Fox News’ Eric Bolling Responds to Suspension Following Sex-Harassment Accusations

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Eric Bolling, the Fox News host and contributor who was suspended on Saturday after allegations surfaced that he had harassed colleagues, vowed Monday morning to clear himself.

“Overwhelmed by all the support I have received. Thank you,” Bolling wrote. “I look forward to clearing my name asap.” A Huffington Post report earlier disclosed allegations that Bolling had sent lewd messages to colleagues via smartphone.

“Eric Bolling has been suspended pending the results of an investigation, which is currently underway,” the network said in a statement on Saturday.

Bolling, a former commodities trader and best-selling author, had been a longtime co-host of “The Five,” and more recently helped launch a new late-afternoon show, “The Fox News Specialists.” He also anchors the Fox News program  Both Fox News and Fox Business expect to use rotating substitute hosts in Bolling’s place. On Twitter, Bolling’s name has been removed from the feed devoted to the “Specialists” program.

The allegations are the most recent to surface against employees at Fox News, which has worked in recent months to purge itself of the corporate culture fostered by former CEO Roger Ailes.

The continuing allegations raise issues for the network’s parent company, 21st Century Fox, which is working to acquire the rest of European broadcaster Sky PLC that it does not already own. Attorneys for several employees who have sued Fox News and activists have used the accusations to suggest British regulators not approve the proposed transaction, which remains under government review.

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  1. Shorty says:

    This is a planned attack to get the conservatives off the air. All the people who are being let go are the ones having a real impact on the voters by telling the truth about the Washington swamp. Fortunately, the big networks are now not the only place to get news – in fact, be careful Fox, you may be making yourself irrelevant.

  2. sluggo says:

    The Murdoch brothers are dishonest liberals that want to change Fox News for their British “Skye” deal, who claimed that Fox News was too conservative, and they want another dishonest, liberal democrat biased network like the BBC, CNN, MSNBC or all the other American networks.

    Any white male…now make that ANY conservative male, since the neee-gro, Charles Payne has now been falsely accused of sexual harassment also…who supports ANY traditional, American values, or President Donald Trump, is under attack by the NAZI collaborator, George Soros, and his dozens of racist, America hating, lying liberal democrat groups that are systematically dismantling free speech and any fairness in the America press.

    This is the REAL, continuing, destructive “legacy” of the racist, Kenyan born muslim barack obama.

  3. Joanne says:

    This is the way it’s going to be any one that sticks up for the right automatically gets an sexual assault thrown against them , this is getting so sick , money truely is the root of all evil and some people have no soul , they will dishonour their selves for a hand full of cash , their just like Judith he betrayed Jesus for a few pieces of silver . Eric is a fair reporter so they group together to eliminate him what a disgrace , God help the country because if the liberals ever get in office again you can see what they are capable of doing to keep their swamp full of greedy vultures.

  4. Beverly says:

    Is this all you have to do in life is find out dirt on people that are trying their best to live up right lives. Could this be an attack perpertrated by the left like they have no sins to reveal. Eric is a fine man and not afraid to stand up for what is right. He should be applauded not haressed like this.

  5. ken duckson says:

    i will not watch fox until you stand up for your people (eric/bill ) and condemn ebony and crazy cat for the trash they talk

    • George Krafft says:

      I also will not watch Fox until they remove Ebony and Kawt from their programs as they both belong on MSNBC or CNN with their pro-left commentary and their putting down of the Trump presidency.

      • Ellen Dale says:

        I agree….I cannot believe their behavior lately……I’m disgusted with both of them…. I
        want to say something about Eric Bolling….I do not know him but watching him on Fox, I do not believe one word that has been written or spoken about him….He really seems to be to fine of a man….I do however see the left with their dirty hands in this mess….

  6. Laura says:

    Three cheers Paula. Used to watch FOX 24/7 now hate it…the Murdock females got their lib ways.

  7. Paula Sheehan says:

    I do not believe Eric Bolling assaulted or harassed any woman. Fox News is turning into a liberal news outlet and Eboni and Kat are the people who a lot of folks like me do not want to hear. Talk about racist and intolerant, these two have it all wrapped into their rants about out country and our President! Hang in Eric I believe in you and our President!!

  8. Mary B says:

    ARGHHH!!! PLEASE bring Eric back. I have tried watching the Specialists but it is becoming more painful. It’s like watching The View and I think I’m done with it. Definitely agree with previous comments. What is happening to Fox? Couldn’t you have given Eric a chance to prove innocence? It might have saved The Specialists. Doesn’t look hopeful now.

    • Bev J. says:

      I’m with you Mary. I used to watch Fox all the time. I do t like the specialists and never watch it anymore, especially since Eric is not on it. Ebony and Kat really show their true colors on the specialists. Not for me. I just hope Oreilly starts his own network that will be a pleasure to watch. His pod cast rocks!

  9. Waunita K. Haug says:

    Is this the new game for some to climb to the top….yell harassment??!! FOX will not stay on top for long if they give in to this stuff. Eric’s been on FOX for years and “suddenly” starts harassing people? Doesn’t make sense. You notice it’s all the woman that accuse the guys, wonder who they’ll accuse next? So sick of this…FOX was the only news channel we watched and now we don’t watch much at all. FOX is going down the tubes.

  10. Eric Bolling is done! Once you’re suspended at Fox you very rarely return. He can join his pal, Bob Beckel, and harass women as they go into the Fox building. That seems to be their calling in life!

  11. Penny Baity says:

    What is going on over at Fox News? I am a faithful viewer of Fox News and very concerned about the fate of your channel. First Bill O’Reilly then Megan Kelly and now Eric Bolling, I’m not sure how long I will continue to watch.

  12. Bill O’Riley now Eric Bowling, who’s next as a target? I cannot believe the way the program is left leaning during Ericks absence. There is no one there to combat Ebni’s leftist comments and Kat has fallen right in line with her. I feel like I am watching CNN, please get someone to take up for the right leaning side of the argument. If not I hate to say it, but I will have to turn you off!!

  13. Barbara Hyde says:

    I enjoy watching Fox News and have for several years. I enjoy watching Harris Faulkner and the other ladies on One Lucky Man. I watch Neil C. at 4 pm. and have really enjoyed ERIC BOLLING and the two young ladies plus his guests. It’s a great program. Please HURRY and get ERIC cleared to come back on the many programs he is on. WE MISS YOU ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Just watched a small portion of Fox News Specialists sans Bolling. Terrible. Won’t tune in again. Fox News is purging all of its strong conservative males in favor of women and moderate to liberal males. If it continues this trend, I will no longer watch anything but Tucker and Hannity until you find a reason to terminate them. The new executives at Fox suck and if they move to join MSNBC and CNN et al in reporting fake news they will lose all credibility.

  15. Carol says:

    I have been watching Eric Bolling for years , plus , I’ve gone to 2 of his book signings ! He is a class act and a man of integrity! I feel so bad for his family , to have to go through these disgusting allegations, and humiliations ! I don’t believe a word ! The LIBERAL LEFT are on the warpath to destroy Fox News conservatives …. OReilly , Charles , Hannity , now Bolling !! No question , when the smoke clears , it will be obvious that George Soros and his Ilk , have instigated this whole charade . Women who TRULY have been sexually harassed , don’t wait years to report it . It amazes me , that anyone would take the word of women , who already have questionable reputation ! I hate to lose FOX , but maybe it’s time for a new and independent Conservative Network ! Bolling was moved from the very successful ” The Five ” to ” The Specialists ” seated between 2 snarky , middle of the road ladies ! Not a good show , at all !
    Eric deserves better than this and I will pray that he ends up with a much better job , elsewhere !!

  16. Bud Foster says:

    What the hell is happening to Fox News?. Enough of the liberal PC culture at Fox. I thought I was watching CNN. Is Fox only interested in money? Your viewing public is shrinking. You better wake up or
    you will end up like MSNBC. Fake News?.

  17. Bobbie says:

    What Foxs is going to get rid of all the good news man .
    Sometimes it’s good to stand by your employee!!
    Eric Bolling is great , what next it’s going to be Jesse Walters !

    • Connie Rishwain says:

      Fox TV! Please get rid of Hiraldo,Juan and the liberal woman with the scratchy voice and the liberal blond with black glasses, and any other liberalsbon your tv shows. I turn to different channels each time they talk! I could turn to cnn or any other liberal channel, if I want flaming liberal news!!!!

  18. Jeanne S. says:

    I am a female and I am getting very suspicious of the allegations and suits against the males at fox. I have encountered flirtatious males at the hospitals I have worked and guess what people….. I put on my big girl pants and put them in their place. Gosh I could have been rich by now if filed suits!!

    • Annie says:

      Jeanne S., me too – were we the dumb ones? I was the only female with all men; they ended up being my big brothers; once they learned I wouldn’t take any crap from them! It was nice to have a whole PD of good guys watching my back! I had also worked in the high heel, short skirt wearing business world; today’s women have got to get a grip and stop whining over every little thing that they perceive as sexual harassment (Joe said my hair looked nice – I WANT TO SUE HIM!). Get a life! However, have to admit 20M would come in handy – ONLY KIDDING!

  19. Cheryl says:

    If all my favorite hosts are forced out on Fox . I’m going to be forced to stop listening and watching to Fox News . Fox channel stays on at my home 24/7 . I will cancel both Fox business and Fox News . This is getting ridiculous. Sounds like the men should start filing sexual harassment on some of the women. I thought that he was going to get his own show anyway

  20. Michele says:

    Women need to knock it off with all this BS of oh gosh a man called me sweetheart and now am screaming sexual harassment! Like Gretchen Carlson, what a piece of work she is! Roger was her hero until her show tanked because no one likes her and then all of a sudden she feels sexually harassed! These women give a bad name to the women that actually are sexually harassed! Report it right away!!! Women lose credibility with me when they pull a Carlson !!!No Bueno!!!!

  21. Michele says:

    I don’t even like The Specialist without Eric!!! Hang in there Eric! We love you!!!

  22. Michele says:

    I don’t believe Eric Bolling did anything wrong! Trying to take out all the conservative men on Fox! False allegations just like what they did to Hannity! Disgraceful!!!

  23. Doyelene E Gridley says:

    Have you noticed how Fox News is getting rid of all the Conservative Commentators gearing up for the 2018 elections. Could someone please get us a new Conservative Station and lets ditch Fox.

  24. Heather says:

    I miss Eric on Fox news. He is a decent man and a proud family man. Another person being persecuted. Find out the truth and be fair

  25. joan gentile says:

    class act.. hang in there guy…the ugliness is out for the jugular

  26. Debra Klaholz says:

    The Huffington Post is a junk, fake news rag! Why take it seriously. I hope Bolling sues HP too!deb

  27. Jake Stone says:

    Please, this comes from the Huffington Post. It’s nothing but another left rag. The poster child for fake news.

  28. David Wong says:

    Anyone noticed that ever since Trump was elected President, the left has been on a tear in their attempt to knock down Fox News? They know that FoxNews is the only channel that will report on stories, they refuse to report because they do not agree with it. A lot of allegations have been made against all the top names at FoxNews and some were let go. However, I have not heard of convictions. Seems to be allegations and the MSM (or Lame Brained Media as I call them) know that the younger Murdochs are more in line with them.

  29. Helen Gregory says:

    Eric Boling I loved you on The Five and I never missed an episode! I never believed one word of the accusations. You have too much integrity for these lies!

  30. Christine DiMari says:

    I have a lot of questions to disprove Eric Bowling’s activations. This seems very far fetched to me. Hope his attorneys will clear his name and will be back as soon as possible.

    • Marilyn Kirman says:

      “Activations?” what is that Christine?

      • Bev J. says:

        I’m sure she meant accusations

      • Larry Mcarthur says:

        Eric, I have been a big fan of your contributions to Fox for years. You bring the disciplined positions on complex political and social issues that I would expect from a highly successful business executive. I hope that you are successful in clearing your name with your lawsuit. Give a big chunk of your financial gains to charity and watch the pendulum of public opinion swing to your long term favor.

  31. Sharon Trost says:

    Eric Boilling sorry about this curve in your career. You are a good person one of integrity, professional, Fox News employee who reports the truth, values and love of country.
    You do not have to prove to me but you got to go after and fight.
    Looking forward to your return and apology from those who did the accusations to you. Hope you really get my email.

  32. Elaine B. says:

    If an adult receives an email deemed inappropriate (racist, sexist, or any other ist) the correct thing to do is notify the sender not to send you such subject matter anymore and to delete the email — NOT to tattletale to his or her employer. Correct for the employer is not to suspend a valuable employee based on the say so of another employee who may be resentful or jealous. If the sender persists in sending inappropriate emails after being asked not to, only then should it escalate to reporting to the employer. Wait. This is 7 years old? Put it in the dead file.

  33. Darlene Smith says:

    I do not believe this lie , Eric is a great person I watch the five because he is so good. if Fox continues this redicules shearad it is going to loose all viewers

  34. Elizabeth Daniels says:

    I do not believe this woman. I really like Eric and i have bought his books. This is a total lie and Fox is going to go down hill since Firing Bill O’Riley. I will not watch fox & Friends I will only watch Fox Business. Elizabeth

    • Yolanda says:

      Elizabeth please start believing in the woman and what we are trying to accomplish. To many men feel that they can tell and say whatever he wants without any consequences. I use to love Fox and Bill along with the 5. BUT. Watch, Tucker or Hannity. Fox is apologizing all over the board. Please back up the women we need your help and not criticism. I too have stopped watching Fox along with everything else pertaining to Fox. I do feel too many times their station is false stories. I do thank you for stopping to watch FOX also. Have a great day God bless you

    • Wilma says:

      Fox has been sucked into the Sewer of the PC Left. This is disgusting and totally outrageous that this company would fall pray to the Liberal Left Sewer Rats. Isn’t it time for AMERICANS to finally step up and call a spade a spade????? Eric is to good for this company. I think that O’Rielly, Eric, and the rest of the quality people at FOX tell FOX to go just in the lake and begin their own Company and TV programs. We the People are disgusted with all this witch hunt, vile, and evil under currents that are going on just to hurt President Trump. I am for Trump and will vote for him again. It is time for the so called Politicians to get a grip work for the people who elected and let go of their egos and narcissistic leanings. They all make me sick.

  35. Henry says:

    Perhaps Sponsors should drop out of Fox until they clear this up….that would probably make them move a lot faster. Besides, what a bunch of crap….I guess anyone can say anything and Fox quivers and suspends before investigation.

  36. Aleta Wilson says:

    I think all these ex-Fox patriots should start their own show, these people that are saying these things about these men get money and they don’t have to provide any proof. What a great retirement plan.

  37. Laura Hingston says:

    Hi, I am so discouraged concerning Thank you for listeningFox News. The only news I watch right now is Fox and I am getting concerned that the conservative voice is going to be shut down thanks to Fox itself. Suddenly the voice of O’Reilly is stopped and now the voice of Bolling. Why are you believing theses people who have no value except a damning voice against Bolling. Why cannot you see the hypocrisy and the motives of others and not giving Bolling and O’Reilly credit for the time you have known them? Sincerely Laura

  38. Steven Ryan says:

    empty the swamp you could say after his book they got but hurt and had to after him. I hope he sues the living crap out of them. Fox has to pull the head out of you know what and back their teams.

  39. Becca Reese says:

    I do not believe these allegations. They are picking off all the Pro-Trumpers. Good Luck Eric, speedy return.

  40. Carl May says:

    Another MSM Witch Hunt.

  41. Camille prockter says:

    I would think that if these accusations are false, Eric and the others would sue anyone slandering their name…they seem too calm about such accusations…which leads me to think their true…

    • KAREN COBBS says:

      Public figures have limitations on who they can sue bc they willingly put themselves out there. I don’t know if they are true and I am willing to wait for the facts to come out. I always thought he was a sleaze bag and definitely his own biggest fan.

  42. Daniel Dour says:

    I wish the investigation ends soon and Eric Bolling is reinstated. I wish the same for Charles and Bill O’Reilly too. These unsubstantiated leaks are becoming all too familiar…….

  43. Denise Gilliland says:

    Bolling is an arrogant know it all and we had stopped watching the because of him. He needs to be fired and totally removed from any of FOX programs.

    • KAREN COBBS says:

      I also stopped watching the new program because of him. When he was on “The Five ” it seems everything he said was all about him. If he is innocent I hope he is cleared, but if not Fox needs to drain the swamp. I always thought he was such a narcissist. The charges don’t surprise me but he is innocent until proven guilty.

  44. Luis cabral says:

    Don’t let CNN destroy fox they trying whit president Donald trump and know whit the beast fox anchor
    Than you

  45. Richard says:

    I believe that you are innocent. You are a good and decent man and way too smart to do what you have been accused of.
    Maybe time to find another employer. FNC is going downhill fast.

  46. Teresa says:

    I always enjoyed your shows.
    I hope you can clear your name. I also hope this is a false claim- my thoughts go out to your family either way.

  47. Ray Blanchet says:

    It must be hard to have a positive attitude when you have fake news stories-trying to ruin-en your life’ Please hang in there. You are a good person and I look forward to you returning to Fox.Do not allow those Liberia’s win Good Luck RAY

  48. Debbie says:

    Each day I turn to Fox News for a fair and balanced account of the days news. You just tried it with Hannity now Eric. Enough is enough. Stand by your people. Fox…you are losing credibility. What is this a Democratic infiltration. Bring Eric back immediately.

  49. Sharon says:

    Fox News stand by your people! I only watch Fox News and I stand with Eric. Tired of all the BS. They tried it with Sean and did not get anywhere, now it’s Eric. Fox News you are acting like those democrats! Miss Eric on the Five

  50. Barb says:

    Enough is enough. Fox needs to stand by their people. Unless they plan on losing all viewers of the network. I find it hard to believe that Eric would anything like that. Please bring him back and cut the BS. I

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