Fox News Says Sean Hannity Will Return to Show

Sean Hannity
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Fox News Channel lent support to its best-known anchor Sean Hannity, saying Thursday that the popular host would return to its air next week following a Memorial Day holiday vacation – an effort to tamp down speculation that a controversy currently enveloping Hannity could escalate further.

“Like the rest of the country, Sean Hannity is taking a vacation for Memorial Day weekend and will be back on Tuesday,” the 21st Century Fox-owned network said in a statement. “Those who suggest otherwise are going to look foolish.”

Hannity has become embroiled in a furor over his recent promotion of a discredited story about the death last summer of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was murdered in Washington, D.C. last July in what local police have stated they believe is a botched robbery. Hannity has in recent days promoted an unproven theory that Rich was killed in exchange for providing internal documents to Wikileaks, prompting statements of outrage from the Rich family.

On Tuesday, Fox News said it had retracted a story, published on, about Rich’s murder – believed to mark a rare instance of the news outlet has withdrawing an article over its more than 20-year history. The killing remains unsolved and right-leaning press outlets such as Breitbart and The Drudge Report have in posts and links bolstered the wild conspiracy. Hannity continued to promote the theory about Rich on his Tuesday radio show, noting that “this issue is so big now that the entire Russia collusion narrative is hanging by a thread.”

But on his Fox News broadcast Tuesday night, Hannity appeared to back away from the contretemps. “Out of respect for the family’s wishes, for now, I am not discussing the matter at this time,” Hannity said.

A handful of small advertisers, including, have indicated they were moving their commercials out of Hannity’s program in the aftermath – prompting comparisons to the recent exit of Bill O’Reilly. O’Reilly was the linchpin of Fox News’ primetime lineup, and parted ways after sponsors defected from his “O’Reilly Factor” following revelations he had made approximately $13 million in settlements to women who had alleged he had sexually harassed them or subjected them to inappropriate behavior. O’Reilly and Fox News parted ways in April.

“Hannity” generates millions of dollars in ad revenue for Fox News Channel. In 2016, the show brought in approximately $65.7 million, according to Kantar Media, a tracker of ad spending. That represented a 17% jump from the approximately $56.1 million the show captured from Madison Avenue in 2015.

In an interview with The Huffington Post on Wednesday, Hannity said the ad shifts represented efforts by progressives to silence him. “There’s nothing that I did, nothing that I said, except they don’t like my position politically,” he said. “They’ll try to ratchet up the intensity of their rationale. It does not justify an attempt to get me fired. And that’s what this is. This is an attempt to take me out. This is a kill shot.”

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  1. margie says:

    can not wait for Hannity to come back to foxs news

  2. Louise Scarborough says:

    This is another attempt by liberals to silence a popular conservative advocate.Hang in there Sean we love you and need your voice in this arena.God Bless You!
    Louise Scarborough

  3. Susan Fancher says:

    When will Sean return–he is greatly missed.
    Susan Fancher
    Carlsbad, CA

  4. Alice Jean Mcclain says:

    We love you. We need you to tell it like it tell the truth where we can’t get it anywhere else.

  5. Rich Gardner says:

    What happened did the traitor Soros get to you to? The New World Order is one dangerous bunch. We are in a fight for our country and our freedom. Ever wonder why the lefties are so worried about the US and Russia having a working relationship? I do. Maybe Russia is our best friend right now. (Just a thought). All Trump did is say Putin is a stronger leader than Obama. Guess what, he is. The New World Order is well funded and dangerous for a free people. I for one do not wish to live under a world communist dictatorship. These people will stop at nothing. There are lots who feel this way and the world need a shining light. In order to succeed LIVE FREE OR DIE. We need a fair and balanced source of news. Remember there is a reason for your number 1 ratings.

  6. James smith says:

    If Fox News lets Sean hannity go you will lose not only millions of dollars in ad money, you will also lose millions of viewers. I will listen to him on his talk radio show before I would ever watch Fox News! He treats both Democrats and Republicans both very fair. You
    Watch all the other news channels and every time they interview a Republican the just continue to bash them and call them liars. Is this the way Fox News is going more left. At least right now Fox News believes in free speech, I can’t say that for the other news outlets. Be smart and keep Sean Hannity. That’s how you became the number 1 newscast in America. Fair and Balanced.

  7. Fox, get O’Reilly back as well.

    • chai says:

      Thats right!
      Stop all the nonsence and pressure from the left!!!
      Keep strong and you will be strong!!!
      balanced and UNAFRAID!!!

  8. Thank you Fox for keep Sean Hannity. Wise decision!

  9. Tammie Ogle says:

    Hannity and Carlson are the best anchors on Fox news. Why not leave them alone? They tell the truth and some of the big wheels don’t like it, Oh well like another man replied you reap what you sow. There is someone who wants his spot on Fox news but leave hannity and Carlson be. Fox wouldn’t be worth watching if you take them away.

  10. I cannot think of anything more sinister that what the angry left is doing, particularly Media Matters, in its clear attempt to silence speech they do not like. It is evil. The left in America better realize that they are a minority in the nation, and if these sleazy and corrupt tactics were used against them, it would represent the end for them.

    You reap what you sow, and right now, the angry left is sowing evil.

    There need to be right now, immediately, some principled liberal voices in America who call out this corruption. And I do believe that based upon his history, George Soros money is at the root of all this.

  11. Mike-D says:

    Unproven Theory? Remember all of those Wikileaks DNC emails? Seth Rich was the network administrator over that system. the only person with complete access who turned up dead within days of the DNC emails being leaked.

    Use some commons sense people, lol

  12. Anita Mason says:

    Pleased to hear that Hannity will return on Tue. If Hannity is removed from Fox, I will be removed from Fox. Still upset because Bill O’Rilley is gone. I will follow where he is because he does not spread Fake News.

  13. jma says:

    I couldn’t watch Fox as a steady diet and quit watching sometime back. I recorded OReilly, Tucker, Hannity, Dobbs and The Five. I turned them off during the day because Shepherd Smith would sneak in with his exaggerated mannerisms and “breaking news” and nonsensical pontificating. I then stopped recording The Five when they brought Beckel back – if it wasn’t the drunk it was the screeching fool Juan – I never got a break. Then they canned OReilly so I no longer had him and Tucker just wasn’t that interesting so I cancelled him. I get my news from One America News now and since it’s actual news instead of a bunch of idiots blathering – I find I’m better informed. I still record Hannity and Dobbs but have noticed I get around to watching them less and less. One America has The Daily Ledger and Tipping Point – no political correctness allowed. If Fox wants to lose money – cancel Hannity but for the most part they already lost me.

  14. Frank Stanley says:

    what kind of Idiot are working at Fox that they would cave to the Left. We count on Hannity for truth Shame on you for trying to silence him. ( Frank & Ellen Stanley)

  15. Kitty gianelli says:

    America can’t become cold war Germany where Hitler only allowed his fake news, Hitler didn’t let conservative news outlets to exist. If Fox allows the Nazi left to destroy opposing views, America will lose who she is. Freedom of the press isn’t just for liberal indoctrination

  16. Jerry Hart says:

    Fox News is crazy for letting Bill O’Reilly go and would really mess up to even think about letting Hannity go. If they do i will drop Fox News as O’Reilly-Hannity and the 5 was all they have of evenings.

  17. C, Deyoung says:

    C. DeYoung Praying that you will return to your show ASAP. You are the best Fox has and if you leave that will be the end of Fox News as we know it. Then we will only get fake news.

  18. John Lower says:

    Sean… Our prayer group in Tulsa is praying for you regularly. With your integrity and Gods help you will win.

  19. Hannity isn’t a journalist. He is a right wing shill, demagogue, hypocrite and ratings whore. The Rethuglican party can no longer tell the difference between lies and truth. They support a corrupt idiot and incompetent liar as President. Fox Noise is a joke. Grumpy old white men and the uneducated are the only people who believe their nonsense and grandstanding polemics.

    • Deb says:

      Not uneducated; an accountant. Hate the attack news; fake news. Hannity & The Five are the only ones who are worth listening to at night. Check the facts not the left’s propaganda for real truths & real news. Maybe you are actually uneducated & brain washed. Look at how often the other news people are wrong. So one belief that Hannity has is extremely terrible, but you think all of theirs are okay. They are the one’s pushing conspiracy theories. Hold them to the same standards you put on Hannity.

    • Kitty gianelli says:

      He’s not a shill, that would be CNN,MSNBC, Maddow & the rest of the corrupt lying fake news

      • Ed says:

        Except Hannity is the one peddling a blatantly false story. Didn’t you read the article? That’s literally the definition of fake news.

  20. Bill says:

    Hannity needs to be held to a truth standard. A Real truth standard not a truth that he makes up. He constantly tells half truths and is a vulgar commentator on Obama and now praises Trump no matter what Trump does or flip flops on.

  21. Tim Miller says:

    It’s time to boycott and shut down Faux News for being a massive conspiracy theory circus — they spent over 7 years promoting the Birther Theory simply because they didnt like Obama — it’s a joke and Hannity should be sued for $100 million for all the blatant lies and libelous statements he’s made about Obama and Hillary in the last 8 years!

  22. alex de bothuri says:

    Sean Hannity is not the only one to say that Seth Rich was responsible for the Podesta’s links and was assassinated related to Mrs Hillary Clinton Emails ‘s scandal etc and collusion… we know that the Russia connection with the Trump team is a gross manipulation by the medias pro liberals and it is poisoning big time the new administration… we are living in a sick america controlled by the New Order and Mondialisation and Donald Trump is a threat to them because he is an outsider with no string attached to both parties…

    • Tim Osman says:

      Go ahead ….the alt left don’t watch Fox now so that threat doesn’t fly. If they get rid of Hannity watch the viewers leave. They fire Hannity and Fox will be in the toilet with CNN.

  23. O F Hutchinson says:

    I will devise a list of all advisers who have pulled their support and boycott them.

  24. David Farrar says:

    If Sean Hannity is coming back to Fox News, it must mean Julian Assange can prove it was Seth Rich who is responsible for the Podesta’s leaks, and Hannity is sitting on the biggest news scoop of the last fifty years!

  25. Tom Knox says:

    If Fox News removes Hannity, I will pull the plug on my cable subscription.

  26. Reginaldo says:

    The Murdoch boys are finding out they can’t transform Fox into a bastion of liberal nut jobs like MSNBC or CNN overnight,,,they will get rid of Hannity in due time

  27. Doc Holiday says:

    Getting rid of this Fred Flintstone look-alike is a big plus he makes everyone I know sick a liar and a real first rate asswipe

  28. Lisa says:

    Maybe the viewers of Hannity’s show should boycott the sponsors products!! Two can play at this sick game!! Hillary lost fair and square, deal with it ass holes!

    • Ed says:

      The hell does Hillary have to do with it. Hannity is pushing a fake right-wing conspiracy. Quit projecting.

  29. Franklin says:

    These Liberals are just stupid and cant see irony when its right in front of them.

    The entire Russian Collusion story is unfounded but does that stop the liberal multitudes from pouring gas on that flame?

    So the idea of one story from a conservative host that might be unproven So far, and they all jump on it like they are not doing the same thing

  30. ImaHippyBurning says:

    The Left in America have proven themselves to be Group Think Thugs determined to silence Free Speech and difference of opinion to the point where we need to hand them all Brown Shirts like the little Hitler Youth they are!

  31. Anthony Vandecasteele says:

    Let’s put some REAL news out there. Hannity is an idiot, there. That wasn’t so hard, was it ?

  32. Martian Manhunter says:

    Brace yourselves, Seth Rich conspiracy nut jobs incoming. Where do we find these people? Do they live underground? Everything is a conspiracy.

    • Marsha says:

      Why are you painting w/ a broad brush (other than you’re partisan, which of course is the actual reason)? Why not look at the unique facts of the Seth Rich case instead of saying that it’s wrong because people who believe it tend to believe other narratives that counter the opinions of the enemedia? FACT: Seth Rich was in touch w/ Wikileaks. FACT: The Clinton e-mails came out right after his murder. FACT: In this supposed “robbery,” nothing was stolen, even though Mr. Rich had valuables on him. FACT: The DC police were told not to investigate. FACT: He was alive and conscious in the hospital and his brother was told he would pull through. Then a group of men dressed as police officers visit him in his hospital room, close the door, and he dies soon afterwards. YOU: “There’s nothing to see here, and besides, you don’t think Oswald shot Kennedy! Checkmate!”

      • Doc Holiday says:

        They have now been released from the nut house because of the wonderful new president nutcake

    • Sam says:

      He was scheduled to testify the next day.

  33. Martian Manhunter says:

    Fox has always been a ‘news outlet’ where integrity goes to die. hey are the true fake news of major broadcasters. More entertainment than information reporting. Formally staffed by sex offenders, now they have to rely on conspiracy theorists and alt right lunatics for ratings. Yes Sean, nobody wants to here your Seth Rich conspiracy. They are trying quite desperately to return to their reputation as somehow of a credible right wing news source. They are more like the TMZ of nightly news.

  34. Jessie Jamerson says:

    We Love him dont take him away he speak the truth

    • Tim Dunn says:

      Hey Martian are you proud of the people who represent your team? Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Cummings etc. These people make “deplorables” look like adorables. P.S. Your team lost and the Electoral College is the bomb!!!!

  35. pete says:

    So, it appears the insfferably boot-licking but otherwise irrelevant regime lap-poodle has promised to be a good little neocon bundist from now on.

    • Doc Holiday says:

      No one can compete with capt nut cake that is now running the asylum called the WhiteHouse (should be the nuthouse)

  36. Brian Edward Elksnitis says:

    Hope he stays gone. He is the real fake news. Him and his brown nosing of Trump is despicable. Flush the whole network down the toilet.

  37. Ron Prendergast says:

    If you get rid of Hannity you will get rid of me.. Hold your ground. Look at the advertisers that want out. Second rate companies that figured they would get more publicity dropping Hannity than a 60 second commercial would ever generate.
    Grow some FOX

  38. Caron McConnon says:

    Let’s make this simple Fox News! If you pull Hanity, as you did Bill O then you join the ranks of FAKE NEWS in my book! Why don’t you send Sheppard Smith packing and I mean packing! I’m so tied of hearing his negative tone regarding our President! Enough already! Stop allowing the liberals to go after the only true reporting that we Conservatives have Globally!

    • Martian Manhunter says:

      They fired bill because of sexual harassment. Not because he was a bad choice. People tend to get fired for things like that. It’s funny how Conservatives have about 10 percent the media coverage in the world.

  39. Orwell says:

    Hannity spreads a widely discredited story, one so beyond the pale that his own network retracts the story. And yet, people come out and support him, say they’re not sure about the whole Seth Rich narrative.. surely something doesn’t add up?!

    It used to be confusing to me, how States like Nazi Germany, North Korea, the USSR, or even feudal Europe could so successfully control a narrative that people would support them against their own interests and even their own senses.

    I’m starting to realize that a great deal of people are born in with inherent capacity to follow orders, to deny their own sense, to blindly obey. There is no defending Hannity, or Fox, or Trump. It’s beyond obvious that they’re not looking out for you. That some people still do, is the saddest statement yet made about our ability to doublethink.

  40. Holly Wood says:

    Except he lied.

  41. TrumpGoAway says:

    Just spend a moment each day writing or tweeting to advertisers to stop supporting Hannity. A list of his sponsors can be found on mediamatters. org. Our dollars spoke against Bill O’Reilly and got companies to stop advertising on Breitbart. Advertisers in general, are seeking more control of where their ads appear. I have become a more careful consumer and I let those companies know why I’m either leaving them or that I’m signing on with them once they’ve stopped supporting hate sites/news.

    • wj2016 says:

      I do the same against that nutter Rachel Maddow. She relentlessly spreads leftist nonsense that will make your ears bleed from it’s irrationality.

  42. Gui LaRoche says:

    Hannity has always been fixated on degrading democrats, the likes of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton etc..His behavior is no different than Bill OReilly who got fired for not being a bully on the air, but for sexual harassment. The likes of Hannity need to go. They are the one who praised President Trump, while saying false things about others on the air. The arrogance of that man! #Go away! Fake News!

  43. Marilyn says:

    Please keep Sean on your network
    He’s only one can count on for true news
    He’s not fake news.

    • wj2016 says:

      If I remember correctly, O’reilly received bjs from interns in his office, displayed his manhood to a woman in a motel room and then committed perjury about it and then got impeached then…….. wait. Sorry. Wrong guy.

  44. A “wild conspiracy” is when a number of unnamed sources in Obama’s intelligence community continously promote the ridiculous idea that leaked emails were part of a Russian plot when there is ZERO evidence for such a claim and the people that know the leaker (with a reputation far better than the FBI, CIA, and NSA) says it was an insider.

    Could it have been Seth Rich? Maybe. But at this point, it’s far more likely this was an internal leak by a disgruntled Bernie supporter than some Russian plot to tell the American People the truth about the DNC, Jon Podesta, and that unindicted felon Hillary Clinton.

  45. Keyna says:

    Simce when has the media worried about people’s feelings. When mainstream media tries so hard to stop an investigation. That’s all the proof i need. Did the media care about the The West Memphis three or Ryan. Henderson’s parents. They spent years in prison. They were innocent. Was anyone in the media held responsible for them.

  46. Has anybody come up with a better story than a revenge killing?
    Of all the things it wasn’t, it wasn’t a robbery.
    He lay bleeding on the ground, in a major city, for twenty minutes before being attended to.
    The cops have absolutely no clues and it has been noted in the press, the local cops were told to back-off, to stop investigating.
    Does ANY of this make sense if it was a simple robbery-gone-wrong?
    It makes a lot more sense if it was a high-level hit. And Seth Rich’s actions prior to his assassination certainly made himself a high-profile target.
    One thing is certain: you cross the Clinton’s at your peril.

    • Orwell says:

      The Clintons: ruthless policital masterminds who don’t bat an eye at murder.

      The Clintons: people who hire a hitman so incompetent that he fails to make it look like an robbery.

      I may not agree with everything and everyone, but at least I need no doublethink to do it. Which one is it guys?

      Please, join the rest of us in reality. It’s pretty nice here, but there is a lot of work to do.

    • weneedrubio says:

      And even if the murder was not related he still could have been the source. I think they murdered him though. The police would be out on TV in force if this was all BS.

    • tally says:

      And where is the info on his being alive for several hours while being attended to in the hospital?

  47. Chris Cha says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble liberals – Sean Hannity will not only be back, he’ll be around much longer than you.

  48. AndyP says:

    We need a Federal Grand Jury to investigate the Seth Rich murder and cover up as a RICO action. There was and is a conspiracy to silence Rich and he was murdered to obtain that goal.

  49. MH Thomas says:

    FoxNews “standing behind” its employees does not always end well – the Murdoch Boys are not known for their loyalty.

    Mainstream Media consists of about 90% “unproven theories” and “discredited stories”.

  50. scanning the comments here I notice something Odd ,……that arsehole Orwell has something to say about every comment he disagrees with. (a social justice key board warrior) i’ll get those Trump people ,i will demoralize them with my witty (not) comments and just inundate them with my talking points that have been passed onto me from MSNBC. Orwell is so good he can make up his own talking points at times .
    WOW what a Real Warrior !!!

    • Orwell says:

      You’re too correct I have something hint to say about chit I don’t agree with. But I’m an adult, I disagree not because I’m a hack, but because I’m logical and have well reasoned opinions. So let’s be adults. You please justify your opinions, don’t get mad if I challenge them, and I will reciprocate. Is it a deal? Here, I’ll toss you a softball for my first question: what is there about Trump, his policies, his demeanor, his lifestyle, that you agree with? Bonus points if you can avoid saying “Hillary” in your answer.


      Wow.. your bubble is impenetrable isn’t it..

      You talk about “msnbc talking points” but have absolutely no relationship with facts and are repeating faux news conspiracy talking points..

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