‘Grace and Frankie’ Renewed for Season 4 at Netflix, Adds Lisa Kudrow

grace and frankie lisa kudrow

Grace and Frankie” has been renewed for Season 4 at Netflix less than three weeks after the premiere of Season 3, Variety has learned.

The 13-episode Season 4 will debut in 2018. In addition, “Friends” alum and Emmy winner Lisa Kudrow will join the show in a guest-starring arc as Sheree, Grace’s longtime manicurist whose newfound friendship with Grace irks Frankie and threatens to drive a wedge between the titular ladies. Kudrow’s role will see her reunite with “Friends” co-creator Marta Kauffman, who co-created the Netflix series and serves as an executive producer.


Lily Tomlin Grace and Frankie

Meet the Real Artist Behind Lily Tomlin’s Paintings on ‘Grace and Frankie’

The series stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin as Grace and Frankie respectively, sworn enemies who find common ground when their husbands leave them for each other. Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston also star, along with Brooklyn Decker, Ethan Embry, Baron Vaughn and June Diane Raphael.

The critically-acclaimed series hails from Skydance Television, and executive producers Kauffman, by way of her Okay Goodnight production company, co-creator Howard J. Morris, Paula Weinstein, David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Marcy Ross, plus Fonda and Tomlin.

Tomlin has been nominated for two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe for her role on the show. In addition, the series was nominated for Outstanding Costumes for a Contemporary Series, Limited Series or Movie in 2016.

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  1. Cher says:

    I can only hope Lisa Kudrow won’t ruin the absolute beauty of Grace & Frankie. I am SO looking forward to season 4 but have my doubts about the addition of Lisa Kudrow.

  2. Sharren Ray says:

    This show is a breathe of fresh air. My Bf Family and friends love this show so much we look forward to Seson four. Your Fans in Australia ✅
    Sharren & Larrissa 😊🍷😊

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I was so sad when I finished season 3. This show makes me laugh so much. Thank you for another Season, I will be looking forward to it.

  4. Tina Farfan says:

    I just finished watching the last episode of Grace and Frankie, I absolutely love this series!!! They couldn’t have picked two better people for these characters. They mesh so well together. Can’t wait for season 4. Please hurry.

  5. Paula Screnci says:

    Grace & Frankie is seriously one of the best series on Netflix. I am so happy to know that it will continue with another Series, and hope it goes on forever. Lilly is loveable and my goodness, Jane Fonda, you are so stylish and intelligent, a great role model for all women!

  6. Candace Daniels says:

    I just binged all 3 seasons. I couldn’t stop watching, the belly laughs feel so good. Jane Fonda with dildos and flying fucks, Lilly Tomlin is my dream hippie. I aspire to be half the hippie she is.
    The characters are perfect. Lisa Kudrow is going to be awesome🌻✌

  7. Jennifer says:

    This show is great one if my favs love to see these 2 gals together comedy genius!

  8. Ana Gonzales says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to see new season. My entertainment these days. I have lines memorized. Can’t find much tv to watch. Hate. Reality, n violent films, horror stays on my mind even through dreams.

  9. Smoton2 says:

    I love this movie..it’s one that I let play, rewind, and watch over, because I don’t want it to end. The sarcasm, the jokes, the wit, the quick words, all seaons… I just love it, I love the cast. And I live for Jane Fonda’s style of dress…the popped collar!! Awesome. So pumped and excited to see season 4.

  10. Kay Lawson says:

    I love Grace & Frankie 💕

  11. Connie A Harrell says:

    Love, love, love this show!!!! Keep it coming!

  12. Jennifer Kelly says:

    i love Grace and Frankie. Is there a date for season 4 to begin

  13. Carol Spinoso says:

    Why must we wait until 2018?

  14. Carol Ann Wilson says:

    Hi – I love the show too…I am now just catching up on Season 3…I have to say however it is a bit odd that these women live in a million dollar plus property on the ocean in San Diego and they can’t scrape together $75,000?? What the heck. One of their doorknobs on their home is probably worth at least half that…Now if it was $750,000 that’s a little more realistic. But I do love the show and all the actors. Martin Sheen is so goddarn funny in this role.

    • Smoton2 says:


    • Israel says:

      Keep in mind their ex husbands bought the home, who were both retired lawyers.

      • Eileen says:

        More realistic how? $750,000 is way to much money for a simplistic starter company. Plus, where would they end up getting the money? The bank sure as heck wouldn’t have helped with this even larger sum and I doubt Brianna has that much laying around; the current loan simply indicates that she has an excellent job, saves and invests wisely, and has no other way to spend it.

        As for the house, the audience is never told it’s cost. The multimillion figures, as fact, comes from its real world location in Malibu. Where this show does not take place. Instead, lets assume that the beach house itself cost around the $750,000 figure. After all, Grace menitions that the house had been on discount: so let’s assume that the place needed repairs. Meaning that for 10-20 years the families have increasing its realistate value.
        We also know that two very well to do families needed to split the cost. They afreee to do this because the beach house was a treat and an investment. Buying the beach front property no more indicates cash on hand then suberbly nice family houses do. Both are financial and exceptions and a risk.

  15. Joan says:

    Need more sooner! Can’t wait that long. Love the show!

  16. Jenni says:

    Best Show Ever!
    Can’t get enough. The cast is brilliant 💕
    Keep more seasons coming. Let the binge watching ensune…..

  17. Edie Beck says:

    It was with such sadness that I completed Season 3 of Frankie and Grace. I had so many belly laughs and enjoyment from the show. I’m so pleased to know that there will be a fourth season – can hardly wait!!

  18. Olga Castro says:

    The acting is superb because I feel that they are they people showing their soul in the show.
    I will love to see a Broadway play call Grace and Frankie.

  19. leeaudlin says:

    I am so excited about season 4. This show is fresh, creative and extremely funny! It will be a long, but well anticipated wait for season 4 ~ Lets hope they are also working on season 5 and 6 too so we don’t have to wait quite so long for such a well loved show!

  20. Clara Cort says:

    What I don’t understand is, why did Frankie ended up living with Grace? She had the house with Sol, why not live there alone, like Grace wanted at first? And after they’ve sold it, and also had a contract from the jam lube, how come she didn’t have the finances to start their business? Or Grace, having founded a successful company, I’m sure she should be still receiving checks or a proportion of the profit? Just does not make sense..!

    • Carol Ann Wilson says:

      Hi – I hear you… The two women going to banks begging for $75,000 was a bit odd to me too. Good grief that kind of dough to people like that is not an enormous amount. So that too struck me as odd. These ladies should have no financial difficulties. Frankie always asking Grace for her credit card…Why she doesn’t have one of her own is a mystery. Her ex is a successful lawyer. I’m sure she got paid…So, yeah, as charming as this show is it’s a bit unrealistic when it comes to their lavish lifestyles and then having money woes…

      • Pinkee says:

        Well remember Frankie is a big spender… in which she accumulated debt and Robert made Sol cut her off from using the credit cards as he did Grace. As for Frankie living with Grace…she probably couldn’t bear living there after 40 yrs of deception. Lastly, Grace has such an entrepreneur spirit so she went on her next project and no one uses their own capital to start a business. Therefore, they decided to get a loan. I love this show dearly.

      • Smoton2 says:

        Carol Ann Wilson, it’s entertainment for crying out loud, not real life. It gives the viewers good TV to watch. All movies does not depict a story line to the exact point of what makes sense in life, thats why it’s a movie. The story line is told how the wrtier wanted it depicted. Enjoy!

    • Monica Chhugani says:

      She didn’t end up getting money from the lube because she didn’t want to be associate with a product that condoned the use of palm oil. That’s why she even had them take her art off the packaging. So I don’t think they would be paying her now that they own it, and she wouldn’t feel right making money off something like that. That’s part of why the show is great. It shows these women really standing up for what they truly believe in, even if the outcome for themselves isn’t amazing.

  21. sharon says:

    absolutely loved the show!! Cant wait for season 4!! hell i wanna be grace and frankie when i grow old!

  22. 2018 oh my…I am addicted to this show like a lot of the other fans who have commented. I watched all 3 seasons so far and booo I don’t wanna wait!!! Keeping us in suspense…Love this show and love the cast. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin 2 of my fav actresses. Looking forward to season 4..xox

  23. JACQUI says:

    I can’t wait that long for season 4!!! I LOVE GRACE & FRANKIE!

  24. Marion says:

    I totally adore this series! I laugh out loud, very entertaining. Well written, directed, and the actresses and actors are just perfect. 2018. Ugh. Well worth the wait. Thanks for the laughs.

  25. Dino Summers says:

    Oh God! We have to wait into 2018?! That’s too long! Love your show.The actors picked for this amazing show couldn’t be more perfect. Thank you.

  26. Angela says:

    Such a great show! So many laughs and I love the writing. Great lines and so comical! Jane and Lily play a great pair!!

  27. Jeanne says:

    Just finished binge watching all three seasons. It was like reading a book I couldn’t put down.
    Bravo…brilliant series.

  28. Georgeann says:

    I want to see Bruce Dern and Tom Selleck do a guest appearance. I just love this show, totally addicted, watch it over and over again.

  29. atschmid5322 says:

    I do NOT like the idea of a manicurist who is way younger than Frankie and Grace coming between them I like this series exploring the friendship between these two very different people. But you know, I do love isa Kudrow. So rather than being the manicurist who comes between them, they ought to have her be an equal friend to them both.

    I also have go to say i have never really enjoyed Peter Gallagher in anything I have ever seen him in (S,L &V; While You Were Sleeping), but I LOOOOOVE hi in this. When he says on the phone, to Grace, “I’m a SCAMP!”, it is the first time he has made me laugh.

    More Peter Gallagher, but Lisa Kudrow in crefully measured doses

  30. Cher Stark says:

    Oh come on we have to wait that long WTH…. I love this show 5 stars it’s hysterical as well.

  31. Laurie says:

    So happy to hear it is renewed for another season!! I absolutely love it, and can relate to so many things in the show. Always makes me smile and giggle.

  32. Angie1 says:

    This is the best original series, anywhere!… Period! Whenever a new awesome show comes out, the best actors are the veterans, like when The Golden Girls premiered in the 80’s. The only 2 concerns for me are that the Jacob character comes off too disrespectful to Grace, in her own home… I know its a show, but I don’t know any people who would tolerate that in their own homes. Last, not looking forward to the addition of Lisa Kudrow. I feel like she’s going to flatline something, somehow, somewhere. She plays too hard to the camera. I guess time will tell. All in all, its still the best show ever. I’ll continue watching.

  33. klott74 says:

    We have this playing all day and night at the shop. The personalities on Grace and Frankie are amazing and hilarious. For some reason, we can’t get enough of this show!

  34. carlene silvestris deluca says:

    Thank you for such quality viewing. Grace and Frankie is such a fabulous show, with an outstanding cast. A show of such great quality I hope stays around for a long time.

  35. Susan Pforr says:

    We watch Grace and Frankie while knitting with my knitting group. Best show out. Keep the seasons coming.

  36. Sharon Camarda-Paz says:

    I love this show. I actually laugh out loud. I purchased the DVD’s for Seasons 1 & 2 and am looking forward to purchasing Season 3 as well. Looking forward to Season 4.

  37. Lori Bennett says:

    So glad it has been picked up for another season!!! This past season was awesome… laugh and cry at same time!!!

  38. Angela L@16 says:

    This is such a wonderful show! Anyone who hasn’t seen it is missing out. It’s like the Odd Couple crossed with a Nancy Meyers movie, throw in a French farce, and you’ve got it! It has something for all age groups, and you’ll see many familiar faces. I just love it!

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