‘Eyewitness’ Canceled After One Season at USA Network

Eyewitness cancelled
Courtesy USA

Eyewitness” has been canceled after one season at USA NetworkVariety has confirmed.

The crime thriller hailed from “Shades of Blue” creator Adi Hasak, and starred Julianne Nicholson.

The drama, which debuted in Oct. 2016, failed to garner an audience over its first 10 episodes. In Nielsen’s Live+Same Day ratings, its season average was a 0.17 in the 18-49 demographic and 639,000 total viewers.

Based on the Norwegian series, “Eyewitness” explored a grisly crime from the point of view of the eyewitnesses, following two innocent teenage boys who secretly meet up in the forest and witness a shooting and barely escape with their lives.

Hasak acquired the rights to the Norwegian property, brought the format to Universal Cable Productions, which produced the show, and quickly nabbed a straight-to-series order. He served as writer, exec producer and showrunner on the series. Jarl Emsell Larsen also served as executive producer.

At the time of the “Eyewitness” premiere, Hasak explained to Variety what about the story intrigued him enough to shepherd the project along himself: “It was a thriller that told you who the bad guy was five minutes into it,” he said. “That meant it could be a character piece. I was raised on ‘Columbo.’ I thought those storylines were great.”

In her review, published before the series debuted, Variety critic Maureen Ryan praised the drama for it’s “interesting thread” involving a gay couple that becomes involved in the series’ central crime. She wrote, “The time spent on this textured and sometimes turbulent relationship, which is sensitively portrayed, gives ‘Eyewitness’ a fresh angle on its small-town crime story, which is somewhat familiar in a number of other respects.”

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Canceled TV Shows in 2017 — What’s Not Returning

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  1. James Kruse says:

    WTH!!! I did a hey Binge watch Eyewitness!! Yea just can’t do that. Yea can’t give us a taste and get us hooked.. Then it away!! Now that all us fans out here are going threw withdrawals. Please bring us Eyewitness back!!

  2. Brittnie says:

    I’m so angry it’s so hard to find a good show also I love Lucas and Phillips relationship.

    • Jeff says:

      I thought the show was good also. It was a easy to follow yet on the edge of my seat to find the killer kind of show. I think the show has lots of potential this first season covered so many topics, LGBT, PTDS, Pedophilia, Drug addiction, society issues. I think it is worth a second go around. I enjoyed the LGBT aspect of the program but I think it can be good without that being such a major part of the series, incase it has something to do with it being canceled. I’m gay and I enjoyed the part of the program but there were so many more things going on. I hope another network picks this up and gives it at least one more season.

  3. trinity1128 says:

    WTH!!!!! I was looking to see when the series was returning and it’s been canceled!!!! Nooooo, I need this show back NOW!!! It was sooooo good!!! Dang man

  4. Nadja S says:

    I need this show to be back. It’s so well written, the characters are great and the plot was really interesting.

  5. SyahDin says:

    i remembered waiting for new episodes every week and now, they cancelled it?! like the heck?! it was such a nice show

  6. Jim says:

    Fantastic show and am on my 3rd round of watching it…but for everyone disappointed about it being cancelled…the story-line with Phillip and Lukas ended with episode 10. If there were to be another season, it would be with a different cast and a different story-line…..A DIFFERENT EYEWITNESS TO A DIFFERENT CRIME.

    Definite thumbs up to the producers of this short series. I took the time to watch the original subbed- Norwegian version and have to say that they did a FANTASTIC job reproducing it. The original pales in comparison. The story is much more polished and the actors are seem to fit the parts much better. James Paxton and Tyler Young both look to have promising careers.

    On a sad note…condolences to James on the loss of his father.

  7. Brenda says:

    Such a shame. I didn’t even know this show existed until it was already gone. I’ve never really watched the USA network so I only heard about it through a friend. I was really hoping for another season.

  8. Adelaide says:

    Sorry you’ve cancelled a great show. Please reconsider. I’m a tv addict and found this show by chance. Maybe it needed more advertising

  9. AD says:

    With all the crap that on tv these days, USA cancels a show that is head AND shoulders above 90% of them. STUPID, absolutely STUPID.

  10. Liane says:

    The depth of the characters on Eyewitness made it a crying shame that the show has not been picked up for another season. I want to know more about all of the people we were introduced to in the 10 episodes we got to see. From a strong female lead to the non-stereotypical gay couple and all the wonderfully layered performances by multiple actors of color, and the portrayal of a positive foster family situation, this show has so much potential. It was underpromoted by USA, and fans are now actively trying to get any other network or video streaming service to continue this well written program.

  11. Ashley says:

    Eyewitness was such a great show!! I can’t believe the network decided to cancel. Fingers crossed that another network will pick it up and actually promote it. I’d love to see more!

  12. Ilana Kashi says:

    I’m still shocked. Eyewitness can’t end here. This the best show I’ve ever seen and deserves so much more. Please find a new home for Eyewitness

  13. says:

    The cancellation of Eyewitness was most unfair. The show is extremely well written and the performance by the cast is outstanding. It has an extremely positive critical reception (much better than other shows, like Shooter, that USA Network decided to renew), is a GLAAD nominee. The reason given by USA Network that the ratings were simply not good enough is only part of the picture. The part USA isn’t talking about is how they did not promote the show. Paradoxically, many ppl started watching Eyewitness AFTER the finale aired, because they came to know about it through social networks or word of mouth. It was the fandom that made the promotion. And even without the help of the network there is a difference of 100.000 viewers between the last but one and the last episode. That is how hard the fandom worked to save the show. This is what USA Network isn’t saying. And what they aren’t saying is how the fandom, including the new viewers, kept asking for a second season EVERY DAY for two months on all social platforms. With all the new viewers who came to know about the show when it was too late (I myself literally stumbled upon it thanks to a fan video on YouTube – again, the fandom doing the promotion, not the network), the second season would have had much better ratings. That is why the fanbase is now working hard to find another network that will actually promote the show. Because it is an important show, which offers representation to the LGBTQ community and allows to explore and raise awareness on topics such as PTSD, suicidal thoughts, foster care, equality in gender roles. I’ve seen many meaningless shows be renewed, and I just can’t believe a show which can actually make a difference like Eyewitness might not be allowed to continue. It deserves to find a new home.

  14. Amanda says:

    This show has so much potential for another season we are trying to find a new home for the show because for real this show must go on, it has so much important messages

  15. Varya says:

    This mustn’t be the truth… Such an amazing show! It’s just unfair to cancel it!

  16. Mary lou says:

    The fans are devastated. We fought so hard for this show, we loved it so much, and it really deserved a lot for the way it portrayed a gay relationship, strong female and POC characters, and for the beauty of the script. USA network didn’t promote it at all!
    We really REALLY want it to find a new network. This show deserves much more!

  17. Hi ! The Eyewitness crew are still trying to find a new home for Season 2 and we are trying to raise money to help them, please take a look, share and donate if you can ! ;) gofundme.com/PolaroidsForEyewitness

  18. Geneva Shumate says:

    Sad and disappointed this unique show was canceled by USA. The fans gave it their all in promoting it. Sad the network couldn’t. That is unless your show had Law and Order or RAW in the title.

  19. Karrie says:

    This is so disappointing. Eyewitness was a great tv show that deserved a second season. I had more interest in watching this on Sunday nights than The Walking Dead, which I’ve followed since the beginning.

    • Jeff says:

      I agree with the past couple posts. Law and Order are good crime shows but I think our viewing is flooded with shows like that plus the reality show, omg do we really need another reality show. I watch a lot of TV and enjoy the escapism of programming not the reality…..ahhhh. I also have watched TWD since the beginning and still enjoy it but Eyewitness is a nice change that kept my interest as well.
      Hopefully another network will pick it up and go for round two.

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