Harry Connick Jr. Talk Show Renewed for Season 2 (EXCLUSIVE)

Harry Connick Jr
Mike McGregor for Variety

Harry Connick Jr. is staying put in daytime. NBCUniversal Domestic TV and Fox Television Stations have renewed the syndicated daytime strip “Harry” for a second season this fall.

“I love my show! To continue sharing an hour every day with my audience is a great honor and thrill – can’t wait for season 2,” Connick said in a statement.

“Harry’s” viewership since its September premiere has been respectable, if not spectacular, averaging about 1.3 million viewers for the season to date in morning and early afternoon time slots. The show last week grabbed five Daytime Emmy Award nominations, including a bid for entertainment talk show host for Connick.

“Harry” has served up an upbeat blend of talk, comedy and variety segments along with music and performance segments highlighting the multifaceted host’s bona fides as an accomplished musician.


Harry Connick Jr

Harry Connick Jr. Takes His Southern Charm and Wit to Daytime TV

The show has been championed by the Fox O&O group as a different spin on the daytime talk show format. Without the renewal on Fox-owned stations in 17 major markets — including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago — the show would not likely have made it to a second season. There had been chatter that NBC was considering shifting Connick to a host slot for the 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. hour of “Today,” but that was before NBC News made its big morning-show bet on Megyn Kelly.

“Harry” is headed by exec producers Eric and Justin Stangel, alums of “The Late Show with David Letterman,” and Jason Kurtz. Connick and his longtime manager Ann Marie Wilkins are also exec producers.

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  1. Susan losey says:

    Hi, mom(89) and I love to watch your show daily, but can’t visit, too hard to travel with mom.
    We would love to participate in give aways on show but don’t know how to go about that.
    Wish we could visit.
    We live by Lake Wallenpaupac in Pa.

  2. Martha says:

    Harry was on Channel 6 at 2:00 in the Chicago/NW Indiana area. Now 2 stupid shows are there! His slow was so fun, kind, entertaining! Hope they return him to this time period. Missing it!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kathie Morriss says:

    We are so disappointed that Harry’s show has been moved. My cable company does not carry NBC Universal & cannot locate him on any of the fox channels. What time is his show suppose to be on in the Midwest (Chicago Area)? Great fan of his show & very talented. Thank you.

  4. Kathy Abood says:

    The show is FABULOUS! No politics,no trash,to bigotry!! Just everyday kindness and educating entertainment!

  5. I love this show,please keep Harry Connick Jr on tv♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💜💜💜💜💜

  6. Rabia Fournier says:

    I can’t find the show in the Buffalo NY area… So sad!!!

  7. Lynn Danielson says:

    When is this show aired in St Louis, MO?

  8. BRENDA says:

    Monday, I sat down to watch Harry at 3pm. For some reason it has been moved. That is a good clean show. He is the cutest thing. He has the sweetest smile and I love to hear him talk. He has a sweet family. I love to . It’s a good clean show.watch him when THEY BACK IT UP. I am also a Senior Cytizens but I love his show

  9. M. Allen says:

    Best daytime talk show ever!!! Always positive and upbeat!! Just what we need. LOVE IT!!!!

  10. Barbara Brown says:

    I love Harry and his bass player! I’m a senior citizen and it would be nice to have some grandparents on, maybe a five minute section for seniors, I’m 83 and I still substitute teacher in the elementary schools and lead a children’s choir at my church and play the piano. Such fun!

    • Barbara Brown says:

      I didn’t know Harry Connick Jr had a Tv show. After school was out, I slept in with my TV on. It was the Harry Connick Jr show. That woke me up in a good way. I’ve always thought he was a great entertainer. I could be a good friend and worthy supporter. His base player is the “owner” of his instrument! Thanks to all involved in the show!

  11. Barbara Brown says:

    Harry and band are the best entertainment on TV! I love his talented bass player!

  12. Karen Clayton says:

    I love Harry, love the show…………but I have something to say about today’s guest Jerry O’Connell who hosts/represents the AKC National Championship Dog Show. I would like to think that if Harry Connick Jr. knew the abuse and cruelty behind most of the money it takes to put on that dog show, he’d never consider him as a guest or even a friend. The AKC National Championship Dog Show is primarily funded by money generated by puppy mills. The AKC registers dogs, every time they “register” a dog, they get paid, and the number of puppies born in puppy mills is staggering. The AKC registers all of those puppies so they can be sold in pet stores for an enormous amount of money. “AKC papers” does not guarantee the health or behavior of dogs, all it means is the mother and father of that puppy was AKC registered………that’s it. Shame on the AKC for contributing to the cruelty of puppy mills, to the abuse of mother and father dogs locked in tiny cages for LIFE, used as breeding machines so their puppies can be shipped to pet stores. If you have not done so, please watch “Dog by Dog” on Netflix, it will explain it all. Sorry, Harry you were knocked down a few notches in my book today.

  13. Fran Gallyer says:

    Harry Connick Jr. is a true gentleman. I love watching his show. He’s so down to earth not to mention he’s so handsome.. LOL…

    • Buckeye says:

      From a music fan. Thanks for getting the big band sound going even though others may get credit in the late 80’s. I was a single parent with 2 sons trying to get to work w/o child support and ended up shopping pawn shops to buy and sell guitars etc. Always cheated on the jobs by everyone else. Do most of the load get never a promotion in HVAC field even Harahan La. Still no one hires po lil me, Deals in Ms. and La. like $250 Gibson Studio Les Pauls and $125 L6S and on and on was due to the Strat /Van Halen fad and big band demand. Thanks, we would have really starved instead of just myself now. I will have to fake info so I do not get even more problems. No need to write me or print just thank Harry for me please. Sorry if it is too much to ask but chicken to enter anywhere else due to constant problems.
      Thank you Variety

  14. Elizabeth rogdakis says:

    I’m a little late coming to the party just caught your show on nurses I want to thank you so much for bringing attention to the best group of people I know and work with we are usually a forgotten group no other show has made an attempt to bring to the Forefront what we do

  15. doydoy1 says:

    I adore Harry Connick, Jr. – his talent whether singing, playing the piano or acting is always top notch. I hope that Season 2 brings less interaction with the audience—don’t enjoy when he tries to engage an audience member in a conversation like they are his best friend–they always seem so uncomfortable. Less cooking segments–I can watch Food Network or Rachael Ray for all of that stuff; that goes along with Harry tasting the world’s worst foods—so gaggy and uncomfortable. And please….NO make-up segments–what is that about anyway? I love when he has talented kids on. Recognizing teens that are making a difference in their school and community. Heroes of all kinds. Now that he’s going into Season #2–perhaps he’ll have more well known celebrities on it–he had some great ones on–but many I had never heard of–doesn’t mean they aren’t well known–just not well known to me. The best thing about the show every day is when Harry performs and his band….there is no other band better than this one. Wowza!

  16. Cheryl Collins says:

    I want to thank you for your nurses show today. I have a rare auto immune disease that hits one in 50k and I am at the cancer center here in Warren a lot getting infusion for one thing or another to keep me alive. The nurses know me personally and have also helped me take care of my granddaughter when my daughter was working and I was watching her. At times I am also in the ER with complications and a lot of doctors don’t know what to do for me because they don’t understand my health problems, but day or night all I have to say is call my girls and they come to help. They are more than just employees at the hospital, they check up on me when they haven’t seen me in awhile and they make sure any problems I am having that they don’t have to take care of,they do it with a smile. Nurses are amazing people and have been the smiles that brighten my days of pains and sadness . I know my days are numbered and they know it also but they never show me any sorrow or sadness. They are always a brilliant stars that take our pain away even if just for a minute or two. Thank you again for the show letting them know they are appreciated. Much love to all of you Cheryl

  17. Delphine Smoljan says:

    Love Harry’s show. I never watch any other talk shows because of bringing politics into conversations.But his is really good. He brings his good upbringing to the show.

  18. James says:

    Did anyone who is not on Harry’s payroll comment on his renewal? Shows how disinterested most people are in his show

  19. Araceli says:

    Harry is very wholesome, he just put on a good show, no politics, no bs, , I will feel sad if he get cancelled and he is very intertaining

  20. V says:

    Harry is a calm, energizing and empowering force for our morning around here. We have very complex and somewhat stressful jobs in Life Sciences IT consulting, usually starting very early at home. The 10am show on the central coast here in California is just a perfect respite, a moment of kindness, a motivating part of the morning. I like the music and the banter, which is always heartfelt and/or funny.

    But… KSBW affiliate for central coast California has the Ellen show on instead as of June. We love Ellen and take a break to see her show in the afternoon when we can, but that is waaay too much noise and motion in the morning. If anyone cares to put a word in to the network powers… We miss Harry!!

  21. Shawna Susalla says:

    I’m sorry but this is the most boring talk show I’ve ever watched!!! I cannot believe they renewed it for another season!!! What is wrong with these people?? How can anyone who’s actually watched this show not see how utterly boring and awful it is!!! Not to mention Harry just constantly has to boost his own ego!!! I’ve never seen someone blow their own horn as much as this guy does!!!! Smh

  22. Linda wheeler says:

    So happy to hear that Harry’s show has been renewed When I watch this it’s like taking a mini vacation I absolutely thank you so much. I have just had a major loss in my family. l didn’t understand if I could smile or laugh again but Harry you have brought this to me thank you I have family Support but they can’t always be here with me so I look forward to watching you. thank you for being who you are

    • Clyde says:

      I thought I was the only one that noticed that….I look at the show and wonder if the show is all about him or the guests….when it comes to the band…is he performing or the band?…(he is playing an instrument, singing, dancing-backing it up!!!…..My opinion is that he is doing too much and trying too hard to be comical. He doesn’t come across to me as natural.

  23. Donna or Frank Hirst III says:

    Dear Harry, I am watching todays show about Mothers Day. There are mothers like me, I lost my daughter at age 25. She did nothing wrong, she was in a hospital when she passed 5 years ago. Some of us are fighting in honor of our children, so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. I am a patient advocate, and we established a nursing scholarship in our daughters name at Cedar Crest College, I fund raise, and lecture. I know that I am not alone. For us, mother’s day is brutal. Please take a moment to recognize us and say a prayer for us. Thank you, I love your show. Donna M Hirst

  24. Janet Hinkston says:

    Harry is gorgeous and so easy to watch but in addition to his musical talents, his sense of humor and double takes are exquisite. I’m also very impressed by how much he loves his wife and makes it known in a public way. He’s my TV boyfriend. Well done Jill !!!

  25. Judith Harvey says:

    Harry Connick Jr. Is a breath of fresh air. He is not only very talented, he does an awesome job interviewing his guests and has a remarkable rapport with his live audience. I love this show and tape it every day.

  26. I luv harry show he’s so personable. Handsome great. Entertainer . its my favorite show he makes my day

  27. Elisabeth says:

    You’ve broken the stereotype of typical “talk shows” as I LOVE your unique style! You share uplifting stories, and you are so genuine with your interview skills and you actually take an interest in what your guests are saying and respond so well. You’re so good at spontaneous reactions and making fun of yourself! How lucky we are with your musical performances! Love the band!! Get them some stools so they can chill for the hour!

    You are a force to be reckoned with and I am hooked on your show!
    Thanks for bringing the sunshine to my house!

  28. Buck says:

    You can tell Harry is regular guy. Feels like I’m visiting with a friend. I wanna hang with Harry!!!!!!!

  29. Joann m says:

    Not a regular daytime watcher but a friend took me to a taping and we had a BLAST!! Started watching after that and I totally get the hype.. used to love Ellen but getting old… excited to see what Harry does next year!!!

  30. Kathryn says:

    Yay season 2! Harry’s such a big goof. I love him so much! And they got like 5 Emmy nominations — go Harry! The show is super fun. I’m so glad I get to keep watching. They should make more fun shows like this.

  31. Cath says:

    Don’t stay home much but the few times I’ve watched the show I’ve been surprisingly pleased how well done it is. Connick Jr is a wonderful host. It just seems different and fresh. Not sure why that is since the format is similar to other celebrity talk shows but anyone who stays at home should give it a look.

  32. Kimm says:

    Today I watched the show for the first time. I absolutely enjoyed it. The set was bright, contemporary and welcoming. Harry was awesome. He was genuine, funny, approachable and connected with his audience. LOVED the Audience Best Seat segment!!! I was truly entertained and can’t wait for next show. I am a doctorate student in Business Marketing. One day, I want to celebrate my degree completion with Harry Show :) and be in the audience best seat!!!!!!

  33. Millicent says:

    I am a huge fan of Harry! I’m so so glad season 2 is on its way!! Fantastic show I knew he was meant to do this. CONGRATULATIONS HARRY!!! My daughters Alexis and Cecilia are happy as well😊 We will always support you! We will be back soon don’t worry about that!!!

    • Edna Black says:

      I just LOVE Harry’s show, and watch/record every one of them. He is one of a kind.

      • Jean Navin says:

        I watch your show every afternoon and love it and you . You have so much talent and your energy is off the wall. The time goes by so fast it hardly seems like an hour we would all love to watch you for two hours or more :)

      • Martha green says:

        Love the show! A bonus for me: my sister’s granddaughter is on his staff!!

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