ESPN’s Sergio Dipp ‘Meant No Disrespect’ With Weird ‘Monday Night Football’ Report

ESPN's Sergio Dipp 'Meant No Disrespect'
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ESPN’s Sergio Dipp “meant no disrespect” with his “Monday Night Football” sideline report that lit up social media.

In a video posted on Twitter Tuesday, Dipp attributed his odd report during Monday night’s San Diego Chargers-Denver Broncos game to his desire to pay tribute to Vance Joseph and Anthony Lynn, both making their debut as NFL head coaches, both African Americans, on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

“All I wanted to do was to show some respect, making my debut as a minority on American national TV, the biggest stage out there, on the most heartfelt day in this great country made up by immigrants, but on some people’s perspective, it all went wrong,” Dipp said. “But I truly meant no disrespect.”

A reporter for ESPN Deportes, Dipp made his debut on “Monday Night Football.” He drew a strong response on Twitter Monday night after his first report from the sideline, in which he spoke haltingly, saying, “Folks, it’s a pleasure to be with you guys, here on the field, from up close, just watching coach Vance Joseph from here, you watch him now on the screen. His diversity and his background is helping him a lot tonight. Quarterback at Colorado, defensive back in the NFL, and here he is having the time of his life this night making his head coaching debut.”

Dipp is not part of the regular “Monday Night Football” team. ESPN opened its NFL season Monday with special back-to-back games. The regular “Monday Night Football” broadcast team of announcers Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden and sideline reporter Lisa Salters covered the first game. Dipp covered the second game with announcers Beth Mowins and Rex Ryan. McDonough, Gruden, and Salters are slated continue as the regular “Monday Night” broadcast team for the rest of the season.

Dipp, meanwhile, is set to return to his Mexico City-based role this week, and will be on ESPN Deportes’ SportsCenter on Tuesday.

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  1. Robert says:

    Maybe you can bring you i pad next time so you don’t look so stupid an we won’t have to listen to you cry again

  2. dewey says:

    Just plain horrible and could not listen. heard her on a raider pre game and almost puked then. her inflection and pitch is just god awful. Only a 50 year NFL watcher that can’t get over their BS anymore. As much as I love NFL Football. They are losing me fast fir a myriad of reasons. Including the effen dreadlocks, The stupid PINK uniform month. The woman beating and just plain thugs. Mix in the kneeling for the Anthem and I’m just babout OUT. It’s been the WWE for some years now too. BTW, I am with the African American people against the police argument too. Oh,The horrible officiating. It’s obviously for pussies now and they are trying to attract more women. Good for them. Any game this lady is announcing I will NOT WATCH PERIOD. It’s PATHETIC and LADY, stop the “puking”.

  3. Harry Elliott says:

    In the late 1960s and early 1970s the Starkist Tuna Company ran an ad campaign with a slogan that said:
    “Starkist doesn’t want Tunas with GOOD TASTE….Starkist wants Tunas that TASTE GOOD”

    So now the question is what kind of a production team does ESPN want to assemble?
    One that appeals to the audience of “The View” or “Saturday Night Live”…or…
    One that appeals to Monday Night Football fans of the NFL?

    It is as the great Ronald Reagan so eloquently said in his 1964 GOP keynote speech:
    “A Time for Choosing””.

    • Mike says:

      What in the hell are you on about mate?

      • Harry Elliott says:

        Sergio Dipp is not the right guy for this job….period.

        I am a fan of Doris Burke in the NBA, Suzan Waldman for the Yankees, and Pam Oliver in the NFL.

        They get it, and are too savvy to the cultural chasm that ESPN seems to
        be plunging down into.

      • Mike says:

        What? I’ve played fantasy football for 10 years. I’ve met plenty of knwledgable people who aren’t ‘tough guys. If this part of the product bothers you then you watch football for all the wrong reasons. I love the game regardless.

      • Harry Elliott says:

        I’m not your mate.

        American NFL Football is a tough guys game, and its audience likes tough guys….get it?

        If your taste is a 0-0 Soccer game…so be it.

        What is a glorious chance? Is that like ALMOST getting laid?

  4. He is appropriately named. If a white reporter had had pointed to two white coaches and remarked: “That white homogeneity is really paying off for these teams tonight”, he’d have been fired at the commercial break. Football is just a game, not a social experiment.

  5. One more nail in the viewership coffin. Stick to sports

  6. Jeff Wilkinson says:

    I’m tired of this gender-equality, ethnic-equality, employment equity announcers in professional sport. Why not just hire the best and most knowledgeable announcers to broadcast a game? Anyway, maybe I was one of the smart viewers, who when he noticed a female play-by-play announcer, realized this was not about a football game. I turned the channel before the first play. So, I missed the antics of the minority entry Dipp, who by sounding so bad (according to the reviews, anyway) probably made the woman sound good. Look, if they want to have a sideshow, I’m not watching. I tuned in to watch a football game and it was pretty clear from the first word out of this female announcer’s mouth, I wasn’t going to see one. Maybe I was lucky I didn’t hear the words out of Dipp’s. Glad I missed it.

  7. Greg Green says:

    “All I wanted to do was to show some respect, making my debut as a minority…”

    As long as he views himself as a minority his accomplishments will be hollow. If he wants to accomplish something he needs to view himself as a sports reporter.

  8. Harry Elliott says:

    Unbelievable how ESPN can hire a dipstick like Dipp and put an icon
    like Mike Ditka out to pasture. Send him back to Mexico City where
    he can talk about the aesthetic beauty of a glorious chance in a 0-0 Soccer Game.

    How can they keep and not discipline a Social Justice Warrior like Jalele Hill
    for calling Donald Trump a White Supremicist, while s canning a Curt Schilling
    for making a lame joke about tranny toilets.

    Former Acadamy Award winning actor, 1960s Civil Right activist, and past NRA President,
    the late great Charleton Heston had it right when he said: “Political Correctness is
    nothing more than polite tyranny.”

    • dewey says:

      she is a idiot and ESPN should fire her. She is a sports reporter. Despite her being right(LOL). She was just offensive and should be fired the stupid C ant U ndertsand N ormal T hinking

  9. Team USA says:

    Like it or not, Dipp is the prime example of what Disney Corp is doing—replacing qualified American employees with sub-par foreign workers to save labor costs under the liberal ruse of ‘diversity.’

    What a perfect moment it was to see this truly Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time amateur help to soil the legendary franchise that was once the TV sports showcase of Monday Night Football.

    • Dunstan says:

      TeamUSA, what a charmingly warped commentary; your parents must be very proud.

      Monday Night Football was never “legendary” on any level. It was a football game on a Monday night. I guess you’re referring to the Cosell, Gifford and Meredith years. Trust me, I saw those games. Their routine got old really fast; there was nothing legendary about it; just three guys whose pairing was a lucky one.

      Monday Night Football is hardly a TV sports showcase; hasn’t been one for decades. It’s another game on a weeknight; nothing more, nothing less.

      Where are your independently verified statistics to back up your outrageous claim about Disney “replacing qualified American employees with sub-par foreign workers to save labor costs under the liberal ruse of diversity?”

      If ESPN thought Dipp was worth a shot, then he was. It’s really none of your damn business. I guess you’ve never been a bit nervous on a new job. Well, congratulations. You must be the only one.

      Spare us your right-wing trolling and harping about what liberals have or haven’t done.

      Get a life and grow a pair.

  10. Steve says:

    Just hold your head high and do not give up or allow the social media to bury you…

  11. John Th says:

    That was the worst NFL game coverage of all time. ESPN is awful. I’m done watching

  12. Joe says:

    Worst Monday night football broadcast ever. From announcers to the sideline commentary! Horrible!

  13. Dellie Q. says:

    Just look at that face. Sergio Dipp is so hot, I just can’t.

  14. Mario500 says:

    There are some parts of these paragraphs I did not like or understand:

    “Vance Joseph and Anthony Lynn, both making their debut as NFL head coaches, both African Americans,”

    Was that description of them really necessary or even accurate (were they even citizens of both African and American countries?)

    “on the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”

    This is a very vague and opinionated description since many attacks had occurred on this date in previous years and not all of them were made to incite fear.

    “ ‘All I wanted to do was to show some respect, making my debut as a minority ion American national TV, the biggest stage out there, on the most heartfelt day in this great country made up by immigrants’ ”

    “Heartfelt”? Why?

  15. anthony piwtrafesa says:

    Sad that this young man viewed himself not as a professional sportscaster but as the token Latino in the room.

  16. Ellie says:

    Think Mr. Dipp s/b cut a little slack. At no time did I find his remarks offensive, he was just a little overwhelmed. More the fault of ESPN, than his fault. Hope he gets another chance.

  17. EK says:

    Mowins and Ryan were terrible. Their commentary sounded more like a high school game or pre-season NFL game at best. Ryan at least had some professional observations but was clearly uncomfortable and lost a lot of the time. Mowins couldn’t call a 100 meter dash effectively let alone follow the complexities of a-level NFL play. She relied mostly on her earpiece and was, consequently, behind on most of her calls. This team needs to be benched — permanently. Rex can find a home on an analysis panel but not in the broadcast booth. No chemistry and they pretty much ruined a lack-luster game (until the 4th quarter) which was only saved by last-minute Charger heroics on both sides of the ball.

    • The Truth says:

      Mowins’ commentary was professionally solid, but it feels odd hearing a female voice for football play-by-play. As more women call games, this strangeness will eventually pass. Rex was the weak link. The color commentator needs to be both knowledgeable and entertaining, but Rex’s insights and storytelling were generally flat throughout.

      • John says:

        “As more women call games” Do we really need more women calling games? Do we “need” any women calling games, particularly men’s professional games? This is all socio-political engineering for the sake of political correctness. The vast majority of people watching men’s professional sports are men and they neither need or want to be forced to listen to a woman announce these games just because it makes some liberal feel good about themelves. Mowins has never been widely appreciated by any of the audiences that have been forced to listen to her, while she may be knowledgeable it doesn’t necessarily make her appealling to the target audience. Let’s all stop pretending that this isn’t all about liberal politics, Disney/ESPN has been pushing their liberal agenda for years, SportsCenter is unwatchable anymore as it’s become one long infomerical for liberal ideology.

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