FCC Won’t Take Action Over Stephen Colbert’s Trump Remarks

Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Courtesy of CBS

The FCC will not take any action in response to complaints over a May 1 broadcast of “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert,” in which the host quipped during his opening monologue that “the only thing [Trump’s] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c— holster.”

The FCC received thousands of complaints following the broadcast. In response to an inquiry, an FCC spokesman provided a statement on the status of its review.


Earlier today (Wednesday, May 17), Stephen Colbert, host of the acclaimed and top-rated THE LATE SHOW with STEPHEN COLBERT, headlined the opening production number of the CBS Upfront presentation at Carnegie Hall. Photo: Jeffrey R. Staab/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Stephen Colbert Speaks Out on FCC Controversy — With More Trump Bashing

“Consistent with standard operating procedure, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau has reviewed the complaints and the material that was the subject of these complaints,” the FCC statement said. “The Bureau has concluded that there was nothing actionable under the FCC’s rules.”

Colbert’s remark was bleeped out of the broadcast and his mouth was blurred.

The FCC’s conclusion means that it found that Colbert’s remark did not rise to the level of obscenity or indecency to warrant any kind of sanction or fine. That appeared to be highly unlikely, given the circumstances. Broadcasters have a safe harbor for indecent or profane content between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., although they can face penalties for airing obscene content at any hour.

Several days after the broadcast, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was asked about complaints over the remarks, and he said that they would be looked into. All complaints are reviewed by the FCC, but the agency does not monitor programming.

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  1. Peter Real says:

    We are all slaves to the media and entertainment. Welcome to the new age of socialism and anarchy.

  2. R says:


  3. Nealstar says:

    Ajit Pai, James Comey, Lois Lerner, Koskinen, Maxine Waters, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Valerie Jarret, Hillary Clinton et al. are tools of George Soros and, as such, are immune from prosecution as the GOP RINOs are no more than the Ladies’ Auxiliary of the CPUSA aka Democrat Party.

  4. Nealstar says:

    Not news. Man bites dog is news.

  5. Doesntmatter says:

    So, if someone said that about Obama when he was in office, blacks and dems would have lost it. They do it when Trump is in office and you all find it funny.

    Whether you voted for him or not, he won. It’s been half a year. Get over yourselves.

  6. JackWho? says:

    All these Trumpanzees complaining about the FCC….


    Trump 0 – Rest of the World – 10000

    Trump will go down as worst president in history lmao. Even his worshippers don’t even know what he does day-to-day.




    • Kris - FLA says:

      Hahaha. Pai has been in the FCC since 2007.



      He’s chairman because it’s a political appointment. LMAO.

      The chairman was a democrat under Omambi. ROFL.

      Bwaaaaaa. He applied the law as he saw it. LOL

      Giggle giggle giggle. Unlike democrats who make up laws as they go along.



  7. Fernando says:

    Hahaha BOOM! More than 150 comments and counting.

    Mostly from crying trumpbabies. Boohoo.

    Of COURSE the FCC couldn’t take action, this is not North-Korea.

    • Kris - FLA says:

      Yeah, we wouldn’t hear a WORD of complaint if ANYONE had said the same exact thing about your Heewo Obambi… And what if Maher had inferred that Sasha Obama gave HER dad handjobs? Total silence from the Obamabots, I’m sure.

      I don’t hear any crying. I hear actual outrage, rather than Leftist Liberal Progressive faux outrage over your made-up “controversies”. If you don’t see the blatant hypocrisy, then you’re more of a lost cause than you appear to be.

      • Sammyglick says:

        Wow, you’d never think Kris – FLA lives in a country that has ‘freedom of speech’…

        Kris – FLA and his friends will clearly be MUCH HAPPIER living in a nation like Saudi Arabia or N. Korea. You know, places that OUTLAW open dissent and free speech claiming they’re upholding some quaint notion of how people should behave. The rest of us will continue living in AMERICA were we enjoy the 1st AMENDMENT and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  8. Mark Smith says:

    Colbert and the rest of the gutless “comedians” are an embarrassment. Eight years of the incompetent, half black buffoon who grew up in Indonesia and posted a forged birth certificate, drew a red line, gave Iran its nuke program back, etc etc and they could never find the intelligence or courage to mock him once?

    I don’t agree with Colbert, but if you’re willing to accept Trump’s mouth as a c*** holster for Putin, that puts Obama’s mouth and anus as a c*** holster for all of the west-hating savages in the world…

  9. I stopped watching the show because i am sick of Colbert’s hate and bashing of our country and it’s current leader. He crosses way over the line, night after night and that’s not funny.

  10. Anil says:

    Trump simply deserved it. He is simply the biggest mistake the nation ever made internally.

    • Kris - FLA says:

      Says YOU. Tens of MILLIONS of Americans seem to disagree. And there is no excuse for such venom from a supposed “comedian” on broadcast TV. Just because Colbert, along with all of you Leftist Liberal progressives, is butt-hurt does not justify such disgusting insults.

  11. Mike says:

    Colbert took it too far. But yes…he had the right to say, especially given it was bleeped.

    Having said that…let’s not ignore the man he makes fun of every night. The guy who claimed he was for the middle class, but then has proposed a MASSIVE tax cut for the rich.

    The guy who said he’d get affordable health care for everyone, but is just trying to somehow make Obamacare much worse.

    The guy who said “Drain the Swamp”, then admitted in a post-campaign rally that he just said it to get elected.

    We’ll see if he turns it around.

  12. Jim says:

    Trump should fire pai.

  13. Traci Yoder says:

    More proof that Repubs are idiots. Had a conservative commentator made similar comments while a Dem administration was in charge, the FCC would have gone after them with the full force of the federal government. Repubs always try to play nice while Dems try to kill their opponents (sometimes literally).

    • Sammyglick says:

      You mean like the trash Rush Limbaugh said about Sandra Fluke? Oh yes, I totally remember Obama’s FCC going after Rush Limbaugh for calling a citizen a ‘slut’ for advocating affordable birth control…NOT.

      Yet another Conservative Snowflake. Don’t worry, Pres. Trump will get you a safe space after his billionaire friends are finished looting the national treasury.

  14. paus says:

    The FCC can’t fine the truth.

  15. Marie Perry says:

    They need a new Standards committee. Are they approving that language especially against the President of the United States. A perfect example of the decline of societal mores. A regrettable decision.

    • Sammyglick says:

      Huh? I though Conservative Republicans were AGAINST the ‘Nanny State’…yet here you are, advocating for a ‘Standards Committee’ to police the First Amendment just because you can’t handle OTHER PEOPLE enjoying a late-night comedy show you likely NEVER WATCH.

      Incredible…the hypocrisy is mind-bending. Here’s a tip Marie Perry – change the channel. Watch something else after the evening news. No one is forcing you to watch Colbert, just the same way, no onw is forcing people to watch Last Man Standing or Tucker Carlson.

    • Steve says:

      No. Their guidelines for what’s legally acceptable would have to be changed for Colbert’s line to be punishable. The rules were simply, objectively, not violated.

    • matthew says:

      It was bleeped out, no one watching TV even heard it, you had to goto the internet to see it. I cant stand you big government types. how about less govt. intrusion in our lives, not more.

  16. Randy Haralson says:

    The FCC should be careful to enforce the laws instead of protecting the left wing media! All the shows on prime time TV are making me proud I have already raised my children!

    • Steve says:

      They DID enforce the laws (or, more precisely, rules). This show is NOT in prime time. According to the rules governing late night television, what Colbert said is OK. I’m not sure why you folks fail or refuse to understand this fact.

  17. Atilla Thehun says:

    FCC decision was probably right. The sad thing is that any audience tolerated it. But then, that’s what the left has become…a raging toilet mouth.

  18. Johnny Edinburgh says:

    The funniest thing is watching them all metaphorically stamp their feet and call everyone under the sun names, like petulant children its the longest strop in history. At the moment they are all one trick ponies with their propaganda disguised as jokes. Its sad Jimmy Fallon has been bullied by the media into joining in when its not his comedic style. Fatigue will set in and the ratings with drop, mind you there are a lot of dumb people that are soaking up the propaganda like sponges.

  19. Tim says:

    Plus I definitely believe Trump is in cahoots with that dumb Putin and I believe miss Trump dump is having a fling with Putin

    • Kris - FLA says:

      When you have nothing nice to say, you say it anyhow. I love seeing you morons rant and rave, making up accusations without a shred of proof as you waddle along through life. And you’re just SO scathing in your comments – dumb Putin, Trump dump, etc. Just BRILLIANT!

  20. Tim says:

    It’s called freedom of speech and Trump dump and Miss Trump dump deserve the crap cause the Trump are corrupt and Miss Trump is a trailer trash

    • G says:

      You are 100% right it is “freedom of speech” but in no way does the Office of the Presidency deserve to be disrespected in that manner. You may not like him, but the majority of the electoral states in this country unanimously selected President Trump. Also, Melania Trump is not trailer trash, I don’t consider someone who has had a multi-country career and speaks 5-6 languages trailer trash…

  21. Britlover58 says:

    The single greatest moment of the entire political year was watching Colbert, his guests and the entire liberal media melt down on election night. These people — both the pundits AND the supposed unbiased media — were absolutely POSITIVE that the worst candidate in American history was ASSURED of victory. When it became apparent that she was a loser, they collectively lost their minds.

    Not one of the supposed top-notch media talking heads took the time to actually do the work and see for themselves why the American public were fed up with the Marxist in Chief, Barack Obama, and his minions. They SHOULD have been tipped off by loss of more than 1,000 seats in both state and federal legislatures, but they ignored it. They SHOULD have been concerned when their hero, Obama, used the powers of the intelligence agencies to “listen in on” Fox’s Rosen, 20 AP reporters, scores of congressmen and no doubt thousands of private citizens, but they ignored it. And, they SHOULD have smelled a problem when a 69 year old New York Republican and a 74 year old Socialist were the only candidates resonating with WE THE PEOPLE, but they ignored it.

    What we are really witnessing is a Democrat party that was so damn smug and confident that they were going to win, that they did little to actually press their case. They never made Hillary articulate what the hell she stood for (hint: getting elected), and now they are as pissed at themselves as they are with Trump. Well, too damn bad whiners, you lost and you need to go out and learn why the American public is so damn pissed. We have had it lies, abuse and oligarchs telling us all the ways that WE are the problem. Hollywood, the MSM and permanent federal leeches are the problem!!!

    • Kris - FLA says:

      This exemplifies what’s wrong with Leftist Liberal Progressives – They are so sure of their world-view that they can’t understand ANYONE having a different opinion on ANYTHING. THEY decided Hillary was the best and most “entitled” to be president. They were wrong. THEY decided guns are bad. They are wrong. THEY decided SSM was the “new norm”. They are wrong. THEY decided abortion is good and executions of criminals is bad. Guess what? They were wrong. And look at their reaction to any rebuttal of these issues. Their heads explode, the stomp and scream. They name-call. They demean. And lately, they attack.

      The same is apparent in their daily activities. If they don’t like something, NO ONE should have it. It should be BANNED. If a conservative doesn’t like something, they simply don’t buy it.

    • Mike says:

      The worst President in history is in office right now – at least thus far.

      It is not possible to argue AT ALL that this has been the most ridiculous, chaotic 100+ days of ANY president EVER.

      The question is this – can Trump turn it around?

      Say what you will about Hillary….yet another career politician with plenty of warts…but she was competent.

      I mean come on – the “well it’s just the liberal media bias” thing can only go so far. Trump has failed on so many levels, and we’ve all seen “Drain the Swamp” and “I care about the middle class’ were GARBAGE lines.

      • Kris - FLA says:

        Oh, it’s VERY easy to argue this party-line talking point. The only “chaos” has been from the Leftist Liberal Progressives, including politicians and media. I’ve seen more progress, more positives, more national advantage gained in these last couple of months than in the 8-year reign of the Mighty O, DESPITE the congressional democrats, RINOs, and supremely biased media..

        And Shrillary = competent? The only she’s shown competency in is dodging prosecution and jail time for her corruption and lawlessness. She has NO accomplishments in either elected or appointed office. She DOES have an impressive record of failures though.

    • Steve says:

      People were upset. The vast majority of them didn’t “lose their minds”. And honestly, if you take your greatest pleasure in others feeling bad….well, maybe you should look at that.

      • Britlover58 says:

        Yes, it was a pleasure watching these holier than thou, leftist know-it-all’s fall apart. THEY spent the past eight years calling anyone who disagreed with their hero Obama and his sychophants everything from liar, racist, homophobe, xenophobe because we dared to challenge the insanity! I proudly stand by that statement, and relish watching brain-dead entertainers telling the rest of us Deplorables how to think.

      • Atilla Thehun says:

        You may want to review the “…wailing and gnashing of teeth…” of the left. It continues to this day. The left is mentally unhealthy and unhinged. None of the right claimed to have lost weight after Obama’s election (though I wish I had).

  22. Dennis Reyburn says:

    By not taking action regarding this late night host, they just moved the needle to new heights of disgust and should be ashamed. If they think only adults with similar values tuned in, they are wrong. Young people of all ages as well as people with higher values saw his rant and it was continually replayed by the media. Wonder what is next for this vial character?

    • Charlie says:

      I think it’s far more disgusting that people voted a man that said “grab em by the pussy” to the highest position of power in the US. I’m fine with late night talk-show host telling a little joke to his Target demographic. Btw, the word is “vile”. A “vial” is a small container usually containing liquid. Of course, I don’t expect someone defending Putin’s c___-holster to know the difference!

    • Steve says:

      They couldn’t take action. He didn’t violate any regulations.

    • Jake says:

      By “vial character” you obviously mean Herr Drumph. And the answer to “What’s next?” is “Impeachment”.

    • Bennett Jenkins says:

      He’ll keep being president until he gets impeached..

  23. Jerry Hayes says:

    funny to me how people make it personal. i’m not much of a fan of the liberal side and i think he was out of line. but then i didn’t watch him before all this and i simply won’t now. this WE MUST PUNISH PEOPLE who say things we may not personally like needs to end. from the left, and obviously from the right. one standard for right and wrong needs to be what we all look to follow, not make right and wrong situational based on our emotional state. he broke no law, no fcc rule. he said something crude and was a * about it. that’s about the sum of it to me but move on.

    this punishment mentality we’re all harboring needs to go away.

    • Kris - FLA says:

      Most of the liberal late-nite talk shows spew stuff I don’t like. I do as you do – I don’t watch them. But when they start with vulgar, heinous insults at the President of the united States, the line is crossed. respect is due the office if not the man. And I won’t even get into the hypocrisy if the political roles were reversed. If a conservative host had spewed such vitriol at a liberal politician or that politician’s children, leftist heads would be exploding, people would be fired, boycotts would be started, and there would be rioting in he streets. What’s fair for one side of the spectrum is good for the other. Either enforce rules of civility on BOTH sides, or neither.

      • Charlie says:

        Funny that you mention hypocrisy since when Obama was in office, we had the birther movement on top of calling him a Muslim terrorists.

      • Mike says:

        I agree he went too far.

        But was anything worse than the Birther Movement? I mean….that was the ultimate show of disrespect/idiocy to a sitting President.

        Doesn’t make what Colbert said right…but let’s keep it in perspective.

      • Jake says:

        Remember all the lies your Orange Jesus said about President Obama? Muslim, not born in this country, etc? And remember all the vulgar things right wing nut jobs said about him and his family, comparing them to gorillas and other assorted racist jokes? Did you complain about that when it occurred? I doubt it.

    • There is a difference between punishment and protecting standards of decency.

      • Steve says:

        “Indecent” content is allowed on the air between 10 pm and 6 am. To be punished, the remark would have had to meet the legal standard of obscenity, which it clearly did not.

      • Kris - FLA says:

        If self-important partisan hacks like Colbert knowingly and intentionally violate standards of decency, then it warrants punishment. Otherwise, what’s the point of standards?

  24. MH Thomas says:

    Colbert is a not-very-funny, one-dimensional “comedian”, who trades on hate and who is, in truth, exactly what he claims to be against.

    • Xtina says:

      Funny, considering the man you voted for runs on hate. Colbert was vulgar in his monologue but he was being completely truthful, which is a lot more than I can say about the Orange Sphincter. Hope you don’t have daughters, they would be ashamed to grow up to find their daddy voted for a man who sticks his hand up women’s skirts. Says a lot about the kind of men you’d bring around your kids.

      • Mike says:


        While I think Colbert took it a bit too far with this joke, it’s not like it means we can just ignore the p%ssy grabbing, lying President we have now.

        So much for draining the swamp or focusing on the middle class. Or “everyone will have access to affordable health care”.

        Come on.

  25. Obviously, something that is true cannot be prosecuted.

  26. Carlos Broker says:

    Unbelievable! Members of the FCC need to be eliminated from their positions. They have just issued a statement that says anything goes. Colbert will use this ruling to offer even more profane comments. This guy is sick, sick, sick. He is not a comedian. He is someone who needs to be removed.

    • Sammyglick says:

      Wow, you’d never think Carlos Broker lives in a country that has ‘freedom of speech’…

      I think Carlos Broker will be MUCH HAPPIER living in a nation like Saudi Arabia or N. Korea. You know, places that OUTLAW open dissent and free speech. The rest of us will continue living in AMERICA were we enjoy the 1st AMENDMENT and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    • Steve says:

      If you’re that upset, start a campaign to change the regulations. Colbert didn’t violate the current regulations.

  27. Lenore says:

    Glad to hear the FCC decision. We still have freedom of speech and freedom to change the channel if your ears or political position are sensitive. Keep up the wonderful humor Colbert!

  28. Meg Torres says:


  29. Kevin C Terpstra says:

    It is called the 1st amendment freedom of speech, now in Russia where Trump’s boss is,they do not have freedom of speech so any of you Trumpians do not like the FCC decision move to Russia and let me know how that works for you!

    • LW says:

      Trump’s boss is THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, who rejected Hillary, who, along with her campaign manager John Podesta were both paid TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by the Russians.

      • David Jarrett says:

        The majority of those who voted voted for someone other than Trump. Trump was not elected by the majority of the American people just a majority of the electoral college. And he got elected by promising things he cannot delier and often doesn’t even try to deliver.
        Trump disrespects the office of the Presidency every time he lies and when he attempts to obstruct justice. Yes Colbert went too far on May 1st but not so far as to require FCC action. We will see if Trump went over the line when the special counsel gives his report.

      • Kris - FLA says:

        Freedom of speech has limits, one of which is common decency on broadcast television. If, as you seem to imply, the 1st amendment has no limits, then neither does the 2nd Amendment. So everyone and anyone who wants can start strolling around anywhere they desire armed to the teeth – open carry, concealed carry, rifles, pistols, whatever. So, if you petulant liberals say it’s OK to spew obscene garbage whenever you want, then I’ll be looking like G.I. Joe when I go to the grocery store or anywhere else I decide to go.

        And what, besides ignorant, bigoted, biased, Leftist, Liberal, Progressive LameStream news, do you base your lame accusation against Trump on? You powderpuff liberals really need to get some new talking points.

  30. random255 says:

    People speak about the things they know best, apparently Colbert knows a lot about c*** holsters, regardless of what the FCC does, Karma will visit Colbert when he least expects it…ride the wave bigot…

    • mr meeseeks says:

      Hmm… It seems a bit ironic to call someone a bigot after intending to insult with the exact same insensitivity :P

    • Kevin C Terpstra says:

      Cry me a river picking on poor donnie boy didn’t bother you when Obama was attacked and lied about by Comrade Trumperdink huh?

  31. rick says:

    Colbert would have hung his hat on the fine for years. Now he has nothing to say. He is still a liberal ass.

  32. 3dpenguin says:

    So the snowflakes complaints went with no action, talk about pot and kettle.

  33. don s. rump says:

    he needs to be fired or deported.

  34. Frank says:

    Someone will say that about Colbert on a late nite show.

    • John says:


      He wouldn’t care, because he’s a famous comedian and he’s probably been called much worse. See, most people brush off insults. However, when I see the alt-right get their knickers in a twist because of something like this, right after they’ve been crying about political correctness for the better half of two years, it gives me warm and fuzzy feelings inside.

  35. Frank says:

    Happy mem. day.
    One last month of long daylight hrs and then it all starts going back.!!!!!!

  36. I wonder what the outcome of a similar investigation would have concluded had a late night host said the same thing about Obama?

    That’s a rhetorical question. We all know what would’ve happened, especially when the FCC was controlled at the time by Democrats.

    • Mike says:

      What was the outcome of the Birther Movement? That was one of the most vile/ridiculous things any President had to deal with. (which Trump involved himself in) And even Fox News speculated on that one. And how about those Tea Party rallies where you saw racist signs?

      Colbert went too far, but there’s no comparison. It was a mistake, but nothing as vile as things we saw when Obama was in office.

    • Kevin C Terpstra says:

      Here we go back to Obama change the subject to avoid real issue about Comrade Trumperdink

    • John says:

      Except Trump appointed Ajit Pai, and you’re just mad they couldn’t come in with an iron fist and shut down a popular broadcast for a satirical monologue. Toughen up snowflake, no conspiracy here. just a lot of hurt “fee-fee’s”

  37. slh says:

    It’s good they are not pursuing this.

    Partizan sheep on both sides always want to censor the speech they don’t like, and force compliance with their political viewpoint. Freedom of speech specifically means that we are free to speak, regardless of who is in power, or what the prevailing political viewpoint of the day is.

    I’m sorry partisans, but the FCC really has no business trying to punish someone for expressing an opinion, even if he expresses it in a way that rubs your sensitivities.

  38. Allen Clark says:

    So even the FCC will bow down to the democrat elite. Unbelievable how deep this corruption actually goes.

    • Steve says:

      Do you people even care that the reason there was no punishment was that the speech wasn’t legally obscene?

      • Meh says:

        I guess you are clueless to the role of the FCC.
        You should be embarrassed at your comment and the ignorance it shows.

    • John says:

      “Wrong!” President Trump appointed Ajit Pai, and an easy Google search would reveal that for you. Took me all of two seconds.

  39. Mad Dissident says:

    If I could holster my c***k in my own mouth, I’d never leave the house!

  40. Raz says:

    Apparently all you stupid people claiming nothing happened to him because he is left leaning missed the memo that the FCC is being ran by someone appointed by Trump, who have already repealed the most liberal thing that happened to the FCC during Obama’s presidency, that being net neutrality. You all are just too stupid to understand what is happening, which explains why you supported Trump in the first place.

    • Allen Clark says:

      Ya, I must have missed that memo or your lying through your teeth which is probably better bet.

      • John says:


        And no, President Trump appointed Ajit Pai. Simply google “Ajit Pai”, takes literally two seconds. So alt-right conservatives can talk about being not politically correct and sling around harsh insults, but the moment someone who isn’t on “your side” does it, you want to shut it down? Smells like hypocrisy.

    • Bruce Allen says:

      If you are so smart why did you vote for a felon? Hillary Clinton committed numerous felonies with the “extremely careless handling of classified material”, not to mention her “pay to play” fake foundation, which was closed down the day she lost the election.

      • Steve says:

        You don’t call someone a felon unless they’ve been convicted of a felony. I guess you forgot that part.

      • John says:

        I like how you completely ignored the point and went straight for Hillary. You have no evidence he even voted for Hillary. How about you address the rest of what he said?

      • Kevin C Terpstra says:

        Numerous felonies? Get a grip

  41. lee says:

    amoral dweebs rule.

  42. MaynardMan says:

    LOL the comments here. All of the fake outrage. I imagine if it weren’t a “liberal” who said this, you’d all be brushing the comments off, calling people “too soft”. Simple-minded, “us vs. them”, hypocrites.

  43. chachacharly says:

    boycott his sponsors- easy remedy.

  44. Richard G Byrne says:

    Ha, ha, Matt. Imus found that out the hard way. In order for him to get his gig back, the ol’ I-Man had to “Lewinsky” Big Al and Jesse which he willfully did.

  45. Richard G Byrne says:

    Dems can get away with almost anything. Yes, I know this is a minor issue but it does go to show that the leftist “Deep State” within federal agencies is alive and well. Reverse Colbert’s political affiliation and he would have been suspended or fined.

    • Steve says:

      For what?

    • Kevin C Terpstra says:

      Seek mental help

    • John says:

      Ever tuned in to listen to Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, or Rush Limbaugh? You’re delusional. Alt-right can cry and moan about political correctness, yet when someone insults your precious Trump, you get all mad and pout. Just because someone insulted poor Mr.Trump doesn’t give anyone or anything grounds for terminating the program, because that would be tyrannical. It was a satirical monologue on a late night talk show. I think it’s time to toughen up, snowflake.

    • Thierry Giguere says:

      “Grab her by the pussy” – Current president of the United States… Wasn’t aware he was a dem…

      • Steve says:

        I wasn’t aware Trump made that remark over the public airwaves. Do you know something the rest of us don’t, or are you a leftist tool?

  46. vet says:

    wow – so much name calling

  47. thrushjz says:

    Don’t watch the little liberal puke…he’s not funny.

  48. Divegoddess says:

    Hahahaha! The FCC never was. He’s a liberal. They can do anything, don’t you know?

    • Kevin C Terpstra says:

      Really weak don’t you have anything more than normal right wing talking points?

    • DC says:

      The FCC has also not shut down or fined Fox News for lying and propaganda. It is not a liberal or conservative thing.

      • Richard G Byrne says:

        Lying and propaganda? How so? Give some examples. Saying it doesn’t make it so! You know something, they’ve been investigating Trump/Russia collusion for months and yet, every single big wig questioned has been forced to admit: No “there” there! Even though this is so, MSMedia, your buddies, keep running with that Fake News story. There’s your lying and propaganda!

  49. Chris Yeager says:

    Unbelievable… He has inferred assassination which threatens a life…. And gets this kind of reward?
    More sickening news….. There are no freedoms of speech laws that protect this fool.

    • John says:

      That is how you might say “fake news”! Please link me to a video or article showing Stephen Colbert threatening assassination that wasn’t clearly satire, please. You’re just mad because it was an hilarious insult and people liked it. Next time you call someone a snowflake, take a step back and remember this.

    • DC says:

      Really? When and where did he do this? This is about the comment that Donald Trump is just a cock wallet for Vlad Putin.

  50. Mike Burns says:

    “The comedy is fake” ….What comedy? Colbert is one solid hour of hate filled attacks on the president of the United States. Boycott his sponsors , get him off the air. !

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