ESPN Layoffs: A List of Which Employees Have Been Fired


ESPN laid off 100 employees on Wednesday as part of a company-wide restructuring.

The struggling cable sports network first announced the layoffs last month.

“We have long been about serving fans and innovating to create the best content for them. Today’s fans consume content in many different ways and we are in a continuous process of adapting to change and improving what we do,” ESPN said in a March statement. “Inevitably, that has consequences for how we utilize our talent. We are confident that ESPN will continue to have a roster of talent that is unequaled in sports.”

Among those who were let go include anchor Jay Crawford, radio host Danny Kanell, NFL reporter Ed Werder, and baseball reporter Jayson Stark.

Below is a list of former ESPN employees who have confirmed their departures via social media (this list will continue to be updated).


“SportsCenter” anchor Jay Crawford
ESPNU anchor Brendan Fitzgerald
“SportsCenter” anchor Chris Hassel
“SportsCenter” anchor Darren Haynes
Columnist Johnette Howard
Columnist Melissa Isaacson
Radio host Danny Kanell
Reporter Andy Katz
Radio host Robin Lundberg
“Sports Center” anchor Jade McCarthy
Reporter Britt McHenry
Columnist Jane McManus
“SportsCenter” anchor Jaymee Sire
Correspondent Reese Waters


MLB analyst Jim Bowden
MLB analyst Dallas Braden
MLB analyst Raul Ibanez
Dodgers peporter Doug Padilla
MLB writer Jayson Stark
Baseball reporter Mark Saxon
MLB analyst Doug Glanville


New Orleans Pelicans reporter Justin Verrier
Houston Rockets’ reporter Calvin Watkins
NBA reporter Ethan Sherwood Strauss


NFL analyst Trent Dilfer
NFL analyst Ashley Fox
NFL reporter Ed Werder


NHL columnist Scott Burnside
NHL columnist Pierre LeBrun
Hockey writer Joe McDonald

College sports

Big Ten reporter Brian Bennett
College basketball writer Eamonn Brennan
College basketball reporter C.L. Brown
SEC football reporter David Ching
College football recruiting reporter Jeremy Crabtree
College basketball analyst Len Elmore
College sports reporter Chantel Jennings
College football reporter Brett McMurphy
Pac 12 reporter Ted Miller
Big 12 reporter Max Olson
College basketball reporter Dana O’Neil
SEC Reporter Greg Ostendorf
Predictive analytics expert Rufus Peabody
Big Ten football reporter Jesse Temple
SEC recruiting analyst Derek Tyson
Big Ten football reporter Austin Ward


Boxing host Marysol Castro
Legal analyst Roger Cossack
Enterprise reporter Tom Farrey
Soccer writer Mike Goodman
Golf commentator Dottie Pepper
Auto racing commentator Dr. Jerry Lee Punch
Sports gambling writer Dave Tuley
ESPN Dallas columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor

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  1. David says:

    Gave up watching ESPN a long time ago. So glad they are failing. All they do is support fags, hags, and the leftist political views. Bye Bye ESPN.

  2. Tim Kahle says:

    After reading all comments my conclusion is get rid of the shitbag SAS He is a joke!!Put any other black guy in his spot.If it has to be white and black.Clark or Riddick can do it.In reality it seems like you kept the worst SASmith,Lebatard,Jamelle Hill ,David Loyd and Lindsay Sczarniak.We need Patrick,Olberman,Berman,Jackson and if miracles could be the best ever at ESPN the great Stuart Scott.We the devoted fillers miss you Stu and ESPN needs someone like you to appear and get this ship straight before it is to lste!!Just hope nothing happens to SVP or Folic until ESPN can get EJ,Shaq,Kenny and Sir Charles to do 75% of the shows from First Take,Lebatard POS show,Pardon the Interruption,SportsnationAround the Horn.Give us the TNT guys throw Golic,Clark,Woodson for football topics along with Kanell.Baseball needs Kurchin,Sutcliffe Virk,Kruk and maybe Glanville.Melrose is all about hockeyTruth be told if somehow Steven could spar with his pretty boyfriend Floyd and have his Larynx crushed all viewers win instantly.He must be on his knees a lot to still be there!!Ya think.

  3. Tim Kahle says:

    I have watched since the beginning I never miss Mike and Mike.Why can’t you put anyone opposite Max on first take .Woodson,Clark,Woodie or better yet get Kanell back on air.

  4. Tim Kahle says:

    Why Danny Kanell?Why Andy Katz?They are the best in college football and basketball.Kannell and Russillo were awesome!Russillo alone not so much.Katz was college hoops.Why on earth is Steven A.Smith still there?He ran off Skip and Carrie..He is awful.!!!

  5. ESPN has nobody to blame but themselves. As soon as all these idiots started with their catch phrases and the reporters started becoming bigger than the events it was only a matter of time. I just can’t believe Labatard didn’t get the boot. He’s the biggest a-hole they employ. No sympathy from me. They turned reporting sports into the kiddie hour.

    • Zwilcox says:

      Le Batard is “the biggest a-hole they employ”? Ever heard is Stephen A Smith? He literally is only famous because he yells and has his middle name abbreviated.

  6. Veronica Corningstone says:

    If I was one of the powers that be affiliated with ESPN I would put Lindsay Czarnaik on the copping block next. I can’t stand that blonde, bubble-headed Barbie bimbo. She doesn’t know squat about football and most of the sports she covers except for maybe NASCAR and lacrosse. Her voice is annoying and compared to more professional women such as Hannah Storm, she sounds like a teenaged valley girl and talks too fast most of the time. She gets tongue-tired and flubbed her lines multiple times such as calling Reggie Wayne Weggie Rain. She has awkward facial expressions and overly grins and grits. She oddly flaps, fidgets, flails around, flips her hair, and head nods. I swear she swallows half a bottle of diet pills or takes speed before she goes on the air.

  7. Joe Hodges says:

    Disney should sell ESPN….its a total loser for Disney share holders

  8. Whirlwound says:

    Idiotic cuts, ESPN. Properly stupid. Danny Kanell gone. Robin Lundberg gone. Trent Dilfer. Jayson Stark, Reese Waters – all gone.


  9. Bill Banashak says:

    Fire S.A. Smith…..racist bastard

  10. Gerald Hardcastle says:

    Can’t believe that the no talent hack Stephen A Smith made with thru the layoffs

  11. David Lindsey says:

    As long as Stephen A. has a handful of race cards to play, he’ll ALWAYS be in the game.

  12. danddiver says:

    ESPN — Please fire Skip Bayless and Steven A. Smith!! The two most annoying sports-shouters on tv. Surely you can find a way to axe these two peasants.

  13. johnlarson198 says:

    I think the only name I recognize is Trent Dilfer

  14. Tom says:

    Nothing but nutty left-wing commentary. Truly the MSNBC of sports.

  15. Funky chicken says:

    Why isn’t Steven A. Smith on the list? Throw him and Skippy off air, and I’d bet the ratings improve.

  16. James Benoit says:

    When ESPN became “Social Justice Warrior/BLM Network,” I tuned out. No more. I found I didn’t need to be “Kapernicked,” and I’ve moved on.

    When my beloved Texas Longhorns or Dallas Cowboys are on ESPN, I’ll tune IN at kickoff, tune OUT when it’s over. Period. Screw ESPN.

  17. RUTH FREELIN says:

    Lay off Trey Wingo. He is a poor excuse of a commentator.

  18. Ricco C. says:

    It’s so weird to call people racists when you haven’t met them or they have never said anything to be deemed’s like me calling anyone of you on here racist and laugh with glee if you list your jobs over it. Quick sidenote– Josina Anderson is a respected journalist with decades of experience.. Danny kanell is a former player who was only hired because in this equation Mr kanell is the eyecandy for sports fans.. When these people were fired the company looked at what each person brings to the table and apparently it wasn’t enough to save their jobs..
    Look at the ratings fox and cbs are nowhere near the numbers that espn are pulling in. Even espn podcasts dwarfs that of cbs and fs1 combined. Dan le batard radio show is picked up by over 400 other stations daily, he has two television shows and is currently in talks for a third if that is what some of you call doing a terrible job…then we can all hope to be so lucky.

  19. Mike Blank says:

    always sad to see people lose their jobs, but man…look how many reporters they have for specific teams (the Pelicans? really?) and college divisions. it does seem like they had way too many

  20. vanityofvanitys says:

    Chris Berman used to run through a ton of plays of every game played on Sunday NFL and Tom Jackson (by no means my favorite) would make some funny sound effects. Then 2 or 3 years ago they stopped showing most of the plays and focused on only a few important games and then pontificated endlessly about how serious this or that was. Chris and Tom, so serious, and we have to sit there and listen on and on to their analysis. BORING!! Stupid! I never went back.

  21. gavinwca says:

    I noticed they kept the most racist, football dickweed.

  22. Richard says:

    I’m glad ESPN is dying. I used to go to it regularly to hear about sports. It was appointment TV. Now it’s nothing but idiots talking about politics, homemade sports movies to win an ESPY, and boring commentators talking about anything, signifying nothing; but not nearly as engaging as Seinfeld. ESPN charges $7 per subscriber and is a money hog. It’s one of the channels that drove people to cut the cord. Cable is just way too expensive; Now that all these anchors have lost jobs, let’s see if they can afford ESPN on their own. Cell phones are going the same way too. I just don’t understand why subscription media is so brain dead. They can’t figure it out until the game is over. Really sad. Advice: make your shows interesting and get rid of more BORING useless people. Fox has been closing in on ESPN relentlessly. Good news, like Gronk, a new sports channel should emerge, lean and affordable. Disney kept them when they were a cash cow; now they can’t wait to jettison the company. BTW, I enjoy Turner BB games; they keep it interesting and talk about sports and plays. Not afraid to call it straight, either. They have no clue about what talent is. Talk about games, not your family’s soccer outing; Get rid of Greeny; he can’t keep an insomniac awake or interested. Why not hire the ex-President? He’s available, but a bit pricey @ 400K per show.

    Sorry ESPN,
    See you later, alligator.

    Chesapeake, VA.

  23. B Weatherby says:

    I stopped watching ESPN after they switched from a Sports Network to a Political Network. I like my sports viewing to be ABOUT SPORTS – surprise! Becoming political was bad enough but it wasn’t even political, rather it was pure bias towards a liberal slant. You guys did this to yourselves, now it’s time to pay the Piper. I read somewhere that you lost thousands of viewers EACH MONTH yet continued your biased reporting. You have lost me and my household. Your channels are BLOCKED on my TV’s as if they never existed (and to me and mine, they don’t). Too little too late! Bye bye!! 😊

  24. Looney tunes says:

    This is funny as sh!t to watch. They did it to themselves. Went political and no one $&@ing cares

  25. Dilfer and Kanal were a bore to watch but pretty much the entire network is a dud now, filled with political propagandists. Sometimes when I tune into ESPN on the radio or TV I think I’ve stumbled upon some political news network. ESPN is a big reason why I stopped watching sports on the weekend. Remember when sports was suppose to be fun? ESPN doesn’t and that is why they suck.

  26. squirefld says:

    I don’t believe they have many golf commentators, but I see that they got rid of the woman, Dottie Pepper.

  27. Truth says:

    They kept the black racists though (Jamele Hill and Stephen A Smith)

  28. Regis Kopek says:

    How about some of the female reporters covering men’s sports. They’re only there for T&A. They should be fired.

  29. Greenie still around? Crazy

  30. Ronald C Guffee says:

    How in the world can ESPN fire 100 persons and Mike Greenberg not be one of them? Had to quit watching Mike and Mike because all of a sudden Greeny thought he was important to the show. I have no friends that watch Mike and Mike anymore. Love Golic, Greeny is why we have a mute button.

  31. David Quinn says:

    Le Batard has the right politics and occasionally and unpredictably (therefore unavoidably) drops them on his audience. He’s a core player at ESPN.

    It’s the non-political ones they got rid of, seems to me.

  32. Steven W says:

    All of these firings and somehow John Kruk, Barry Melrose, and Dan Le Batard kept their jobs. ESPN is definitely on its way back to the top!

  33. Kent Smith says:

    They should have gotten rid of Dan Le Batard. His show has to be the most moronic show at ESPN along with his silly father who offers nothing other than unintelligible comments. ESPN dropped the ball on this one, maybe they’ll figure it out in the next round.

  34. Colt says:

    Someone should fire the staff member (s) responsible for this article. I thought typos were forbidden in journalism. I also didn’t know there was a Dodgers “peporter.”

  35. WAYNE says:

    Gordon Gecko said “Greed is good in Wall Street, but not in ESPN’s case. They take more money from our cable bill than any other network and people are finally tired of their greed. Payback is good.

  36. Antonio abraham says:

    It’s life, downgraded for a business decision and it Sucks but why would anyone include race in this discussion?!?! It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. It’s almost like bringing up celibacy in a conversation about prostitutes. It was a business decision by the big wigs and has nothing to do with black and/or white ppl. Wow I’m watching Mike&Mike on ESPN and their white! However there guest is black. Does this make anyone feel better ? Lol In regards to Steven A, I watch him every morning! Not bc of his race but bc he’s extremely talented and in his discussions he keeps it real! Also, As far as Lebby is concerned, he started at the bottom in Miami and became syndicated with a show on ESPN. That’s all I have to say!

  37. Tariq Connelly says:

    Sounds like a lot of angry ppl because they didn’t fire more black ppl. Are you guys serious skip Bayless was the most ridiculous person on t.v. but you love him Colin cower voices his opinion about so we he goes at black ppl he’s racist gtfoh black ppl been catching hell since we got off the ship. And ppl on here talking about no white ppl on the 6 with smit and hill such hypocrites. If white ppl do it it’s life but if they think a black person is doing the same thing they’ve done forever then the black ppl racist. No its you take a long look in the mirror. It’s Funny how something as simple as sports show can bring out such racist feelings just goes to show its 2017 and behind closed doors ppl still feel the same way they did when we were so called niggers

    • gavinwca says:

      Sports should never be about race, it should be about individual and team ability, but ESPN made it about race when they openly decided to despise white people, now white people are refusing to watch them. Go wonder.

  38. nerdrage says:

    It’s not politics. It’s business and technology. ESPN used to get an unearned subsidy from cable subscribers who paid for it as part of their fees – one of the most expensive channels – but half of subscribers never watched or cared about sports. Those folks have wised up and cut the cord. Ten dollar streaming services are a great deal if you don’t care about sports. No more unearned subsidy = lower revenues = time to tighten the belts.

    This is only the start and it won’t be just sports. Tech disruption will bulldozer a lot of the status quo. Just look at the French theater owners bellyaching about Netflix not toeing the line. That seems like quite a jump from ESPN to escargot, but it’s all part of the same broad phenomenon.

  39. Dale Orso says:

    Shows what morons Disney has running espn dump Starks werder kanell and dilfer but keep ponder Lindsay czarniak Stephen a and josina Anderson don’t make no damn sense that why the sports networks and fox sports 1 are kicking the SHIT out of ESPN now days.

  40. Ricco C. says:

    Most people commenting don’t understand business.. People as a whole are not watching tv the same as they did a few years ago the entire media landscape has changed. Seems the main problem here with you people’s comments are your showing your own personal politics with the way that you’re thinking. If a company is sixty five percent of a certain race then it goes to understanding that the higher number of layoffs will be in that certain races’ demographic. The term “racist” being thrown around is saddening most people try to refrain from such name my personal experience the people calling others racist without any proof of evidence are usually the ones with underlying racial insecurities. With those ways of thinking I would guess that you think because the vast majority don’t read newspapers anymore it’s because the “racists” were left in charge of running the business.. That’s a sad way to live, even sadder is what your teaching your children.

  41. kilo says:

    Look at a lot of the comments here. Boo hoo, it must be hard being white, huh?

  42. scott says:

    Dan Le Batard is why I started listening to Fox. he should be fired if ESPN was still the leader in sports

    • jason perkins says:

      I’m sure somebody out there cares about what you watch…no they don’t.

    • Rich in New Mexico. says:

      Another self-deluded fool with the “it must be hard being White, huh” crack. I surmise, from the ignorance inherent in that remark vis-a-vis race, that you are not White. Well no matter what your claim to whatever special demographic is being pandered to today on the democrats buy a vote menu you wouldn’t be aware of the latest incarnation of Jim Crow laws.
      Allow me to enlighten you on the manifold benefits I have derived from being White. It may take a while simply due to their sheer magnitude of them so I will only mention a few from the top of the hit parade. How about Affirmative Action hiring plans (quotas) put out there, ostensibly to increase diversity but more to curry favor with demographic de jour that the democrats feel is growing the fastest. Now used to be it was Blacks but they have been replaced by Hispanics, not the hard working folks who came here legally and who just like us evil White folks are good citizens and obey the laws but the illegals who sneak in to the country and demand special treatment in lieu of the jail and deportation they have so richly earned as a function of their behavior. I wonder who will replace them when the left feels there are more votes elsewhere and are now able to take their votes for granted in any event.
      Back to bennies of being White though, I get to participate in the minority set aside programs; you know those where the vast lion’s share of federal contracts and business licenses go to minorities simply because they are minorities and not based on merit or any other metric involving performance and ability. I get to participate by being the one set aside and passed over and whose business is left to die in the great name of diversity.
      That is not enough though because that only hurts the current generation of White folks and those on the left and their minions are world class haters so they go the extra mile and go after my children and grand-children, attacking their ability to receive a quality education through their weighted college admissions programs. You know those, they are where if you are a straight, White man it doesn’t matter much what you score on SATs or any other metric because they aren’t using White men anymore, a la the Irish in the first half of the last century, but they are taking all others, in some cases advertising overseas for students before letting in a White guy. All this in the great name of diversity.
      Now I could go on because there are literally hundreds of these hate based programs supported by the real racists and bigots in our society today, the left. They may think they have won but they have lost as they have awakened us, the majority. Many forget, due to our former silence, what our numbers are in this population; so as a reminder I will refresh your memory, Whites are seventy percent of this nation and your hate filled actions are uniting us.
      Your so-called diversity has turned out to be more akin to Balkanization than to your perverted, eugenically defined utopia. The hate you and yours has manufactured and managed over the last six decades has progressed beyond your ability to control it and it is beginning to consume you. What might have been a lifetime of neighbors and countrymen has been forged into legions of enemies whose only mistake was to fight along side you for your equal rights from the Civil War to today only to be called names at every opportunity, to have the vilest charges hurled about with absolutely no foundation or basis in fact and to have all of ones’ efforts rebuked simply because equality was not good enough for you, you thought you could gain an unfair advantage by going completely beyond the pale and mistaking kindness and a sense of right and wrong for weakness and injustice. You will soon rue this day.
      As you saw in the last few elections and can continue to see by looking at the paucity of the ranks of elected democrat officials you are now reaping the whirlwind of the winds you have sown. Never have there been so few in the history of what has become ‘that vile party’ then there is now. Over one thousand democrats lost their elected positions this past November alone, over one thousand. Now comes the courts and the bureaucrats, the true haters who illegally and unconstitutionally abuse their positions and authority for purely political ends.
      This job of ‘draining the swamp’ must be done because these people have become dangerous to our way of life because their bigotry has warped their thinking to the extent that they are comfortable with what they are doing. They see no wrong in using the IRS to intimidate those who think differently than they do, they have no compunction renting a mob or participating themselves in censoring opposing views or assaulting people simply for what they are saying. These were the dangers faced in the 1920’s and the 1930’s in Fascist Italy, Nazi Germany and Nationalist Japan where the hate so obscured the ability to reason that these people felt they were doing good and were thereby deprived of that one last brake in the human experience that could have slowed them, their conscience, the human conscience. Therein lies the true danger with extremists, those who hate. They could go out and participate in the most vile business all day long and return home in the evening and pet the dog, play with kids and sleep like a baby. We don’t need monsters like that freely roaming among us not to mention being in charge of the onerous and omnipotent machinery of government, that which they have already shown a willingness to abuse.
      In closing, thank you for the wake-up call. It came just in time and let us all hope that the pendulum this time merely returns to a stable position and does not continue to swing wildly just because it can.
      Rich in New Mexico.

      • Catherine says:

        Finally a voice that speaks THE FACTS.
        Thank you. I understand BOTH the article and your stance, unfortunately the FORCED AND COERCED divide in America will continue to grow until ALL LEGAL US Citizens understand that The Constitution applies to every single LEGAL Citizen.
        Regarding the article, job performance and necessity should be the decision maker of who stays and who goes. Race, Religion, Culture and gender should have ZERO impact on mass layoffs.

    • Ryan says:

      You don’t get the show

  43. rik says:

    Sad to hear about anybody losing their job. There is no loyalty in the workforce anymore. Other person old enough to have been around when ESPN first hit the airwaves it was a Saviour for sports fans. But you can’t keep doing the same thing and remain viable in the marketplace. Remember MTV when it first hit the airwaves everybody watch but over time better stations came about M people turn to better music stations. The only program I watch on MTV now is First Take it is my Bible for the Sports World, Basketball, Football, Golf Hockey. I say what you want about Stephen a.Smith he is a knowledgeable commentator and that is why I still listen to him and Max. There’s an old saying you either adapt or die to change. ESPN never adapted to the Sports World change

    • Sarah says:

      The problem is that ESPN did change….too much. People used to watch ESPN for that day’s sports news, highlights and games. Now you’ve got talk show after talk show with analysts talking about things no one cares about. ESPN not only picks and chooses which sports it wants to highlight (did you notice how hockey coverage went waaay down when ESPN didn’t get the TV rights? It’s the only sport on the website that games times are converted to local time)
      How many times will ESPN continue to show Red Sox-Yankees games on Sunday night? ESPN has its favorite sports, its favorite teams, it’s favorite cities and expects everyone to like what its programmers like. Do I really need to see the ghost figure of an outfielder running down a fly ball? Do I really care about how fast the ball was traveling when it was hit by the batter? Is Caitlyn Jenner really a sports hero? She might have been when HE won the decathlon but how does that trump a women’s college basketball player who had brain cancer and remained a part of her team until she died? ESPN needed to (and still does) listen to its viewers. They’re the ones who spend money on its advertiser’s products. ESPN’s first and continued mistake was to assume that it knows more about what the viewers want.

  44. Bud says:

    Let Ed Werder go but kept someone like Josina Anderson who asks such probing questions such as the showering arrangements for Micheal Sam. Really???

  45. Jonathan says:

    I suggest everyone read two books about ESPN. “ESPN the Uncensored History” and “ESPN Those Guys Have all the Fun.” That organization is so corrupt. How Stephen A. Smith is still on the air is beyond me. Dude is still obsessed with Tony Romo even though he’s retired. He also keeps taking shots at him. Does this fool not understand that Romo is now a colleague of his? You don’t disrespect your colleagues even if they are at a different Network.

    • Scott says:

      I concur !!! SAS flaps his bubble lips before he thinks what he’s going to say, Max just laughs at him, SAS said on the show one day a few years ago with Skip Clueless he knows everything about sports, hmm, ask him about NASCAR

  46. Scott says:

    ESPN might as well be a Rap Channel, it starts most of it’s shows with gangster music, If the 100 employees were BLACK, Stephen A. Smith would go berserk tomorrow morning, ESPN ratings are in the toilet and have been for 2 years, Mike and Mike will be gone in the not so distant future, time to move over to a real sports network such as FOX or NBC, Very disappointed with Pres. John Skipper, he has a lot of brains, but he’s not a smart man !!! I’m done with ESPN as of this afternoon, too many racists on the air

    • Mike Woods says:

      Hey Scott, why don’t you tell the world how you really feel about African Americans..first off you should learn the meaning of a racist… A Racist is a person who knowingly takes away something of great value from a race of people IE Education, Employment, Wages, Housing… Etc. I don’t know a single African American that has taken any one of these things from a Caucasian Person as yourself…. I’ll wait.

    • KJ Styles says:

      You sound like a racist based on this post, SMH

  47. And yet Dan Le Batard STILL has a microphone and a paycheck coming in….and ESPN has the GALL to not understand why they’re losing their butts.

    • Ryan says:

      You dont get the show

      • David Quinn says:

        I get the show but am trying to terminate sports channels. The providers won’t reduce my cost if I delete the sports!

    • Mike Woods says:

      Hey Scott…. I’m not taking it personal…..but if you wanna make it personal we can….You’re saying some things in your comments that i find offensive….. You can use the word racist like its something nice… I don’t consider it nice…. Its something that Me and family have been subjected to since 1619….So you can say “OMG” all day long, cause before long you will need Him while YOUR childish ass is burning 24/7 in HELL…..

      • Scott says:

        Yikes !!! you sound very hostile, You sound like Stephen A Smith, if you find my comments offensive, report me, don’t threaten me homie, sure sounds like I hit a soft spot, also sounds like a threat towards me, let’s see what Variety says, watch this homeboy

    • Brock says:


  48. Jay B says:

    So the no talent eye candy can stay, but the quality sports guys must go?

    • Scott says:

      Jerome… you are 100% correct, I forgot about him, he is one of the biggest losers at ESPN and definitely a racist along with Stephen A Smith and Damien Woody

      • Scott says:

        SAS true colors came out a couple of weeks ago when he and Max were talking about Tony Romo, SAS had to get the last word in by saying Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin had to hold out for more money but Tony Romo didn’t have to, OMG, it’s the position of QB that got the Romo the money and long term contract not the color of his skin, definitely a racial comment and that POS Stephen A Smith had to say it on the air and get the last word in, he’s wrong as usual, he needs to go back to LA LA were he belongs pounding the streets with his gangster buddies !!!

      • Dallas Morris says:

        Ok…..How is Stephen A racist? Is it because he calls out certain inequities that you’d rather not hear? Yeah, probably.

  49. Joshua Seals hazard ky says:

    What’s wrong with ESPN the only really good anchor was Jay Crawford. They must be crazy I hope he goes to fox like Colin and skip and sticks it too espn

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