Fox News Suspends Eric Bolling After Sex-Harassment Accusations Disclosed

Eric Bolling Fox News
Courtesy of Fox News

Fox News Channel suspended Eric Bolling, a host and contributor whose on-air presence at the 21st Century Fox-owned network had been growing in recent months, after allegations surfaced that he had harassed colleagues at the cable-news network. He is the latest in a number of Fox News personnel to have become embroiled in controversy.

A Huffington Post report earlier this week disclosed allegations Bolling had sent lewd messages to colleagues via smartphone.


Bill Shine Fired Fox News

Former Fox News Co-President Bill Shine Reportedly Being Considered for White House Job

“Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway,” the network said in a statement.

Bolling, a former commodities trader and best-selling author, had been a longtime co-host of “The Five,” and more recently helped launch a new late-afternoon show, “The Fox News Specialists.” He also anchors the Fox News program “Cashin’ In.”

The allegations are the most recent to surface against employees at Fox News, which has worked in recent months to purge itself of the corporate culture fostered by former CEO Roger Ailes.

A legendary figure in the TV-news  business, Ailes was in 2016 accused of sexual harassment by former anchor Gretchen Carlson, resulting in a probe that led to his ouster. Ailes, who died earlier this year, denied the allegations. Bill O’Reilly, the linchpin of the network’s primetime lineup, left in April after allegations surfaced of settlements paid to stop harassment allegations.  Co-president Bill Shine, who had been accused in sundry lawsuits of not taking harassment accusations seriously, left the network in May.

Fox Business replaced an episode of  “Cashin’ In” that was pre-taped with a live half hour news broadcast, pulling Bolling’s broadcast after the allegations surfaced. Both Fox News and Fox Business expect to use rotating substitute hosts in Bolling’s place.

“Over most of last year, we had six of the top eight management positions turn over, and three of the four primetime people left. Some of that has been planned, but most has been unplanned. We’ve had big shifts,” Abernethy told Variety last month. “We have been tasked with putting in new people and training people and sending a signal that there’s a new environment.”

Fox News has placed new female executives in several senior roles, and expanded its human-resources outreach.

The continuing allegations raise issues for the network’s parent company, which is working to acquire the rest of European broadcaster Sky PLC that it does not already own. Attorneys for several employees who have sued Fox News and activists have used the accusations to suggest British regulators not approve the proposed transaction, which remains under government review.


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  1. Brenda Jones says:

    I think it is bad press.. He is great and Fox needs him.

  2. I want Bill and Eric back to Fox, feminist make my backside ache, they will do anything to achieve their goals to destroy any man/woman who do not follow their so-called ideologies.

  3. The accuser has probably been getting paid to keep her mouth shut and Mr. Bolling finally said “enough is enough”. I love this man. I miss him. I want him back.

  4. sqeakyfrom says:

    Mr.Bolling is one of the few , REAL MEN left in this country, and a psychotic left wing piece of crap is trying to ruin him.She is not fit to clean his shoes.Hopefully, one day, she’ll find out what real sexual abuse is.

  5. gloria crimaudo says:

    So sorry about your suspension Mr. Bolling. I have watched you over the years and have listen to talk about your son and wife. I do not believe any of the allegations against you. I truly hope Fox brings you back soon. You are missed dearly. God bless you and your family.

  6. gamerpvp001 says:

    I hope he is not guilty. I like him a lot. If he is really guilty and the accusations are correct then he should be removed. I wonder if the socialist democratic party is somehow behind this. I really miss Bill O’Reilly. If they keep removing the stars of Fox news it will get destroyed by Msnbc. Thank god for Tucker Carlson he is a future star for Fox News. I’m so happy Cnn is getting destroyed, because of their lack of talent. I just hope Fox news doesn’t end up like Cnn.

  7. Dawna says:

    I too wonder why the women suddenly come forward at this time. The new Fox administration is turning into a lookalike ABC, CBS & NBC station. They are getting rid of all their top news people and the programs are turning into mush – a dull station & mirrors the Liberal/Left position.

  8. Mary W says:

    I don’t know whether these men did or did not do these things but my question is why do these women wait for years before reporting it? It’s like they have premeditated their claim to see how much money they can get from their employer and the person accused. Sexual harassment has taken a whole new meaning in the work force. It’s really a sad sad time we are living in this day and time.

    • Sevon says:

      Ahh, that is easy. They had no one to report it to. How do you tell your boss, who sexually harrassess too, that someone else is doing it also

  9. Not surprised here at all because this is the same clown who a few years ago had to apologize on-air for referring to female soldiers as “boobs on the ground.”

  10. A. says:

    very upset to hear this about Boiling, I have to hear further proof to believe it. This man has a family and children. So I hope to god this isn’t a witch hunt on this man. With Bill o”reilly the problem I had was the pay off, it never looks good when 13 million dollars is paid out for silence. But eric has always been a gentleman and a great fair commentator in my opinion. > I hope he clears his name and is back on Fox news soon

  11. RHutch says:

    Allegations that were revealed in the Huffington Post. Okay like that’s not suspect? The HuffPo is very far left. Why are these allegations even being given any weight? This is nothing more than another far left attack to try to take down anyone that dissents in the issues. Pathetic!

  12. lewis Abahazy says:

    Sounds like they are out to get Fox because tney are pro trump. It is getting to high tide in the swamp

  13. Moe says:

    Several years ago it happened, and now they come forward? Really how much are they getting paid for this? Huffington Post is not a newspaper, it is used toilet paper with Bull shit al through it. His phone number on messages. OK, if he said he did not do it, ask Obama for one of his Big Bone experts and a non-political doctor determine after an examine of the images compare in pictures to his tiny Pee wee. We will know if the images are him, or a liberal substitute with a extra big Bazooka? Thanks ladies, at the Huffington Post, you certainly know your business once it comes to this kind of stuff. Hopefully, you can help destroy Foxnews, and we can live under media that lies, and uses propaganda like in North Korea, only difference is our Great Leader Is Barrack Obama.

  14. SalULloyd says:

    LOL Another Faux News white middle age warmonger bites the dust.

  15. Barbara Clark says:

    I don’t believe he did this.

  16. Eh,…I voted for Trump,…begrudgingly…no skin off my nose if Trumps biggest cheerleader is found to have done this deed…I will be glad he’s fired…you gotta be as brain dead as a pelosi voter to buy the garbage this guy shovels…you get ZERO critical thinking from this joker,..much like the rest of the right wing media,..they are as bad as the rest have always been, just in reverse…I despise both sides of the media…

  17. roger says:

    So this Arch conservative “news” site fRox news….suspends eric b….and conservatives immediately see yet another conspiracy. WOW…. True definition of paranoia. Don’t you people know large organizations have “cultures” created by those at the top, where rules and behavior get re-enforced, rewarded and even if awful, get sustained. More likely, execs at fRox news witnessed much of this, know its true, and canned the guy before they get sued. If they really “knew” he was a angel …he’d be supported….but guess what…yet another family values christian bible thumping Lets Make Amerika Great again Comrade is caught lying, deceiving and assaulting others….WOW.

    • The Truth says:

      You’re speculating. You have no evidence there is a culture of harassment at Fox News. However, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the left is trying to take down Fox News. The left has made it their mission to censor or silence any sort of different opinion. It happens in the Colleges, on journalistic websites, through so called hate speech rules. Fox News is the only conservative news organization on TV and they are consistently number one in ratings. What happens if Fox News ends? No competition, no differing opinion, no alternative to the liberal media agenda. Multiple female Fox News anchors who made allegations against the men at Fox News are either at NBC or CNN now. Megyn Kelly was adamant that Ailes was innocent until she got that big fat salary at ABC. Gretchen Carlson had threatened to sue Fox multiple times over the years when she didnt get her way. She stayed 13 years before she made the allegations, I guess if the money is good enough. Whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, something stinks.

      • SalULloyd says:

        The Falsehood, LOL LOL LOL In the history of this country the Right has censored or banned more books than anyone else!

  18. cirtaptomas says:

    Fox News, Unfair, Unbalanced. It would seem all the guys over at that fox news would have that Bill O’Really Contract…pay off the girls you flirt with…How come Fox News allowed O’Really so many chances of messing up..and the new guys are fired or suspended…The moment it happens. Failure.

  19. Thomas says:

    Now nobody watches Fox News. Without their key people whom they fired, who would want to work there? Willing to bet the sexual harassment was dreamed up by the liberal left. Couldn’t stand Fox being number one over everyone else all these years..

    • Melody Starr says:

      I don’t believe it and it is just another hit by the liberals…They will say and do anything to be in powe!

  20. Alex Meyer says:

    Are there any men at Fox News who are NOT sexual deviants?

    • Jack says:

      Fox did suspend him, so there must be some evidence. I don’t even think this accusation was on anyone’s radar.

  21. So you don’t even mention what the comments were? One of the Bill O’reilly “sexual harassment” comments was calling a black girl Chocolate…..if you take offense to that you are insane. There is an insanity taking place in America and across the western world.

    • Marc Smith says:

      Bolling sent more than one woman he worked with unsolicited pictures of his dick. Is that good enough for you? Since calling a black woman you work with hot Chocolate isn’t offensive to you, I’m guess unsolicited dick pics is also a thing you tolerate at the job. Assuming you have one. Which I’m guessing, if you do, you’re not the boss.

      • GGMA says:

        And you saw these pictures that these women claimed were sent. It appears that women are as wimpy as most of the women these days. They would have never survived when I started working back in 1952

  22. Eric Bolling is another reason Fox News must not exist.

    • Cookie Brown says:

      No the boss saw them. That’s why he’s been suspended and soon to be fired. FOX News guys are some real sex addicts and perverts. Shame on them!

  23. Larry Cramer says:

    More of the same. Fox News will continue to lose viewers if they cant stand behind their anchors. Its clearly a tactic to destroy Fox News by the left. Time for a new conservative news channel I guess. The new lineup stinks flat out.

  24. Sam says:

    Please stop with the articles until the court has heard all the facts and made a decision.
    This is slander and gossip. The new journalism. A gossip sheet.
    The wapo prints illegal leaks, KNOWING the leak was illegal,
    KNOWINGLY publishes the leaked info committed a felony colluding with the felony act of the group that arranged the
    leak. Otherwise known as gossip.
    And here is yet another gossip story.
    A half truth that is gossip, unproven and slandering.
    Freedom of the press is not free from
    a slander and liable claim.
    The publishers OWNERS are also personally liable for claims as well as allowing their business to act outside the scope of the law. Colluding personally in gossip slander and liable.
    Hahahaha good luck P. Good luck J.B.
    The communities need your fortunes to build public housing. Hahah. Suckered.

  25. Tasos says:

    I don’t believe the allegations, as vague and designed to damage as they are. Bolling was targeted as a popular, respected pro-Trump Conservative and attacked to quiet him as DC’s Swamp dwellers gradually undermine Pres. Trump. They have no scrupples or hesitation about dishonoring our election results.

  26. The day of Innocent Until Proven Guilty seem to be over in the U.S. Now all that is needed is an accusation or allegation, and peoples lives and careers are devastated… No facts, no evidence required. As long as “Someone Claims” that is good enough for open attacks on almost anyone… Well, as long as they are a conservative…. Liberals get a pass…… Then hype it up and plaster it all over the papers, TV and internet… How did the suedo-journalists take over from real news gatherers?….

    • Colin Kellogg says:

      Oh sure, like Fox news didn’t spew gossip about Hillary Clinton murdering Vince Foster and Obama was a muslim and Bernie Sanders was a communist and John Kerry wasn’t actually a hero. Fox News richly deserves this opportunity to clean house. Don’t blame liberals for this one.

  27. Yeahright Whyshouldi says:

    Fox News has placed new female executives in several senior roles, which has resulted in unprecedented losses in viewership. MSNBC now dominates cable news. That’s how affirmative action works. Promote less talented, less qualified people based on their gender or ethnicity instead of their ability and achieve mediocrity.

  28. Alex says:

    I hope Boling sues the HuffPo for all it has.

    • Tom in Puerto Rico says:

      Agreed. I believed the O’riely allegations, but definitely not the Boling allegations. I just can’t see him doing that, and i hope he squeezes every last penny out of them. All the left is capable of is witch hunts.

      • Cookie Brown says:

        Bolling is the one who texted his penis to women. Why would he be suing anybody. He’ll probably get sued. He made so much fun of Anthony Weiner posting his penis and this clown turns around and dies the same thing. Addicts can’t help themselves.

      • Prentis Lakey says:

        Just because you can’t see him doing it doesn’t mean he didn’t do it.

  29. So let’s see if I have this straight… Eric Bolling a famous prime time news anchor is just going to randomly decide to ‘harass’ co-workers and send them D-pics? Just out of the blue one day in between sets… to a random female employee who was just doing her job. What a bunch of bull dooky! There ARE two sides to to this story and the news (and 21st Century Fox) are completely fake until both sides are revealed. I believe more than likely, to include past scandals with Bill O’reilly, there’s more to the story and there was some sort of ‘more than professional and consensual’ going on between them that went sour and the women went after the money or the competition. Alternatively, the conspiracy theory side of me says these women were planted by the Left (or the Murdicks) to bring down the one and only prime time conservative real news network. But at the end of the day, the one underlying common theme in all these supposed Fox News sexual harassment scandals… none of the men have been convicted of guilt. These have ALL been ‘ALLEGATIONS’ – so apparently it’s guilty until proven innocent at 21st Century Fox.

  30. JGNY says:

    So, is there evidence? Probably shady but who cares? the left has done its job again. When they cannot win the ratings sweepstakes with honest reporting (HAHA CNN), they find people will make up trash from decades past. As for Fox, they have ruined themselves. First, the new Females running the show are destroying the content. Second, where is the diversity…? Third, the stories and reporting have become stale rehash. Where are the male reporters? vanishing before your eyes. Look at the facts. Bolling is accuse. So what? Where is the evidence and why is Fox acting knee Jerk ? In America, unless your are Guilty, there is no crime, it has to be proven. So why is he punished NOW? The same with the prior cases, all accusations. No real guilty verdict anywhere just attacks. Settlements do not count because they are settled to save the legal fees. So Fox, which has ruined the network and continues to do so will face lower ratings and become no better than CNN or all the rest. Good for them. the Murdoch kids deserve that. Their dad built it and they do not have the slightest clue on how to run it. they turned over a lot of the management to…get this, the wives of the sons. That says it all.

    • Cookie Brown says:

      FOX can’t have their backs because they know the allegations are true. They have the pics of his penis he texted to these women and it’s been said he’s been having sec with women in his office.,Hes always saying sexist stuff on air so you know what he says and dies off air. He’s a pervert like the rest of the FOX anchors.,Hannity is next. Jerks!

  31. Jake says:

    Isn’t it sad that the majority of commenters are either positive that sexual harassment occurred or refuse to believe it happened, depending on political ideology? I’m siding with those who say innocent until proven guilty. Eric Bolling is a hyperpartisan, and I completely disagree with his conservative policies. But he’s a human being. Anyone can make an allegation and destroy someone’s life. The woman or women who came forward, if what they allege is true, are brave to take such a difficult step towards justice. However, we should wait to see what happens in the investigation. It will be pretty easy to prove their claim if they have text messages.

    Also, I seriously doubt that Fox News is the only network with this kind of problem. For instance, CNN has been hit with a class-action discrimination lawsuit. People have to understand the culture of these corporate media outlets, regardless of political bias. It’s not pretty.

  32. Ken Loseman says:

    I read the story in Huffington Post and I was surprised that the writer reported allegations without seeing any evidence that he claims might exist. Reporters should abide to the Canons of Journalism and the other Journalistic Standards before inflicting stress on somebody’s relationships: their marriage, their children, friends, family members. co-workers and,their employer. By ignoring “Limitation of harm” and “Public responsibility”, significant damage was done if the allegations are true or untrue. Trust takes years to build and it can be lost instantly if 1) you betray it, or 2) others claim you betrayed it. (If the reporter witnessed proof, he would have said so to add credibility to his story.)

    I’ll withhold judgement (like the reporter and FNC should have done) until the the fact-finding mission is complete and we find out if indisputable evidence and intent is found or it isn’t. The presumption of innocence applies. Since there’s no way to prove the allegations didn’t occur, the burden of proof in on the accuser.

    Instead of issuing paid suspensions, Fox should accelerate investigations and then take action based on the results. Charles Payne is still on paid leave due to “allegations of sexual assault” by the woman he was cheating with for three years. Again, presumption of innocence. There’s no method for him to prove her accusations are false so the burden of proof is on the accuser. .

  33. Andy says:

    I always knew this guy is a creep!

  34. Oracle says:

    There used to be a time when average conservatives promoted pro-American values without the racist hatred which is common on Fox and other right wing shows. Their “opinion” of former President Obama and HRC aren’t policy, its personal. Fox Is just rhe tip of a large iceberg of Republican “family values” hypocrisy throughout this country. Expect more to come.
    Karma has no menu. It serves who is deserved.

  35. Thomas Waters says:

    Some people cannot stand prosperity and I just bought his book. Tom W

  36. Stubby says:

    The Jesus channel hits another home run. The family values are overwhelming.

  37. Dorothy Sherman says:

    I don’t believe it! It isn’t probable. Eric has seen the results of sexual harassment of the others. I believe it’s possible that O’Reilly could have made some off the cuff remarks that got him in trouble but not Eric. Anything he might have said or done would have to be twisted to fit someone’s agenda. Eric has always been on the up and up. I don’t believe in my heart that he could have been any kind of harasser. Of course, he is human, but my spirit says he is innocent of any sexual harassment charges. Women need to stop being so sensitive and/or using sex to defeat men or we will eventually not have any that are worthwhile.

  38. BambiB says:

    If you work with a woman – any woman – the safest, best thing to do is not to look at them, talk to them or write anything to them of any kind – ever. Pretend they do not exist. Act as if they are not present. If they speak, do not hear them. Do not respond. Refuse to work for a woman, or to allow a woman to work for you. Never allow a woman in your presence unless a male relative of hers is also present. Don’t let women drive cars. Or vote.

    There. All the problems are solved. Just implement the system lib women have been calling for: Sharia law – but for women only.

  39. How long before faux post some obscure news on the Clintons or The Obama family

    • Méria Jéanfréaux says:

      You’re so very correct Ms. BambB. I’m a, woman and I’m so ashamed to hear the evil these so called women claiming sexual harassment. Shame on you women. As for Gretchen Carsons’ accusations against the boss man which died. I’m not sure what he’s done I’m aware she’s a, Struck up witch. She’s always acted as though she’s something she’s not. These so called ladies on these news programs, wear such seductive dresses, so short these dress as they’re sitting rises up to their derrière. They’re asking for men to look and when men do, say or look; they scream sexual Harassment. This just irks me to no end. Yrs. ago I’ve told my husband when a, woman began to work in a, mans field; they’re there for no good. Mocker of of Sweet Savior Yeshua, = Jesus, never place Karma against Jesus sir for Jesus will send your be handled in help for mocking Him. He, holds the strings to your life and desth. Ms. BambiB, I’m very much believing these women are plants from the left. Shame of the upper idiot men in control. Shame on you for taking the words from these Witches. Don’t do as these trash women which make claims and you quickly destroy every good man by firing them immediately. Wait till proof is proven. Same today, all working men cannot look at a, woman without these tramps claiming sexual harassment.

  40. Faux fake news refined the voice of the immoral but very vocal minority

  41. Audrina says:

    Haha! I don’t know why but there’s another case of Sexual Harassment via smartphone (blackberry actually) in Pakistan. I think the controversy is more against the smartphones than these people.

  42. Harry Rodriguez says:

    Can i sexually harass anybody or do i have to claim to be a Christian to make it okay?

  43. people pick words..type a personalities may always use sexual words or phrases to show digust or pointed assumtions….i would guess half of all sexual harassments are ego vs ego with the better lawyer winning, whatever the cause or result, people still fall for the venus mars battle over eons ago…immature adults who not only sin but commonly hide sin by accusations…and why this is news is besides me….

  44. All he needs to do is say fake republican GAWD 12 times and all will be forgiven. It’s worked for
    everyone else at FOX.

  45. stan miller says:

    His Jerry the car salesman was one of the greatest acting jobs of all time and he did the get Academy award, it’s fixed for sure.

  46. D Burns says:

    What a BS story if I every heard one!!

  47. All those foxie men are so sexy aren’t they?

  48. earl hickey says:

    Let’s see the photo so we can conclude whether or not it was actually lewd

  49. dana caldwell says:

    For christ sake. What the **** is going on over there? that network is a racist exist evil fake news wreck. i bet were gonna find out next they are are all doing cocaine and engaging in a pedophile ring. i actually liked fox in the late 90’s cause they were independent. but once they started softening the news for republicans and O’riley started disrespecting Obama in that interview with him it pissed me off. now i know. the cats out of the bag. they are all bigots.

  50. Frank Stone says:

    This is such bull, at what point is Fox going to go to war for their hosts!!!!! They definitely don’t have Eric’s back……so sad.

    • b.real says:

      your boy is a complete nut job.

    • Cheyenne L Kastens says:

      O’Reilly used up their lawsuit settlement fund.

    • bc says:

      hey francis , this is like the 4th or 5th guy too get caught up in something like this in LESS THAN A YR. ever notice the ones who preach religion and family the loudest are then ones that get caught up in this dumb sh&t and he was very vocal when Anthony weiner got caught , wonder why

      • Tom Bennett says:

        Frank Stone, “They definitely don’t have Eric’s back……so sad.”
        Unfortunately for Bolling this is about his front and not his back. He can only wish this was about mooning a few ladies.

        Sorry Frank, the devil made me do it. I loathe the man.

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