Fox Business Suspends Anchor Charles Payne Amid Harassment Investigation

Charles Payne Suspended Sexual Harrassment
Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Charles Payne, who has anchored programs on Fox Business Network since its launch in the middle of last decade, has been suspended from his duties at the 21st Century Fox owned cable-news outlet as the company investigates sexual harassment allegations made against him.

A Fox Business spokesperson said Payne had been “suspended pending further investigation” after being asked about allegations that surfaced previously in The Los Angeles Times. “We take issues of this nature extremely seriously and have a zero tolerance policy for any professional misconduct. This matter is being thoroughly investigated and we are taking all of the appropriate steps to reach a resolution in a timely manner,” the network said in a statement.

A female political analyst who has appeared on Fox News as well as CNN has contacted the law firm of Paul Weiss, which has been working for Fox for several months, alleging she was banned from Fox after ending an extramarital affair she had with the anchor in 2015, according to a report in The Los Angeles Times. An attorney for Payne told the Times the anchor denied sexually harassing the woman. The analyst alleged her Fox appearances were reduced after she terminated the relationship.

The allegations are the latest to surface about sexual harassment within the operations of Fox News Channel, the popular cable-news unit that fuels the economics of its parent. Since former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit last year alleging former Fox News chief Roger Ailes had harassed her, a number of contributors and staffers have turned to the courts. Fox News at present faces a number of legal matters alleging harassment or racial discrimination. Since Ailes’ departure, a number of senior executives at the unit have also left. Bill Shine, a longtime producer who rose to become co-president, departed in May. Bill O’Reilly, the veteran primetime anchor, left the network in April after a New York Times report disclosed he had made settlements to women who had alleged unwelcome behavior.

Ailes denied the allegations made against him while O’Reilly said his fame made him a target and that he made payments to protect his family.

Fox News has worked internally to try to improve its internal culture. The company has put new human-resources policies in place and instilled several female executives in senior roles.

But the revelations around Payne suggest the company faces more disclosure about past behavior. 21st Century Fox remains under scrutiny as it strives to acquire the remaining shares in European broadcaster Sky PLC that it does not own and its bid is examined by British government regulators. Proving that the company has taken steps to improve its working culture could serve to curtail criticism as its effort to buy Sky gains further scrutiny. Earlier this week, Fox Sports dismissed programming chief Jamie Horowitz, citing an investigation into claims of sexual harassment.

British communications regular Ofcom said last week it was convinced senior Fox News executives were not aware of harassment before complaints about Ailes were heard. The regulator ” has considered allegations of sexual and racial harassment at Fox News that are extremely serious and disturbing. It seems clear that there were significant failings of the corporate culture at Fox News,” Ofcom said in a recent report. “In order to have a concern about fitness and properness, we would need to see evidence of misconduct in the parent company, Fox. However, we have no clear evidence that senior executives at Fox were aware of misconduct before it was escalated to them in July 2016, after which action was taken.”

Payne has anchored “Making Money” at 6 p.m. on Fox Business. A rotating group of hosts are expected to fill in for him during his absence.

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  1. Patricia Botticelli says:

    Bring back Charles, Eric and Bill! I am so tired of the political correctness. Let’s get back to what is real in the news and stop the left from prevailing!

  2. Daniel Dour says:

    Bring Charles Payne, Eric Bolling and Bill O’Reilly back it’s time for Fox to stop worrying about political correctness. These anchors’ only injustice was speaking the truth, which the left tried to silence. Let sanity prevail!!

  3. Heather Graves says:

    I miss Charles! Please bring him back! I have learned more from him about the stock market! We are sinners and hypocrites! Time to forgive and love!

  4. I’m frankly suspicious of these allegations, my sense is any male is subject to sexual harassment charges for looking cross-eyed at a female complainant, particularly if she has it in for him on any PRETENSE. In this age of hyper-preposterous ‘political correctness’ behavior, I trust there is VERY STRONG likelihood that there is MEANINGFUL sexual harassment, not frivolous allegations, before a person’s career is essentially scuttled through these SUSPENSIONS.

  5. John A de Pianelli says:

    Very sorry to hear this news about Charles Payne. For one, I do not believe it. But, the investigation will go where it will go. He’s a damn good man, and I will miss seeing him every night.

  6. virginia doyle says:

    charles payne is not being treated fairly. this accusation is personal and did not effect his work women want to work in this male dominant industry but use sexuality to their benefit. why have there not been woman suspended for the same behavior?

  7. Andy Furchak says:

    I don’t watch the program that replaced Bill O’Reilly, but do watch him on his own “No Spin News” and will not watch anyone other than Charles Payne. He should be considered for a better time slot, not a suspension. He’s the best Fox has!

  8. Fox News, don’t you think this is really getting to be too much? Charles Payne is the last person I would ever suspect of sexual harassment. These women seem to be coming out of the woodwork. Charles Payne is an excellent commentator of his show Making Money. I miss him and finally googled him to see what was going on. I am shocked that he would be accused, let alone suspended from his job. Let him do his job. We miss him. Right now I choose to boycott his show until he returns.

    • Gary says:

      Boycott this scumbags show if he returns. I am struck at how many mid aged white women condone sexual misconduct. He admitted having sex with a married guest. She was ultimately blackballed by Fox. Do you not see the conflict of interest and challenge to journalistic integrity? What the fuck is wrong with you. I hope you have no daughters.

  9. Dorothy Brazeau says:

    We are with you Charles and hope to see you very very soon. You are a excellent news anchor.Let him do his job!!

  10. Ceci says:

    It’s time to bring Charles back – two consenting adults. Let’s move on.

  11. Trina says:

    Oh come on Fox News! Any women can yell sexual harassment and you idiots believe them! Where are the man’s rights here???? Can you say bullshit??? Are you trying to be more like FNN? Good luck with that!

  12. Diane says:

    My concert with Mr. Payne being so abruptly removed is that you have deemed him guilty before he has had a chance to speak for himself. My husband and I watch Fox News only, but we see some changes that are alarming. Anyone can charge someone else with sexual harassment, are you trying to get rid of the hard working conservatives? We’ve watched Mr. Payne for over a year daily and my gut tells me that this man is innocent of all charges. There is scuttlebut that Fox is moving to the left, I’m afraid you’ll be making a great mistake. Get Mr Payne back, remember we are innocent till proven guilty. Follow that woman around she’s probably said this about many men. How would you like it if someone did that to you. Where is your loyalty to your employees. Your listening to the wrong people. Please let him come back and tell us for himself that’s the right way to handle it.

  13. Donna says:

    I have enjoyed watching Charles Payne and feel he is a great anchor that truly makes the show great to watch. Please bring him back. I looked forward to his analysis and comments every night!

  14. Susan Higham3 says:

    662we like Charles Payne and enjoy what he has to sayThis man is credible and believeable. Swallow your pride and bring him back

  15. Dale Redcay says:

    The left wing is trying to take FOX News down and they are chipping away , person by person and if its a woman you are guilty. Not innocent till proven guilty as our laws are supposed to be!!

  16. northernsentinel says:

    We have a woman lawyer up here in Canada that is fighting against the inherent bias faced by men accused of sexual misconduct. Links probably not allowed here but if you Google…Feminism KEK
    you’ll find her youtube channel.

  17. Seems Fox will end up with all women if someone doesn’t stop this madness. I do not believe this or any of them without proof.

  18. Arnie Kezsbom says:

    When is Fox going to stand up to the likes of George Soros and his Liberal Agenda to bring down or convert Fox to another fraud liberal news outlet.

    Charles may have had a extra Marital affair I’m not inside his body and soul. But if what is alleged transpired it was consentual. When it takes people 2 1/2 yrs. more than likely they are just filing frivolous suits.

    You should have never dismissed Greta Van Susteren & Bill O’Reily. The network conceded to liberal pressure in the O’Reilly situation and a cover up in the Van Susteren case. Both dismissal hurt the Net Work Dramaticly. Look at Ratings now and then!

    Megan Kelly, who was an obviously flawed commentator, Fox tried to keep. Now the truth about her skill set was revealed on NBC and she’s a total flop. Fox got lucky in her decision to go.

    Rupert Murdoch and his Sons, if they truly want to dominate the news cycle need to do all they can to resign both
    Greta and Bill O’Reilly. They can then set a killer line up! However, they also need to reassign the clowns that share the spotlight with Bolling. Ratings are suffering because of them. Same with Shep Smith, time for Fox to dismiss him and give the slot to Ed Henry or James Rosen. My suggested line, up that would dominate news and dramatically soar ratings.

    My suggested line up.
    Henry or Rosen on @ 3PM
    Bolling (absent of the two clowns) @ 4PM
    Greta Van Susteren(on the record)@5PM
    Bret Baier @6PM
    Martha MacCallum @7PM
    Bill O’Reilly (The Factor) @8PM
    Tucker Carlson @ 9PM
    Sean Hannity @ 10PM

    I guarantee if Fox put this line up in place, ratings and profits would soar! Common Murdoch family put your egos aside, business is business and this would contribute so much to corporate bottom line!

    On Fox Business you’ve got an all star team please don’t screw it up. Get Payne back on. The commentators are the best in Business news!
    Maria Bartiromo
    Stuart Varney,
    Neil Cavuto,
    Charles Payne
    And the great one, Lou Dobbs!

    Make Fox the dominant source for all News!

    • Truthseeker says:

      You’re so right. This is a witch hunt to shut down conservative news media. I find it suspicious when suddenly sexual harrassment claims are impressed upon someone. Then some random woman pops up on the news claiming 5 10 or 15 years ago this person made so called “lude” comment deemed as sexual harrassment. The cosby claims, all of it are turning out to be the establishment trying to get rid of people that are threatining the advancement of there agenda.

      • Anne Mansini says:

        Wow!!! Fox should hire you.Fantastic lineup.Anyone in a 3 year affair & then claims harassment is a liar in my opinion.

    • Richard D says:

      When will you people stop defending sexual harassment by the likes of trump and those at faux “news,” those like charles payne?

  19. for those referencing MURDOCK…you do know he married Jerry Hall last year, I believe……the left-win ex-wife (or whatever) of the head of the rolling stones…right?

  20. Only thing they forgot to put in story….Charles Payne admitted in a TV interview he voted for OBAMA…KIND OF TAKES THE WIND OUT OF THE FOX NEWS CONNECTION, RIGHT? LOL so nothing to do with FOX family values if he voted for OBAMA…duh

  21. Je Vizzusi says:

    Just like the Priests in the Catholic Church accused of sexual abuse, the FOX Cable News Network is now reaching epidemic proportions with their almost normalized atmosphere of sexual harassment in the workplace. Since Federal Laws apply, maybe a Investigation would benefit all of us! @JEV1A

  22. George Lewis says:

    Payne is a good guy. Married woman has relationship with him. It ends. Now she blames her lack of success on him. Garbage.

    • Donna says:

      Agree…The old adage: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned~ may apply here ?

    • he voted for OBAMA …or didn’t you see that on TV interview? and how many more children were abused by teachers…why not mention that FACT….there are more teachers across the nation abusing children than any number of priests….

  23. lulu says:

    This really sounds like BS…on the part of the woman. She HAD to have an affair so she could keep appearing on the channel according to her. She didn’t have to have an affair. It sounds as if she is making excuses now that the affair is over. How desperate do you have to be that you force yourself to have an affair? I know who she was, and she was so stupid. She was unwatchable.

  24. Tom says:

    The Murdoch boys are getting desperate.

  25. henrie etts says:

    This is ridiculous. If there was a consensual relationship that ended, he’s to blame for her schedule at Fox,?. PLEASE give us all a break. I agree these wives are looking to put Fox news out of business. Grow a pair you two boys or get out yourselves and go work for MSNBC.

  26. hughglass says:

    The murdoch sissies are letting their left wing feminazi wives call the shots. Their only goal is acceptance by the politically correct NYC elites. There will soon be no heterosexual men left at Fox.

  27. cadavra says:

    Y’know, it’s getting to the point where “Fox employee” and “sexual harassment” barely qualify as news anymore.

  28. Dana says:

    He has admitted having an affair with her…….but the Fox News cultists don’t believe him LOL I stopped watching Fox News when I found out it is one big orgy behind the scenes.

    • lulu says:

      I believe he had the affair with her. She is so desperate to be on TV that she forces herself to have an affair with him. How weak are these women? She wasn’t talented enough to be on the shows so she had to have an affair to force that guy to put her on TV. She sounds the same as a prostitute.

    • sandy says:

      Truth is, all the conservatives may/may not have affairs…while Jewish men Horowitz, Epstein, Spitzer and Anthony Weiner are found guilty of sexual perversion with sexting and sex with minors; and an Aide at Democrat NY Mayor De Blasio’s office is accused of child porn. Fair and balanced, huh? We’ll table Monica Lewinski for now. :)

  29. cowgirldiva says:

    THIS is complete BS….I do not believe these allegations…!! So, everybody at Fox is sexually harassing everyone else…!!?? THAT just does not make a bit of sense to me..!! These women are after MONEY even if a man looks at them and says something like “Good Morning”, they cry “sexual harassment”…!!

    There is more to this story than meets the eye and it’s called DUELING NETWORKS…!! Every time something happens over at CNN and people are fired, someone at FOX gets “set up” with allegations of one kind or another….!!! ALL this DRAMA is nauseating…!!

    • lulu says:

      Even if Charles Payne admitted the affair (sadly), what kind of person is she who fakes a relationship so she can appear on TV? Very Lame and it was all about $ and short-lived fame.

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