Fox News in Early Talks With Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham GOP Republican Convention
AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Fox News Channel is in discussions with the conservative radio host Laura Ingraham that could result in her coming to the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news network as a regular host, a person familiar with the outlet’s plans confirmed early Tuesday.

The two sides are believed to be in early talks, and no decision has been made regarding the time slot Ingraham might anchor, or even when she might join the company in the new role. No deal has been signed, and there is no sense at this time when one might come to fruition, this person said. She already serves as a Fox News contributor.

Revelation of the talks, which surfaced Monday on The Drudge Report and were further detailed by CNN, show Fox News Channel continuing to mull tinkering with its program line-up as it grapples in real time to find alternatives for hosts who have come under recent fire. Fox News replaced mainstay Bill O’Reilly in April after he parted ways over advertiser reaction to disclosures of settlements paid to women who had accused him of sexual harassment and other improprieties.

The network’s current primetime lineup features Tucker Carlson at 8 p.m, the panel show “The Five” at 9 p.m., and Sean Hannity at 10 p.m. And though Fox News remains cable’s most-watched news network, it has had to contend with a resurgent MSNBC, where a primetime lineup led by Rachel Maddow has expanded its audience.

Ingraham has a long association with Fox News, having served as a fill-in for both Hannity and O’Reilly.  Executives at the network have remained open to the idea of tweaking its primetime lineup, Fox News co-president Jack Abernethy told Variety in July.

Fox News is also mulling talent options due to the recent suspension of Eric Bolling, the former commodities trader who served as co-host on the late-afternoon program “Fox News Specialists,” this person confirmed. Bolling was suspended earlier this month, when Fox News said it planned to investigate recent allegations made in a Huffington Post report that Bolling may have sexually harassed colleagues. Bolling has denied the charges and said he intends to clear his name.

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  1. Jammer Fazzini says:

    Laura is the rock star of news personalities. I love her.

  2. Anna says:

    Good choice to replace The Five and move The Five to before Tucker Carlson.

  3. Barbara Greenfield says:

    Big mistake. She is a caustic lady. Another anti-Trumper as soon as he does one thing she does not like. Won’t watch her.

  4. G Stegall says:

    Let’s have more family movies promoting love and peace instead of violence. Violent movies and T.V. puts people on edge.

  5. If Laura has any sense at all, she will STAY on her radio show because she is an avid Trump supporter and that just ain’t gonna float at the new Faux News Channel! I wouldn’t work at Faux News if they did want me to come there! F’em, feed’em fish heads!

  6. Bob Bailey says:

    Laura Ingram would be an excellent choice to join the depleted staff of hosts at FNC. I wish someone at FNC would reveal the truth about Sen John McCain’s vast array of corruption. I know his daughter works there, but, too bad, so sad. He is complaining about the pardon of Sherriff Joe, but fails to talk about HIS OWN PRESIDENTIAL PARDON from President Richard Nixon during the Vietnam Era. Please don’t let this get swept under the rug. That would put FNC in the category along side CNN. I would hate to see that. Thanks. Bob Bailey Arnold MO.

  7. Veteran says:

    The News Specialists is proof FOX could care less what its viewers want .This show with its wannabe Black Panther Eboni Hooters or whatever her name is and her useful idiot Kat Timpf who when you look at you can see clearly nobody is home .The show is nothing but a one hour Trump bashing if we want that then there os CNN.FOX news is heading down the crapper !

  8. Maryann Richman says:

    Sadly, FOX has changed & not for the better as a result we have been watching OANN for our news. O’Reilly should have never been removed. Laura Ingraham would be a great addition as would the outstanding & intelligent commentary of Michelle Maulkin. Move The Five back to their original spot, eliminate The Specialist, remove Shepherd Smith & his derogatory side comments. In a nut shell, a strong team would include:
    Ingraham, Maulkin,Tucker, Hannity, Bolling & The Five.

  9. Oracle says:

    The owners at Fox News know the future, and it is turning brown. They know that like investing, you can’t survive on a 100% conservative or liberal diet. A person often evolves from conflict, and opposing opinions was how our government was formed. Those who have the same race of friends or political viewpoint at their house speak volumes. Many hypocritical people want an opposing opinion…as long as it is on their terms.

  10. Nancy says:

    I wish The Five was back on at 5:00. After work it was nice to see intelligent conversation mixed with clever joking. I’m tired of Juan always taking the other side. Love Jesse, Greg, Kimberly, and Brian when he guest hosts (anywhere!) Dana’s voice is irritating, but I like her and Jasper.
    I really like Tucker Carlson. I love Fox & Friends like The President!
    I don’t think I could handle a full hour of Laura.
    I used to like Shepard, but he’s not funny anymore , just nasty.

  11. GozieBoy says:

    Eric who? Really, this guy is nothing but excess baggage for Fox.

  12. Sue simms says:

    Get rid of Krauthamer, juan, sheppard, Guilford, and that awful guest Jessica (whatever her last name is) with the chalkboard voice. Bring back the best that you have let go.

  13. Sue simms says:

    No, please not Laura Ingraham! She will not help your network. She is way to full of herself. I used to have fox on 18+hours a day, not anymore with your new shows.

  14. The left is out to destroy all conservative commentators – and it is so predictable with the same old, tired accusation of sexual harassment…the libs are so self righteous…they didn’t mind Clinton doing it in the WH – that was deemed “his personal business”.

  15. Jim Lad says:

    I’d bring back O’Reilly but if that’s not in the cards then Laura would be an excellent replacement.
    Please, please drop Shepherd Smith and Juan Williams.
    I don’t mind opposing viewpoints but these two are ridiculous.

  16. Davy crockett says:

    Now that fox news is becoming nothing more than cnn light or msnbc light i need to find my conservative news someplace elsel goodby fox news.

  17. Edward C McLaughlin says:

    Its one thing to misinform your viewers but if you keep leaning to the Left its going to get awful lonely at the Fox studio . Do you really think the Snowflakes and Antifa are going to tune in and support your network.Many of us have been faithful viewers for many years and have been given the ability to decide for ourselves what is the truth and what isn’t ,more times than not we know the truth before you do. We live here, you don’t. Its frustrating to watch what was once a Fair and Balanced source of information become just another MSNBC . When the Puppetmaster pulls the strings the puppets dance, this is sad ,I always thought you were stronger than that. Here’s hoping that you wake up and smell the Freedom. Just remember this , your viewers will always be informed just not by you The Spin stops now

  18. Pepe says:

    I love the open-mindedness of the typical Trump supporter you see here. Apparently he literally can do no wrong. Trump could actually shoot a guy on Fifth Avenue … but Krauthammer rightly calling him out as a moral creep, and Screechy Laura because of her cop out – both are true, and yet not one of you can tolerate any deviation from your script, can you?

    That phone ringing is your sixth grade teacher, you all are still a few credits short of graduation
    still … But not to worry, He loves the poorly educated!

  19. Laura Ingraham would be a welcome addition to the lineup. I enjoy her radio show and guest hosting spots at Fox News. She always has her facts lined up and makes great arguments.

    • Yes but she’s not going to attract a higher key demographic which is what Fox is supposed to be wanting. I wonder if they really want that, Laura would get more older men and women in their 70s and 80s watching, not the 25 to 54 key demo. Young guys in their 20s and 40s aren’t going to be dying to turn Ingraham on every night. And I doubt younger women in their 30s much would either eventually.

  20. This makes complete sense for Fox to do this. In order for a female anchor to get a sole hosting gig, she has to not look so great now. In other words, if you’re a decent looking appealing women and work for Foxnews, you can best bet no matter how talented you are, you’ll never get your own show, and certainly not a prime time show. Laura fits the perfect requirements that Fox is looking for in a female anchor now. She has to have a manly demeanor check, she must not have a shapely body check, she must not be too feminine check, she must be at least 50 and over, check, she must have a voice that is lower and is not too high, check, she must not smile too much and be too girly, check. Laura Ingraham fits all these requirements, which appeases the feminist. While Fox would rather promote a women that is more independent and less conservative, they will pass this up for Laura’s other tomboy attributes that Fox so desperately covets now. Poor Trish Regan, as qualified as anyone, yet she’ll never see the light of day off FBN.

  21. Bruno Bruno says:

    eric balling pulled an anthony weiner ?

    • Larry Glock says:

      Only in your mouth, Hillary blog troll, only in your mouth….

      In the meantime he has a FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT cranked up against the bedwetter who lied about him.

  22. worthymagic says:

    Laura would be great. Does she want to give up her podcast? Where would they put her if she had her own show? It would be great to have her on FOX!

  23. jim wisdom says:

    Won’t watch this. She is sooooo overrated! Hope she has a better record of attendance than she has on her radio show.

  24. Ms. Laura: Thank you for defending America’s history and just a reminder Charles is a born Canadian😥😥

  25. Holly says:

    Fox News: Your YouTube Viewership Count is Down… Want Proof: Observe Total the Watching Count, and the Comments, of Fox News’ live Broadcasts on YouTube: Tucker Carlson >4,000; 6,000 Sean Hannity. The Solution: Replace “The 5” with Laura Ingraham. After Tucker Carlson, Far-Right persons are researching via Google News for an hour to prepare for what current event(s) Sean Hannity may be discussing. “The 5” is: “Open Minded and Liberal” (something the Far-Right won’t stand for). – Fox News needs to replace “The 5” with someone(s) on the Far-Right to, and Laura Ingraham is just the ticket!

    • The Five isn’t liberal, you have Jesse Watter’s killing Juan in debates every night, Gutfeld is very pro Trump now, Guilfoyle is friends with Trump and the family. But I can see Fox moving Laura to 9pm or maybe for a two hour show from 1 to 3 in the afternoon, Laura fits the anti womanly appeal that Fox and the feminist movements want to see.

  26. Tim Herbert Downs says:

    Laura Ingram should replace The Five at the 9:00 pm slot on Fox News!!! Bring the Five back on at 5:00 pm!!! Get rid of the Specialists!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!!! Eboni Williams comments yesterday were very disrespectful, not only to President Trump,but also to his base..those of us who voted for him!!! Leave him alone and let him do the job we elected him to do!!! Also, I will miss Eric Bolling!!! I believe he is a good man and I hope and pray that his name will be cleared!!!

    • Well said.Tim. I will not watch the Show now that Erick is gone and what ebony said made me
      Furious.Don”t like her or the Dumb Blond

    • So what says:

      Came here to say this! Remove the inept dolts, also known as the Fox Specialists, immediately. Give Laura the primetime slot currently held by The Five, and return that show to 5pm Eastern – you know… FIVE o’clock?!?!

      • S says:

        Agree!!! Specialists is a complete flop!! Shep is over the top Trump bashing as well. Let’s go back to substantive discussions!!

    • worthymagic says:

      Really? Eboni disrespectful towards the president? Wow. Usually she is backing him up. It isn’t the same show with Bollings. The Five has gotten too soft and silly. I guess FOX doesn’t think it has anyone to beat out Madcow.

  27. Tony says:

    Love Laura! She can replace The Five time slot. Put The Five back in its old spot. Get rid of The Specialist if Eric is gone. Kat Timf and Ebony Williams have shown nothing for me to be interested in. If it were up to them NK could drop nukes on us before they protect the US.

  28. kenneth henson says:

    Please do not consider it, Laura. I quit watching The Five because of the unqualified natter of Bob Bechel. I have just about severed my attention to FBN because of Charlie Gasparino and Five News Specialists because of Eboni Williams. Fox lately seems intent on developing a different method of dealing with the unpleasant aspects of dealing with excrement under the guise of political correctness.
    That is not where you belong!

  29. lulu says:

    We love you, Laura. She is so much stronger than the weak and feckless men of the GOP who cannot defend their positions and are purely concerned with placating the left wing media and globalists in DC. They care much more about their donors than the people.

  30. James Madary says:

    Good Laura would be a great addition to an already good line up.

  31. Heather says:

    Laura is wonderful to hear and observe. I do miss O’Reilly and Eric and will be very upset if we loose Hannity and Judge Jeanine. They have all been fair, intellient and true. I will not listen anymore to CNN since they took Jeff Lord off. I listened whenever I saw him on the show.
    These are the only ones without being terribly unfair to our President. They just stated facts that we never heard anywhere else without added bias.
    Please forward to Fox news executives. If we loose another, I will stop watching Fox news too.

    Tucker is great, I like Outnumbered, the Five and Fox Speciallist when Eric was there –also The Story.

  32. corn29 says:

    Do NOT do it Laura. Fox is toxic right now. Keep on doing what you’re doing. Going to Fox would be selling out!

    • Laura actually has a hard enough time raising her adopted kids, she likes to work at home. But my guess is no matter how much she doesn’t want to do it, the Murdoch boys will be coming hard after her and they may give her an offer she can’t refuse. Fox is turning feminist now, and Fox must place women anchors in key coveted spots who are not the typical standard beautiful women the audience has become familiar with. In other words, if a female anchor is very talented, even a great debater amazing personality, and she rates well, but she has an appealing body, Fox will not want her to have her own show. She will just be used as an info babe for short segments. The female anchor must have a manly body devoid of shape if that were possible. The feminist movement hates the shape on the female figure, they hated it since the Flappers movement in the 1920s, its worse now, and its similar to a law or religion.

      Fox being run by the weakened liberal Murdoch boys has no spine and has succumbed to the peer pressures of the far left liberal world and media rather than care what their actual audience thinks. So the goal of the feminist movement is to turn women into men, and to symbolically rip the shape right off the woman’s body that defines her. But how can you get a female anchor like that, you can’t just have her get an operation to remove her boobs, that would be insane. Or can you do the next best thing….get an anchor that has had breast cancer and has had to remove the breast because of that. Bingo, and so hence is why I believe, and yes, that Fox will pursue Laura Ingraham, and insist she come to their network and get her own coveted show. It is really sad what are nation has come to, but hey at least women are still women in real life, instead of the fake news actors hired for politically correct TV.

    • Lynn solly says:

      I have to agree that Fox is toxic right now. It seems to me they’re trying to give both sides of the story. I’m a conservative with some left leanings. The liberals have all but turned me away from their party completely due to their manipulating and antics which are so obvious to the American public. Fox is the only channel I watch…..but will not watch further if fox keeps bowing to the leftist antics so easily. I hear Murdoch sons are left leaning… they may be ruining Fox News for good. Too bad. They will ruin what their father began and was such a success at. I’m sure their pride won’t let them see it.

      • heather says:

        I agree with you

      • worthymagic says:

        Yes, the Murdoch sons lean left. They need to sell this to someone who doesn’t. I am a registered Democrat who will probably never vote that way again, and the 2 FOX channels(and OAN) are the only news channels I can stomach most of the time. FOXNEWS is trying very hard to give both sides of the story. MSNBC and CNN don’t. There are a bunch of liberals on the network I could do without. Now that O’Reilly was forced out, we never see Mary Anne Marsh anymore. Amen to that. They can get rid of Geraldo, Juan Williams, and there are 1-2 women on Outnumbered who are totally liberal they can get rid of too. Their names escape me at the moment.

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