Fox News Poised to Drop Bill O’Reilly Amid Sexual Harassment Scandal

Bill O'Reilly

Fox News Channel is poised to end the 21-year tenure of Bill O’Reilly on the news cabler amid a cascade of sexual harassment allegations.

O’Reilly’s exit from the network he has been with almost since its inception is expected to be official later this week. The Murdoch clan that controls Fox News had originally backed the top-rated host of “The O’Reilly Factor,” but the drumbeat of allegations of harassment from multiple women during the past three weeks has proven untenable for parent company 21st Century Fox.


New Bill O’Reilly Accusations Heighten Pressure as Murdochs Weigh Fox News Star’s Fate

Like the ouster last summer of Fox News chairman-CEO Roger Ailes, O’Reilly’s apparent downfall is a milestone for the industry and a signal of the second-generation Murdoch leadership now steering Fox. It’s a dizzying turn of events for a TV veteran who has long banked on a loyal following and his stature as an influential voice in national politics.

O’Reilly’s attorney, Marc Kasowitz, asserted that the host has been the target of a “brutal campaign of character assassination that is unprecedented in post-McCarthyist America,” fueled by “far-left organizations bent on destroying O’Reilly for political and financial reasons.”

Fox News declined to comment on a report by the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday evening that it was preparing to cut its ties to O’Reilly. A source close to O’Reilly on Tuesday afternoon said there were no exit negotiations underway, but the tide appeared to shift just a few hours later.

The groundswell of pressure on O’Reilly and the leaders of 21st Century Fox started April 1 when the New York Times published a detailed report of $13 million in settlements that O’Reilly and Fox News had paid out to five women. The report sparked advertiser defections and public pressure campaigns by organizations such as UltraViolet and Color of Change.


Bill O'Reilly

Protesters Call on Fox News to Fire Bill O’Reilly

O’Reilly has been on vacation from his show since April 12. He had been scheduled to return on April 24, but multiple sources indicated that it was unlikely he would return to his regular slot as host of the nightly 8 p.m. hour. It was not entirely clear of O’Reilly would be afforded the opportunity for a farewell broadcast on Fox News’ air.

21st Century Fox patriarch Rupert Murdoch, now chairman of Fox News, was said to have favored backing O’Reilly, whose popularity was the key driver in taking Fox News to the top of the cable news rankings in the early 2000s. But son James Murdoch, now CEO of 21st Century Fox, was said to have pushed for the opposite amid the mushrooming scandal that led to more than 60 advertisers defecting from “O’Reilly Factor” just days after the Times report.

On Tuesday, an anonymous African-American woman claimed through attorney Lisa Bloom to have endured sexual and racially charged comments from O’Reilly while working for Fox in 2008.

Industry observers said the dynamic around O’Reilly was becoming too much of a liability for a company of 21st Century Fox’s size and scope. Not only would the company be vulnerable to more lawsuits from women claiming harassment, but the taint of the scandal could impact Fox’s businesses in other areas. A chief concern is Fox’s pending $14 billion buyout of the remaining interest in European satellite giant Sky, which is now being reviewed by U.K. regulators.

O’Reilly’s expected departure promises to leave Fox News with a big hole in its long-dominant primetime lineup. “The O’Reilly Factor” in recent months has averaged nearly 4 million viewers a night, riding the surge of interest in politics sparked by the historic 2016 presidential campaign. Fox News also runs the risk of a backlash from O’Reilly’s loyal viewers, who may shun the network entirely, particularly if O’Reilly lands at a rival TV or digital platform.

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  1. Lane Savoie says:

    How does that song go from the Eagles….”The bubble headed bleach blonde comes on at five, ” Oh yeah, “Dirty Laundry”!!! Stop with dyed blonde bubble headed woman on Fox….aren’t there any REAL brunettes around? Won’t be watching anymore now that Bill’s gone.

  2. Lin Kory says:

    It seems the Democrats will do everything to slither and toil in the muck and mire beneath them. They should stay there, where they belong. It is difficult for me to believe that Mr. O’Rielly would allow himself to be involved in sexual harassment in any way shape or form. The lefts’ attempt to begin a smear campaign at the cost of a man’s career, home life and stature in “the REAL news” is the lowest most disgusting con job attempted upon viewers. Unfortunately, we live in a world made up of brainless robots who do not care about the work of this man over many years in his business. These people, “the left” are to me behind all this. They are vile, gross mindlessly constipated and dangerous to any true and wholesome thinker in a world where we fight to embrace each other as equals, as friends, as human beings. Democrats do not qualify. I do not know what world I live in these days. I am for a lack of other words, an old fashioned gal who struggles day after day to understand WHAT IN GOD’S NAME IS HAPPENING AROUND ME??? And finally, as globally recognized it is inconceivable to me that Fox would allow Mr. O’Rielly to be forced out. I get the “sponsor” thing, there are ways around that. As a giant in cable news, Fox remains a disappointment. Who is next, “Hannity”??? Then Tucker??? Until the Left sucks you up like the coward Fox is and there is nothing left? WHY DON’T YOU GET HIM BACK!!! The left are succubyths and you are allowing them to lick you dry. As you say you may have lost your sponsors, knock knock, you are also losing viewers. God Bless you, you will need it in the forthcoming hard times shame on you for letting the LEFT control you. You have no spirit, no commitment to your fellow Journalists, (Bill was quite frankly one of the last around today).

  3. Connie O'Dea says:

    I can no longer watch FOX NEWS with out Bill O’Reilly. He has been the best news reporting Host that Fox has. If anyone needs to good is Martha who appears to be attempting to be another Megan Kelly, who I was glad to see go. Bill has been the best thing FOX has had. What an easy way for these women to make an easy buck. Shame on FOX. Your news will not be the same without Bill O’Reilly.

  4. Nick says:

    I hope he did do this and not be just accused of this. So many people today make fake claims. He is a good person and a great reporter.

  5. also i will be supporting more Conservative media and joining any organization that is trying to shut down the lies and falsehoods of the left

  6. if fox starts to abandon their conservative hosts due to false leftist allocations i will seek my news elsware as i deplore liberals and those who support them

  7. Gery Sykes says:

    I just wrote the comment before this and by my name you might not know I’m a woman.

  8. Gery Sykes says:

    That’s it I’m done with Fox! I don’t care who you put in O’Reilly’s place…short of God being the host my TV will be tuned to another station at 8:PM and I hope it’s on Bill’s show somewhere else!!!!!
    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?!

    • Smith Cassidy says:

      Let me help you…this wasn’t a courtroom decision, it was business. Money talks, it’s that simple, at least for those of us who don’t watch Fox.

  9. noel says:

    Looks like time for a new book Bill, ” Kill Bill O’Reilly?

  10. Delia Vona says:

    What channel will Bill be on next if not Fox? I’ll be watching. But with all the shit he has been experiencing, he’ll probably want to retire– life’s too short. I hope not.

  11. Delia Vona says:

    I agree with Jack Nimble comment. The whole thing stinks I don’t believe what they are saying. Show me the facts.

  12. Jack Nimble says:

    I just started watching Fox News this past year. Bill O’Reilly’s show was what got me to watch Fox News I think it is a left wing conspiracy. The whole thing smells. I don’t see Bill O’Reilly doing the things he was accused of. Show me the proof or shut up..

    • Beverly Soltwedel says:

      You know when you have ladies who dress like sluts as anchors on Fox News they are going to say nasty things about someone successful as Bill O’Rielly to bring him down. Fox News just lost the best anchor they will ever have. All because sluts probably did not get what they were after from O’Rielly. Fox News you better get the women to dress like decent ladies–you just lost an avid viewer. I was so happy when Megyn Kelly left Fox–she was a disgrace

      • J.J. says:

        They dress and look like Barbies because of Fox/Newscorp. They look the same way on Sky Sports and Sky News in the UK.

  13. This is a smear campaign engineered by The Bonner Group and the evidence is out on the internet just google it.

  14. later loser! says:

    GOOOODBYEEEEE (and good riddance!)

  15. Jacques Strappe says:

    What’s a serial sexual predator to do? Take a job with fellow predator and swamp creature Trump or work for Russia.

  16. Nanny Mo says:

    Fox will be CNN in terms of viewership very soon. You can’t fire the hosts that people want to watch and think that the people will still watch. Oh, well, Fox has had it’s run. It will be interesting to see what comes out of it. Someone looking to make money would be smart to start the next middle-to-conservative slanted service, since there is obviously a lot of money to made there. Where the progressives always fall down, is they think they can fake it and the middle-to-conservatives will accept it. They aren’t dumb, but know what they like and want to hear. It’s stupid not to make money off of that.

  17. Monica Manfredini says:

    I personally think that this is coming from the Democrats because O’Reilly is the only one who talks truth and FOXNews is the only show that shows both sides and truth without Fox news especially Bill O’Reilly we will be in the dark for so many things that are going on kudos to Bill Riley for all he’s done for FOXNews and for the people of America he’s a true American he always has my support

  18. Robert Hart says:

    Typical PC attitude toward anyone who doesn’t bow down to the left wing liberals. Everyone in the world has something That they aren’t proud of. (Let him who is without sin cast the first stone).

    • Propagandajoe says:

      What do left wing liberals have to do with this? His employer made this decision based on his behavior over many, many years.

  19. Joan Rush says:

    So where is our American motto of “Innocent until proven guilty”?? Did we or could we “fire” Bill Clinton? No and he certainly deserved to be fired for what he did in the white house as president . But all that is overlooked by our ultrs liberal media.Bill O’Reilly deserves his day in court to answer to these accusations. If he is ousted without proof and simply on allegations I will never watch Fox News again. Fox News will lose the majority of their viewers and I hate this because I really like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. They owners of now Fox News will be shooting themselves in the foot and it will be good enough for them !!

    • Propogandajoe says:

      Innocent until proven guilty is for a court of law. Corporations can hire or fire as they like because the Republicans made that possible by breaking up unions and worker rights. Ironic, huh?

    • Andrew says:

      Hey genius, O’Reilly could have had his day in court, but decided to settle the matter privately instead. As for proof, have you read the transcripts from his phone calls? They’re rife with proof. The man doesn’t know a loofah from a falafel; I doubt you do as well.

  20. Carolyn says:

    Fire Bill O’Rilley and I drop Fox News from my viewing schedule

  21. Ms. Patricia Kastel says:

    If Fox News caves in to the evil forces trying to oust a good man like Bill O’Reilly, I will guarantee you that my household TV will never tune in to Fox News or Entertainment. Where are your brains lately, just look and listen to where this phony crap is coming from. Wake Up Fox

    • The Truth says:

      Fox News is waking up. That’s why they’re dumping a serial sexual harasser even though he’s their biggest cash cow. Bill O’Reilly is not a good man. Good men don’t pay out $13 million in hush money to cover up their repeated crimes. If somehow you think otherwise, where are your brains lately?

  22. Rudy Mario says:

    Find it that the right wing is blaming the lefties. Fox is right wing owned and operated by right wingers.

    The only reason they ate doing this is because he did wrong and it is not good for business. Right or left bad behavior is tolerated up to point as long as it does not negatively impact business when it does, it no longer matters if it is left or right, business sense prevails.

  23. Vera says:

    This is ridiculous. If they fire Bill I won’t be watching Fox News any longer. And I sure as hell won’t watch any of the ‘fake news’ stations either.

    • Rudy Mario says:

      Good for you. You will go from Faux news to no news. Just lock the door of your trailor, remove your teeth and play your favorite episodes of Swamp People and Duck Dynasty.

  24. George says:

    Totally Un acceptable BS from the people who cannot compete and are just a bunch of progressive Nincompoops.

  25. heyitsron says:

    This is truly unfortunate. Regardless of anyone’s political persuasion, the man does not deserve this. O’Reilly’s view is a view, like it or not, and as with any viewpoint sometimes helpful things can be learned that realize a different perspective than what may occur from knee-jerk thinking. When I first read the headline my thinking was in seeing that Sexual H….. I was thinking Hysteria, not Harassment. This sort of thing fans the flames of hysteria and burns out of control quickly. Only the dumb, the very dumb, (including those with personal baggage) will grab this football and run with it. When you develop a public persona it is true you’re held to a higher standard but should never be sacrificed as a lamb led to slaughter due to public perception and their failure to completely think this thing through. The days of friendly banter are over. Never more applicable than today is the need, the dire need, to maintain a sense of paranoia in the workplace because there are those out to get you and will get you by hook or crook if you dare have a lapse of judgment in misconstruing just how viable those “friendships” are. And, btw, I am both conservative and liberal because as any intelligent person will tell you “it depends on the issue.”

    • sorryron says:

      Sorry pal, there’s no room for nuance here. Sexual harassment is against the law, plain and simple. He broke the law, and now he’s gonna lose his job.

      • Greg Evans says:

        Remember who “OWNS” the advertisers. I haven’t seen mention of this in this thread so far. Isn’t it obvious that the libs are willing to convict any conservative from allegations without a trial, but willing to forgive and forget EVERY liberal of the same or worse accusations.
        The power people that want the populace dumbed down and uninformed, and want people like Bill out of the picture and have no qualms about hiring people to make accusations that have not been verified or brought to trial so as to create an atmosphere and appearance of business choices that “require” the termination of a personality that informs people too well on both sides of an issue and draws too many people away from the MSM stations you own.
        It’s a pretty obvious ploy to discredit, and assassinate the character of anyone that gets in their way.
        Remember the old saying… “Follow the money.” A little practical application and logic makes it clear.
        1. Have people make unsubstantiated complaints (not saying that there may not be some legitimate complaints) to massively bias the outcome of a character assassination.
        2. Withdraw advertising by all the companies you control (Nearly all major conglomerate corporations).
        3. Have the other MSM companies you control spread the character assassination quickly.
        4. Call it a business decision.
        Bingo… You have a good reason without justice or a trial to destroy a persons career without an iota of proof … Because you can.

      • Hudson says:

        He broke the law?? Shows me his conviction. I’ll wait.

    • Captain Obvious says:

      “The man does not deserve this.”

      Well, yes he does. This is not “hysteria” or some new thing that’s just sprouted up. This actually has no political basis. If you behave badly in the workplace, you lose your job, just as any viewer would.

      The table is round my friends. The table is round.

  26. Women4Trump says:

    People, women, and minorities in general just don’t like how honest he is. Really sad. Prayers for you O’Reilly. And Karma is a B for all the liars and sh– starters out there.

  27. Thomas J says:

    I understand innocence until proven guilty BUT if there was no evidence then there wouldn’t be the accusations. Didn’t he leave sexual voicemails on some intern’s phone a long time ago? Hey I don’t care for Brett Behr or that other idiot choir boy Hannity but to be fair you never hear about their personal lives.

    Is there a sense of joy by people who don’t like what is perceived as the older generation white minority point of view in the guise of “fair and balanced” of course. I can’t stand 90% of Faux News and that goes for CNN, NBC and CBS. I can’t stand the self promotion we are better than you attitude. Right behind my disdain for O’Reilly is my hatred for Scott Pelley. Pelley is a big piece of garbage without the personal life problems of O’Reilly.

    Then it comes down to the heart of the anger and you end up realizing its all the bashing from all the networks that claim their news is the truth so you just say F-It TV goes off. At least porn is more honest and more balanced.

    • Susan msnn says:

      Can’t you see the forest for tress far left. Out. To. get anyone that doesn’t agree with them Big mistake Fox News stand up for your employees and you Fox news followers.l

      • Smith Cassidy says:

        Followers? Like a religion? That explains a lot about the misinformed, willfully ignorant “right”.

        Also, Roger Ailes waves hi.

  28. Thomas J says:

    Bill O’Reilly is an idiot, xenophobe, bigot and a man who represents everything wrong with old generation white America. See his generation blacks were referred to as negros and coloreds. My generation is culturally diverse, full of men and women from all walks of life. Billy O has spread his hate speech long enough and the younger generation is fed up with it.

    See you in hell Bill, your time is done.

    • Hudson says:

      Trump is president for 8 years. Cry more, idiot.

      • Hudson says:

        I noticed you didn’t mention his anti-white anti-rural slur. Stinking lib hypocrite.

      • Steve says:

        We’ll see about that. In the meantime, stop posting childish anti-gay bigot insults like you did above. Grow up.

    • Vera says:

      Anyone who can watch psycho lefties Madonna and that abysmal moron Ashley Judd and then call Bill O’Reilly an ‘idiot’ – YOU are what’s wrong with this country. ‘Diversity’? It has come to be synonymous with stupidity if it has any meaning at all these days.

  29. Timely Comment says:

    The Press reports O’Reilly’s accusations… and FOX News decides to fire him?

    Wonder what ‘spin’ will this act be given?

  30. Debbie says:

    These women seem like opportunist!
    An unmarried man can ask a woman out on a date. Seems like when THEYdont get what they want, they scream! The day O’Reilly goes…I leave Fox, too!

  31. Gail C. Tonelli says:

    GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT is today’s society’s decree. Women claiming harassment and payoffs are not proof. Many people and companies settle quickly these days to end put an end to the issue. Insurance companies force people to do this all the time.
    I’m not saying he is or is not guilty or innocent. We simply do not know because the FACTS are not in!

    • The Truth says:

      Get real, Gail. Insurance companies don’t cover settlements for workplace crimes, and it’s a self-serving myth that companies routinely pay off nuisance suits. You settle when that’s the only way to cut your losses. The Fox legal team could crush any of the women involved in the O’Reilly scandal if the suits were without merit. But they’ve chosen to avoid a court of law over and over again and pay out $13 million in hush money.

      The facts are in. At least five women have accused O’Reilly of sexual harassment, and he and Fox have paid them off to avoid public scrutiny. These hard facts have convinced 60 companies — many of them politically conservative — that it’s bad for business to endorse Bill and his program any longer with their advertising dollars. They have all the proof they need.

  32. Linda williams says:

    This is bullshit

    • Delia Vona says:

      If Bill is removed, I will never watch Fox news again. I just started to be interested in politics and he has taught me a lot. Their are too many pussies in this world. He talked about what life is really about. You work hard, take care of family, and life doesn’t owe you anything. He confronted liars, thieves, and crooked/thug politicians who use their power to line their pockets. I’m a women and I’ve experienced a lot of shit in my life (sexual harassment, rape, emotional, and sexual abuse). I blame no one and I am responsible for myself. He is an honorable man.

  33. Dawn Guffy says:

    I Love his Show And watch it every Night!!! This Is B.S!!!

    • Mollie Brown says:

      Nope, nope, nope…too much evidence out there now…what has the fact that you watch his show and love it got to do with what is true or not?

      • David Blanton says:

        I watched O’Reilly from the beginning. Of late, however, I have not watched as he has become too overbearing. I predicted this outcome two months ago. The facts, yes facts, were just too overwhelming for anyone with half a brain to ignore.

      • Women4Trump says:

        LOL what evidence? Conniving girls who just want to get paid?

  34. Robert says:

    Isn’t O’Reilly supposed to be innocent until proven guilty? I see the protestors have already convicted him. I like Bill O’Reilly…this is just bullshit!

    • Steve says:

      “Innocent until proven guilty” is a legal standard. If he were to be charged criminally over this, I would defend his right to a fair trial with the presumption of innocence. But it doesn’t mean that I can’t think he’s guilty as hell.

  35. Kevin says:


  36. RoyMunson says:

    I can’t stop thinking of all the times I watched him pass judgement on the behavior of others.

  37. Jimmy Green says:

    Rush Limbaugh is probably much WORSE but the boys haven’t told yet.

  38. You can certainly notice a sea change at 21st Century Fox. They are ready to dump O’Reilly and they keep Shithead Smith on? The day that O’Reilly leaves will be the LAST day I watch Fox News

  39. Cathy says:

    I don’t believe all these charges. They don’t like the fact that he backs President Trump and is brutely honest.i can’t believe Fox won’t stand behind him.

  40. Kevin says:

    Ha ha ha,,I never answer stuff like this but Really!!!All Bill Cosby’s Women Accusers and O’Reilly’s Women are LIARS,you say!!!

  41. JOE S HILL says:

    I’m sorry, but this “pin the sexual harassment-tail” bullshit on FOX News’ Bill ‘O Reily is stale and unrealistic! the liberal media is dangerously out of control, and they’re trying to do a Bill Cosby thing on “O Reily, and i’m not buying this horseshit! 21st Century Fox wants to play the PC stuff in this nasty PR campaign against “O Reily, then they’ll lose their audience big time! this is a damn witch hunt, like everything else that the liberal media is trying to spin, and the women accusers here, are opportunists seeking to topple this man, and i ain’t buying this bullshit!

    • RoyMunson says:

      Oh. My. God. Seriously?
      They paid $!3 million to 5 women and MORE keep coming out with detailed descriptions of his behavior …and it’s a media witch hunt?
      If there was video recording of him harassing women, people like you still wouldn’t believe it.

    • Betty Auld says:

      I’m sorry that being accused of harassment means you are guilty before you have been tried .. if he did this ,then act. If he didn’t she lied . Don’t just accuse —prove !! Innocent until proven guilty

      • ranapatel9 says:

        Why did he pay off the women if they’re lying? As Trump said, he shouldn’t have settled. Maye, just maybe, O’Reiley did harass those women and payed them off for their silence.

      • RoyMunson says:

        So unless a woman records her harasser in the act, you will not believe them?
        Have you or any of your friends ever been harassed? I’m going to guess they have. You’re completely heartless

  42. Bulldog2? says:

    Keep Bill O’Reilly, the mainstay of FOX News. He always has a fair and educational conservative point of view.

  43. Sam says:

    Couldn’t of happened to a nicer guy.

  44. Mouche'e Mel says:

    Arivaderce, Billy O……KARMA for that catty and smartly’James Brown WIG ‘ comment. Betcha Maxine Waters is chuckling ,now! Go leer ….elsewhere, BAD BOY.Smh

  45. Deanna Buchholz says:

    Very disappointed
    I am a big fan of Bills
    I do not think he is replaceable 😢

    Sent from my iPhone


  46. Susan says:

    Don’t hire women.
    That will leave plenty of jobs for men to support a family.
    they will never be able to afford more than one family. Hahahaha.

  47. Mel says:

    Good riddance! Just like Ailes and Trump, you’re disgusting! Women aren’t objects, we’re tired of men like you! I hope this costs you all dearly, where it will hurt you the most!

  48. Heather says:

    Bye bye bill!

  49. Kevin says:

    McCarthyism My @$$ ! He is a brutal,unempathetic bully!

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