH PLEASE!!! THEY (CBS) JUST didn’t WANT 2 ‘pony up” the monies needed!! PERIOD!!! IF you have such a “crackerjack team”, they ‘needed’…its a business & ‘to them’ , the ‘whites’ R giving the pay increases, while the minorities R bein TOLD WHAT 2 take AND SHOULD ACCEPT IT!!! Like “Mike & Molly “, when Melissa lost weight, they (CBS) CANCELED the series FAST, cause they (CBS) “no longer ” had ANYTHING that the’ ‘network’ wanted, a funny FAT show that WASN’T ANYMORE…DID u give them a chance, NO!!!

  38. Mark says:

    I will not be watching Hawaii 5-0 from this point forward. Moreover, I will question watching any CBS show after the treatment that Daniel and Grace have received.

    This show had a great team with these original four! Most likely this will be the last season for Hawaii 5-0 with this team now disintegrating (with or without Alex and Scott’s contracts coming to an end).

    Shame on you CBS!

  39. Cbshater says:

    A show in Hawaiia without any major Asian actors. That’s just ironic.. but we’re talking about cbs so it’s no surprise. Lame…

  40. Angela says:

    I feel oddly frustrated about this. I’ve watched this show pretty much since season one started and I hate to see things go this way. I respect Daniel and Grace- they are fantastic and I think their characters on the show are essential to the Ohana atmosphere. That being said, it’s been pretty obvious from the start that Scott and Alex are the leads, which to me, justifies a higher pay. Since I don’t know the specifics I can’t say how fair the pay difference is, but I’m not sure equal pay would be the right call here.

    My bigger concern is that Daniel has been very outspoken about getting more lead roles for people of color (specifically for those of Asian descent), yet he and Grace both walked away from prominent roles on a major network. That doesn’t help anyone, in fact their departure creates an even bigger void. I’m not really sure how this move helps anyone.

    • Debi says:

      I agree. Just with any job there are levels of pay according to your job description. Grace had a desire to work half time so she could be home with her family in Canada. That apparently wasn’t going to work. Maybe when it’s time to renegotiate Caans contract his terms in respect to missing episodes may be different. Daniel already had a deal in place. I’m going to miss them. It does bother me that people are jumping on the race bandwagon when they are not privy to any details. Neither Daniel or Grace have made any race claims so we shouldn’t do it on their behalf without knowing all the facts

    • Eric says:

      He decided to walk away on principle instead of accepting what he perceived to be a lowball offer that he didn’t feel got close to the equality mark he was looking for. I’m okay with that because the stand he took is going to get CBS and the media’s attention more than had he just accepted the offer.

  41. Michael George says:

    Addendum–Hawaiians are of Asian descent– you will not be able to replace them with anyone who comes close to them whether they are Asian actors or not

  42. Michael George says:

    I have watched all episodes from go– unfortunately, without Daniel Day Kim and Grace Park I’m done watching the show regretfully. They are too essential to the show to just suddenly fall off the screen. Very disappointing because I really liked the show I love the original and I love the remake

  43. Shirley says:

    I’ve watched about 2 1/2 episodes of this crappy remake and can’t believe it’s lasted seven seasons, when many other better shows have floundered and left the air. CBS puts on such mediocre TV. Just a dreadful waste of time.

  44. Amy Leen says:

    I will say it again, I’m glad it’s not Alex or Scott. Losing other cast members is painful, but bearable, though I’m gonna miss Grace a lot.

  45. Rbastid says:

    This goes along with the American Hustle sham that Jennifer Lawrence ran, where she worked substantially less days than her fellow actors/actresses but expected the same pay, which wouldn’t be equal. When days were added up she made more per day than any one else (Amy Adams on the other hand world have had a legitimate complaint)

    I do enjoy both these actors, but they take up far less screen time than Scott & Alex. The #1 & #2 on a show are always going to make more, as they put in more time, often have a say in story direction and being more eyes to the show. The fact the try to make it a race issue, as opposed to time worked issue, makes me think far less of them. Hell the writers basically gave Grace her Emmy episodes in 2 of the last 3 episodes of the season, and looked as if they were setting up to possibly try and work it into a back door spinoff.

  46. Jeffrey says:

    Look at all the vile racists accusing Kim and Park of “playing the race card”. Has it ever occurred to you crybabies that maybe racial inequality actually does exist in Hollywood? Of course, that would require you to step out of your bubble, where whites are always somehow made to be the victims. Hollywood has always been a very racist institution, especially in the way that it portrays and employs Asian people. I don’t doubt that discrimination caused the pay inequality and I will not watch Hawaii 5-0 any longer.

    • PS says:

      How can you say that “racial inequality” is the reason the supporting actors don’t get paid as much as the leading actors?? O’Loughlin is in more Scenes than any of the other actors (including Caan, especially now since he’s not in every episode anymore), so how can the other actors expect to get the same kind of money?

  47. Kirk says:

    Boring AF procedural TV. Yawn.

  48. L L says:

    CBS has many ensemble crime procedural shows. Just like the law enforcement agencies they portray not all team members receive equal pay due to the difference in their responsibilities. For those who know it is acknowledged that Hawaii Five-0 is also one of the most physically intense shows to film in CBS’s stable and Alex O’Loughlin bears the brunt of that workload in addition to having a much larger portion of the week-to-week storylines. Due to this huge workload he has been unable to accept other projects during the length of the series. In the meantime, the show has worked around other projects for both Mr. Kim and Ms. Park while making sure they still made enough of an appearance in each episode to receive full episode pay. Mr. Caan renegotiated his contract so he misses five full episodes each season and he receives no pay or residuals for those episodes.

  49. Nishi says:

    Kim and Park are mediocre actors. They were lucking to have been cast. Now they are throwing that away. Have fun being unemployed!

  50. ChrisR says:

    Why should Kim and Park get even 1 cent less than their counterparts ? I am dont with this show.

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